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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BBorst

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 01/22/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Jedi Power Battles
    Sega Dreamcast
    Copyright by Brian T. Borst
    Ver. 1.1 Updated character description, Life Up found on Level 1, Force 
    Powers for Qui Gon Jin, gaining extra points on Level 2 and 3 Bosses and 
    suggestions on beating Darth Maul with Plo Koon. 
    Ver. 1.2 Found 9th Handmaiden on Level 3 and discovered new Force power for 
    Mace Windu. All new entries with marked with a * next to it. 
    Ver. 1.3 Found 2 new force powers for Adi Gallia and information on Survival 
    Mode and Ultimate Saber/1 hit-kills, Chapter 12. Correction made to gaining 
    unlockable characters in Chapter 12. Correction made to Chapter 5 – Ultimate 
    Icon. Additions made to Chapter 10, Level Rewards. All new entries with 
    marked with a * next to it. (01/15/01)
    Ver. 1.4 Changed Chapter 3/Single Play description. Details about Bonus Stage 
    – Droidekas and new details about Challenge Point Icon. Updated profile on 
    Battle Droid in Chapter 1. Tried beating the game with Plo Koon again and 
    failed miserably. New suggestion for Survival Mode. All new entries with 
    marked with a * next to it.  (01/22/01)
    0.	Introduction
    1.	Selectable Characters/ Profile
    2.	Controls
    3.	Modes of Play 
    4.	How to read the screen
    5.	Item Pick Up's
    6.	Protecting your butt
    7.	Know your Enemy
    8.	Level Description
    9.	Character Attack/ Combo System
    10.	Level Rewards 
    11.	Level Bosses
    12.	Secrets/ How to's
    13.	GameShark Codes
    14.	Credits
    First off, please excuse the crudeness of this FAQ. This is my first attempt 
    at one and since there is not one written for this game (either PSX or DC 
    version), I thought I'd take on the task. This FAQ is written for anyone who 
    is having a hard time with this game as I first was. Everything written in 
    this FAQ is tested and tried by yours truly. I am in no way affiliated or 
    associated with LucasArts (though I wish I were). This FAQ is free for public 
    use but is to be only posted on-line for www.GameFAQs.com. Any kind of way to 
    make money or profits from this FAQ is not allowed. Do not copy or edit this 
    FAQ in any way, shape or form. No part of this FAQ is to reproduced at all 
    without my consent and permission. If you use a sentence, phrase, or concept 
    found within this FAQ into yours, you must always give proper credit where it 
    is due. If you wish to show this FAQ, have any questions or notice some 
    mistakes, please contact me at hthomas4@eartlink.net .
    0.	Introduction
    This game was first developed for the Sony Playstation (PSX) about 9 months 
    ago, and although it was still fun to play, as was the concept, it was really 
    frustrating. Many glitches and patches where you will get stuck, game 
    freezes, jumps that looked a lot closer than they were, graphics were poor 
    and pixilated and bosses that were a little too strong. 7 months later the 
    game is touched up and released on the Sega Dreamcast (DC). The graphics in 
    the game are so much more beautiful and better depth can be better felt this 
    time around. The characters aren't as blocky as the PSX version and the DC 
    version comes with a Training and Versus Mode. No longer do you have to lock 
    onto an enemy to destroy them, which was my main complaint with the PSX 
    Jedi Power Battles is a Single Player or 2 Player Co-operational Play. 
    Although bosses are easier to defeat with two Jedi's running around, actually 
    cooperating with your partner can be a difficult task. This means waiting for 
    them to catch up, jump at the right time and not leave you to be surrounded 
    by a dozen Battle Droids while he takes a breather. You start off with 5 
    lives and gain more through point build up and extra lives found throughout 
    the stages but in 2 Player mode, you share those 5 lives. Experience is a 
    must! Each character has a number of different combos and attacks and more 
    combos are given once you pass a level. In typical games like this, certain 
    characters are stronger and weaker than others are and some are slower or 
    faster, so choosing the best fighter is up to you.
    1.Selectable Characters
    Qui Gon Jinn ~ Experienced teacher of the Jedi Arts and Master to Padawan Obi 
    Wan Kenobi. Qui Gon uses a Green bladed lightsaber and has formidable Force 
    powers. Not the fastest character to use while walking but when running can 
    match fellow Jedi, Mace Windu. Excellent fighter with lightsaber and great 
    speed for combos.
    Obi Wan Kenobi ~ Young Padawan student to Qui Gon Jinn with a powerful hold 
    on the Force. Obi Wan uses a Blue bladed lightsaber with excellent Force 
    powers. Quick walk and decent speed while running, great fighter with 
    lightsaber and has some of the best and flashiest combos in the game.
    Mace Windu ~ A highly respected member of the Jedi Council who's experience 
    and authority is as vast as Master Yoda's. Mace wields a Blue bladed 
    lightsaber and has the best Force powers to use. Mace walks with a quick 
    stride and even faster run. Mace is the combo monster of the Jedi.
    Adi Gallia ~ Adi was born to a high ranking Corellian diplomat on Coruscant, 
    Adi serves on the high Council as a political representative for the Jedi. 
    Adi uses a Red bladed lightsaber and has formidable Force powers but weak 
    strength. Adi is the fastest character in the game, walking or running. She 
    has excellent combos also.
    Plo Koon ~ Plo is a Kel Dor from the planet Dorin, he descends from a long 
    line of Jedi. Plo wields a Yellow bladed lightsaber and has poor Force 
    powers. Although Plo is the strongest member, he is the slowest member of the 
    Jedi whether it is walking, running or fighting. I've yet to beat Darth Maul 
    with him. He's too damn slow and can't combo worth a crap against Maul. 
    Queen Amidala ~ Royal Queen to the Naboo, she fights along with the Jedi to 
    reclaim her freedom from the Trade Federation. Amidala uses a blaster 
    throughout the game and is very quick with her speed and shooting. I've never 
    tried fighting hand to hand with the enemy mainly because her blaster can 
    kill most Battle Droid's with two shots plus she cannot deflect blaster fire 
    so getting up close is out of the question. Amidala has no Force Powers and 
    uses Thermal Detonators as her secondary weapon. Being a secret character in 
    the game, Amidala does not benefit from Health and Force Increase after a 
    level is beaten.
    Captain Panaka ~ 1st Captain and Escort to the Queen, Panaka plays exactly 
    like Queen Amidala and Battle Droid. Because Panaka is another secret 
    character that uses a blaster, he has the same disadvantage of having no 
    Health or Force Increase after finishing a level.
    Battle Droid ~ Standard Trade Federation White Battle Droid carries a Blaster 
    Rifle and Thermal Detonators. Same as Queen Amidala and Captain Panaka. 
    Battle Droid is another secret character; he has the same disadvantage of 
    having no Health or Force Increase after finishing a level. For some reason, 
    there is a glitch in the game and his head will disappear? 
    * Strange fact about gaining Battle Droid: Battle Droid will automatically 
    come with Level 20 experience and can jump to any stage plus you can only 
    play Bonus Level 11- Droidekas by choosing Battle Droid.
    Darth Maul ~ Evil Dark Lord of the Sith and apprentice to Senator Palatine. 
    Darth Maul carries a dual-bladed Red lightsaber (unlike the PSX version) and 
    has the best Force powers in the game. Maul is extremely fast and has some of 
    the most complex and efficient combos also. Unfortunately, Darth Maul too, is 
    a secret character and cannot gain any Health or Force Increase after 
    finishing a level. This also is the reason why I haven't been able to beat 
    his namesake on Level 10.
    Ki Adi-Mundi ~ Ki hails from the planet Cerea and is the only Jedi Knight to 
    serve on the Jedi Council. Taught by Yoda himself, Ki possess enormous 
    telepathic powers and brandishes a Purple bladed lightsaber, he's not the 
    quickest character to use and he certainly isn't the strongest but his Force 
    powers make him fun to play.
    All characters have access to Thermal Detonators with exception to Adi Gallia 
    and Plo Koon. All characters have the ability to double jump and fall off of 
    a ledge, grab on and pull themselves back up. As far as I know, Yoda is not a 
    playable character in this game. I've heard a few rumors about him in this 
    game but nobody can confirm it.
    1.	Controls
    Standard Dreamcast controls are simpler to use than the Sony PSX version. You 
    basically work with 5 buttons with one that serves zero purpose.
    Analog: Moves character allows you to run or walk
    D-Pad: Walking only
    L Trigger: Block/Force
    R Trigger: Enemy Lock On. (No purpose really)
    A button: Vertical attack
    B button: Jump
    X button: Horizontal attack
    Y button: Heavy attack
    Start: Pause
    Force Use
    L + B: Defensive attack
    L + A: Long Range attack
    L + X: Use Item
    L + Y: Short Range attack 
    Vibration: On or Off
    Walk Limit: Detects the sensitivity of pressure on the Analog or D-Pad if you 
    are walking.
    Run Limit: Same as above but with running.
    There are 5 different controller settings; I always go with this set up #1 
    but change to your liking. During options, A button selects and B will cancel 
    your selection. The enemy lock-on does have some use but only if you want to 
    have fun with your next kill. Lock-On will let you attack one certain 
    character at a time, letting you perform different moves like dodging and 
    side stepping your opponents' attacks. Like I said, this really doesn't have 
    much use because your saber will block almost everything. The other downside 
    to using the Lock-On is if you are approached by more than one opponent, you 
    will lock onto only one of them and cannot defend yourself as well against 
    other Droids.
    3. Modes of Play
    *Single Play: Straight forward play, single character only.
    Dual Play: Co-Operational play with you and a friend. This is really the only 
    way to play and it's a lot of fun. Drawbacks are actually getting two people 
    two work together especially during timed jumps.
    Options: Configure the Audio, Controls or view the Credits.
    Training: This is very cool if you're not all that great at jumps or 
    deflecting blasts. 8 missions that test your every skill and most are timed.
    Versus: Yeah! It's Streetfighter Vs. Star Wars! I wish, but no, you can 
    choose different Jedi's and battle it out. This really just comes down to how 
    well you know your combos and blocking skills.
    4. How to read the screen
    Top Left Corner of screen contains your Health (Middle Green bar) , Force 
    (Bottom Blue bar) and Block (Top Red bar) Health and Force up's are scattered 
    throughout the stages are fairly plenty. Not too many times will you have to 
    struggle to get past a certain set of enemies and worry about dying. Just 
    keep a eye out on the Swamp levels because some blend in well with the 
    background. The Block status isn't much to worry about unless you are facing 
    Darth Maul or numerous enemies at once. With exception to Maul, just practice 
    deflecting laser blasts and you'll almost never even notice this bar.
    Upper middle of screen displays your number of lives you have to play. 
    Nothing hard in understanding that. Once it's down to zero, its game over.
    Bottom left corner of screen shows the number of secondary weapons left. 
    Certain characters will use something related to the Force and will not 
    deplete your Force meter and all characters can use Thermal Detonators. Once 
    it is down to zero, you cannot use these until more are gained.
