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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Emperor / ex

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 10/02/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 FAQ and Walkthrough.
    By Nick (Emperor)(hotvampire@hotmail.com)
    And Kris (ex)(ex@jizz.org)
    Version 1.3
    Last Updated 10/02/2000
    If you want to come talk to us on irc, /server irc.dal.net then /join
    #finalfantasy. (This is not a monitored channel, people can be assholes).
    Table of contents
    1.	Updates
    2.	Walkthrough
    3.    100% on the competitions
    4.    Emails, tips and tricks, etc..
    5.    Misc. Crap and Questions that haven't been answered
    6.	Special thanks?
    Version 1.3 (10/02/00)
    I'm about to add some frequently-notfound-money to the money sections of each
    level! Actually, only New York and Philly are the only levels people are
    clueless about where the cash is.
    Version 1.2 (9/28/00)
    I added an email from Andrew Nichols with some secrets he gave me. Thanks a lot
    man! And an email from Matthew Imregi. If you find any errors in my faq email
    me please!
    Version 1.11 (9/26/00)
    I added a little part about my highest score to the misc. crap section.
    Version 1.1 (9/26/00)
    I added to the secrets section, and the misc. crap section.
    Version 1.0 (9/25/00)
    I finally got the whole walkthrough part done! Yay!
    Version .1 (9/25/00)
    I updated the misc. crap section with a bit and I'm about to work on the last
    level that I haven't written the walkthrough for!
    Version .01 (9/24/00)
    I updated the secrets and ill begin to work on the Philly, if I have time or
    care, because the ign game guides has everything, but still if you have
    problems, just get on irc and talk to me, or email me!!!!
    Version .00001 (9/22/00)
    I finally beat the game completely! wee!
    Version .000001 (9/22/00)
    I changed a bunch of errors and stuff, not much, plus i worked on the =====
    part to make it look better, me and Kris will add a lot tonight, hopefully.
    Version .0000000001 (9/21/00)
    I added the first 2 level's walkthroughs and the tips and tricks part, expect
    this faq to be finished soon!
    The Hanger Mullet Falls MT:
    By Kris
    	Hanger Checklist			      Cash
          High score - 10,000                           $100
    	Pro Score - 25,000                            $200			
    	SICK Score! - 75,000                          $500	
    	Collect S-K-A-T-E                             $150		
    	Barrel Hunt                                   $150
    	Collect 5 Pilot Wings                         $250
    	Nosegrind Over The Pipe                       $150
    	Hit 3 Hangtime Gaps                           $150
    	Find the Secret Tape                          $150
    	100% Goals and Cash                           $200
    High Score - Not really that hard, just get use to the game and it will be very
    Pro Score -
    Sick Score -
    Collect S-K-A-T-E - Ok, this objective is pretty; here is how to go about it...
    For the S, just hold down X and keep going straight, don't let go anywhere just
    keep going. For the K, just go to the back wall and get it.  The A is just on
    the crashed plane around the outside of the pipe.  The T is where you start off
    coming down that little hill, go to your left when you get in the opening and
    just and break the window, and finally, the E is in the room you came into to
    get the T, just jump on the ramp and go get it.
    Barrel Hunt - First go down the little hill at the beginning and go left,
    there's a barrel there.  Next, head into the half pipe.  The next one is just
    on the far side of the pipe by the back wall. Another barrel is where you get
    the T, just land the ramp to ramp and you should hit it.  The last one is by
    the E, just hold up and go over the ramp.
    Collect 5 Pilot Wings - The first one is easy to get, just bypass the half pipe
    to the left and jump through the window. The next one over there is near the
    window, you have to take a jump off that ramp in front of the helicopter to get
    it.  You should also hold up and jump through the window to get the next one
    you should land around/near it.  The next one to get would be the one on the
    far end of the half pipe, resting on the propellers on the wall, just skate
    along the wall and grind it.  The last one is right over where you start, just
    get some speed and jump the gap.
    Nosegrind Over The Pipe - This is the easiest objective ever. When you start,
    just hold up and triangle, that's it.  You will go right over the pipe while
    Hit 3 Hangtime Gaps - The first one to get is just over the halfpipe.  The next
    one is over that crashed airplane beside the half pipe.  The last one is in the
    other room, just jump over the helicopter and land it, not hard.
