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    Secrets FAQ by Dave Maul

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 08/08/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          ##########  ###   #####       ##  ##  ##  ###   #####   #####
         ##     ##   ## ##  ##  ##      ##  ##  ## ## ##  ##  ## ##
          ####  ##   ## ##  #####       ## #### ## ## ##  #####   ####
             ## ##  ####### ##  ##       ###  ### ####### ##  ##     ##
      ########  ##  ##   ## ##   ####     ##  ##  ##   ## ##   #######
      <##################{=|=|=]  EPISODE I  [=|=|=}##################>
     ###########  #####      ########### ####  #####   ###########  #####
       ##  ##  ## ##  ##    ##     ##   ##  ## ##  ##  ##     ##   ##
       ##  #####  #####      ####  #### ##     #####   ####   ##    ####
    ## ##  ##     ##  ##        ## ##   ##  ## ##  ##  ##     ##       ##
     ###   ##     #####    ######  ##### ####  ##   ########  ## #######
            Dave Maul's Guide To What You CAN Unlock In The Game
    WALKTHROUGH GO TO: http://jedipowerbattles.net  ALSO NOTE THIS GUIDE
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    1.   History
    2.   About Me
    3.   Why a Guide?
    4.   Setting Up
    5.   Secrets
    6.   Cheats and Codes
    7.   Fun Glitches
    8.   Interview With The Developers
    9.   Feedback
    10.  Credits
    11.  Contact Info
    1.  History
    Version 1.0 - 29th January 2001
    * Added Sections 1-11
    * Sent Guide to GameFAQs
    Version 1.1 - 30th January 2001
    * Updated Section 6
    * Sent Guide to Cheat Code Central
    Version 1.2 - 31st January 2001
    * Added more detail in Checkpoint Jump cheat
    * Sent Guide to NeoSeeker
    Version 1.3 - 7th April 2001
    * Updated Sections 7 and 9
    Version 1.4 - 17th May 2001
    * Updated Section 9
    Version 1.5 - 20th June 2001
    * FINALLY found what unlocks the battle droid (Yahoo!)
    * Updated Section 9
    Version 1.6 - 26th July 2001
    * Included Node Chart in Section 6
    * More questions... *sigh*
    * Included PSO info in Section 11
    Version 1.7 - 8th August 2001
    * Node update
    2.  About Me
    This is my first FAQ, so please understand it may not be as flashy as
    some others.  Hello!  I'm Dave Maul.  I learnt a lot of these things
    from the guys over at the www.jediknight.net forums, so credit must
    be given to them.  But I'm the one who decided others should know
    about these secrets, so that's why you're reading this.
    Please go and visit www.jediknight.net, it's a great place.  Other
    great forums to visit for JPB information and help are:
    The Council Of Jedi ( www.xsorbit.com/Jedi_Kanigget/index.cgi )
    JPB.net ( http://www.jedipowerbattles.net )
    My Forum ( www.xsorbit.com/Dave_The_Mudokon/index.cgi )
    Well, that's enough about me.  So, how y'all doin'?
    3.  Why A Guide?
    I can guess what you're all thinking; "Where's the bathroom?"  That,
    or why I would spend quality time writing a Secrets Guide for Jedi
    Power Battles.  I mean, let's face it; it's not an amazing game.  Not
    near as good as it could have been, with just a little more time.
    It's plagued with more bugs than your average Ant Colony.  But there
    is in fact quite a lot to discover.  Plus, there are so many rumours
    circulating the Web right now about 'supposedly' secret characters.
    Well, this is the guide that puts those rumours to rest.  Gathered
    from expert gamers in the field, dedicated fans, and a little
    experimenting by yours truly, this is THE definitive Guide to what
    you can and can't unlock.  Everything else is just pants.
    4.  Setting Up
    If I have to tell you how to turn on your Dreamcast, then the game is
    going to go straight over your head.  Return it now and invest your
    cash in a job training program.  The rest of you know the drill.  Be
    sure the power is OFF before inserting or removing your Jedi Power
    Battles disc.  Also make sure you're not standing in a puddle of
    water when changing a light bulb, and avoid adjusting your TV antenna
    during an electrical storm.
    If you have one, plug your Dreamcast Keyboard into Controller Port 3.
    You'll see why later on.
