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Reviewed: 07/03/01 | Updated: 07/03/01

Sonic's second aventure doesnt live up to his first.

Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast. Ahhh, the memories. We all [well, not all] of us loved it. Okay, well I dont know about that but, I loved it. That's the point. Let's get back on track. Ever sience SA was released and purchased by many, many eager Sonic the Hedgehog fans, we politely asked SEGA for a sequal or we would ''make sure they burn in hell''. SEGA changed it's pants and complied. Recently, I have been searching and searching for my very own copy of Sonic Adventure 2 and now I finally have one. I had already read some review's for it here at GameFAQ's. Some good. Some bad. ''So..?'' I asked myself ''Every game has a mix of bad and good reviews.Except Superman 64.'' I laughed. God, I was witty. I quickly purchased a copy from my local EB with my hard earned minimum wage. On the car ride home I pulled that shrink wrap off, opened the manual and read it. I also drove the car when I had the chance. Well, was it worth all that trouble? Was it worth the near-miss with that truck driver? Most importantly, was it worth 17 hours of long, sweaty, stinky, half-arsed work? Let's find out. Sonic Adventure 2 for my DC is put to the test.


One of the most important features to most people, but not to me. Needless to say, the graphics here are standard Dreamcast fare. It doesnt seem lax or overdone at all. Right in the middle. Perfect for playing a Sonic game. Hey, it doesnt have to be Soul Calibur, right? It's just Sonic. The graphics in SA2 are very nice and smooth. Nothing glaring really caught my eye, but still, I feel they could have done better if they tried. How about some more work on the mouth, SEGA? Never the less, if you want to imagine it, just picture Sonic Adventure [the first one] and there you have it. No improvements, but no worse for the wear, either.

--Music/Sound Effects--10/10

Ah, here we go! I can't recall how long I spent, sitting there, just listening to ''Open Your Heart'' from SA. I loved the music, and found all of it fitting the character that the particular track was attached to. SEGA and Sonic Team seems to have done it again with SA2. It's a simply amazing sound track. Every tack seems to fit the character well and, dont fret, Knuckles is back with his rap about the Master Emerald and Angel Island. Another noteable change is Tails' track. It's got the same lyrics as before, but has been revamped a little to sound Very nice. The voice acting is still horrid,but I gave it a ten out of ten because well....what did you expect? Voice acting has always been horrible. I didnt expect it to be brilliant. It met my expectations so I gave it full credit. I wonder if they even devote time to the voices in video games anymore..


Two point deduction! Well, the control scheme is pretty good. It's standard Sonic. Jump. Dash. It's pretty simple. When controlling Sonic,Shadow,Tails or Eggman it's no real battle or anything. Now...happen to encounter a stage with Knuckles or Rouge and you might be in for a battle. Dont get me wrong..simply walking around and attacking those helpless robots is all well and good, but if you decide to take to the air [which you do.A lot.] you might be in for a struggle. Go a little to far to the left or right -swooping and whatnot- and the camera is going to stand by and pick it's nose without going behind you. You might end up guessing where your going, saying to yourself ''Self.Now..the little icon keeps flashing red but I can't see where im going..Is the dang thing over my head? A little to the left or right? I wish I had some sort of good camera control.'' Which brings us to our next topic. Unfortunately.


Oh, poor, poor Sonic. Listen; how do you manage to get a nice camera in the first game, then mess it up in the next one? Must be the curse of the sequal or something. Maybe they were required by law to screw it up in order to keep everyone from buying it at once, thus giving SEGA a monopoly over the game market and joining with Microsoft to create one giant uber-company that would eventually enslave all of mankind,forcing humanity to be at the whim of over priced PC's and more lame Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons? Maybe not. Maybe the camera just sucks. Well, to get right to the point here it is; The Sonic/Shadow stages are great. The same high speed that Sonic is known for now in both Good and Evil flavors. Yum. The Tails/Eggman stages are cool, too. It seems like the expanded on the E-104 Gamma stages from SA. I like it, although sometimes you can take a few cheap hits. No biggie. The Knuckles/ Rouge stage's are really where the game takes a beat down, though. These things will drive you crazy. Your forced to find 3 objects in these sections, and when your near one of them, an icon at the bottom of the screen will beep incesantly until you do. Sometimes it's maddening, and I just wish I could turn that sound effect off or something. In SA this was fine. You only had to do it in one plotline. In SA2 you get to do it not once, but TWICE! Gah! And to top it off -and this is the reason I stopped playing the ''Dark'' storyline- in one of Rouge's stages, it's TIMED. Yes. Not only do you have to find 3 objects, you also get to do it with a time limit! Yippie! Two points off there. The other two? Well, the game's characters each have a doppleganger..each has a counterpart that does exactly the same thing; Sonic/Shadow, Eggman/Tails and Knuckles/Rouge. Couldn't we be a bit more creative?


Well, there's some stuff here, but not much. You can unlock new modes to play and you can get to see all the cinema by playing through both ''Hero'' and ''Dark'' modes. You can drain the batteries on your VMU by playing the Chao minigame, like in the first SA. 'Gotta dig the Chao. But, there's not a whole lot more to it. I was hoping there would be an art gallery or something extensive, like in Soul Calibur. Oh, well. It's still nice to enjoy the two player mode, though. You can take on your friend in the games stages as the character and his/her pair. Very nice.

Overall Score: 7/10

--Buy or Rent?--

If your a fan of Sonic, buy it. If you just ''kind of'' like Sonic then you might think about renting it. Hey, it was only $39.99 [here,anyawy] which is ten bucks less than the usual price for a DC game. And besides that, if you dont like it, see if you can beat it before ten days is up and return it for a refund. No problem. I reccomend a buy, though. Despite it's obvious failings, you cant help but like it. Go for it. Go on. This has been a review by ''Zoke'' and brought to you by the letter ''P''.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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