    Bottom middle of screen will display number of characters rescued on only the 
    stages it is needed like level 3 and 9. Usually once you meet the criteria 
    for rescues needed, you can advance further into the level. Only on level 9 
    are you timed and must rescue all 6 Naboo pilots or you will lose a life and 
    have start all over again.
    There 3 different ways to display your screen. Hold the Start button and 
    press L and your Health, Force and Block Meter will disappear and show just 
    below your characters feet but very small. Press those buttons again and 
    everything will disappear from the screen including your score and number of 
    5. Item Pick Up's
    *There are 9 different items scattered throughout the game that can benefit 
    your character and every once in a while get you killed in the process.
    A.	Health Up: Small green orb that will replenish your Health meter about 25% 
    and 50 points.
    B.	Force Up: Smaller green orb but encircled in a ring. This will replenish 
    your Force about 50% and give you 50 points
    C.	Point Boost: These come in different colors, White, Yellow and Silver and 
    look like the number 7. These are found randomly in all stages and are 
    moderate to find. White PB's will give you 100 bonus points, Yellow PB's 
    will give you 500 points and Silvers will give you 1,000 BP's. Brian's 
    Sarcastic Secret: Grab all Silver Point Boosts! 
    D.	Challenge Icon: this icon resembles a red skull and are suggested to stay 
    away from these. Once an icon is taken, you'll notice your Health Bar has 
    dropped dramatically but you'll gain 500 to 1500 points. The object is to 
    defeat the following enemies and take as little damage as possible. If 
    this is accomplished, you will get a major point boost and your health 
    will stay the same. Yay. * Challenge Points will almost always be in the 
    same location but do not look the same. I've recently discovered that the 
    Ultimate Health and Challenge Icons will look the same in certain stages 
    so be wary.
    E.	Life Up: Resembles a lightning bolt encircled by two blue rings. You can't 
    miss these when you see them, they really stand out. These appear usually 
    once per level and finding them can be a little of a challenge. My best 
    suggestion, when you find a Life Up do not pick up the next Save Icon, so 
    if you die you can grab that Life Up and still have the same amount of 
    lives once that stage is passed. 500 points.
    F.	Save Icon: Hey? What's that thingie that looks like a clock? Duh! Grab it, 
    you moron! It will save your progress in that stage up to that point. If 
    you die, you will automatically restart the stage at that point. 100 
    G.	Lightsaber Extension: This icon is hard to explain how it looks but once 
    you get it, your lightsaber will extend to an odd length and can hit 
    enemies that are further away. If you are using a Blaster, this will 
    change your ammo to a seeking projectile and kills many enemies with one 
    or two shots. 100 points.
    H.	Ultimate Lightsaber (Amp): Icon looks like a shield and will enable you to 
    kill all enemies with one hit (except when they are blocking or Bosses). 
    If you are using a character that is using a Blaster, this will power it 
    up and turn your ammo into Seeking Missiles. I only suggest grabbing this 
    if you are in 1 Player Mode or if your 2nd player doesn't go ahead of you. 
    These will kill most enemies with a single shot and severely hurt your 
    fellow Jedi. 100 points.
    I.	Ultimate: Completely replenishes your Force, Health and Item Bar. 100 
    points. Looks like a          shield, gives you full Health, full Force, 
    maxes out your Item plus 100 points.
    6. Protecting your butt
    This section only really applies to the carriers of Lightsabers, otherwise 
    just press the block button and you'll be safe until you can reposition 
    yourself to take out the enemy. Now, while using your lightsaber you can 
    press the block button at any time and should be safe from most enemy fire. 
    Most, I said. This includes lasers and physical attacks of all kinds (like a 
    Battle Droid punching your saber and not taking damage. Am I the only one who 
    thinks this is wrong?) Anyways, the best and coolest way of protecting 
    yourself is to wait until they have already fired at you. Once that laser is 
    coming your way, press the block button and it will be redirected back at 
    them. This gives the meaning "keepaway" a whole new definition. Some enemies 
    will require more than one shot redirected back at them (average is 2).
    What your lightsaber will not protect you from: Thermal Detonators, Plasma 
    Droids, Flame Droids, Concussion Droids, Baby Caterpillars, Man-eating 
    Vegetation and long falls (duh!)
    7. Know your Enemy
    You'll encounter numerous (sometimes seemingly endless) numbers of Droids, 
    Tusken Raiders, Jawa's and Bounty Hunters along the way. Here's what you can 
    expect from them.
    Blue Battle Droids: These guys are hand to hand fighters and will rush you 
    punching and kicking. Usually takes one hit to kill.
    White Battle Droids: These guys always have Blasters and will either shoot 
    from a distance or run to you. 2 to 3 hits to kill or one reflected laser 
    Red Battle Droids: Just a tougher version on the Red but takes 3 to 4 hits 
    from your lightsaber or 2 reflected laser blasts. Every once in a while a 
    reflected blast will shut them down for a few seconds but once you walk up to 
    them they'll reactivate and blast you. Tricky bastards so just wait for them 
    to reactivate.
    Yellow Battle Droids: These guys are a pain in the ass! They block almost 
    every swing you make and take about 6 to 7 hits to kill. Luckily you don't 
    encounter them that often. Best method is to let them attack first and combo 
    them as their attack ends. Or just use a Thermal Detonator if you have them.
    Super Battle Droids: Tall version of Blue BD's but don't carry blasters, they 
    prefer to crush your skull instead. They are tough and take about 3 to 5 hits 
    from your lightsaber to bring them down.
    Droidika's: You won't encounter them too often and they can be a pain if 
    you're not careful. They usually appear in pairs and fire multiple times. 
    They take about 5 hits from your lightsaber to kill and they will swing back 
    to defend themselves so I suggest you wait it out and deflect their shots, 
    which kills with 3 to 4 shots.
    TC-14's: Totally defenseless and will not harm you in any way but it's fun to 
    cut them down and watch them crumple.
    Plasma Droids: These menacing droids tower all the others and are the hardest 
    to kill. They emit a green Plasma from both arms and track you. You need to 
    stay a good distance away from them and use Detonator's if you have them. If 
    you get lucky, 3 or 4 swings will take them down. Your lightsaber will not 
    protect you from these guys.
    Flame Droids: These guys carry flame-throwers and can hurt you if you're not 
    careful. Your saber won't protect you from them either but I suggest you go 
    in swinging since 3 slices kills them. Just don't get double-teamed or you'll 
    see your health disappear quickly.
    Spider Droids: I'm not sure what to call them, they walk on 4 legs and are 
    miniature versions of the Level 3 boss. They're easier to beat then average 
    Concussion Droids: These guys look just like the White BD's but carry large 
    Concussion Rifle's with them. You cannot deflect or defend yourself against 
    their shots but they fire slowly and take one slice to kill.
    STAP's: Battle Droids on Hover Bikes, armed with 2 laser cannons and great 
    aim. These guys float nearby and will take shots at you while moving. The 
    STAP's do have a Health Meter below them so there is possibly a way to 
    destroy them but I've yet to do it. Best thing to do is stand still and block 
    all their shots and wait for them to pass by.
    Tusken Raiders: About as difficult as the Yellow BD's but don't shoot at you. 
    Takes about 3 hits or one good stab to kill. These guys will occasionally 
    jump at you and roll out. The jumps don't do much damage but it does push you 
    Sniper Tusken Raiders: These guys will shoot from a distance and have great 
    aim. Unfortunately, you cannot deflect their shots back at them so it's best 
    to take them out as quickly as possible. 2 swings to kill.
    Small Sith Seeker: Maul's Probot's move quickly and fire single shots. The 
    only way to kill them is to deflect their shots.
    Big Sith Seeker: Slightly larger version of the previous but has a mounted 
    rifle and fires in bursts of three's. Take 2 deflected shots to destroy them.
    Jawa's: What's their deal? I'm trying to help you guys! Their laser blasts 
    can be deflected and 1 hit kills the little munchkins. Also no threat.
    Rodian Bounty Hunters: Looks like Greedo carrying a rifle. He's the weakest 
    of them all and takes 1 swing or one deflected shot to kill him.
    Blue Bounty Hunters: This guy attacks two different ways. Either with a 
    pistol which takes 2 deflected shots to kill him or he'll go ala Kung Lao and 
    Bicycle Kick you. Still can't understand why he can kick my lightsaber and 
    not get a vasectomy?
    Red Bounty Hunters: These guys are the brute force of them all and are a 
    pain. He will always attack with punches, most of which are okay but if he 
    uppercuts you, make sure you're either blocking or not standing too close to 
    the edge of a building. He takes about 4 or 5 swings from the saber or 3 
    reflected blasts to kill. My best suggestion is to take a running stab to 
    take him down.
    Midget Bounty Hunter: This little guy packs a punch but he dies easily. 1 to 
    2 swings fries him.
    Gungan Warrior: I hate these guys. All you really need to do is get past 
    them, they won't follow you but they carry the long taser spikes and if you 
    get hit, they push you back quite a way and they do hurt. 2 hits or 1 good 
    Thermal Detonator's will show those Fish sticks whose boss.
    Man-Eating Vegetation: Tall plants on Naboo that have 4 yellow shaped leaves 
    and lots of teeth. If you get to close to them, they snap at you. 
    Unfortunately, you cannot kill them.
    8. Level Description
    You'll begin your adventure on the Trade Federation Battleship as you exit 
    the briefing room with TC-14 and surrounded by Battle Droids. If you are 
    using any of the Jedi, these droids should be slagged without much of a 
    problem. You will face several Battle Droids of various difficulties. Most of 
    the first round will approach you for a boxing match and can be easily killed 
    with a swipe or two of your saber. Later on, you'll meet up with droids that 
    carry blaster and will try to take you out from a distance. Make sure you 
    time your blaster fire reflecting skills and these droids will take 
    themselves out with their own blasts, usually with a single shot. Some 
    require more but you'll face those in later levels. 
    If you are using a Blaster yourself, you can easily kill 99% of your enemies 
    before they even get on the screen. Proceed slowly (really no need to run 
    since you are not timed in most stages) and you will notice a small blue bar. 
    That is the life bar of your enemy. Most Battle Droids will not attack until 
    they are shown on the screen with you. Place yourself correctly and you will 
    beat them before they have a chance to retaliate. All three characters can 
    auto aim so don't worry too much about being pointed in the right direction. 
    If things get hairy you can use a Thermal Detonator and blow them off their 
    feet, unfortunately it's usually not enough to kill other droids and enemies. 
    Doesn't sound to "Thermal" to me…
    As you make your way through the level you will come to the main operating 
    deck of the ship, jump in and start whacking away. Keep an eye out for 
    Health, Force and Bonus Points in this room. Proceed further until you come 
    to the Assembly Belt. Beat the few Droids present and if you even feel 
    inclined too, you can get a huge 10 point bonus for killing the Protocol 
    Droid in the upper tower. Thank god the Dreamcast version got rid of the 
    jumps in between, now you can just stand still and not worry about a thing 
    until you come to the end of your ride. You can jump to the platforms in the 
    background and kill the Battle Droids shooting at you and collect what few 
    items there are but I suggest just staying where you are, getting a feel for 
    the jump distance is a pin and can carelessly end a life. Remember, a Jedi is 
    a terrible thing to waste. 