    5.  Secrets
    There are a total of 10 playable characters in the Main Game:
    *  Obi-Wan        (Automatic)
    *  Qui-Gon Jinn   (Automatic)
    *  Mace Windu     (Automatic)
    *  Adi Gallia     (Automatic)
    *  Plo Koon       (Automatic)
    *  Darth Maul     (Unlockable)
    *  Queen Amidala  (Unlockable)
    *  Captain Panaka (Unlockable)
    *  Ki-Adi-Mundi   (Unlockable)
    *  Battle Droid   (Unlockable)
    To unlock Darth Maul, complete the game with Qui-Gon Jinn.
    To unlock Queen Amidala, complete the game with Adi Gallia.
    To unlock Captain Panaka, complete the game with Obi-Wan Kenobi.
    To unlock Ki-Adi-Mundi, complete all 7 Training Missions.
    To unlock the Battle Droid, complete Level 1 with all 5 automatic
    The Battle Droid has remained a mystery up until now.  Some say that
    you need to complete the game with all 5 characters to unlock him,
    but here's what Darth Wart says:
    "What's up with my damn battle droid? He was just suddenly there.
    What unlocks him? And though I haven't played with him yet, he's at
    9/20! How'd that happen? Then I played him through Level 1 straight,
    and it said "no awards"! Yet he's able to enter the final battle...
    another glitch?"
    *UPDATE* I've had a lot of E-Mails saying that completing the game
    with Mace Windu unlocks the Battle Droid.  This is NOT true.  Those
    who say they have unlocked him with Mace have probably used a
    GameShark, which screws up almost everything you use it with
    (Example:  Phantasy Star Online servers ;)
    Thanks to 'Kieran' for finally setting this mystery to rest.  We
    salute you!
    Dispite many rumors, Yoda is NOT part of the game.  His name is in
    the credits because he talks in the end game cinematic.
    There are a total of 22 playable characters in the Vs. Mode:
    *  Obi-Wan         (Automatic)
    *  Qui-Gon Jinn    (Automatic)
    *  Mace Windu      (Automatic)
    *  Adi Gallia      (Automatic)
    *  Plo Koon        (Automatic)
    *  Ki-Adi-Mundi    (Automatic)
    *  Darth Maul      (Unlockable)
    *  Queen Amidala   (Unlockable)
    *  Captain Panaka  (Unlockable)
    *  Battle Droid    (Unlockable)
    *  Pilot Droid     (Unlockable)
    *  Rifle Droid     (Unlockable)
    *  Flame Droid     (Unlockable)
    *  Destroyer Droid (Unlockable)
    *  Loader Droid    (Unlockable)
    *  Staff Tusken    (Unlockable)
    *  Rifle Tusken    (Unlockable)
    *  Ishi Tib        (Unlockable)
    *  Rodian          (Unlockable)
    *  Mercenary       (Unlockable)
    *  Weequay         (Unlockable)
    *  Gungan Guard    (Unlockable)
    To unlock the Loader Droid, complete the game with Obi-Wan Kenobi.
    To unlock the other characters, play the game with any character.
    A few characters will be unlocked with each level you complete.
    This is taken from the interview from http://dc.ign.com, regarding Vs
    Mode characters:
    "That's my favorite addition, "Sarlacc vs protocol droid", can't beat
    These characters ARE NOT unlockable in Vs. Mode, or any other part of
    the game.  The developers must have seen how ludicrous the idea was,
    and scrapped it.
    There are a total of 13 levels in the Main Game:
    1.   Trade Federation Battleship (Automatic)
    2.   Swamps Of Naboo             (Unlockable)
    3.   City Of Theed               (Unlockable)
    4.   Theed Palace                (Unlockable)
    5.   Tatooine                    (Unlockable)
    6.   Coruscant                   (Unlockable)
    7.   Ruins                       (Unlockable)
    8.   Streets Of Theed            (Unlockable)
    9.   Palace Cliffs               (Unlockable)
    10.  The Final Battle            (Unlockable)
    11.  Droidekas!                  (Unlockable)
    12.  Gungan Roundup!             (Unlockable)
    13.  Survival Challenge!         (Unlockable)
    To unlock Levels 2-10, play through the game with any character.  The
    next level will be unlocked after completion of the previous.
    To unlock Droidekas!, complete the game as Plo Koon.
    To unlock Gingan Roundup!, collect all three Gungan Artefacts.  They
    are hidden in three levels (note, you must be in Jedi Mode):
    1.  Level 2, Swamps Of Naboo.  Towards the end of the level there are
        crevices.  It is hidden in one of them, you should be able to see
        it clearly.
