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"Must have for a sonic fan!"

Sonic Adventure 2 is an awesome game! It is the perfect way to celebrate Sonic's 10th anniversary. Much faster and more exciting than the first one, it is sure to be a top game for my beloved dreamcast. You should just see the speed in this game! You will be surprised how much faster the game is than Sonic Adventure. You'll start thinking Sonic Adventure is a bit too slow once you play this fantastic sequel. This game, although hourloads of fun, has some flaws which really bites. Camera angles haven't changed. If you need to go back to get an item, everytime you turn the camera and you start moving, the camera will change to the direction you are supposed to go. This really irritates me. It is also missing adventure fields. Some of you would really like that. But I think that was a bitter mistake. Although the adventure fields weren't as fun and didn't have a lot of action, they gave me a sense of exploring. If you don't feel like playing the adventure fields, just go to the trial options and play the action fields. That's how it was in Sonic Adventure. That little map in SA2(abbreviation for Sonic Adventure 2) where you can pick stages should have been the adventure field. And thirdly, I really loathe tails' mech suit. I liked playing with tails with his mech suit and flying around levels. But now tails has to ride a cool looking but extremely slow mech suit. That should have been only for robotnick. But these flaws don't distract me from the excitement of blazing through a level. Now on to the ratings!

Graphics: 10/10. They are just marvelous! Look at them closely and look at how well they have been textured. And no more blockiness from Sonic Adventure. It is a perfect 60 fps(frames per second) with extremely minor blockiness. I actually think the graphics are better than Shenmue.

I am going to rate the gameplay by each of the characters.

Sonic/Shadow: 9/10. Their levels are so fantastic! Just zooming through the levels are exciting enough. You would be wanting to play their levels over and over again. I would have given them a perfect 10 but the reason I went back one is because of the lack of levels they have.

Tails/Eggman: 7/10. Not much to say about their levels. Theirs are mostly shooting. In the beginning it is boring, but later on they get fun. After a while, though, it gets old. You will be playing their levels for a while though.

Knuckles/Rouge: 7/10. Their levels are mostly puzzles.If you are in a mood to do some puzzling and hunting, their levels are great. If you are playing through the story, their levels are really dull because after you are in a high speed level with sonic, you just don't feel like hunting anymore. I don't know why other reviewers gave Knuckles and Rouge's levels such a bad rating. Maybe it is because I like games that you do a lot of exploring at.

Overall: 7.5/10

Sound: 7/10. The sounds are excellent! Like when you grind through rails and the sound of you homing an enemy and so on. You'll really like the sound effects. Now the part that goes bad are the voice acting. The only characters that have an okay voice are shadow, eggman, and knuckles. Tails voice is narrowly above okay. It is still just about the same as Sonic Adventure. But the rest are horrible. But if you put it in japanese, they are pretty good though.

Music: 10/10. Ah!!!!! Just listen to those nice tunes and mellow back in your seat while you play the game. They are fantastic! They just keep on playing in my mind again and again. Just can't let them get off my mind!

Buy/Rent: It depends. For sonic fans it is a must have! Just buy it, don't hesitate for you sonic fans! For non-sonic fans, buy it if you feel like the game is good enough for you. See the good and the bad reviews and mix them together in your mind and see how the game is. If you are a very cautious gamer, rent it.

There you have it! I hope this review is good enough for you to make a decision. I really hope you buy it if you don't have one.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/07/01, Updated 07/07/01

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