    Now you take on the Sub-Boss of this level. I think he's supposed to be a 
    Loader Droid of some kind to be but he can be a pain in the butt to kill 
    sometimes. His primary weapons are his arms as they sweep in circles, just 
    stay as far away as possible when this is happening. He will swing his arms 
    three times. Wait until it's done turning and it will lower it head and hover 
    around the stage trying to hit you. Once it has come to a stop and its head 
    has raised upwards again, approach it quickly and you should be able to get 
    off 1 or 2 hits. Once you destroy both arms, wait until it's done hovering 
    around and attack again. Anyone should be able You'll know when you've beaten 
    it when it explodes and flies off and crashes into a shield door showing you 
    your newest destination. If you selected a character that uses a blaster, 
    this is a bit tougher because you have to be positioned just right or your 
    shots will have no effect and takes much longer.
    You now enter a small room that burns with electrical flares; you will find 
    one Health Up and one Check Point icon. Walk or run around the flares and you 
    will come to a small generator room. Jump up either the left or right side 
    and jump on top of each shaft until you make your way to the other end. Step 
    onto the elevator and you will now enter a new sub-level. Destroy all the 
    droids and make your way up to the elevator shaft that you just came down on 
    and jump to the upper level, take out the two droids and proceed to the first 
    compression chamber (the circular tubes that move up and down quickly). 
    Because of the double jump that all characters have, these should not present 
    any challenge. In between the last two jumps you will find a Point Bonus, 
    Item Pick up and an Amp. 
    Next you come to another long hallway with more DB's in your way. Kill them 
    until you come to another elevator. This one will bring you to the Power Cell 
    room. Take out all the droids and look carefully for a hidden Full and Small 
    Health Up on one of the bottom cylinders and a Life up located to the left. 
    Jump back up and enter to your right until you to another long hallway. At 
    the end of the hallway, you'll face your first 2 Droideka's. These guys fire 
    relentlessly and will take a few shots to kill but you should be able to get 
    past them. After them, you'll come to an Observation Tower. After you've 
    eliminated all the BD's in this room, jump up to a higher upper platform on 
    the left and kill the 3 BD's in your way. If you walk up to the upper section 
    of this room and jump up and look to the left, you'll see a Life Up in the 
    corner. Carefully make your way down the bridge until you come to the Docking 
    Bay and you'll face the Level Boss.
    This boss is a Federation Fighter Droid that flies in strafing along the way. 
    Most of his shots won't reach you but there's encouragement to grab all the 
    items on that platform. After he's strafed by, he'll hover and fire a few 
    shots at you. Deflect these shots until he's hit 3 time. He'll transform into 
    his droid mode and fire on you in this form also. The new challenge is to 
    return his fire back at him while being attacked by Red, White and Blue BD's. 
    After the Fighter Droid has been shot 3 more times, he'll explode and you 
    should be left with 2 White Droids too usually take care of. The end scene 
    takes you off to your Award Stage. If you selected a character that uses a 
    blaster, you'll need to just ahead of the fighters flight path. He isn't too 
    hard to kill with a blaster.
    Your points will be totaled and you will be rewarded with either Health 
    Increase or Force Increase. I usually choose the Health Increase because I 
    don't use my Force that often or until later levels. You'll also get a choice 
    of 2 to 5 new Combos' you can pick from depending on how well you did. 
    Number of Items on this Level
    Small Health: 10
    Small Force: 7
    Check Points: 7
    Item: 6
    Amp: 2
    Extension: 3
    Ultimate Force: 2
    Ultimate Health: 2
    Bonus Points: 1
    Challenge Icon: 2
    Life Up: 2
    Number of Enemies on this Level
    Blue Battle Droids: 46
    White Battle Droids: 44
    Red Battle Droids: 13 
    Yellow Battle Droids: 0
    Droideka's: 2
    Level 2: Swamps of Naboo
    This level places you in Naboo just outside of the Royal Starship. As you 
    walk through the jungle you'll find yourself confronted by numerous Battle 
    Droids. A Health and Force Power Up are close by. Shortly after you've 
    destroyed about a dozen or so BD's you come to a new challenge: Outrun the 
    Federation Tanks and not get trampled by the animals. This isn't a very hard 
    task itself, All the Jedi's can outrun the tanks easily and avoid the animals 
    without any problem, just don't go too far ahead or you will get trampled. 
    You'll find two Bonus points along the way and just after you've outrun the 
    tanks, you fall into a small valley and face more BD's. 
    Travel farther on and you'll come into another deep valley. Here you'll find 
    a bunch of frogs and large mushrooms. *Hint* if you want to maintain the 
    maximum amount of points, don't kill the frogs. They deduct 10 points each 
    off your score. Jump on the mushroom and up the tree, carefully make your way 
    long the branch and jump off onto the cliff sides. Here you have to be a bit 
    more careful while you're jumping from cliff to cliff. More BD's and more 
    items to pick up but you'll mostly be facing White and red Battle Droids this 
    time and they will gang up on you. You will also come across a small command 
    center with some unactivated BD's. Get too close and they will rise up. Don't 
    worry though, more health and force is close by. 
    A little farther downwards, you'll come to another small valley but this one 
    is covered in mushrooms and frogs. About a dozen BD's will fire upon you, 
    usually two at a time. In here you will find a CheckPoint, full health and an 
    extra life. You should be able to see it in the upper right corner about half 
    way through. Cross the small bridge and you will now come to a cavern. You're 
    about done with the BD's and must watch your step for cavern cliffs. Here you 
    will find the first of three Gungan Artifacts. This one you can see, small 
    yellow symbol floating in a cavern crevice. Jump in and you will land on an 
    invisible landing, jump out and a few steps away are a Point Bonus also, do 
    the same here. 
    Now you get to fight the level boss, a big fat Caterpillar (kind of). She's 
    not tough to beat and you should have plenty of health now (3 are located in 
    this cavern). This boss has three attacks. Tail Swipe, A powder she emits 
    from his mouth and baby Caterpillars that attack you. The tail is the only 
    one you really need to watch out for and the babies can be remotely annoying 
    but one swipe usually takes care of most of them. The weak point of this boss 
    is her belly. Wait until she raises and strike, you should be able to get two 
    good hits on it. You can gain extra points by striking the body of the boss 
    when she is lying down. It does nothing to her Health Meter but it helps 
    towards your score.
    After the 3rd hit or so, she should retreat farther back and you must chase 
    her. The powder he shoots out tracks you but doesn't do much damage. But if 
    one hits you all ten will also, it's hard avoid. She'll hatch more babies, 
    kill them and after the third attack, she will die and you get to watch that 
    annoying Jar Jar escort you out. If you selected a character that uses a 
    blaster, just shoot her from a distance and it shouldn't take long. Collect 
    your Health or Force Increase and choose another combo. Onto Level 3.
    Number of Items on this Level
    Small Health: 8
    Small Force: 3
    Check Points: 4
    Item: 4 
    Amp: 1
    Extension: 1
    Ultimate Force: 0
    Ultimate Health: 1
    Bonus Points: 3
    Challenge Icon: 2
    Gungan Artifact: 1
    Number of Enemies on this Level
    Blue Battle Droids: 16 
    White Battle Droids: 70
    Red Battle Droids: 30
    Yellow Battle Droids: 0
    Droideka's: 2
    Level 3. City of Theed:
    In this level you will find yourself exploring the city of Theed, with tall 
    buildings and deep alleyways there is a lot to be found here. It isn't as 
    tough as the level before thanks to the AAT you'll be borrowing. The 
    beginning of the game, immediately go to your left and in the corner you'll 
    find an Item pick up. Traveling on you'll encounter lots, and I mean lots of 
    Battle Droids. Just upstairs is a Health and Force Up. The main objective of 
    this level is to save at least 7 of the Queen's Handmaidens. Why do these 
    chicks need saving? I thought they were supposed to something like a Royal 
    Guard or something? I'd seek new bodyguards if I were her… These Handmaidens 
    are dressed red and orange and stand out pretty well. If you can't see them, 
    you can always listen for the person constantly screaming "Help!" You'll 
    cross a building with several pillars in the front of the doorway. Behind the 
    farthest pillar on the left side, you'll find an Extension Item to help you 
    get past the Concussion Droid. By the time you have found the 4th Handmaiden 
    you will come to a large street and a Federation AAT Tank will come around 
    the corner and crash, ejecting all 3 Blue BD's. Damn DMV is giving licenses 
    to everybody these days!
    Either kill the 3 BD's or jump in the tank and run them down. Everytime you 
    hit the Jump button (Y), you'll exit and re-enter the tank and as hairy as 
    the next fights are, you'll want to stay in the tank. The A button fires 
    basic laser, hold down for rapid fire. B button fires the seeker projectiles, 
    which help a lot on the BD's that are higher up, and X button fires the 
    Tank's main cannon. *Note: In 2 Player mode, both players can enter the tank. 
    P1 fires and aims the weaponry and P2 drives.* If you don't feel like 
    shooting everyone on screen you can run them over. Remember, only your Tank 
    can take a lot of punishment so you shouldn't be dying in this stage too 
    You can't get lost on these streets so don't worry about going the wrong way. 
    During your driving test, you'll come across 2 more Handmaidens, just jump 
    out and save them after you've killed all the Concussion DB's. You will also 
    face several Federation AAT Tanks. Don't worry much about these, they take 
    about 3 shots from your main cannon and explode. At one part of the stage, 
    you'll encounter 3 Tanks, several Droideka's and Concussion DB's, just take 
    it slowly and you should be fine. In here, you'll also find a Life Up too. 
    Want extra points? Try destroying your AAT Tank after you've gone as far as 
    you can. Your score will fly and it doesn't explode. I've received over 
    10,000 points just by standing in one spot and striking that tank with 
    everything I could but it just won't die!
    After you've driven as far as you can, exit the Tank and you'll have to take 
    on 4 White and 1 Red BD. Some of these guys will run up and approach you so 
    just block and with all the laser fire going around, you should be able to 
    down a few just by blocking. Go up the stairs and kill off everyone in your 
    way and head down to the lower parts of the street. You'll find yourself in 
    front of some buildings; you can go high ground or lower ground. By going up, 
    you will find numerous Items, Health, Force, Bonus Points and other items 
    plus 2 more Handmaidens along the way but you'll face a barrage of Concussion 
    Droids from the other side that you can't do anything about so you have to 
    keep on the move. If you choose to go low, you'll face 2 Droideka's. I always 
    go up because the Concussion Droids have bad aim and to get the maximum 
    amount of points with all the items up there. I've discovered a ninth (9th) 
    Handmaiden hidden in the top corner of this level. After you driven your AAT 
    tank as far as it will go, proceed up the stairs and into the opening where 
    you'll be flanked by several BD's. In the upper portion of your screen, 
    you'll see a stairway. Go up that stairway and to the next level of BD's. 