    2.  Level 5, Tatooine.  In the middle of the jumping sequence, there
        is a large platform.  Walk towards the bottom of the screen and
        walk off.  You will find a path.  Walk down the path and the
        artefact is floating above the house.
    3.  Level 7, Ruins.  Towards the end of the level, by the pit where
        the droids appear, it is hidden behind a tree.
    To unlock Survival Challenge!, complete the game with Mace Windu.
    In the PSX version, there was an extra level called Kaadu Race!,
    which you unlock by completing the game with Adi Gallia.  However,
    this does not appear to be in the DC version.
    Also in the PSX version, completing Gungan Roundup! gave you access
    to some Concept Art, some of which was really good.  However, again
    it seems this has not made the conversion.
    Some Miscellaneous Secrets:
    *  Beating the Survival Challenge! will unlock the Ultimate
       Lightsabre.  This, when activated, will destroy any enemy (except
       bosses) with one hit.  Obviously, the lightsabre is supposed to do
       this anyway, but then what kind of game would you have bought?!
    *  To get your characters skill up to 100, here are the point totals
       needed for each level, courtesy of Darth Wart:
       1.   8K,  16K, 24K
       2.   8K,  16K, 25K
       3.   12K, 24K, 36K
       4.   10K, 20K, 30K
       5.   10K, 20K, 30K
       6.   12K, 24K, 36K
       7.   10K, 20K, 30K
       8.   12K, 24K, 36K
       9.   4K,  8K,  12K
       10.  5K,  10K, 15K
    NOTE:  Completing the level with Panaka, Amidala or the Battle Droid
    gives you no bonuses, despite you reaching the benchmark.  Their
    skill remains at 0.  However, Ki-Adi-Mundi and Darth Maul can recieve
    bonuses for reaching the benchmarks, like the other five Jedi can
    (Thanks to Omally88 for clearing this up).
    *  Most of the secrets mentioned here are unlockable in both Easy and
       Jedi modes.  The only exception is that of the Gungan Artefacts
       that unlock Level 12 (Gungan Roundup!), these are only found in
       Jedi Mode.
    *  As far as I know, NONE of these secrets are unlockable in Co-op
       (2-Player) Mode.  So you're just stuck to the five characters and
       10 levels provided, guys.
    6.  Cheats And Codes
    This is taken from the interview from http://dc.ign.com:
    "We are also heeding the cries of the masses and adding features
    like...a ton of cheat modes that will let you muck with many aspects
    of the game."
    Well, as of now, the only codes I know of that "let you muck with
    many aspects of the game" are the ones for the Keyboard.  However,
    LucasArts usually releases codes for its' games six months after the
    release, to enhance replayability.  getting kinda close to the
    six-month mark LEC... but for now, here are the codes that have
    Event:          Jump To Previous Checkpoint
    Discovered By:  Official Release From LEC
    Code:           If you lose all your lives during a level, continue
                    your game, enter the same level, and pause the
                    screen.  Now press LRLLRRLRRL.  You will be
                    transported to the last checkpoint you touched before
                    you died.  However, you lose all your points from
                    your last attempt.
    Event:          Jedi Power Battle Mode
    Discovered By:  Unknown
    Code:           Start (or load) a two-player game.  During a level
                    press and hold R+X+Y+B, then tap A.  A message
                    reading "Jedi Power Battle On" should appear if you
                    have entered it correctly.  You can now do damage to
                    the other player.
    Event:          Radar Screen
    Discovered By:  Darth_Chaos ( kkaos_eoj@hotmail.com )
    Code:           Pause the game and press:  Up, Down, Up (all on the
                    D-Pad), L-Trigger, R-Trigger, L-Trigger.  You'll have
                    a radar at the top of the screen that shows enemies
                    and hostages (Handmaidens in Lvl 4, Pilots in Lvl 9).
    These codes need a Dreamcast Keyboard (thanks to Oceang13 for these):
    Plug your Keyboard into Controller Port 3.  Press the ¬ key on your
    Keyboard, and a window will open.
    Version 1.003
    Sep 8 2000  14:54:05
    You should see that on the screen.  Press and hold Shift, and press
    up or down to resize the screen, and left or right to adjust the
    brightness.  Now you need to start the program.  Type rbpcchsf3 on
    the keyboard.  The screen should look like this:
    Version 1.003
    Sep 8 2000  14:54:05
    Then press enter.
    NOTE:  On the UK version of JPB, the code needed is rbpcchsf4.  Your
    screen should look like this:
    Version 1.003
    Sep 8 2000  14:54:05
    After pressing enter, some more text will appear.  It will look like
    Version 1.003
    Sep 8 2000  14:54:05
    Welcome to Jedi Power Basic!
