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"The best online-racing game ever..."

Gameplay - This game is really really good, I mean the Gameplay can't get any better....except offline. Offline, you pick a car, pick a track, and race against a dumb computer. Online...its a different story! Online, you get to buy cars, save up for parts, buy nitro, and race with people from around the world! Its really a lot of fun online because you can also bet your car and money. So that's like the most exciting aspect of the game. I give this a 10/10.

Story - Hmm..not really sure on this part, but I will tell you the 4 prophecies of Speed Devils:
1. In victory, you will earn respect.
2.Beyond the speed limit you will find wealth.
3. Seize the cars of your opponents and they will fear you.
4.Have the courage to bet and the drive to win and you shall be my brother.
So that's pretty much what you have to do. Definitely 10/10.

Graphics-The graphics ROCK. You really can't compare these graphics because they are REALLY REALLY good. I mean the detail is amazing, especially when you are driving through real cities like Hollywood, Louisiana, and Montreal. The cars are good and have many different ''Skins'' you can pick for them.Also all the cars look different the odds are , if you pick a unique color, you wont see too many people with that same color. Without doubt I can only give this 10/10.

Sound- The sound is SO bad, I hate it, it sounds so horrible, its some kind of old music, or something.... its like the worst music they can possibly play while you are going 140 miles and hour and going around a turn. Its not some kind of really noticeable music, but still ,when you really focus on the game, it is very irritating, that's why I try to talk to my friends or something when I'm playing and I'm too lazy to go turn off the sound.I give the sound a 5/10.

Replayability - After you have beaten this game, I am sure you will come back and play this game, it is really addictive, and you won't realize your playing your dreamcast at 2:00 AM even...I didn't....

To buy or to rent?-If you buy this game or not really depends on if you have Internet, if you don't, don't even bother renting it, you will think it is the most boring game ever, but if your playing online, this game can't get any better, except for the sound. You really shouldn't rent this game because its like one of those games you have to have for a long time and beat. So if you have the money...its worth the $30 it costs.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/09/01, Updated 08/09/01

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