    Find the Secret Tape - This is also a very easy objective, just grind on the
    helicopter's little wings or whatever you want to call them.  This will open a
    "door" to the far end of the room which leads outside.  Just get some air on
    the ramp outside and blam.
    100% Goals and Cash - For this objective you just have to complete every
    objective and get all the little cash bonuses in the level. There are 4 cash
    bonuses in the secret room (when you grind on the propeller on the wall). 
    There are 2 cash bonuses in the main room you start off in.  One is sort of a
    secret, you have to go to the other side of the room (through the window) and
    take that ramp in front of the helicopter where you get a pilot wing, jump
    through the window (get tons of air) and grind the beam.  There's 1 in the left
    School II Southern Cali:
    By Nick
                  Hangar checklist             Cash
                  High score 45,000            $200
                  Pro score 40,000             $350
                  SICK score 100,000           $500
                  Collect S-K-A-T-E            $400
                  Wallride 5 Bells             $500
                  Collect 5 Hall Passes        $400
                  Kickflip TC's Roof Gap       $400
                  Grind 3 Roll Call Rails      $500
                  Find the Secret Tape         $500
                  100% Goals and Cash          $500
    High score, Pro score, and SICK score - This is kind if hard, if you don't know
    where to go. I usually go for the grinds to rack up the massive multipliers,
    plus get different gaps. A great place to start is in the big open area, the
    center of the school, where there are lockers, and there are brick ledges. I
    like to grind off those ledges, do kickflips, special grinds, and get a gap or
    2. Once you get the hang of THPS2, you shouldn't have a problem getting 100,000
    points here.
    Collect S-K-A-T-E - To get the S, turn right and go down the rail as soon as
    you start. The K is located in the center part of the school, where it's like a
    park, and there's a ramp there with it, just jump off the ramp to get it. The A
    is on a rail, which goes down, from the center part of the school to the lower
    part by the buildings. After you get the A going down the rail, turn right and
    keep heading that way till you see a ramp that's on the side of a big wall. Go
    off that ramp to get the T. After you get the T, turn right as you come off the
    ramp you were just on to get the T and follow the side of the building till you
    get to the E, which is off of a small ramp. This was a very easy 400 bux eh?
    Wallride 5 bells - This one is kind of hard, if you don't know where the bells
    are. The first bell is immediately to your right when you first start, to
    Wallride, use triangle while you bank off the wall. After you hit the first
    bell, go straight, down the rail and after you ride a bit, there's a bell on
    your right. After you hit that one, keep going straight and follow the bike
    racks to the next bell on the wall. After you hit that one, follow the wall to
    your left and keep going till you see a light post, and after that there's a
    trashcan, and behind the trashcan is the next bell. To get to the final bell,
    go back to where the bike racks were and follow them to some stairs. Go up the
    stairs and follow the wall on your left, and at the end of that stretch is the
    final bell!
    Collect 5 hall passes - This one is so easy. The first hall pass you can see as
    soon as you start, go down that ramp and go to your left. Jump to get the next
    hall pass. Keep following the wall to your left and there are some rails. Grind
    up the rails and jump off them to get the 3rd hall pass. The 4th one is to your
    left as soon as you get off the rails, to get it just ramp off one the ramp on
    your left that has the hall pass on it. The last one you see as soon as you
    ramp off the ramp that you just came off of. Jump up on the ledge to get it.
    Damn that was hard.
    Kickflip TC's roof gap - The gap is located in between 2 small buildings. To
    get to them, just keep going straight from where you start, down the stairs,
    and the 2 buildings are there that you have to ramp onto, and from one of the
    roofs to the other, kickflip! Much skill needed to do this one.
    Grind 3 Roll Call Rails - The first roll call rail is right ahead of you when
    you start, you have to go completely down it. Keep going straight and kind of
    to the left to find the next one. It starts up high, and goes down from there.
    It's in a corner, and there are stairs by it. Go back by the bike rack to find
    the 3rd one, which is the one that leads to the center of the school.
    Find the Secret Tape - This tape was really hard for me to get the first time.
    To get it, go to the center of the school where there is a ramp and some rails
    on a platform. Ramp off the ramp to build up your specials, and then grind on
    the rail to your immediate right. Do a kickflip, and a special grind on the
    next rail to get the gap that is right there called the "stage rail to rail"
    then right after you do that trick, look for black skid marks on the ground.