    Take out everyone here and walk over to the far left side of the upper level. 
    Jump up and you'll see a small section that you can hang on and pull yourself 
    onto. Up top are two Red BD's, the 9th Handmaiden and a small Health Up.
    After you've crossed most of the stage, you will come to a large opening 
    marked with a Check Point and an Item pick up. But just before this, 
    backtrack and you'll see a small grassy brush, jump into it (towards the 
    screen) and you'll find the 7th Handmaiden. Now go back after and grab the 
    CheckPoint Item, the scene will cut to a large, 4-legged Droid with a round 
    Dome head. Two Flame Droids will approach and step off of screen. Here you'll 
    face 4 Flame droids, two at a time. These guys aren't tough to beat but the 
    flames they use do hurt if you don't destroy them quick enough. If things get 
    too rough or you find yourself facing all 4, use a Detonator or 2 and that 
    should do it. After you beat them, you'll find another CheckPoint and some 
    Health up's. 
    Now you face the level boss. This boss attacks in 4 different ways. First, 
    he'll constantly lay down a surpressing fire; just block and you'll be okay. 
    After he's done with that, his legs will fold up and he'll launch several 
    Thermal detonators of his own. Once he's back on all 4, you should be able to 
    get in at least 2 to 3 hits on him. He will repeat this process again and you 
    should be able to destroy one of his arms. You can gain a lot of extra points 
    if you strike the boss when his shields are up. I'm not sure why but watch 
    your score and it'll raise dramatically. After one arm has been destroyed, he 
    will wobble and emit a solid laser from his head. Stay very close during this 
    and tag him whenever possible because that laser will suck away your life and 
    it's very hard to get close to him after he's hit you. There are 3 Health 
    Up's and one Extension Item on this part of the level so you should be able 
    to pass it without losing more than 1 life. If you selected a character that 
    uses a blaster, stay close and fire when he's open. After you have beaten 
    him, you will get your Reward screen and advance to stage 4.
    Small Health: 13
    Small Force: 5
    Check Points: 4
    Item: 3
    Amp: 0
    Extension: 3
    Ultimate Force: 0
    Ultimate Health: 1
    Bonus Points: 1
    Challenge Icon: 3
    Handmaidens: 9
    Number of Enemies on this Level
    Blue Battle Droids: 12
    White Battle Droids: 50
    Red Battle Droids: 30
    Yellow Battle Droids: 1
    Droideka's: 14
    Flame Droids: 4
    Concussion Droids: 9
    Federation AAT Tanks: 8
    Level 4. Theed Palace:
    Objective of this level is to locate the Queen and keep here alive at all 
    costs. She dies, you die. You'll start off this level in the middle of the 
    palace's main hall chamber. You can go either to the left or to the right 
    side and begin but you'll face the same number of opponents. Just for safety 
    sake, I suggest you grab the Health Up located on the upper central section 
    the stairs, then proceed to destroy the rest of the BD's for maximum score 
    and Item pick up's. There are two Health Items so you should be safe. You 
    will encounter your first Super Battle Droid, he will usually run up to you 
    and try to punch you so just block and take him out at leisure. He should 
    take about 4 to 5 hits or one good combo to eliminate him. Once you're 
    finished, go back to the point where you picked up the health and the door in 
    front of you will open and reveal a CheckPoint. Proceed into this hallway and 
    you will be met by 6 Red BD's that fire on you constantly until they are 
    destroyed. This can get a little tricky but you should be able to reflect 
    blasts without much trouble by now. You will then step outside and fins a 
    small stairway that leads you down. Just on the opposite side of the wall on 
    the right hand side, there is a Life Up hidden behind a small bush. Defeat 
    the BD's in this area and you will come to a small outhanging balcony. 
    Jumping onto this balcony is harder than it looks so practice this a few 
    times. Once you're onto the balcony, jump over to the upper left balcony, 
    once more then to the upper right balcony, again then once upper left then 
    upper right.
    You will find yourself on a large balcony with 5 BD's and a Health Up. Stop 
    as you get to the edge of that balcony on the right side and wait for that 
    Red BD to fire on you before you jump or you'll get blasted every time you 
    make that jump. Cross over when it's safe and you'll see another lower 
    balcony on the right side with 2 BD's. Reflect their blast and collect the 
    Maximum Health and jump back to where you were. Now jump to the lower left 
    balcony, down left again and you will be on solid ground again. Grab the 
    CheckPoint icon and proceed upstairs. Enter on the right side and you will 
    come to a long glass hall that you can only observe from the outside. In here 
    you will encounter 4 red BD's, 2 Droideka's, 2 Mega Droids a Health Up, Item 
    pick up and an Ultimate icon.
    Once you exit the hallway, go up the stairs and defeat the 3 Spider Droids 
    and single Mega Droid. You will come across 9 total White BD's and a large 
    casket looking item in the middle of the room. Once all the Droids have been 
    beaten, one of the Queens Handmaidens will reveal a secret entrance under the 
    giant casket Inside you will find a Force Up, Health Up, and Item pick up. 
    You will come to a large door and a quick scene of the Queen being escorted 
    by 5 BD's. They will notice you and attack. You will have to defeat about 10 
    of them before you can rescue her. Just make sure you take the fight away 
    from the Queen because your lightsaber does hurt her if she gets hit and so 
    do stray laser blasts. Once done, a short cut scene will show you talking to 
    the Queen and she will show you the way out. The next room you enter will be 
    covered in Red and White DB's. Some are perched on top of short balcony's 
    firing on you. I suggest you ignore these guys because of the are they are 
    stationed, they sometimes wind up shooting the railing. Make sure you 
    eliminate all the BD's in front of you and don't worry about the Queens. Once 
    you come to the last balcony, jump up and collect your Bonus Point reward and 
    Life Up on the far right balcony.
    Now go back and get the Queen. Once she starts to walk you should be able to 
    run through to the next room and destroy the single Droideka before the she 
    arrives and pick up your Health Up and Check Point icon. Make sure the 
    Droieka doesn't get any shots off at her or she gets to close to your saber 
    or you have to start over if she dies. Proceed up the Spiral staircase and 
    destroy all the BD's. You'll encounter about 8 Droids here and a few items to 
    help you out. Reach the top of the stairs and you begin the next part of this 
    level. You now will enter a large chamber guarded by 3 Spider Droids. Once 
    they are beaten, proceed a bit farther and you will encounter the level 
    bosses, 2 Plasma Droids. 
    Once you enter this room, I suggest you throw a few Thermal Detonators to 
    keep your distance from them. Around the corner you will find a Force and 
    Health Up. If you are all out of Detonators, try using the most appropriate 
    Force Power to keep them away. If you selected a character that uses a 
    blaster, this is the handiest time to use them. With a blaster you can avoid 
    them the whole time and take them out fast since they cannot block. Once both 
    are destroyed, you will end this level and get your bonus rewards.
    Small Health: 10
    Small Force: 8
    Check Points: 8
    Item: 8
    Amp: 2
    Extension: 1
    Ultimate Force: 1
    Ultimate Health: 1
    Bonus Points: 2
    Challenge Icon: 1
    Life Up: 1
    Number of Enemies on this Level
    Blue Battle Droids: 0
    White Battle Droids: 70
    Red Battle Droids: 56
    Yellow Battle Droids: 1
    Droideka's: 6
    Spider Droids: 3
    Mega Battle Droids: 5
    Level 5. Tatooine
    There are 2 objectives to this level. First, protect Anakin Skywalker from 
    the attacking Tusken Raiders. This is a slight challenge in itself because 
    Anakin will stay right next to you step for step. If a raider isn't attacking 
    him, he's in the way of your lightsaber and every blow he takes does hurt 
    him. It's best to quickly run to the side and take out a Raider or two and 
    then kill whoever is on Anakin, just keep him away from your lightsaber. It 
    will do more damage to him than their Gaffi Sticks will. Be wary of Sniper 
    Raiders also. They reload very quickly and have great aim. Make notice that 
    you cannot deflect and redirect their bullets they fire like the Battle 
    Droid's lasers. So approach these guys slowly, once you're close enough, they 
    only take 1 or 2 hits to beat. 
    You'll start the fight against 10 or so Tusken Raiders. A bit further on 
    you'll see your first CheckPoint icon, grab it and you'll face a bunch of 
    Jawa's. A little farther on, a Jawa will lob a Detonator in your path and 
    distract you as another steals your Hyperdrive unit. Your second objective is 
    to retain it while defending yourself against hoards of Tusken Raiders and 
    other enemies. Their laser travel very slow and have a short range. All 
    Jawa's die with one slice of your saber and they cannot block so this part of 
    the level should present little trouble. In a cave just at the top of the 
    screen you'll find an Item Pick up and an Extension. Further up you'll find a 
    Maximum Force, small Health Up and another CheckPoint. There's a small jump 
    downwards and you have the option of grabbing a Challenge icon, also located 
    is a small Force Up. The reason for the Challenge icon is you're about to 
    face several small Sith Probe's. There are 19 of them you have to destroy and 
    they all surround you at once. The trick here is to reflect the first shot 
    made and take them out one at a time. Every once in a while you'll get lucky 
    and destroy 2 or more with 1 shot. After this is accomplished, there is 
    another CheckPoint and an Item Pick up.
    4 Snipers await your arrival, make your jump across to the next plateau and 
    take them out. See the small Health Up on the top of that rock formation? 
    Grab it and you'll come to a cut scene of a Raider dislodging some boulders 
    rolling down a hill you just happen to be at the bottom of. By staying 
    towards the top of the screen you should be able to avoid most of the 
    boulders. Stop and wait in the small cove and let a few pass by, run to the 
    next cove and do the same until you are at the top. Kill the Raider and pass 
    over to grab the small Health Up and yet another Check point icon. I guess 
    they were expecting this to be a hard level?
    Once you come down the hillside, you'll find a bunch of small plateaus you 
    have to jump onto to pass over the Sarlacc that is waiting at the bottom. 
    You'll notice that even the Sarlacc has two Life Meters, I've thrown 4 
    Thermal detonators and haven't killed it so I don't know what it takes. There 
    are a few Snipers and small Sith Probes that will try to shoot you off of the 
    plateaus so jump carefully. The second Gungan Artifact is nearby. Jump onto 
    the largest plateau at the bottom center of the screen then step off and 
    you'll find yourself on a hidden cave entrance with a Jawa hut inside. On top 
    of the hut is the second artifact and inside is a Health Up. Go back onto 
    your path and you'll be confronted by 4 Large Sith probes. These really 
    aren't any larger than the small SP's but they do carry larger laser cannons 
    on the side of them and they take 2 reflected shots to destroy them. Once 
    they are destroyed, go back to the bottom of the screen and jump onto the 
    small crevice, up top is a Life Up. There is a long stretch of valley to run 
    through. Go up the cliff side and grab the CheckPoint icon because you're 
    about to face the level Sub-Boss.
