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"SA2 is pretty good but..."

I would first like to say, SA2 is a very good Sonic game, much better then most Sonic games. Anyway, on to my review.

Grapahics: The Graphics are superb! I must admit, Sonic Team did an INCREDIBLE Job making the Graphics-10/10.

Music: The Music is really good, except for the crappy rap songs for Knuckles levels. The song on the first level RoX!!! The other characters music aren't to great though-just the Sonic ones. 6/10.

Sound: About the same as SA. Except IMO, the voices for this game are WORSE then in SA. Not to mention the Music is so loud you can barely hear them! 5/10.

Gameplay: The Sonic and Shadow levels ROCK!!! IMHO they couldn't be more funner! The levels are longer, more detailed, more spins, loops, swings, etc. However, I'd give Sonic the edge at having the better ones. The Tails/Eggman levels are OK. Nothing spectacular. If you've played SA, and done E-102's levels you'd get the idea. Except they go a little slower. But over all they're fairly fun. As for the Knuckles/Rouge levels, avoid these AT ALL COSTS!!! They are really a pain in the butt!!! You'll end up spending 20+ minutes on some of them, and to make things worse, they change locations if you die/quit. Another problem, is they only react to one at a time, so if you're close to another one, it won't go off. I must admit, whoever was the genius who came up with these levels needs to be fired, for the sake of fun games everywhere!!! Unfortunately IMHO, the Sonic and Shadow levels are the only ones that are good. They are they only ones I plan on re-playing anyways. Another thing that sucks, is that unlike SA, you can't just pick one character and just play their stages. You are one person, then another, then another etc. You can either be Hero or Dark. Unfortunately their are more of those dreadful Knuckles/Rouge levels then anything else. And lots of times, you will end up wanting to throw your SA2 disc in frustration. I know I've already talked a lot about them, but they are THAT BAD!!! I can't believe someone at Sonic Team ACTUALLY thought they were enjoyable. Add to the fact you have to listen to that awful Rap music! On to the Tails/Eggman levels. They are fairly fun, you go around blowing up, just about everything. But it gets old really quickly. 7/10.

All in all, SA2 minus the Tails/Eggman, Knuckles/Rouge levels ROCK!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/28/01, Updated 06/28/01

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