    Follow them to a very small flower ramp that gets you up on the roof. Jump to
    get the secret tape! (You also get 50 bux by doing this because there's a bill
    on the way up to the roof) If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
    100% Goals and Cash - There is a ton of cash all over this level, so I'm not
    going to go into detail on each and every one, but I'll tell you how to get the
    hard ones. When you first start, go to your right where you did a wallride to
    get the bell. Do a wallride up to the ledge and jump off the ledge to your
    right. Then go straight and jump out the window, and make sure you have enough
    speed to get across from this building to the next one! Another place to go is
    by where you got the secret tape. Get up on that building and jump from there
    onto the flagpole and grind to a secret part of the level where there is a
    bunch of cash. If you have any other problems finding cash, email me (nick) and
    I'll help.
    NY City:
    By Kris
            NY City Checklist              Cash
            High score - 20,000            $750
            Pro score - 50,000             $1000
            SICK score - 150,000           $1250
            Collect S-K-A-T-E              $800
            Ollie the Hydrants             $700
            5 Subway Tokens                $800
            50-50 Joey's Sculpture         $900
            Grind the Subway Rails         $1100
            Find the Secret Tape           $1200
            100% Goals and Cash            $500
    High, Pro, SICK score - Just get huge multipliers and grind and kickflip grind
    and kickflip.  For the SICK score you may have to use manuals (up down before
    you hit the ground).  These allow you to continue a grind while on the ground
    and you can search for another place to grind.
    Collect S-K-A-T-E - The S is just right when you start, just make sure
    you have some speed attributes and you should have no problem grinding
    that wall.  The K is pretty close to where the S is, just keep grinding (or you
    can get off and just skate there. Jump down near that statue and just take the
    ramp and get the K.  The A may take a couple tries to get, it's also down where
    the K is.  Get some speed off the jump where the K is, go up (out that little
    bridge hole), turn around and jump up when you see that ledge.  Remember, this
    may take a couple tries.  After this, just leave this area by going under the
    bridge.  When you get out, go left, grind the fence, get the T and you should
    see the E in front of you (when grinding).
    Ollie the Hydrants - The first hydrant is easy to get too, just go straight
    from where you start, turn left at the end of the street and you will see the
    hydrant to your right.  The next one is just down the street (you have to cross
    the intersection) at the end.  The last one is behind where you start, just
    head back to where you start and keep following the road.  It's to your left.
    5 Subway Tokens - Three tokens are around where the 1st hydrant was (read
    above).  One of them is high in the air, just get some speed off the little
    ramp on the building and take the jump over that little wall. The next one is
    just on the bridge.  The last one is near the water (where the T and E were). 
    Get some speed off that ramp on the building and take a jump off that big rock.
    50-50 Joey's Sculpture - I thought this was that statue where the A is for the
    longest time, heh, it's not.  Right when you start, go to your left, you'll see
    a small railing blocking off a big drop, there's a rail in the middle of this
    little section, 50-50 that. It looks like a big triangle thing, and it leads
    down to the bottom part of the level, where Joey's café is!
    Grind the Subway Rails - To open up that cage, you need to get the 5 subway
    tokens first.  Go up that escalator, jump on the tracks, get some speed going
    down, hold triangle, move slowly to one side of the narrow track and grind for
    a bit.
    Find the Secret Tape - Go up to where you grind the subway rails, skate/grind
    down them. Jump off before you get to the end and go up that little road.  When
    you get up there you will see 3 rails, grind the middle one (it's more to the
    right).  Around the middle jump off and grind on that other rail to your left. 
    At the end, jump off and snag the tape.
    100% Cash and Goals - Hum, there's a lot of cash in this level.  If you have
    any problems finding any specific one, email Nick, he likes people asking him
    questions :o. (Nick) I got many emails about not being able to get $50 in this
    level on top of the big overhang, I believe. What you have to do is get up on
    the subway part, by going up the escalator looking thing, then keep going
    straight and jump down onto the overhang!
    Another 50 bucks that people miss a lot, is in the secret area you get to from
    the subway. You need to get on the subway rails, and when you jump off to get
    to the secret area, keep following the wall on the left, and there is a small
    nook that you need to go into and go off the ramp to get 50 bucks there.