    This thing resembles a huge Armadillo. Basically just attack its face and 
    you'll take him down. After about the third strike, he will swing his tail to 
    throw you off. It's a bit hard to avoid. You'll find 2 small Health UP's also 
    in here so stay in his face and you'll do fine. If you have to step away, he 
    will curl up and roll around the stage and almost always hit you. He also 
    smashes his tail against the ground and drops a bunch of exploding boulders 
    but as long as you stay in his face, they won't hit you. If you're using a 
    blaster though, stay away from him but stay facing him. Once you've defeated 
    the Mutant Armadillo, he'll roll up and crash through the wall on the right 
    side of the screen and you can proceed.
    A CheckPoint icon awaits you just outside and so do a bunch of pissed off 
    Tusken Raiders. There's a lot of them in here so try not to take on too many 
    at a time. There is a hut down towards the bottom of the screen; inside are a 
    Maximum Force and a Health Up. Proceed a bit further to the right and you'll 
    come to a mountainside. Run up the slopes where they lead you, you'll face a 
    few small Sith Probes and Raiders along the way. There are a few icons to 
    pick up here also. About a third of the way up, you have to pass a Sniper 
    just before a small jump you have to make. Kill him and proceed as far to the 
    left as you can. On this plateau is a Ultimate icon and an Item Pick up. Go 
    further on towards the right and up as far as you can go. You'll find the 
    Hyperdrive Generator on the top far left side. After you grab it, you'll run 
    into Anakin again and also Darth Maul.
    In this part of the stage are 2 Health UP's. Don't grab them immediately; 
    wait until your low on health first. The best attacks to use are quick 
    vertical strikes and it should keep him busy. Don't block too much because if 
    he breaks your Block Meter he can really hurt you. If you have to, you can 
    run around and collect your Health UP's, he'll be right on your tail though. 
    Detonators sometimes come in handy so use them if you have them and whatever 
    Force power you may have left. It will take about 30 to 40 strikes to bring 
    him down; you'll know when you've won when the Queen's starship flies 
    overhead. With a blaster, you can't stand and shoot him because he'll come 
    after you. Maul blocks every other shot so it may take a bit before he goes 
    down. You'll need to run around the stage and take shots to keep him from 
    cornering you.
    *Hint* if you are playing as Adi Gallia, do not use the Force ability that 
    projects a shield around her. Maul will block every hit and just waste 
    precious Force power. 
    Small Health: 14
    Small Force: 3
    Check Points: 7
    Item: 8
    Amp: 2
    Extension: 1
    Ultimate Force: 1
    Ultimate Health: 1
    Bonus Points: 1
    Challenge Icon: 2
    Life up: 1
    Number of Enemies on this Level
    Tusken Raiders: 60
    Sniper Raiders: 25
    Jawas: 13
    Small Sith Probe: 39
    Big Sith Probe: 4
    Level 6. Coruscant
    What can I say besides this is the longest level in the whole game. Just when 
    you think it's about over, there's more coming your way. The objective here 
    is to eliminate all the mercenaries and Bounty Hunters on Coruscant that have 
    been sent by the Sith to kill you.Immediately start towards the bottom of the 
    screen and grab an Item Pick up and proceed forwards. There will be 3 small 
    Sith Probes waiting for you. Along the hallway are another Item, a small 
    Health Up, an Amp and your first of many Check Point icons. The Red Bounty 
    Hunters will present the biggest challenge for you to pass. So if you should 
    see one from a distance, my best suggestion is to take a running stab at them 
    and it should kill them immediately. Otherwise, it will take 5 or 6 hits to 
    kill them and they are tough. Let the Yellow ship to the top of the screen 
    and cross over for your second Check Point icon. Jump over to the top of the 
    building you see in the middle of the screen and you'll find and Maximum 
    Force Up and 3 more Sith Probes. Go down the long hallway and at the end is 
    another Item Pick up at the bottom left corner.
    Jump to the ship you see waiting and over to the next building. Here you'll 
    find a Challenge Icon and must face several Bounty Hunters. After they're 
    defeated, go upstairs to find a small Force Up and just behind the stairs on 
    the left side is a Maximum Health Up. You'll find 2 Item Pick UP's and a 
    small Health Up. You'll have to run down a slanted building side to another 
    building top. 3 small Sith Probes are waiting here. Here is the part you have 
    to be careful about. Looking to the left of the building you are on, you'll 
    see something that looks like ventilation. If you step onto these, they will 
    blow you to the other side but do not touch your controller or you'll miss 
    the opposite building you are being sent to. Land onto the other building and 
    you'll do this again 2 more times.
    Grab the Check Point icon awaiting you at the landing platform and kill the 
    single Rodian. Once you jump onto the ship on the right, you'll come to a cut 
    scene of the head Mercenary Boss but you don't get to face him yet. The large 
    black ship he is on will crash into yours so you need to quickly jump onto 
    his and let that ship take you to the next platform. There are 4 building top 
    you'll have to jump to and grab your Extension Icon. Take out the several 
    Bounty Hunters waiting here and then jump onto the 2 sloped building sides. 
    Follow the path to a small Health Up, and another Check Point icon. Another 
    part of the stage to be very careful about. You'll come to 2 more ventilation 
    vents that will blow you off the screen so watch your step. At the end are 
    several Bounty Hunters, 2 of them should be blown of by themselves. Cross the 
    first ventilation walkway and do the same at the next point. After you're 
    clear, behind the pole at the top right is a small Health Up.
    Jump onto the ship and to the tower on the top left side. Jump down and clear 
    the stage of everyone until safe. Go upstairs now and on this platform, 
    defeat the 3 Blue and 2 Red BH's for a Maximum Health icon. There are about 5 
    buildings you need to jump to, to get to your destination but there are a 
    bunch of Large and small Sith Probes trying to blast you. Try advancing 
    forward until they appear on stage to destroy them until jumping over or 
    they'll shoot you out of your jump. At the end of those jumps you'll come to 
    an elevator. Hey, you're halfway through this stage!The elevator will take 
    you to the second part of your game. 
    Grab the Amp at the bottom left corner and destroy the Sith Probe waiting 
    there. Make your jumps between the buildings, take out all the BH's here. 
    Make your way to the upper tower on the top of the screen and grab the hidden 
    Amp. There is a Yellow ship that you need to jump to but be careful of the 2 
    red and Blue BH's here and grab the Item Pick up and small Force Up. Once 
    you're on the Yellow ship, it will stop in the middle of the screen and park 
    next to another ship. See that Black ship at the top of the stage? Don't try 
    jumping to it because it will come to you. That ship will crash into the ship 
    in front of you so stay where you are. Now go to the platform and grab yet 
    another Check Point icon and take out the Blue BH here. 
    This next step is just timing. Walk to the bottom of the small platform and 
    watch the few ships flying by underneath. Point yourself in their path and 
    run off once you see the front of a ship pass under you and you should land 
    on top of it. Take that ship to the platform on the opposite side and go up 
    the walkway. Here is the second Challenge Icon. You can take the stairs to 
    the upper left and grab a small Health Up and an Item Pick up. Go back onto 
    your path and grab the next Check Point icon. Right near that icon, you can 
    jump to the upper tower on the left side of the screen. Up top are 2 Rodians, 
    2 Blue BH's, a small Force Up and a small Health Up. Again go back onto your 
    path and take the small walkways to the right. Before you jump upwards, there 
    will be to BH's waiting for you. Take them both out before making your jump. 
    Repeat this at every platform after the small walkways. At the bottom of the 
    screen on the second large platform, is another Life Up. Take the small path 
    to the top of the screen and finish off the 2 red BH's being careful not to 
    let them knock you off. Grab the small health Up and Check Point, now you get 
    to face the level boss.
    This boss has three different attacks. At first he will teleport around the 
    stage and lob Thermal Detonators. Once he throws them, go around and strike 
    him down until he retreats. He will run off to the middle part of the screen, 
    go after him. Now he will teleport again but will shoot at you. Deflect all 
    his shots making sure to hit him when he appears next to you. After a few 
    shots he'll retreat again to the top of the screen. There is a small Health 
    Up waiting also. He will appear and either shoot at you, throw bombs or 
    punch/kick you. Take as many strikes as you can until he teleports away to 
    the opposite side of the building in the far background.
    Once he does this, a Red and Rodian BH will run up and attack. Once they are 
    defeated, he will appear again. It is possible (with the right combos) to 
    keep him from disappearing. Once he collapses, your all done with this stage. 
    Now I suggest you take whatever breaks you want, go see a movie or eat. You 
    deserve it after that stage.
    Small Health: 15
    Small Force: 8
    Check Points: 11
    Item: 8
    Amp: 3
    Extension: 3
    Ultimate Force: 2
    Ultimate Health: 2
    Bonus Points: 2
    Challenge Icon: 2
    Life up: 2
    Number of Enemies on this Level
    Rodian Bounty Hunter: 67
    Blue Bounty Hunter: 54
    Red Bounty Hunter: 50
    Midget Bounty Hunter: 2
    Small Sith Probe: 27
    Large Sith Probe: 11
    Level 7. Gungan Ruins
    This can be a fairly tough level with all the Battle Droids you're about to 
    face. There is plenty of small Health Up's along the way so you should make 
    it. In this stage you'll face man-eating vegetation. They're tall plants that 
    will snap at you if you get to close and unfortunately, you can't kill them 
    so just stay as far away from these as possible. Start off going down the 
    hill and fending off all the BD's, at the bottom of the hill is a small gorge 
    protected by a lot more BD's and 2 Concussion Droids. I suggest you take them 
    out quickly. Down here you'll also find a Check point icon, Amp and small 
    Health Up. Once you're out of the gorge, you'll come to a large open valley; 
    you'll find another Check point and an Item Pick up. Stationed are a 
    Federation Command Center and a lot of BD's. To the upper left corner are 3 
    Red BD's and a small Health Up but for some reason you can't get to it.
    Clear out this valley of everyone and watch out for some BD's behind the drop 
    off that you can't see. Take out the Plasma Droid here and proceed until you 
    come to a bridge. It is guarded by 2 more Plasma Droids and 2 Red BD's. If 
    you have a Detonator, it is possible to blow all three of them off that 
    bridge. In the middle of the bridge is another small Health Up. Cross the 
    bridge and you'll have one more Plasma Droid, a few other BD's and 2 
    Droideka's to take care of. Ahead of you are some deserted buildings, 
    protected by Baby Caterpillars and the plants I told you about. Stay up top 
    and you should be fairly clear. There are a few small Health, Force and Item 
    pick up's in here and a few more BD's. You'll come to a single concussion 
    Droid sitting up top ready to take you out. Just under him will be either a 
    Maximum Health Up or a Challenge point.
