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    Shortcuts List by saturn

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/04/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       Speed Devils Shortcuts, version 1.0
           by saturn
              email: saturn639@hotmail.com
              url: http://geocities.com/saturn639
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction/ Purpose
    2. Shortcuts
    3. Codes
    1. Introduction/ Purpose
    	Speed Devils is a great game for the Sega Dreamcast. Sometimes it can be 
    hard to beat the computer or human opponent. Maybe you need a shortcut? That's 
    where this FAQ is for, to educate you on the shortcuts found in Speed Devils. 
    I may be missing shortcuts, so if you know of any, please email me. The 
    shortcuts contained in this FAQ will be described in detail, but if you have 
    any questions, feel free to email me. Please note that this work is mine and 
    only mine and can be used with permission only. Thank you and enjoy the FAQ! 
    2. Shortcuts
    	Hollywood, Hollywood Disaster~ I know of only one shortcut in Hollywood, 
    but that is probably because it is such a short course. After you come out of 
    the studio where Jaws is (you drive over a bridge) head to the left. It's a 
    very sharp left, in between two white buildings. You'll drive through some 
    temporary fences (they look like bike racks.) Up ahead you will see a big 
    black ramp and a pit full of water below. Hit the nitros and ramp the water. 
    You'll be back on the main road right after that.
    	Mexico~ There is only one shortcut in this track too, that I know of. 
    You'll be driving around a canyon on a sharp turn to the left. There is a wood 
    fence on the right and a 100 foot drop on the left. After you come around the 
    bend, the road sticks to the canyon wall. You should see some bridges. Instead 
    of turning right after the sharp left, go straight. You'll be on the bridge, 
    putting you a few seconds ahead. Watch at the end of the bridge: there is a 
    big piece missing. If you are going at a good speed, you'll jump it with no 
    	Apsen Summer, Aspen Winter~ There are three very good shortcuts, 
    although the third is hard to pull off in the summer. 1st shortcut: Right from 
    the start, instead of turning left to stay on the raod, go straight (follow 
    the fence on the right.) You'll go up a grassy area with some trees. Stay to 
    the right to avoid the trees. Keep going straight to ramp over the other cars 
    below and land right in front of the covered bridge. 2nd shortcut: This is a 
    harder one to tell you about. There are three rock tunnels. After the third 
    one, the road curves to the right and goes up a hill, then back down to the 
    left (on the third lap, it's where the planes fly over.) Instead of going to 
    the right up the hill, you'll notice a clump of trees. Go in between them to 
    go in a cave. In the winter, you will crash through some ice. Watch for the 
    falling stalactites. You'll come out having avoided all the sharp curves. 3rd 
    shortcut: This works best in the winter, but is possible in the summer too. 
    After coming out of the cave, you see a hill with trees and a big lake on the 
    right. You'll also see the town just beginning up ahead. Go up over the hill 
    and drive over the frozen lake, if it is winter, or drive around the perimeter 
    (on the right) if it is summer. Head up over the bank, having saved about 10 
    	Nevada~ There are a couple good shortcuts in Nevada. The preview when 
    you cycle through the garage to select a track shows you where the 2nd 
    shortcut is, next to the pirate ship. 1st shortcut: When you are driving 
    through the desert, you go through a tunnel before the arch bridge. If you 
    look to the right before the bridge, you'll notice some railroad tracks. Go 
    down on to those. The arch bridge will be up on your left. The tracks will 
    drop off soon, so hit your nitros (B button) to make it to the train tunnel 
    entrance. Drive thorugh the tunnel and you'll come out on the main road again. 
    2nd shortcut: When you get into Las Vegas, you'll go around three sharp turns, 
    then thorugh the color changing casino (it says "Speed Devils" above it) as 
    you come out, go to the left slightly up a dirt ramp, and over a bridge with a 
    pirate ship to the right. Keep going to land on the road. 
    	Canada Autumn, Winter~ Four (!) shortcuts here, two of them hard to pull 
    off. 1st shortcut: When you are driving on the uneven road right after the 
    start, there is a great shortcut. It comes when the road begins to level out 
    again. If you stay to the far right, you'll notice a clearing in the trees. 