    Venice Beach, Cali:
    by Nick
           Venice Beach checklist                 Cash
           High score 40,000                      $1500
           Pro score 100,000                      $1750
           SICK score 200,000                     $2000
           Collect S-K-A-T-E                      $1250
           Ollie Over The Magic Bum 5 times       $1500
           Collect 5 spray cans                   $1250
           Tailslide the Venice Ledge             $1000
           Hit 4 VB Transfers                     $1500
           Find the Hidden Tape                   $1250
           100% Goals and Cash                    $500
    High, Pro, and SICK score - Right when you start, use the ledge on the right to
    rack up massive grind points. Just keep grinding, jumping, kick flipping,
    special grinding, etc...
    Collect S-K-A-T-E - Right when you start, grind on the fence to your left up to
    the top of the building to get the S. Turn left, and keep going until you get
    to a gap where you have to jump to get the K. Keep going around the building
    and jump the next gap to get the A. Right by where you got the A, there should
    be a ramp to get up to the higher roof, where there is a ramp to get the T.
    Turn right and go down to the lower roof straight ahead and ramp off the ramp
    to get the E.
    Ollie Over The Magic Bum 5 Times - Turn left when you first start and keep
    going straight till you find the first bum behind the wall. To find the next
    bum, turn around out of the place where the first bum was, and keep going
    straight and on the right there should be some stairs and a rail, the bum is
    down in that area. Go back to where you first start and go all the way down
    that straightaway until you see the next bum on your left. The 4th bum is below
    the banner thing that's right by the 3rd bum. The 5th bum is right by where you
    first start in the level.
    Collect 5 spray cans - The first spray can is right behind where you start in
    the back part, behind the buildings. The next one is on the other side of the
    fence you see when you first start. The next one is down where you found the
    2nd bum, off that ramp. The next one is back in the opposite corner from where
    you start, in between 2 ramps that you have to ramp from one to the other to
    get. The 5th can is at the end of the straightaway right when you first start
    the level.
    Tailslide the Venice Ledge - The Venice Ledge is located right behind the first
    building on your immediate left when you start, to get there, you have many
    different choices. Just go by where the 2nd bum is located and jump over that
    ramp. The ledge has graffiti on it that says "THE LEDGE" so it's kind of hard
    to miss, if you still can't find it, its by the rails that go down. Use right +
    triangle to tailslide, or use a special tailslide.
    Hit 4 VB transfers - This one is kind of hard to do, because one of the VB
    transfers is difficult to hit. Go down the first straightaway you see when you
    start, and you should see 3 different ramps. You have to hit the one on the
    right, go completely over the one in the middle, and land on the one on the
    left for the first VB transfer. If you hit this, you will have no problems with
    the other VB transfers. After you hit that one, keep following the wall on your
    right to 2 ramps facing you and 1 ramp not facing you. Hit the one not facing
    you and go over the wall to another ramp. 2 VB transfers down. The third VB
    transfer is by the first bum, just go over the real skinny wall. The 4th VB
    transfer is right by the Venice Ledge. One ramp is on a higher platform than
    the other one, once you hit that transfer, you are done!
    Find the Hidden Tape - Get to the roof of the highest building, and go off the
    ramp that is opposite the tape, do a trick to build up speed, then right after
    you come off the ramp, there's a ramp that will launch you up to get the secret
    100% Goals and Cash - All the cash in this level isn't terribly difficult, just
    use your eyes to find it, and its easily gotten, if you can't find one, email
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
    By Nick
            Philly Tape Checklist         Cash
            High Score                    $2500
            Pro Score                     $3000
            SICK Score                    $4000
            Collect S-K-A-T-E             $2000
            Drain the Fountain            $2500
            Collect 5 Bells               $2000
            Bluntslide the Awning          $2000
            Liptrick 4 Skate park Lips     $2000
            Find The Secret Tape          $2500
            100% Goals and Cash           $500
    High, Pro, and SICK score - This one is kind of hard to do, it usually takes me
    a few tries to get 250k on this level. If i get lucky, what I do is grind on
    the thing that is to your right when you first start, and hit all 3 gaps (there
    are benches in between where you need to grind/jump) then if you get REAL
    lucky, or are just skilled, land on the edge of the grass thing for another gap
    and go to the end of that stretch, jump off and do a manual, then find
    somewhere else to grind. If done correctly, you should get around 100k for that
    trick. Next thing I do is go to the secret area. You get there by going up the
    stairs that are kind of in the corner, by the telephone polls. Grind up the
    pole by the stairs, and then grind up the telephone cord until the telephone
    lines fall down (This area is right by where the E is when you are trying to
    get S-K-A-T-E). Go into that secret area, and grind off the rails there to get
    tons of points, use manuals and find more grind places to get lots of
    multipliers. Another good spot is grinding off the side of the road. This is
    kind of risky because it's not guaranteed that you will hit the edge each time
    you jump, kickflip, and special grind. You just have to get lucky, but if you
    are, you will get lots of multipliers!
