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Reviewed: 06/28/01 | Updated: 06/28/01

*Going Out With A Bang*

Well I will start of by saying that I Think this is the best Sonic Game that was made. Lets hope it is not the last, I read somewhere there may be a Sonic Adventure X(X-box) so we will see. It was a great adventure though the story was a little shotty and sometimes the camera could be annoying, but we can get in to that later.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics in this game were nothing short of amazing. Smooth texturing and allot of color is what makes this game look so good. Allot of dreamcast games have failed to bring out the systems true potential but it think SA2 has pulled it off nicely. The only thing I noticed is the camera will clip through walls blocking your view, exposing the underbelly of the levels a vast world of nothingness. other than that, flawless.

Sound 8/10
This is one of the main reasons I gave the game a 9/10, The English dubbing is terrible, half the time you cant even here it over the background music. This is easily avoided by switching it back to Japanese and just reading the subtitles. I love the music though, I think sonic team did a great job on that. It fits the game well also, from the fast beat tunes to go along with the street boarding to the slower Knuckles beats the perfect music for some deep sea treasure hunting.

GamePlay 9/10
Fast passed action all the way. I guess that's how you could explain the unbelievably addicting game play of SA2.
There are so many modes it never gets tiring. Id say the most fun mode of all is the Sonic/Shadow missions; run, jump, grind, swing and even bungee jump your way to the goal. The least fun would have to be the Knuckles/Rouge hunting missions, which if you pay attention to the radar and read the hints from the little TVs the don't last that long maybe 15 minutes at the most. I also like that they dropped the whole Adventure Field, I hated that bout SA1 Having to run around the city trying to find al the levels before you could play them all it just got boring after a while. The more traditional play a level-see a cut scene-play another level..Good Stuff.

Lasting appeal 10/10
So many things to do; Beating the game with both sides, Collection all the Sonic Emblems, Multiplayer, Kart Racing, Chao Adventures, Upgrade Hunting and a bunch more. This game will keep you going for quite a while.

Rent or Buy
Sonic is the emblem of Sega, and this is his last appearance on a Sega system. I think this is the best yet but the choice to buy or rent is all yours and I will leave you with this:
Great Graphics
Fast Paced Addicting GamePlay
Awesome Music
Lasting Appeal
Mini Games
Chao Adventures
Multiplayer Action
Kart Racing
Minor Camera Issues
Bad English Dubbing
May Become Frustrated In Some Levels

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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