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"C'mon... what's a Sonic game without Tails constantly running behind him???"

Boy. This Sonic game was a major disappointment to me, and i'm a Sonic lover. The moment I heard this was out, I rushed to Wal-Mart to get it. 3 days later I beat all the stories!

Graphics 10/10
The best graphics you could ever think of. Highly detailed levels, great movie scenes, and the characters are very smoothed out. Nothing more you could ask for.

Music/Sound 4/10
Oh god. Not any more of this crappy original music. I absolutely HATE the Knuckles rap songs, and it is not because I hate rap which I don't, but they are so mother#$%@in' corny. Nobody wants to here someone rap about the Master Emerald. The Sonic theme was ok on Sonic Adventure 1, but in this game they totally f'ed the song up. Tails song is... well, and the rest of them suck too. Another problem is in most of the cinema scenes the music is playing WAY too loud and you can't hear the characters talk. Pathetic.

Story 5/10
Oh no! Robotnik(Dr. Eggman) is trying to destroy the world, get the Chaos Emeralds, whatever, same old story, except this one has some interesting twists in it.

Gameplay 5/10
Ok, who was the flaming idiot who decided that they shouldn't let Tails run and fly about in this game. WHY?!? That's half the fun in a Sonic game, Tails getting to fly around to all the places Sonic can't go to! And he doesn't follow Sonic around in his levels anymore!!! Well, maybe that wasn't half the fun, but the idea of Tails being cramped into the transforming Tornado robot is just sheer idiocy. And there is no more adventure in it. Eggman is just a clone of him, and Rouge is just a clone of Knuckles. No adventure fields, you just go straight from level to level, never getting to explore anything. There are really only two characters to choose from too, this being the hero and the dark side. It was better when you could choose what character you wanted to(i.e. last game if you chose Knuckles, you would play nothing but Knuckles levels and unfold his story). Another minus. The only reason and I mean THE ONLY reason this gets a 5 is because of the Sonic/Shadow levels, which are brilliant. Oh yeah, Sega makes another mistake by not letting you play as Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow in regular levels is a let-down, too.

Replayability 3/10
I guess this is where the fun is, because the story itself is so short. You go back to every level and try to collect all of the emblems in the game, which i've heard there is almost 180 or more. If you have the days and hours to spare, then you find out for yourself. I never found all of the emblems in the first one and I don't intend to spend half my summer collecting them.

There is also a VERY cool 2 player mode for Sonic/Shadow. The cart race really sucks, and the Chao raising is nothing but wasteful, because you don't get anything for them. Sega, did you know virtual pets went out about two years ago?

Tails can't fly?!?!?

SEGA, YOU DISAPPOINT ME! Hopefully you will make a much better Sonic Adventure 3, but until then i'm just going to sit back and wonder why Tails can't fly.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/03/01, Updated 07/03/01

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