Review by Tug Tugson

"Playing SA2 is habit forming, dont turn off your DC!"

Good old trusty Sonic T. Hedgehog. He's put out some serious crap at some points(anyone up for a game of sonic shuffle?), but sonic final appearance on a sega console couldn't be better!

Graphics: 10/10
I'm wondering how the heck they were able to put these awesome graphics on Dreamcast. Just looking at takes your breath away. The incredible level of detail on levels like city escape is amazing not to mention its incredible 60 frames per second! This game's graphics are easily on par with the PS2. Heck, even the ugly stuff looks good.

Music 10/10
The old themes of Sonic Adventure 1 have been revamped and actually have understandable lyrics.(I could never hear what they were saying) Sonic's music is incredible. the theme song ''Live and Learn'' is much better than ''Open your Heart'' and yes, the classic drowning theme is back once again. However if you can't stand rap you'll hate knuckles levels... however even those are pretty well done.

Sound/Voices 9/10
The voice acting is way better this time around. Sonic, Knuckles, and Shadow's voices fit them perfectly. and the sound effects are your standard stuff from old sonic games. however, Tails and Amy's voices are real annoying.(especially Tails, if I hear him say ''Very good!'' again when you get a B rank I will kill him.) but that's the only complaint there.

Gameplay 9/10
Sonic's levels are pure 3D hyper fast action stages, so are Shadow's, and let me just say these are REALLY well done. Not only that the levels actually have a challenge in them this time around. Knuckles and Rouge's levels are treasure hunting levels that are well executed, but frustrating at some points. Tail's levels are annoying as hell. They ruined Tails by cramming him into that godforsaken mech. It's sluggish,easy to hit, and CAN'T FLY! Why on earth would they take one of the most versatile characters and cram him into a mech?

Replay Value 10/10
Let me see... my game clock is at 79 hours now.. That speaks for itself. If you enjoyed the chao's from SA1 they're back once more and a heck of a lot better with more emotions and racing has been redone and has many track instead of just 4. Playing through the game over and over for some reason, doesn't get boring. Also, if you're a true Sonic master you're going want to try to snag all 180 emblems this time around. good luck!

Extras 10/10
The chao minigame, the chao's themselves,the special prize for getting 180 emblems, and that cool sonic stuff you get
if you reserved the game. Sonic team really took it's time making a truly perfect sonic experience.

Final Rating 9/10
This game is perfect (except tails levels) and you should know that i never would give a 10 to any game. however this game made me mighty tempted to!

Now as Sonic moves on and leaves his home at the Dreamcast, let us never forget these great times he's had on Sega consoles. He single handedly pulled Sega together back in 91 and revolutionized video games forever.

The bottom line is: ''Playing SA2 is habit forming, don't turn off your DC!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/17/01, Updated 07/17/01

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