    There are even tire tracks there. Go up that little hill. Hit your nitros (B 
    button) and hopefully you'll make on top of the castle. If you do, just drive 
    straight and you will jump over the gate onto the road again. If you miss, 
    just drive through the opening at  the bottom of the hill. Take the first 
    right, then turn left, go through the foutain and out the castle gate. Both 
    work well, although it is faster if you land on the roof of the castle. 2nd 
    shortcut: When you come to the first logging camp, the road goes to the right 
    through a sawhouse. Go to the left, past the big rig and through a fan. 
    Continue straight to land on the track again. 3rd shortcut: This is another 
    hard one. When you come to the second logging camp, where all the coal is, 
    hang a hard right turn at the truck. You'll see a gray ramp. Hope you're speed 
    is high enough and go up the ramp. You'll land on some logs suspended over the 
    water. You have to drive over three sets and they move, so your timing has t 
    obe perfect. A very effective shortcut. 4th shortcut: This is the last one. 
    Right before you complete the course, you'll be going over three jumps in the 
    road and you'll see a farm ahead. Instead of staying on the road, you'll see a 
    barn wit a dirt ramp. Hit the dirt ramp and drive through the barn. You'll 
    land back on the track just before the finish line. 
    	Louisiana, Tornado~ Three shortcuts, one nearly impossible to pull off! 
    1st shortcut: This is the impossible one. I've done it a couple times, but 
    usually you land backwards and by the time you turn around, you're behind. You 
    can do it, however and get far ahead of everyone! After you finish driving 
    through the twon, you'll be on a dirt road. There are ships to the right and a 
    covered bridge ahead. Hit your nitros (B button) as soon as you hit the dirt 
    and stay to the right. There is a small ramp to the right of the bridge. Turn 
    to the right slightly when you are on the ramp and will (hopefully) land on a 
    ship. drive straight across but when you get to the end, be sure to turn to 
    the right hard, not go straight. If you pull it off, you'll land 20 seconds 
    ahead of everyone! 2nd shortcut: You'll be at a water plant, and right before 
    the road goes up and over a ditch, turn to the right into the ditch, then cut 
    it hard to the left. Don't worry if there is water in the ditch, it won't hurt 
    you. Drive thorugh the ditch and up a ramp onto the track. A very good easy 
    shortcut. 3rd shortcut: This is at the railroad tracks. If the gate is down, 
    just go up the ramps on eiher side and jump the train! 
    	New York Autumn, Winter~ I've only raced this one once, so I don't have 
    the shortcuts yet. Note that it is only available in the class A and B of the 
    Championship mode. 
    3. Codes
    All Cars and Tracks 
    While playing a game, press B, Right, B, Right, Up, B, Up. 
    Clean Pause 
    Press the start button to pause the game, then press and hold down the Y 
    button and press the X button.  
    Extra money 
    While playing a game, press A, Right, A, Right, Up, B, A. 
    Gameshark Codes 
    Infinite Cash 89BB8EA500000010 
    Infinite Points DCB0807A00000100  
    Infinite laps 
    When selecting tracks go to the option screen. then turn weather to sun, time 
    to day, mirror on, nitro on, checkpoint on and the other two off. You will get 
    infinite busters as well. If this doesn't work, enter it after the code for 
    all cars and tracks. So far I know it's for arcade mode only. 
    Infinite nitros 
    While playing a game, press Down, Up, Down, Up, A, X, A. 
    Play Class S in championship mode 
    In championship mode, if you successfully finish Class A (beat Driver X at 
    least 3 times) Driver X will ask you to race with him. You can use his car if 
    you win the match, and you will pass to Class S. In this class, all enemies 
    are the same as Class A except Driver X. 
    Skip current class 
    While playing a game, press Down, Right, Down, Right, A, X, A.
    4. Closing
    	There you have it, a great shortcut FAQ for Speed Devils. Enjoy
    Copyright 2000 by Moody Literature and Productions, Michael Moore 

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