    Collect S-K-A-T-E - Jump over the wooden thing in front of you when you start,
    and grind off the left side of the big concrete looking thing and get good
    enough speed so when you jump off, you can reach the S. To get the K, jump off
    of the small 1/4 circle ramp that is below the blue overhang. (Note, if you
    have Bluntslide, you can bluntslide the blue overhang to get that tape done and
    over with) Right after that you see the A. Go up the stairs rail and jump off
    to the left to get the T. Go up the other stairs and grind off the ledge that
    leads to the E, and jump right at the end to reach the E.
    Drain The Fountain - This one is kind of hard to do, but possible. You need to
    build up enough speed, to go down a small rail, and get up to the top of a
    building. When you first start, go on that small wooden thing that you first
    see, then hit the "most obvious gap" and grind down that rail after the gap.
    After you grind down the rail, jump when you hit the small ramp, and keep
    holding down triangle so you can grind off the edge of the fence up there, and
    jump off of the rail to drain the fountain! (You might need full stats to do
    this, or you can do a boneless which gives you a higher jump. Press up twice
    before you jump to do a boneless.)
    Collect 5 Bells - This tape I thought was quite an annoying one since the bells
    are all spread around the entire level, but this is how you go about getting
    them. Get on the first wooden thing you see when you start and the first one is
    where the "most obvious gap" is. Go down the stairs and turn left, the next
    bell is up high so you might need to boneless to get it, or just jump. I can
    get it just by jumping. The next bell is where you find the 2-1/4 circles, next
    to the blue overhang, which is the awning, or whatever it's called. Get up to
    the high part, where the big line that goes over the fountain starts, that's
    where the 4th bell is. The 5th bell is kind of by where you found the E, on the
    adjacent ledge to the one you had to grind off of to get the E.
    Bluntslide the Awning - I don't know if it's called an awning or what, but it's
    the blue overhang by the fountain. To get on it, ramp off one of the 1/4 circle
    ramps, and do a bluntslide. I think you have to buy the bluntslide as one of
    your grind specials but I'm not for sure.
    Liptrick 4 Skatepark Lips - This one is real easy, just hit up and triangle to
    Liptrick an edge in the skatepark. 3 of the edges are the in the skatepark
    part. If you think of the skatepark as a box, 3 sides of it has edges you can
    Liptrick off of. The 4th one is the half-pipe edge! If you still can't find the
    4 lips, Liptrick each and every lip that is in the skatepark, and I promise you
    will find all 4, there are 4 sides to the main skatepark, and there is also a
    NOT 2 THERE ARE ACTUALLY 3 YES IM NOT LYING OK? Don't email me saying you can
    only find 3 because I'm sick of getting 230452309480239839024 emails from
    dumbasses that can't find the 4th one, use your brain, and keep looking!!!!!
    Find the Secret Tape - This is really easy. When you first start the level,  go
    left and jump on the higher level, where you found one of the bells, and there
    is a big wire that leads up to the hidden tape.
    100% goals and cash - Commonly missed money, are the ones when you get up to
    drain the fountain, you grind off each side of the fence, jump off, and get the
    cash. On one side you have to jump off and grind off the telephone wire to get
    the cash.
                                END OF WALKTHROUGH
    Emails, tips, tricks, etc...
    A guy by the name of replicant sent me this big email on how to get 100% on the
    competitions and ill post it here
    "Contest 1: Marseille, France
    80% = Win the contest with 1st place
    20% = Cash Icons (8 of them to get.)
    Park Area: (2 Icons)
    1. Look on the crossbar with the "Bienvenue Le Marseille" on it.
    2. To the left of start on top of the Building. You need a lot of speed
    to grind the rail on top of the building and get it. Launch off of one
    of the boxes
    below it.