    Take out the Droid and you'll have to make several jumps onto small platforms 
    to cross over. Be very careful because under you is a lake and for some 
    reason Jedi can't swim in this game, so if you fall in, you're dead. After 
    the jump, you'll come to a hollowed out cove. You can go down low or high. Go 
    high and if you double jump straight up, you'll find a Life Up and a small 
    Force up. Go into either cove and kill the other baby caterpillars. Jump 
    across to the other cove and down the hill. In this part of the level, is a 
    trap and waiting for you are about 10 BD's. Kill all of them and go a little 
    further but stop when you see the plants again. Look behind the last tree at 
    the top of the screen and you'll find the last Gungan Artifact. Now run down, 
    making sure not to get to close to the plants and you'll do fine. You'll also 
    find 2 more small Health Up's, too.
    Now you'll come to another part of the lake. Remember not to jump in it. On 
    your first jump, you'll come to a tiny landing with a Checkpoint. Jump again 
    and you'll have 2 plants and some baby caterpillars to get past. This part is 
    a bit tough because those plants will knock you into the lake. Go up the 
    valley and you'll run into some Gungan warriors, normally 4 in a row. Their 
    tasers will try to keep you away so use Force or Detonators to make them run 
    off. After you have crossed all the warriors, you're ready to face the boss.
    This boss is a Gungan Commander and he's much bigger than the Warriors you 
    faced. Most characters can outright attack him until he retreats to the top 
    of his temple. 2 Gungan Warriors will attack you, defeat them and the 
    commander will come down from his temple to fight. Half way through the 
    fight, he will retreat to the top of the temple and throw Plasma bombs at you 
    that cover the entire stage. This will also cause wild Kaadu's to run through 
    the stage that can inflict damage. Repeat your attack every time he comes 
    down from his temple until he is beaten. With a blaster, just shoot 
    repeatedly until defeated and avoid his taser lance. 
    Hint* Obi Wan's Shield Force does wonders on this boss.
    Small Health: 10
    Small Force: 4
    Check Points: 4
    Item: 4
    Amp: 1
    Extension: 1
    Ultimate Force: 0
    Ultimate Health: 1
    Bonus Points: 0
    Challenge Icon: 2
    Life up: 1
    Gungan Artifact: 1
    Number of Enemies on this Level
    Blue Battle Droids: 0
    White Battle Droids: 46
    Red Battle Droids: 30
    Yellow Battle Droids: 0
    Concussion Droids: 8
    Plasma Droids: 4
    Baby Caterpillars: 32
    Gungan Warriors: 12
    Level 8. Streets of Theed
    This level acts like a freebie to players and is a bit more difficult if 
    you're playing with another person. The object of this level is to destroy as 
    much as possible on a hijacked STAP and collect as many items as possible. 
    The STAPs have auto aiming so hitting your target is an easy task, just watch 
    out for buildings, towers and AAT tanks along the way. You're A button fires 
    your blasters and B button excellerates you, Y button slows you down. Once 
    you hit the B button to maximum excelleration there's really no need to slow 
    down unless you really want to collect everything. 
    There are two stages to this and are probably the easiest parts of the whole 
    game. There's so much to kill on this stage, it's hard to get an actual count 
    of what's been destroyed and picked up. Every enemy on the screen dies with 
    on shot, with exception to the AAT Tanks so counting how many Red, Blue and 
    White Battle Droids is worthless. Towards the end you'll see 6 to 8 
    Droideka's. Slow down and fly off to the far left side and you'll collect the 
    last Life Up. Afterwards, collect your Rewards and proceed to the next level.
    Small Health: 17
    Bonus Points: 29
    Life Up: 3
    Number of Enemies on this Level (best count)
    Battle Droids: 92
    Droideka's: 14
    Concussion Droids: 32
    AAT Tanks: 2
    Level 9. Cliffs of Naboo
    Objective of this level is to save 6 Naboo Pilots from captivity. You are 
    timed on this challenge (300 seconds or 5 minutes) so you must be fast. I'd 
    only suggest exploring if you have plenty of lives remaining. You will start 
    off on a high mountainside. Before you venture out, immediately turn left, 
    behind the cliff side is a Bonus Point. Now you must jump from cliff to cliff 
    trying to avoid being blasted by the numerous Concussion Droids and STAP's 
    flying nearby. Wait for them to pass before you make your jump or they'll 
    blast you. Also watch out for Concussion Droids on the plateau's, a blast too 
    close and it'll take you right off the cliff.
    Go straight down the cliffs and you'll find an Item Pick up just underneath 
    the first Concussion Droid. Proceed further down and you'll find a small 
    Health and Force Up. Continue to the right until you reach a balcony, there 
    will be a few Red and White Battle Droids here but you'll also find an Amp. 
    Go to towards the screen and you'll see a path that will lead you to a small 
    Health Up and another Bonus Point icon. Go up the stairs and back to the 
    cliffs. You'll see a small path just underneath the first Concussion Droid 
    you run into, go down that path and there's another Bonus Point icon. Proceed 
    further up now until you reach the palace. You're not far from it.
    Once you've made it to the Palace, run to the far bottom right side and enter 
    the first door you see. If you feel brave, there is a Challenge icon just 
    right to the door but remember there are no Check Point icons on this stage 
    so if you die, you have to start at the very beginning again. Inside you'll 
    face 4 Red Battle Droids. These guys seem to be the deluxe version because 
    they block almost everything you have, so if you have any Thermal Detonators 
    or Force left, use it here. Inside also are an Amp and your first Naboo 
    Pilot. Go to the next room on the bottom middle. Inside is 3 Mega Battle 
    Droids. These guys aren't too hard to beat but they will all gang up on you. 
    Inside this room is a small Health Up and your second Pilot and an Amp. Run 
    off to the room on the bottom left, grab the Extension on the way and you'll 
    face 3 Flame Droids. Kill them and you'll get your fourth Pilot. 
    Now go up and enter the room to the left. Inside are 3 Droideka' but they do 
    not shoot at you. Grab your Pilot and another small Health Up. It's not that 
    bad, just deflect their shots and you shouldn't have much trouble. Before you 
    destroy the final Droideka, grab the Health Up in the upper right corner and 
    your pilot. Jump across to the next door to the middle top level and you'll 
    face 3 more Droideka's but they will shoot at you. One will approach you 
    immediately, let the one in the background kill the one near you by blocking 
    his blasts. Grab your pilot and head onto the last room with 3 Concussion 
    Droids. Kill them and your done.
    The most remaining time I've had on this level is 105 seconds with Captain 
    Panaka. You can really fly through this level because of his blaster.
    Small Health: 4
    Small Force: 2
    Check Points: 0
    Item: 2
    Amp: 2
    Extension: 1
    Ultimate Force: 0
    Ultimate Health: 0
    Bonus Points: 2
    Challenge Icon: 1
    Life up: 1
    Number of Enemies on this Level
    Blue Battle Droids: 0
    White Battle Droids: 4
    Red Battle Droids: 10
    Yellow Battle Droids: 0
    Concussion Droids: 10
    STAP's: 3
    Droideka's: 6
    Mega Battle Droids: 3
    Plasma Droids: 0
    Level 10. Final Battle.
    This level isn't that tough as long as you watch your step and you have 
    plenty of health to sacrifice. You start off immediately facing Darth Maul. 
    First run down the corridor you are in before you face Maul and you will find 
    a Bonus Points. Run back in and fight Darth Maul, remember he always attacks 
    in the same 3 patterns. Forward, Jumping and Sweeping. If you have a 
    character with a quick Vertical attack or a good combo use it until he 
    retreats. Each time you beat him he will run off but if you are fast enough 
    you can still beat on him with your lightsaber to get extra points. If you 
    selected a character that uses a blaster, you can take plenty of shots at him 
    before you step into the room to face him. Just don't take to many or he'll 
    be forced off the screen and causes a glitch where he cannot retreat and you 
    cannot advance through the stage any further. So it will be necessary to face 
    him as he retreats the first time. He will deflect 50% of your fire (and 
    luckily not back at you) but it's not a long process to beat him this way so 
    save any Detonators when possible. 
    Maul will show up again at the bottom of the stairway, beat him again until 
    he retreats. After he leaves, you will find a Health Up and a Force Up just 
    behind the computer terminal at the end of the walkway. Cross the catwalks 
    carefully collecting all Items along the way EXCEPT Challenge Icons. If 
    you're feeling cocky then do it, but he's harder to beat each time. Across 
    form the catwalks are three circular platforms, the middle carries a 
    Challenge icon and an Amp Icon. Now follow the path in front of you, grab the 
    CheckPoint Icon and you'll come to an electronic bridge with an angry Darth 
    Maul waiting for your third battle. He's not too much tougher here but now he 
    won't give you the opportunity to gain extra points after he's retreated, he 
    uses his Defense Force and pushes you away. If you're positioned to close to 
    the edge of the bridge, he'll knock you off and you'll have to start the 
    fight over again. Once he runs off, you can go on.
    More catwalks to cross again watch your step. You will come to three more 
    circular platforms, with them are a Force up, Maximum Health and an Challenge 
    Icon. To safely make it down the three platforms, use your double jump. I 
    suggest jumping on the outside so you can see yourself and can estimate where 
    you'll land/grab onto. There's another long catwalk with another CheckPoint 
    that leads you directly towards the bottom of your screen and into your 4th 
    battle with Darth Maul. This time you are stuck on this small catwalk with no 
    where to go, so make sure you have plenty of health and stay your ground. 
    Since you hopefully just grabbed that Maximum Health Up, your items are maxed 
    out to the fullest so if you have Thermal Detonators, use them from a 
    distance. Once you beat him, don't go after him because he will definitely 
    use his Defense force to push you off the catwalk. Sometimes, he will run off 
    to the left side of the screen and disappear for a few seconds; he's 
    antagonizing you to come after him. If you do, he'll do what I just mentioned 
    and you'll have to start over again. Wait for him to go by and go after him 
    but don't get too close. By using a blaster, collect the Check Point icon and 
    don't go any farther. This is the point where you can take all the shots at 
    him you want and he can't get you.
    After he's retreated you'll come around the corner and find 3 red Battle 
    Droids waiting for you. Beat them and proceed onto the elevator with the Item 
    icon. The elevator takes you to the next part of this level. Up top is a more 
    difficult challenge. Battle Droids of all kinds stand in your way. The 
    walkway isn't that wide and you have some difficult jumping challenges ahead 
    of you also. Grab the Health Up and take out the 4 BD's and the Concussion 
    Droid ahead of you, afterwards you will come to a gap in the walkway to jump 
    over. I know this doesn't sound to hard but BD's are either shooting at you 
    or jumping at you and either one will knock you into the chasm below. After 
    the third jump you've made and beaten all the BD's, tall electronic gates 
    swing across the opening you need to jump over. Wait for the proper opening 
    and jump through trying to take as little damage as possible. You need to 
    pass over 4 of these and the last three you need to jump immediately once you 
    land or the gates will knock you off. 
    After you're safely on solid ground again you will hear a loud humming noise. 
