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The sequel to one of the planets fastest video games is finally here! Sonic Adventure 2 came out at the time of Sonics 10th anniversary, Celebrating the Hedgehogs 10th birthday, Sonic Team and Sega have brought out a brilliant sequel to the fantastic launch game, Sonic Adventure. Again, there are six playable characters, each with their different personalities and stories, but this time you don't choose a player, you choose a side. The sides are Hero side, and Dark side. Will you save the world or will you conquer it? Gone are the adventure fields from the first game (Adventure fields is where you choose your levels) and now Sonic Adventure 2 has a clever system, watch a cut scene, play a level, watch another cut scene and play a level, plus you can play any level you have already completed at any point in the game.

Storyline - 10 : Sonic Adventure had six characters with their own stories, but Sonic Adventure 2 is different, There are two sides, a Hero side and a Dark side. The hero side consists of Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna and Miles ''Tails'' Prower (Say Miles Prower fast enough to get Miles Per Hour). The hero side kicks off with a helicopter with the words ''GUN'' on it, treat GUN as a police force or something and someone shouts out ''He is escaping'', after some fighting noises, SONIC comes out with a board! Sonic escaping from the authorities, what has he done now? Sonic escapes the GUN and runs through the city. Sonic can't keep on the run forever and gets caught. Tails and Amy go and save Sonic on the ''Prison Island''. At the other side of the world, Knuckles is arguing with a female bat called Rouge about the Master Emerald, Knuckles tells Rouge to back off as it does not belong to her, but Rouge takes no notice, Dr. Robotnik (Eggman in this game) comes along stealing the emerald, but Knuckles soon puts a stop to that and smashes the emeralds in to pieces. Sonic finds a black hedgehog who looks like Sonic. Who is this black hedgehog? Friend or Foe? any connection to Dr. Robotnik?.

The Dark Side consists of Dr. Robotnik, Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the bat. Robotnik has found a diary which belonged to his grandfather and learns of a super military weapon called ''Shadow''. Dr. Robotnik takes a trip to Prison Island and storms the laboratory looking for this weapon, and when he eventually finds it, he raises the platform its on and a Hedgehog stands there. ''SONIC!?'' cries out Robotnik. Robotnik finds out this is not Sonic and makes friends with Shadow.

There is a lot of surprises in store for both sides in Sonic Adventure 2. It has a brilliant storyline once it kicks off. You can choose any side at the start of the game, I started off with Hero, it doesn't really matter which you start on. You will need to play both sides to put the whole story together.

Graphics - 10 : Sonic Adventure had its fair share of glitches, and Sonic Adventure 2 has been ironed out of most glitches. Though is still has the odd one of two glitches, so does most games, which is nearly unavoidable. The character detail from the first game returns, with some added detail. A lot of the emotions in the characters have changed, Knuckles' shocked face looks stunning. The levels have much more detail then the last game, though the last game had awesome detail, this just takes it all! The game juggles a heel of a lot of polygons per second in some levels! The character animations are even better then those in Sonic Adventure, everything has frames added.

Sound and Music - 10 : If you thought the songs from the original Sonic Adventure was absolutely brilliant, it doesn't change much. Sonic and Tails have remixes' of their songs and sound even better then the original version. Knuckles has a brand new song with is again rap and kicking! Amy Rose has exactly the same song, no changes. Dr. Robotnik / Eggman has a brand new song. Shadow and Rouge, the two new characters have their own song, each one great. Unlike Sonic Adventure, The sequel has songs in the levels, so you can sing along to a great tune when you are playing. The character voice acting is back, and it seems Tails and Sonic have been improved a bit, which is good. Knuckles has the same rough voice, Eggman still has the insane voice and Rouge and Shadow have brilliant voices, I never get board of Shadows quote ''I am the ultimate Life form!''. The sound effects are back with a few more tweaks! Sonic Adventure 2 easily has the best sound and music on the Dreamcast!

Gameplay - 10 : The two sides, hero and Dark are split up in to three separate stages. The first is Speed, which Sonic and Shadow do, they need to get to the goal and complete the objective. The second is an Action Stage, which Tails and Robotnik play, they need to shoot everything, open doors and reach the core of something. Last if the Exploration stages, which start out good, but get very boring and frustrating (I took 2 hours on one of Knuckles' stage). Knuckles and Rouge play this mode. They need to go round huge levels looking for pieces of the master emerald, talking to a TV gives you a hint where its hidden, talking to two other TV’s give you bigger clues on where it is hidden. You have a horrible radar where you have to close for it to beep, it is really that awful. On the menu stage, you can select any stage you have already played in the main game. In these reselectable games, you can take on other tasks in the levels and get 100 rings for an emblem, or find a lost Chao. Each level has 5 grades, E, D, C, B and A. The point system is improved in Sonic Adventure 2. You get combo's for doing things fast or doing a stunt or even destroying as many enemies as possible in a matter of a few valuable seconds.

Chao gardens return in Sonic Adventure 2, and you can raise Chao to be either good or bad. You can race these chao, take them to the Chao school or download to a VMU and play portable once again. At one point during Sonic Adventure 2 features a racing mode, where you need to catch someone in a vechial. Once you have finished that level, you can play a Sonic Racing game in Single Player or Verses mode, and you can race to your hearts content, its really good. There are several Mini-Games once again, but not as many as last time... unfortunately.

New to Sonic Adventure 2 is a 2 Player Mode. One player takes control of the Hero Side, and the other takes control of the Dark Side. There are several modes of Multiplayer, the first one is racing, which you unlock in the middle of the game. The second is Speed, where it is Sonic verses Shadow in a race across three levels. Then there is a fighting action game, where Tails and Robotnik fight in robots. Then there is the Hunting levels, where Rouge and Knuckles compete in looking for an emerald first. Last but not least is the Chao races, where players race their own chao against the opponents.

Challenge - 8 : This game is a lot harder then the original Sonic Adventure. This features more stages and tough bosses. There are 180 Emblems up for grabs, and getting them all leads to something special. Getting Level A grades is very tough!

Replaybility - 10 : The game has almost a unlimited amount of Replaybility. Both sides will take a bit of time to complete, but not that long. After that you will want to get all the power ups and the hunt is on for all 180 emblems. The interesting story will have you hooked from the very start. This game is truly RADICAL!

Overall - 10 : A Brilliant game by Sonic Team, No Dreamcast or Sonic fan is without it. You have to buy this, it will last you ages, and has a great story! Everything in this game is worth the bargain price of £30. Its the third and final Sonic the Hedgehog game on the Sega Dreamcast, and you need to play it.


A Brilliant Story
Great Characters
Great Songs and Graphics
2 Player
Last you ages!


A Bit tricky at times
Hunting levels are a pain.
Knuckles is on the hero side! He is good, but would of been a great bad guy!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/05/01, Updated 08/05/01

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