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"Sonic's 10th anniversary shows that the Hedgehog still has it."

I really don't know what to say in this review that hasn't been said already. Sonic Adventure 2 definitely lives up to its predecessor. With stunning graphics, wicked music, and tremendous control, it really shows the time and effort put into this game by Sonic Team.

This game has tons of features to keep you coming back. Even a 2 player mode is included for a little kart racing action with friends. Stage selects allow you to go back and play boards, competing for better times, higher scores, more emblems, etc. Online features, which at the time of this writing, are limited. But if it is anything like Sonic Adventure, you'll have files for download, world rankings, and more! Other features include playing either the Hero (Good) or Dark (Evil) story modes. This could be great for all you Sonic haters out there. Don't like Sonic? Take Shadow and smack Sonic around a bit, great fun for the whole family!

From the stunning opening logo, to the cut-scenes the graphics in Sonic Adventure 2 are just gorgeous. Bright, vibrant environments, awesome looking characters, tons of detail, all make for a beautiful game. The graphics are some of the best I've seen on the Dreamcast. The characters animations flow flawlessly. The only problem with them, are during scenes in which they talk. Their mouths do not match their speech, but that is only minor, and is nothing to get in a fuss over. The graphics are a slight step up from Sonic Adventure, seeming very similar, but slightly better. The game really pushes the envelope when it comes to speed. This is the fastest game I've played to date, and there is no sign of breakup or clipping while roaming the stages.

The controls in the game are excellent, save the analog. It is a bit to responsive for me. Usually resulting in me running at some sort of angle, rather than straight. But that is just my problem I suppose. The control gets rather difficult when doing grinds, as Sonic has the tendency to grind down the side of a rail, rather than on top. And even with pulling the analog back, Sonic still seems to enjoy the side of the rail. Hehe, crazy Hedgehog.

Sonic Adventure 2 offers plenty of challenge. You might say, ''What are you talking about? I beat the game in X amount of hours, it was easy!'' Yeah, so did I. But did you get ALL 180 emblems? I doubt it. As of this writing, I know no one who has all 180 emblems, as it is very hard to get them all. Most of the stages are pretty simple. Some have a few problems here and there though. The bosses don't offer much in challenge either. . . of course there are exceptions. But as mentioned, the real challenge lies in getting all 180 emblems. What happens when you get them? Nobody knows, mwahahahaha! Okay. . . so some people do, but they don't want to spill their guts!

The audio in Sonic Adventure 2 is great, save a few voices. The music definitely sets you in the mood for the game. Even a few tracks with singing in them! I like the fast paced, rock songs myself. They really get me in the mood to kick some robot ass. The voices, as stated, are good, except a few. Or more so, certain instances. Amy Rose's voice gets very annoying and whiny at some points in the game. Makes you just want to throw her off one of the islands. Knuckles voice has no emotion. He is very dull, reminiscent of Ben Stein. The other characters come off pretty well, save a few stupid sayings here and there. The only major flaw in audio comes with the over lapping of voices. There are numerous times in which two people are talking at once, which makes it very difficult to understand them. And even at times like that, the text may not help if there is some sort of explosion in the background and you can't even read it.

The replay value of Sonic Adventure 2 comes in the form of competing with yourself and friends, and maybe the world. Trying to get the best times on stages, or the highest score, or trying to get all 180 emblems. These are all things that will keep you busy for a long time to come. Competition with friends occurs in the kart racing. And if Sega treats Sonic Adventure 2 anything like the original, there will be online rankings. Think your good? Dial up and see.

Overall this game is damn good. I strongly recommend it for any platformer, 3D, Sonic, Sega fan. Hell, if you like games, you owe it to yourself to buy this game. Check out Best Buy, you can even get the 10 Anniversary gift pack there. Complete with CD, a gold coin, and a small booklet detailing Sonic's rise to glory. $40 definitely well spent.

(+) - Graphics, audio, control, replay value, basically the whole game!

(-) - The only real negative I can find about this game is the camera. The evil, evil camera! It is very annoying and does not adjust for you. Rather it rotates right behind you every time. This can make things extremely annoying, and in some cases, very deadly for Sonic.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/29/01, Updated 06/29/01

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