    That's the Cooling Generators giant fans. Be very careful where you step. One 
    misstep will blow you right off the platform. Grab the CheckPoint icon and 
    proceed. The only way to stop the fans is by destroying all 4 of the control 
    panels on each tower fan. Once this is done and all the fans have stopped, 
    cross the thin walkway. 5 Red BD's will approach you. You can throw a 
    Detonator and knock them all off easily and go for the Life Up towards the 
    screen. As long as you grabbed the CheckPoint icon, you'll be okay if you die 
    because that Life Up will always be there for you to grab. Destroy all the 
    control panels, this will shut off the fan below you and jump down to the 
    doorway below. Double jump carefully and cross over to the next panel. 
    Destroy that and proceed until all the fans have stopped. You'll need to jump 
    down about three more levels until you reach ground.
    Once you're on solid ground, you can walk over to the far right side of the 
    screen where you'll face about 4 Battle Droids. Take them on if you wish or 
    just grab the Item pick up on top of the water pipes and run. After you've 
    crossed the tower you came down from, grab the CheckPoint icon and you will 
    enter a small maze of laser walls. The trick to this maze is to get the walls 
    to go to a Violet color and your exit should be revealed. In the PSX version, 
    all you had to do was destroy all the control panels on each tower, 4 on each 
    and you can get through but this is harder. Now you must run a certain path, 
    sometimes backtracking to open the walls. Inside you'll find 3 BD's, a Health 
    Up, Force Up and an Item icon. Once everything is picked up, go back to the 
    entrance. All the walls should be a Blue color. Here is the path to exit the 
    Looking from above: Up 1, Left 2, Down 2, Right 2, Left 2, Down 2, Left 1, Up 
    1, Left 1Down 1, Left 2, Right 4, Up 1, Right 1, Left 2, Down 2, Left 2. 
    The doors should all be the violet color and your exit is at the bottom.Now 
    that you're through, make sure you grab the CheckPoint icon! You're about to 
    face Darth Maul again but first you have some more jumping to do. These small 
    electrical fences are like the first ones you cross but they are more. The 
    first three you cross are safe. Grab the Health Up and time your jumps over 
    the next three bridges making sure not to take too much damage. Once you 
    cross those you'll find another CheckPoint icon. Grab it but walk slowly, 
    Maul is in the screen and like to use his new Offense Force which is 
    something like the Emperors Lightning attack in RotJ but is red. It travels a 
    far distance and covers a broad area so be careful not to stay within his 
    sweep area. Take the fight to him and use what you have but try to save your 
    Force Powers for the last fight. After he retreats again, he'll run up to the 
    next section and wait for you. Depending on the health you have left, grab 
    the Health Up on the far left side, if you have plenty of health remaining, 
    leave it because the next fight is difficult. Maul will almost always start 
    with his Offense Force so stay back and use whatever remaining Detonators you 
    may have left. Sometimes he blocks the blast, still don't know how he manages 
    that one but he can. Run to him as quickly as possible and whack him! It's 
    going to take a few hits to make him retreat one final time but you should be 
    able to do it. After he retreats, this is the final battle. Too bad Qui Gon's 
    body isn't slumped over, dead in the corner…
    You now enter the same room that the movie fight ends in with the large 
    circular chasm near by. Yes, you can fall in it and you will die, sometimes. 
    I've fallen in before and just stood there in complete blackness doing 
    nothing or dying. If you fall in, there's no way out and you will have to 
    quit the match, which means starting all over from the beginning of the 
    level. You will see 2 Force Up's in the corners but DO NOT GO AFTER THEM! It 
    sucks, I know, but if you do, for some reason Darth Maul likes to jump in the 
    chasm. The problem is, he does not die and again, you have to quit the match 
    and start over. It's a small glitch that unfortunately happens at the very 
    end of the game. You should have enough health to squeeze by. Maul takes a 
    lot of punishment here, If you selected a character that uses a blaster, this 
    is your lucky moment. DO NOT step onto the screen completely. Inch up slowly 
    until you see him getting closer to the pit but don't keep shooting him, 
    you'll need to lure him away or he'll fall in. Let him come to you and keep 
    shooting him until he dies. When using Plo Koon, my best suggestion is to try 
    an interrupt one of Maul's combos with a combo of your own. I've come close 
    to beating him in the first 2 rounds but I've yet to beat this stage with Plo 
    Koon. If someone discovers a way of beating Maul with Koon (sounds strange), 
    please e-mail me and let me know.
    Once he is beaten, he yells and jumps into the chasm to die. What? He should 
    have been split in half like in the movie!!! But that's how it ends and you 
    move onto your Reward stage and are offered whatever Health or Force could be 
    remaining. Weird thing is, you'll be offered a new Combo but yet your game is 
    over? Hmmm…or is it?
    Small Health: 7
    Small Force: 4
    Check Points: 7
    Item: 3
    Amp: 1
    Extension: 1
    Ultimate Force: 1
    Ultimate Health: 1
    Bonus Points: 2
    Challenge Icon: 1
    Life Up: 1
    Number of Enemies on this Level
    Blue Battle Droids: 0
    White Battle Droids: 4
    Red Battle Droids: 16
    Droideka's: 0
    Mega Battle Droids: 0
    Concussion Droids: 1
    9. Character Attack/ Combo System
    Each character you choose has a different set of combo's they can perform. 
    These combos can consist of anywhere from 2 buttons to 6 buttons plus Force 
    to use. I won't bother saying which character does what combo but here is a 
    listing of each character and the combos I have for each:
    Obi Wan Kenobi 		Qui Gon Jin 		Mace Windu 		Plo Koon
    AA 				YX 			AX 			YX
    XX 				AY			XX 			AY
    AAY 				AA 			AXX 			AA
    AAX 				XX 			XXF 			XX
    XXY				YXY 			XXY 			AYY
    XXX 				AYA 			XXX 			AAX
    AAYX 			AAY 			AXXY 		XXY
    AAXX 			XXY 			XXYY 		XXA
    XXXY 			XXA 			XXXA
    XXYX 			YXYY
    Adi Gallia 			Darth Maul 		Queen Amidala 	Cptn. Panaka
    YY				AA 			XA 			AA
    AA 				XX 			XX 			XX
    XX 				AAY 			XXX 			XXY
    YYY 				AAA 						XXX
    YYA				XXY 
    AAY 				XXX
    AAX 				AAAX
    XXY 				XXXA
    XXA				XXXAY
    Ki-Adi Mundi 		Battle Droid
    Not Available Yet 		None Available
    Force Abilities: Each Jedi is capable of using the Force in different ways, 
    some similar to others. Here is a list for each Jedi and what they can do:
    Obi Wan Kenobi	
    L + Y: Force Dash. Obi Wan flies forwards quickly and slashes at the enemy.
    L + B: Force Field. 	Obi Wan crouches down and emits a green energy field 
    that does damage to all characters. The longer you hold 
    down the B button the bigger the field gets.
    L + X: Force Spark 	Obi Wan shoots out a spark of the Force that tracks 
    your nearest enemy. It has moderate range so don't plan on 
    taking out enemies from too far away.
    Qui Gon Jin
    L + A: Force Expand Qui Gon uses the Force to push away all opponents and 
    does damage.
    L + B: Force Heal 	Qui Gon stands upright with his hands together and 
    heals 10% of his Health Meter. This takes about 15 – 20% of 
    your Force Meter.
    L + X: Force Spark 	Same as Obi Wan's. Great distance and damage.
    Mace Windu
    L + Y: Saber Force 	Mace ducks down and uses the Force to control his 
    lightsaber and does damage to anyone near him.
    L + B: Force Shield 	Does damage like Obi Wan's but also deflects any 
    L + A: Saber Throw 	Mace throws his lightsaber at the nearest enemy, has 
    little range but does enormous damage.
    Adi Gallia
    L + Y: Mind Control Adi waves her hand and takes command of all minds within 
    a small proximity. Lasts about 10 seconds.
    L + X + Item: Force Field Adi emits a small red field around her entire body, 
    any opponent who comes within contact is damaged.
    L + A: Plasma Force This force power looks and acts similar to the Plasma 
    Droids, hence the name I have given it. Although it's not 
    as strong, it has incredible range. Two beams of red plasma 
    emit from her head and they track the two most near 
    L + B: Ghost Force 	Same as Ki Adi Mundi's, let's you slip by any enemy 
    without being detected.
    Plo Koon
    L + Y: Force Spin 	Plo spins in circles with his saber outright and 
    destroys any opponent near.
    L + B + Item: Force Field Plo emits a small field around his body that 
    instantly destroys all opponents.
    Darth Maul
    L + Y: Force Push 	Same as Qui Gon's but red
    L + B: Force Field 	Same as Obi Wan's but red 	
    L + A: Force Lightning Strikes out at any opponent in front of him with red 
    L + Y: Ghost Force 	Ki transforms into a purple haze swinging his 
    lightsaber. This is one of the best Force uses to have 
    because most enemies cannot detect you.
    L + A: Mind Control Same as Adi Gallia's.
    L + B: Force Lightning Same as Darth Maul's but an orange color instead. Hmm? 
    Ki Adi with Sith Powers?…
    Queen Amidala, Captain Panaka and Battle Droid have no Force Abilities to use 
    10. Level Rewards:
    After each stage is completed, you will be rewarded with a Point Bonus and 
    either a Health Increase or Force Increase. You can only choose one. Don't 
    worry about what health you had remaining at the end of that level, all 
    health and force will be completely replenished. Depending on the successful 
    amount of combos used, you will be able to choose from 5 new combos 
    available. If you have done well enough, you will also be rewarded with a 
    Force Combo, Attack Bonus or Defense Bonus. Attack and Defense Bonus do 
    nothing but add to your score. There are a total of 5 Health Increase and 5 
    Force Increase and at least 8 new combos for every Jedi character. By the 
    time your character reaches Level 10, your Health and Force meters should be 
    maxed out. 
    Level Rewards do not apply to secret characters like Queen Amidala, Captain 
    Panaka, Battle Droid or Darth Maul.
    11. Level Bosses:
    Level 1. Trade Federation Battleship. Sub-Boss: Loader Droid. Attacks with 
    swinging arms and tries to run you over. Wait until the loader the has gone 
    through 3 complete swings and it will lower its head to run you over. Once it 
    has stopped and the head raises again and strike. Repeat until both arms have 
    been destroyed and go for main body. Level Boss: Federation Droid Fighter. 
    Attacks with laser cannons. FD Fighter will swoop by three times laying down 
    cover fire. It will then rise from the bottom and fire again. Deflect all 
    it's blasts back at the fighter until destroyed. With a Blaster, try to shoot 
    just ahead of his path so he flies into your shots and he dies quite easily.
    Level 2. Swamps of Naboo. Level Boss: Mutant Catapillar. Attacks with tail 
    sweep, baby caterpillars and toxic powder. Wait until beast raises up and 
    strike, should be beaten after sixth attack. With a blaster, wait until it 
    raises and shoot it's belly. You can gain extra points just striking the body 
    although it does nothing to its health.