    Type "help" for help!
    Congratulations, you're in!  Now, type the commands below and have
    cls -             Clears the text in the screen
    list -            Lists out the current program
    run -             Runs the program
    card -            Sets the mem card "card 0" to use
    dir -             Tells you whats on the mem card
    save -            Saves your program to memcard "save hello"
    load -            Load your program back in "load hello"
    exit -            Turns off the screen
    power check # -   Jumps you to a check point in the level!
                      "power check 3"
    power points -    Shows statistics about the level you're on
    node # # # -      Changes the size of the character (more below)
    cameras shake # - Makes the camera shake.  The higher the number the
                      more violent it shakes
    cameras set # -   Changes the camera position.  There doesn't seem to
                      be a pattern
    anim play # -     Makes the character do a move.  Some are attacks
    Here are the drawing commands: line, point, circle and sclear erases
    line 100 100 200 200
    circle 200 200 50
    point 200 200
    point 300 300 5 5
    line 100 100 205 205 2
    It doesn't draw anything spectactular, but it shows you how it works.
    One of the most fun Keyboard cheats, this allows you to change the
    size of the character models.  The code you type will look like this:
    node 0 0 0
    The first number is which character you want to edit.  '0' is Player
    1, '1' is Player 2, '2' is the next enemy character you will
    encounter, '3' is the second to next enemy, and so on.  As far as I
    know, there is no number that changes all the enemies... ah well...
    (Thanks to 'D Krivenko' for clearing the character numbers up)
    The second number is the code for the part that you are changing.
    The third number is how big you want that part to be.  For example:
    node 0 8 3
    will result in Player 1's head 3 times its usual size.  Below is a
    chart of what body parts have what numbers, courtesy of Pedro The
    0  = Entire model
    1  = Right upper leg
    2  = Right lower leg
    3  = Right foot
    4  = Left upper leg
    5  = Left lower leg
    6  = Left foot
    7  = Torso (or upperbody... makes them look like a gorilla when you
    8  = Head                                          double the size)
    9  = Right upper arm
    10 = Right lower arm
    11 = Right hand
    12 = Weapon
    13 = Left upper arm
    14 = Left lower arm
    15 = Left hand
    16 = Neck
    17 = V_weapon 2 (Saber Glow)
    7.  Fun Glitches
    What a bad choice of words; most glitches in JPB aren't fun at all.
    In fact, they're more likely to make you pierce the LCD screen of
    your VM than make you utter a giggle.  Anyways, you could argue that
    JPB is a glitch in itself, but here are some of the highlights.
    Ki-Adi-Mundi And The Ultimate Lightsabre
    This is a doozy...Ki-Adi-Mundi actually TAKES DAMAGE whilst blocking
    shots with Ultimate Lightsabre activated.  None of the other
    characters do.  Just another bug that slipped by without being
    Snowstorm On Naboo!
    Here's Darth Wart's discovery:
    "Every time I go to Level 7, "Ruins," with Ki-Adi, the terrain fails
    to load. I mean, the grounds still there, but all the color and
    texture of the grass and walls are gone. It's like a blizzard hit
    I've turned the stupid thing off for awhile and loaded again... Is
    this happening to you guys?
    The same thing happened with this character on level 1, but I was so
    giddy to play with him that I really didn't think much of it. But
    now the giddiness has worn off...
    Looks kinda cool actually, but DAMN!"
    I have yet to check this one out.  I've had reports that this is a
    problem caused by dust and dirt on the disc, where I assume the laser
    can't read the texture files from the disc when they are obscured by
    small bits of dirt (that's actually a pretty scientific explaination,
    suprisingly for me).  Makes sense I guess, but then why does Wart say
    that it happens EVERY time?  The mystery continues...
    *UPDATE*  Members of JK.net have spotted that this happens with other
    characters, but less frequently.  One character confirmed is Adi
    8.  Interview With The Developers
    This is an interview from http://dc.ign.com with the developers of
    Jedi Power Battles DC.  They mention a lot of new features.
    IGNDC: What in game differences will there be between the PlayStation
    version and the upcoming Dreamcast version? 
    Kevin Boyle: The graphics are being updated to take advantage of the
    capabilities of the Dreamcast. This means more polygons for
    characters and backgrounds, as well as textures of a much higher
    resolution and color depth. There are some minor changes being made
    to gameplay involving ease of character control, the difficulty of
    some of the jumps, the frequency of checkpoints. There is also a
    versus mode being added to the game.