    Hidden Area: (6 Icons)
    ***Go straight from the beginning and get up on the large planter area
    and look for the
    blue tree with a board leaning against it. Run into the board and break
    it. The tree will fall
    and crash into the fence and a hole will open it. Drop in it.
    3. After dropping into the hole grind the rail in front of you and get
    this icon.
    4. Immediately launch over the fountain and get the icon above it.
    5. Directly after is a 1/4 pipe with an icon floating over it.
    6-7: Look left and right from the 1/4 pipe and you will see an icon
    floating over each rail on
    either side.
    8. Ride back up the ramp way you came down from in the hidden area and
    you will see the
    last icon on the end of the path,
    You now have France at 100%
    Contest 2: Skate park Ventura
    80% = Get 1st place in the contest
    20% = Cash Icons (8 icons to get)
    Park Area:
    1. Go left at start and ride up 1/4 pipe to get first icon.
    2. Ride back up the hump you came down and get the icon that is on the
    half-circle rail to your right.
    ***This open hidden area #2 which is on the far back right corner from
    where you start at.***
    3. Ride from the rail slightly to the right and jump over the pathway
    rail to get the 3rd icon.
    4. Go to the BIG Wave ramp directly across from where you start the
    level at and cruise up the right
    side to get the icon floating there.
    5. Now grind across the left side of the ramp and transfer to the rail
    hanging from the ceiling. The icon
    is in between the transfer and when you grind the hanging rail you will
    open Hidden Area #1.
    6. After landing from the rail turn right and go through where the fence
    was and look for 2 1/4 pipes
    on the back wall. In between them and high in the air is icon 6. You
    need a lot of speed to reach this one.
    This is hidden Area # 1.
    7. Go back to the starting area and ride to the back left side of the
    park. You will see a large hump ramp
    in the corner with an icon floating over it. Launch up and get the icon.
    8. Directly beside the hump area is a now open doorway leading to
    another outside area. Go outside into
    Hidden Area #2 and jump from the ramp facing the van over it and get the
    icon floating above it.
    You now have Ventura 100%.
    Contest 3: The Bullring
    80% = You need 1st place in the contest
    20% = Cash Icons (10 Icons)
    A walkthrough for these would be tough to describe, so I will tell you
    where they are and some ways to get them.
    *In the ring area where the bull is running you see piles of shit. Look
    for the bright green ones and run over them
    and money will pop up into the air about head level with you. Jump up
    and get it.(4 Down)
    **From the start look back and to the left and forward to the right. You
    will see large Red, White, and Green
    banners hanging over the stands. In the very center of each banner is a
    floating icon. You need a full special meter
    and alot of speed to reach them, They are very high. You can launch up
    the orange 1/4 pipe walls at the base of the
    bullring to get to the bars. You will then need to grind the bars and
    jump up to get the icons. It is a little tough, until
    you get the hang of this. (2 Down - 6 Total)
    ***From the start look left, right, back, and in front of you and you
    will see on the second level of the bullring stands
    4 ramps. Directly above these ramps connecting left to right and front
    to back are 2 long cables. You have to grind
    each of these cables by launching from either ramp and grinding all the
    way across collecting the icons attached to them.
    Each of the 2 cables has 2 icons on it. A full special meter and some
    speed help alot in reaching the wires. Get to 2nd
    level of the stands and ride up the 1/4 pipe that is in front of the
    prospective ramp you want to launch off of to the cables.
    This takes practice and timing, so good luck. Some ramps seem short and
    require you to Boneless up to the cable. Get
    these 4 icons.
    You now have The Bullring 100%."
    1. When you first click level select, it says "not available in demo" for a
    split second, try it! (kris found this one)
    2. To open the gym in the school level, grind off a rail-call-rail (i use the
    one that leads down to the bike racks, but I don't think it matters which one
    you use) at EXACTLY 1:41, which is right before the school bell rings, then the
    pool and gym will be open!
    3. Just for the record, many people have emailed me then email me back saying
    that they found what they were looking for, thanks anyway. If you can't find
    something try to find it by yourself before emailing me!!!!!! That is the whole
    fun of the game!
    I got an email from Andrew Nichols giving me some tricks he knew about and some
    info on the game, thanks Andrew!
