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Reviewed: 05/23/03 | Updated: 07/14/03

When Bad Games Attack!

In theory, Urban Chaos sounded appealing: Fight crime, go in dangerous assignments, get into adventures, wear really cool cop gear...just the kind of inspired visceral entertainment that made ''Escape From New York'' the classic that it is. Actually some of it is pretty mediocre (that is saying a good thing) but don't let that lead you to believe that this game will actually be fun.

But when i got the game, i was seriously disappointed. Not only is the game enormously flawed, but (even worse) the Dreamcast port has been visually defiled beyond recognition. Between the horrible styling and the actual errors, I was trapped between bad and worse!! What could have possessed Eidos to unleash this horrid beast of a game???

The beauty of consoles, one could say, is their inherent ability to level the playing field: With standardized hardware, Developers are able to efficiently maximize the power of the system (as opposed to developers in the PC arena, who have to contend with the fact that their game's performance will vary greatly from system to system)

Well, the word ''maximize'' apparently didn't get bandied about the developers' office. Due to a lack of interest, time, or talent, UC was released as a choppy mess with LOW!!! framerate. The game is only slightly better then its playstation cousin (horrible, just plain horrible!), but it fails to even push things along at a decent clip. Instead, players are presented with a screen full of configuration options, which enables you to turn several of the graphical effects on or off. With everything turned on, the FPS is a horrible 10-15 FPS, and even with everything turned off, it will never hit 30 FPS. Unacceptable.

So, with hideous graphics, stunningly poor framerate, theres little to salvage. Control is horribly awkward and sluggish, and the driving stages vye with all of those nasty Internet pictures that always seem to be flying around the office for the ''Worst Thing Ever''. Seems that somewhere deep within the flawed game of UC, there existed a game with a minute shread of respectability...kind of like a kind and gentle person inside Hannibal Lector. Avoid this game at all costs, and do other people a favor by warning them also.

Graphics: 2
Effects or framerate...pick one and only one

Sound: 4
Voices arent half bad...or half good

Control: 1
No collision detection, half-assed TR controls and a wacked-out driving scheme

Gameplay: 2
You are kidding right? LOL

Happy gaming and ''Don't even attempt to buy this game''

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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