    Level 3. City of Theed. Level Boss: Mega Spider Droid. Attacks with several 
    different lasers, Thermal Detonators and Head Laser. Wait until boss has 
    returned to form after it has launched it's Thermal Detonator attack then 
    strike. After 2 strikes you should have one arm destroyed, then go for the 
    second one. After both arms are destroyed, stay close to the Droid making 
    sure to avoid its Head Laser and strike until beaten. With a blaster, stay 
    close and fire when it's shields are down. You gain a lot of extra points by 
    striking the boss when his shields are up.
    Level 4. Theed Palace. Level Boss: 2 Plasma Droids. Attacks with tracking 
    Plasma field. Keep these droids at a distance using Thermal Detonators and 
    Force Powers. If you have neither, run around them in circles until you find 
    an opening and a make your attack. Quickly retreat and repeat process. With a 
    blaster, take them out from a distance and you'll have no problem.
    Level 5. Tatooine. Sub-Boss: Mutant Armadillo. Attacks with tail sweep, 
    falling boulders and rolls around stage to run you over. Same process really 
    as the Mutant Caterpillar, just wait until the beast stops and then strike. 
    Do the same with a blaster. Keep a safe distance away from it's tail also. 
    Level Boss: Darth Maul. Attacks with Lightsaber. Force powers, a fast 
    vertical attack or a complex combo is the best ways to beat him. If you block 
    too many of his attacks, he will crush your Block Meter and you will take 
    severe damage from him. If your character has a fast vertical attack like Obi 
    Wan's you should be able to out swing him and beat him. Otherwise, use Force 
    Powers to beat him and a mixture of combos. With a blaster, avoid him at all 
    costs and take him out from a distance. Use Detonators when possible.
    Level 6. Coruscant. Level Boss: Mercenary. Attack with Blaster, Thermal 
    Detonators and Physical attacks. At first the mercenary will teleport all 
    around the screen lobbing Detonators your way. Avoid his attacks and strike. 
    He will soon retreat to the second part of the stage, again teleporting. When 
    he reappears he will take 3 quick shots at you from his blaster. Reflect 
    these shots back at him until he retreats again to the last section of the 
    stage. When he appears again, he will try to punch you. Block his attack and 
    strike back. He will teleport to the building in the background and call out 
    two Bounty Hunters, defeat them and he will reappear again. Wait until he 
    appears and repeat attack until defeated. With a blaster, block his shots and 
    return fire.
    Level 7. Naboo Ruins. Level Boss: Gungan Commander. Attacks with Taser lance 
    and Plasma Bombs. Most characters can outright attack him until he retreats 
    to the top of his temple. 2 Gungan Warriors will attack you, defeat them and 
    he will come down from his temple to fight. Half way through the fight, he 
    will retreat to the top of the temple and throw Plasma bombs at you that 
    cover the entire stage. This will also cause wild Kaadu's to run through the 
    stage that can inflict damage. Repeat your attack every time he comes down 
    from his temple until he is beaten. With a blaster, just shoot repeatedly 
    until defeated and avoid his taser lance.
    Level 8. Streets of Theed. No boss on this level.
    Level 9. Palace Cliffs. No boss on this level, save 6 Naboo Pilots.
    Level 10. Final Battle. Level Boss: Darth Maul. Same attack pattern as Level 
    5. You must face Maul 7 times on this stage, each time he takes more 
    punishment to make him retreat. If you are using Plo Koon or Darth Maul 
    himself, I suggest you use a GameShark code or have some really quick fingers 
    because I've yet to beat him with either one. With a blaster, do not step 
    onto the screen. Inch up until you can see his Health Meter and shoot from a 
    distance. He should not approach you but will block most of the shots.
    12. Secrets/ How to's
    There are 3 extra levels and 1 extra mode to unlock and I've yet to do all. 
    Maybe I just haven't enough experience points but according to multiple cheat 
    sites, they all have the same suggestions on how to obtain these levels.
    * Level 11 (Droidika's!)- Beat the game as Plo Koon. This stage is actually 
    quite cool but hella easy to beat. You take on the role of a sole Droideka 
    and have to clear the level of all Naboo soldiers and pilots along the way. 
    You are timed on this mission. There are a total of 30 pilots and 3 Jedi you 
    must beat within 120 seconds. Using the analog pad, your Droideka will roll 
    up into its "Ball-Form" X-Button will let you hit your opponent, A and Z will 
    let you shoot. The Droideka has excellent aim so taking out an opponent is an 
    easy task. Just follow the path inside the palace and at the end you will 
    have to face Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon at the same time. Just keep on the A or Z 
    button and you should be okay. In the background you'll see Mace Windu 
    waiting for you, try to kill the Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon without going any 
    farther and kill Mace from a distance. Once Mace is dead, this level is over.
    Level 12 (Kaadu Race)- Beat the game as Adi Gallia ; Coming soon
    Level 13 (Gungan Roundup)- Find all the Gunan Artifacts (3 total) 
    Artifact #1. The caves in "The Swamps of Naboo"(on a ledge that you jump 
    Artifact #2. On Tatooine in Level 5, it is towards the middle of the level 
    after you see Anakin run over head chasing the Jawa. There is a checkpoint 
    afterwards and a near bottomless pit area with lots of jumps. In this area 
    you are forced to jump from plateau to plateau. In the middle of this series 
    of jumps is a larger plateau with a green energy power up on the right side, 
    directly below this is a ramp. It does not look like you can make it but jump 
    anyway. Go down the ramp to find a hut with a Jawa standing outside, the 
    artifact is inside. 
    Artifact #3. In the Naboo ruins on Level 7, it is towards the end of the 
    level right after the trap in the ground; it is before the boss behind some 
    bushes.This stage's objective is to get Jar Jar into your cell. You play as a 
    Gungan Warrior competing against another as you shock Jar Jar back and forth 
    until you can get him into your cell. The first to get 3 captures wins. 
    Extra Mode: Survival Mode
    * This is a great addition to this game and it's extremely frustrating. 
    First, this mode is unlocked once you beat the game with Mace Windu. Load 
    your saved game and I suggest you use Obi Wan Kenobi because of his fast 
    swings and ability to hit enemies in front and behind at the same time or use 
    Captain Panaka because of his blaster and he can block unlike Amidala. In 
    this level you will be stage in a large room, at the top are a small Heath 
    Up, small Force Up and one Item Up. You will have to defeat 100 enemies and 
    it's a lot harder than it sounds. It took me almost 14 tries until I finally 
    beat it. You will almost never have to face more than two enemies at once, 
    but once you kill one, another will appear. I just beat the level with Panaka 
    and it was so much easier this time around.
    This is the order you will face the enemies:
    10 Blue Battle Droids
    10 White Battle Droids – 4 will shoot at you
    10 Red Battle Droids – 4 will shoot at you
    10 Yellow Battle Droids – 4 will shoot at you (this is where it gets tough)
    10 Flame Droids
    10 Droideka's
    10 Concussion Droids (very tough)
    10 Tusken Raiders – 4 will dive at you
    4 Rodian Bounty Hunters (takes 2 reflected hits to kill now)
    3 Blue Bounty Hunter
    3 red Bounty Hunters
    10 Super Battle Droids
    The hard part about this mode is first off the Yellow BD's. They block just 
    about everything you swing except Force Sparks, they are a guaranteed hit. 
    The 4 that will shoot at you, I suggest you try and angle the attacking one 
    in front of the one who shoots at you so he takes the hit. Just watch your 
    Block Meter carefully. Do the same with the Droideka's and DO NOT let them 
    corner you! The Concussion Droids are a pain but if you move around a lot, 
    they shouldn't be able to hit you. The Bounty Hunters come down in random but 
    be careful of the Red one's.
    Once this stage is beaten, you will get the Ultimate Saber, the very essence 
    of what this game should have been about. To use it, choose your character 
    and stage. Pause the game once it starts and you will see "Ultimate Saber 
    On/Off". Everything dies in one hit and cannot block the blow, so you'll find 
    yourself tearing through the game now. Some resources have said that this 
    does not apply to the bosses, THIS IS WRONG! This actually only applies to 
    Darth Maul but everyone dies so much easier now. I fought the Mercenary boss 
    on Coruscant and he died immediately after I faced him in the third platform, 
    same with the Gungan Commander on Level 7.
    I've also noticed a strange quirk that I've only tested with Adi Gallia. When 
    I activate her Force Field (L+X+Item) her shield also kills everyone in one 
    hit now. I'll test the other characters with Ultimate Saber and see what 
    happens later on. But again, with Ultimate Saber, the game is a lot more fun 
    and truer to the properties of the lightsaber.
    To play as Darth Maul, beat the game with Obi Wan Kenobi.
    To play as Captain Panaka, beat the game with Qui Gon Jin.
    To play as Battle Droid, beat the game with Mace Windu.
    To play as Queen Amidala, beat the game with Adi Gallia.
    To play as Ki Adi Mundi, finish all 7 Training Missions
    Unlocking some stages also require you to pass all the previous stages with a 
    certain amount of points. To gain the maximum Experience points, here is a 
    listing of points needed on each stage.
    Level Points Req.
    1 24,000 pts
    2 21,000 pts
    3 31,500 pts
    4 35,000 pts
    5 34,000 pts 
    6 50,000 pts
    7 30,000 pts
    8 7,650 pts
    9 14,000 pts
    10 12,000 pts
    You may notice a similar score requirement listed on other sites, but some of 
    those scores are actually wrong. On Level 4, 6 and 9, I've obtained the 
    Experience points needed off of my listed scores. Besides, 60,000 points on 
    Level 6 is impossible!
    13. GameShark Codes:
    The following codes are for the DC version, all PSX codes can be found at 
    Infinite Credits			 	DFD88E5E00000000 
    Infinite Health P1 				63CB66C0000000C8 
    Infinite P1 Jedi Powers 			F1599B07000000C8
     Infinite Health P2 				F6A99B07000000C8 
    Infinite Jedi Powers P2 			98080776000000C8 
    Infinite Items P1 				639366C000000063 
    Infinite Items P2 				269F6EC400000063 
    Max Score P1 					1724DB100098967F 
    Max Score P2 					C7EB2A790098967F 
    All Hand Maidens / Pilots Rescued 		9268077500000000A
    All Levels Unlocked: Obi-Wan Kenobi 	76E5DE8300000001 
    All Levels Unlocked: Mace Windu 		9218077600000001 
    All Levels Unlocked: Qui-Gon Jinn 		AF8B5C1000000001 
    All Levels Unlocked: Adi Gallia 		AC9B5C1000000001 
    All Levels Unlocked: Plo Koon 		8613808100000001 
    13.Credits:There's not really anyone to thank but myself and my wife for 
    letting me have the time to test this game completely for hours on end. I 
    have to thank GameShark.com for use of their codes and Phillip M; I wasn't 
    sure what to include for agreement terms, so I used his Magneto FAQ from 
    12/21 to get a good idea.
    Gallia Darth Maul Queen Amidala Cptn. Panaka

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