    "    Here of some of the codes for THPS2 for Playstation. x=x, c=circle,
    t=triangle, s=square, l=left, r=right, u=up, and d=down. (All codes you need to
    hold L1)
    Fatter skaters-XXXLXXXXLXXXXL (This can be used repeatedly).
    Thin skaters-XXXXSXXXXSXXXXS (This can also be used repeatedly).
    Toggle blood on and off RUST.
    Stats all at 10's-XTCSTUD (to turn off you have to enter the code again).
    Special meter always blinking-XTCCULTS (to turn off you have to enter the code
    again and it will start going down).
    Super Speed Mode. Skater go 25% faster- DSTRUCDSSTRUC (to turn off you have to
    enter the code again) .
        Spider Man Specials- Beat the game with a create skater.
    Spidey Grind  L,R +T
    Spidey Flip U,D+C
    Spidey Varial R,D+S
    After you beat the game with Spider Man it opens a Spider Man skating video
    (turn up the volume for this one!) You can't buy Spider Man's moves in Career
    mode either.
        80's Tony Specials- to select 80's Tony (after you unlock him by beating
    career mode with Tony, you select style C)
    Pogo Air U,D+S
    Layback Grind U,D+T
    After beating the game with 80's Tony it opens up a video into Tony's beginning
    years of skating.
        Officer Dick Specials - to unlock beat the game with a pro skater.
    Assume the Position L,D+C
    Lazy A. Grind D,U+T
    Salute!! L,R+C
    After beating the Game with Dick it unlocks a Neversoft Bails video.
        Private Carrera Specials - to unlock get ever gap in the game.
    Fifty 5Ho Slide L,R+T
    Double Splits R,L+C
    Ho Ho Handplant U,D,T
    After beating the game with the Carrera you unlock a Neversoft Makes Video.
    Cheat Menu (cheats in order as follows)
    Officer Dick - first hidden character
    Skip to restart - Pause the game on a level and choose between starting points
    in the level
    Kid Mode - Increased stats, harder to bail trick, and kid size skaters
    Perfect Balance - Grinds and Mannuals go on and on...
    Always Special - Special meter always yellow
    STUD cheat - Stats maxed out, it won't show on the buy stats mode but it's
    Weight Cheat - Purely cosmetic ; Similar to the weight choice in create a
    Wireframe - Run the game in wire frame mode
    Slow-Nic - Tricks happen in slow motion, but you have added spin ability
    Big Head Cheat - Skater have big heads
    Sim Mode - The game plays more Realistically
    Smooth Mode - Look ma, no textures
    Moon Physics - Super jumps and massive hangtime
    Disco Mode - Blinking Lights
    Level Flip - Levels are mirrored right to left, changing lines and how the
    levels are played."
    I also got an email from Matthew Imregi about THPS2 that I thought I should
    post here, I'll always post emails that I get that are intresting to read!
    "just thought i'd drop you a quick line to let you know
    that in order to open the gym on the school 2 level,
    you HAVE TO grind the rail taht leads down to the bike
    racks (not just any roll call rail- this one is called
    the "opunsezme"... get it?  open sesame, or open says
    me... hardy har har).
    Hope this helps.
    Some other stuff...
    -Is the hanging speaker in skatestreet
    -is there still a handplant in the game?
    -any suggestions for getting to the highwire in venice
    -try this: in venice beach, you described how you got
    your high score, try this to add to it, start with a
    wall ride over the double five set leading down to the
    horseshoe, land in a manual, roll up the ramp and
    grind to your left and down the ramp, ollie off and
    land in a manual, leap up the two inclines heading
    back to the start (manualing the flat in between or
    even gringing the divider if you have enough speed),
    then manual over to the wall, grind it all the way
    down, as you described and hit the ramp.  the point
    possibility is huge.
    -also, i did this once, but i usually don't try
    because its iffy, but when you hit the quarter at the
    end of that long wall in VB (as described above), if
    you air slightly to the right and get it just right,
    you can actuall land grinding that wall heading back
    the other way (even off something like a kickflip
    mctwist, which is how it happened to me the first
    time), all the way down the wall, wall ride/ollie over
    the double five and either up or around the horseshoe
    for another big special.  The first time i did ths it
    was an accident, but I have pulled it off once or
    twice on purpose (the Casper and darkslide and
    kickflip mctwist were all used multiple times, it was
    ridiculous).  Try it.