    Robert Blackadder: We are also heeding the cries of the masses and
    adding features like a playable double-bladed maul and a ton of
    cheat modes that will let you muck with many aspects of the game.
    We've also added a series of training missions which will let players
    hone their jumping and blocking skills. Taking advantage of the
    higher resolution we've also added a whole new interface to the game
    that's really hot.
    IGNDC: Which characters will gamers be able to control in this
    RB: There are five Jedi to choose from. You can play as Obi-Wan
    Kenobi, Qui Gon Jinn, Mace Windu, Adi Gallia or Plo Koon. Each of the
    Jedi has their own force powers and combos unique to their character.
    There are also differences in the attack speeds and the amount of
    damage each player does with a given attack. Plo Koon's attacks, for
    example, easily do more damage than any other character but he is
    also the slowest. There's also the addition of Ki Adi Mundi as an
    unlockable character. 
    IGNDC: Are there any plans to expand on the co-op play for the
    Dreamcast version? 
    KB:The new multiplayer option available in the Dreamcast version is a
    versus mode, in which players can pick Jedi or enemies from
    throughout the game to fight against each other.
    RB: That's my favorite addition, "Sarlacc vs protocol droid", can't
    beat that!
    IGNDC: How much mileage is there in the two-player co-op mode? 
    Kevin Boyle: From the start we knew it would be important to include
    a two-player cooperative mode. A lot of the classic action arcade
    games that inspired us just wouldn't feel right as a single-player
    only game, and we felt the same about Jedi Power Battles. Although
    the game has been made more difficult in the two-player game, there
    is a definite advantage to playing with a friend.
    IGNDC: Certainly the PlayStation game could be tough in parts -- how
    long do you anticipate it should take gamers to get through the game?
    RB: There are 10 levels, each of which should take about 30 minutes
    for a seasoned player to get through -- possibly longer. This adds up
    to five hours of play to finish the game with one of the five Jedi.
    Players who want to revisit levels to get a higher score in the
    interest of unlocking more combos, Force powers and bonuses will
    obviously take longer.
    IGNDC: What enemies are set to feature in the game? 
    RB: We have all sorts of battle droids and modified battle droids,
    destroyer droids, a loader droid, a starfighter droid, carnivorous
    plants, Tusken raiders, Jawas, mercenaries, probe droids and a bunch
    of others. A good way to fight most of the battle droids is to
    reflect their blaster fire back at them by blocking their shots just
    as they are about to hit you. Drawing them into each other's
    crossfire is another good tactic.
    IGNDC: How did you create the game's sound? 
    KB:We mostly relied on John Williams for our music. Our sound guys
    have done a great job of putting together the voice, sound effects
    and music. As far as voice talent is concerned, although there isn't
    a lot of talking in the game, we did manage to get Jake Lloyd as the
    voice of Anakin and Ahmed Best as the voice of Jar Jar.
    IGNDC: From what camera viewpoint will gamers see the action? 
    Reeve Thompson: The camera is defined by the area the players are in.
    It works in a manner similar to a sidescroller, however it's smarter
    about framing relevant elements. That said I think it's important to
    note that the game is not simply a sidescroller; we have taken
    advantage of the fact that the game is 3D with regards to the layout
    of the levels.
    KB: As far as graphics are concerned, we have really made the most of
    the capabilities of the Dreamcast. We have areas in the game where
    players can fight up to a dozen enemies at a time. Our programmers
    made tools to let the artists know exactly what the limits are to
    maintain a steady frame rate -- we have managed to stay as close to
    that limit as possible without crossing it!
    IGNDC: Which titles do you think offer any competition to JPB, both
    now and in the future? What do you think of this genre -- is there
    much future in it? 
    RT: Games like Gauntlet: Legends and Fighting Force 2 would fall into
    the same genre as JPB. I was disappointed that Fighting Force dropped
    the two-player mode. I'm looking forward to having time to check out
    Gauntlet for Dreamcast.
    RB: As far as the future of the genre, I hope JPB is a boost in the
    right direction. I'd like to see more games with cooperative play.
    It's a lot more fun to me to get together with some friends and hack
    our way through some adventure than to always play the dark and
    dreary hero. But having said that, I still love to play Resident Evil
    IGNDC: What do you think of PlayStation 2 in terms of future
    LucasArts products? 