    -The best line I have found in skatestreet starts at
    the wavewall, hitting a big special (kickflip mctwist
    or backflip or something) and landing on the rail taht
    opens the secret room, ollie down, bust a couple of
    flip tricks (or a special like a triple kickflip or
    christ or something) land in a special grind on the
    short rail, land in a manual (or casper or something)
    and hit the ramp go over the wall in a big trick.
    there are three or four gaps in this series in
    addition to the number tricks- great multiplier.
    -I haven't landed one, but I suspect that it is
    possible to do as described above, but head further
    down the final ramp to land in a grind on the rails on
    the upper level... just a thought.
    have fun, skate hard."
    This is part of an email from Cameltoe (you can find him on the message board)
    "cheats so far:
    1st charactor you beat it as: get Officer Dick
    then skip to restart
    kid mode
    perfect balance
    always special
    (others have said  :
    big head
    Also i've gotten
    beat as Officer Dick - Moon Physics
    beat as custom charactor  - Spiderman
    beat as Tony Hawk 80s tony hawk style
    beat as Spiderman - level flip.
    there are gonna have to be one more secret charactor and 2 hidden levels 'cause
    of the way the cheat menu is layed out and because i have seen the 2 movies for
    the hidden stages using my game enhancer..."
    some guy by the name of drew squire somehow got 2 million from a bug in the
    game? he emailed me this information...
    "the hanger
    i did the usual jump over the gap land with a manual and grind the right
    side of the rail and i jumped off and and a kickflip and it added 13,000
    points to my score for some reason and i landed with a manual and did
    some more kickflips. weird huh?"
    Misc. Crap
    Put points into speed first, then air and hangtime since you need those to get
    the tapes, and make the gaps etc... Then, if you want big points, put them into
    the grind specials.
    To get tons of multipliers with grinds, get your special up then grind off
    something, jump, kick flip, then do a special grind and repeat that until you
    get massive multipliers. By that time you will have enough speed to probably
    hit a gap of some kind, almost every level has a great spot to grind and get
    tons of multipliers. Manuals after you do these big grinds help a ton; I like
    the school level to use this. I build up my specials right when you start, and
    then do a kickflip and special grind on the flowerbed at the start, off of
    that, hit the roll-call-rail with a special grind. Off of that try to land on
    the first picnic table and grind off that to the next one with kickflips, then
    do a manual till you get to the gate in front of the gym and grind off that,
    then keep going till you get to the bend and just grind off everything you see!
    With manuals, the possibilities are endless!
    I don't know if you already have a bluntslide as a character, or if you have to
    buy bluntslide every time you need to do the "Bluntslide The Awning" tape
    thing...actually some guy just emailed me saying that any character can
    bluntslide by pressing down, down, triangle. Thanks dave
    I know you have to get all gold's to get the Chopper drop: Hawaii level, but
    what about the Heaven level? I heard you had to get 100% with every character
    to get it, but I'm not sure, if you have any idea, email me!
    Kris lent his thps2 game out to his friend, he has betrayed us :o
    My personal record for a score is somewhere around 1,027,353 or something (I
    know for sure it was 1 million 20 some thousand points) in the level with the
    beach level with spider man, and this is how I did it. I grinded off the right
    side of the level when you first start out (I have infinite special meter) and
    kept jumping kickfliping and doing the "spidey grind", and I jumped down a
    little bit before the ramp at the end of the stretch and did a manual, I had
    enough speed to ramp off the ramp and do a special in the air while spinning,
    which gave me like 300 thousand points. I could've probably had a few more
    million if I tried hard enough, but the KEY to getting lots of points is doing
    a manual off of a grind, then trying to get enough speed to ramp and spin and
    do a kickflip or other special because it will add ~5000 to your total
    multiplied score!
    Special Thanks
    We have done this all by ourselves, but I (nick) would like to thank neversoft
    for making another great skating game and putting good music on it! (ska sux)
    And thank Tony Hawk for being the cause of this great game. Replicant, Erik
    Ferris (aka cameltoe), Andrew Nichols, and all the other people that emailed me
    with some information about the game.
    Copyright 2000 (Nick C. and Kris K.) don't copy this faq or reproduce it or put
    it in a magazine, or on a cd, or sell it to the idiot at your school that can't
    afford a computer without our permission or we will kill you kthx! (just email
    kris or nick to get permisssion, we're notassholes.. much)

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