    KB: LucasArts is aggressively looking at all next generation consoles
    and the PlayStation 2 is no exception. I can say that the power of
    the platform, combined with the excitement the console is getting in
    the developer community, made it a pretty safe bet that you'd be
    seeing something from LucasArts on the PlayStation 2 in the future.
    IGNDC: How far are you from completion? Is there anything you'd love
    to add but can't at the moment? 
    RB: We're still a few months out, lots of work on improving special
    effects and tweaking and speeding up the gameplay. I'd love to add a
    4-player mode, but man, that's a lot of work.
    IGNDC: How do you feel about the DC overall? 
    RB: The Dreamcast has been a lot of fun to work on, lots of texture
    space and really nice graphics hardware.
    9.  Feedback
    They say the stupidest questions are the ones which don't get asked.
    Well, I beg to differ.  The stupidest questions are the ones I get
    asked TIME AND TIME AGAIN!  No worries; any questions I receive from
    you readers will be posted here.  Please contact me (see Section 11).
    Note:  All questions sent to me will be posted in their full form, so
    if you are prone to spelling errors, check first before you get
    humiliated.  Unlike some people:
    A:  Yeah, I kinda guessed that.  This'll be a good time to say that
        Sega are going to continue supporting the Dreamcast well into
        next year.  As for LEC, well... just take a look at Super Bombad
        Racing ;)  Looks like they are getting back to some good games
        now though, with Jedi Knight II recently being announced.
    Q:  How do you unlock Ki-Adi-Mundi?
    A:  *Sigh* Here we go...to unlock Conehead you have to complete all 7
        of the training missions, in order, without losing all of your
        lives and having to restart from the menu.  Here's a little table
        for all you who are still stuck:
    | All 7 Done? | In Order? | Lose All Lives? |    Ki-Adi Unlocked?   |
    |     Nope    |    Nope   |       Nope      |          Nope         |
    |     Yes     |    Nope   |       Nope      |          Nope         |
    |     Yes     |    Yes    |       Yes       |          Nope         |
    |     Yes     |    Yes    |       Nope      |     Yes!  Hooray!     |
    Q:  I was having a lot of fun with Jedi Powre Battles (Is that the
        French version then? - Dave) until my DC stopped reading my
        discs. I went out and ordered a PS2 instead (NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
        - Dave), and while waiting for it I decided to open up my DC.
        Inside I found this chip.  What is it exactly?
    A:  Yes, there was an image of a chip attached to this mail.  And
        yes, it is from a Dreamcast.  I have the best readers in the
    Q:  Where are the three Gungan Artefacts?
    A:  Okay, I get a lot of Mail about this, so I'll hand this one over
        to Darth Wart:
    Artefact #1:  "At the point where you see Jar-Jar running back there
                  (about when he makes that final cawing noise; you can't
                  get at him); there are two very special items down in
                  the crevices.  Getting them is much easier than I at
                  first thought; the key is, don't JUMP down.  Position
                  yourself just over them (maybe one body length from the
                  wall) and simply walk off the edge VERY carefully.  If
                  you screw up, double-jump like mad, with the paddle all
                  the way to the left.  Otherwise a normal double jump to
                  get back out.  The first of these items is a Gungan
                  artifact (only 50 points, but get the other two and
                  you'll unlock level 13:  "Gungan Roundup.")."
    Artefact #2:  "So, instead, one jump six o'clock to next little mesa,
                  having, of course, waited until right after the sand
                  person shoots the rock wall behind you. Once on mesa,
                  deflect droid fire. Two jumps the next mesa, at two
                  o'clock. Pause. Deflect droid fire. From there walk
                  (no need to jump here) four o'clock onto larger mesa.
                  Pause. Deflect droid fire until he's toast. Get yellow
                      Now, here's where it is. The terrain immediately
                  south of you appears certain death, but the Gungan
                  artifact lies that way. Some people have said that
                  "the view changes" when you get to this point, but more
                  precisely, it changes only once you jump. Simply walk
                  south, jump if you want, although it isn't necessary.
                  This is the famous "leap of faith" on Tatooine that
                  everybody discusses so much on the JPB forum (or used
                  to, until we crafted this walkthrough). Proceed south
                  and kill the Jawa.  The Gungan Artifact is on top of
                  his house."
    Artefact #3:  "See that yellow thing?  A trap!  The health-up itself
                  is on solid ground, but the area just right of that is
                  a pit.  Once you fall or jump into it, a deluge of
                  droids suddenly appears from all sides to ensnare you
                  If you're wise to them and try to kill them all without
                  hopping into the trap, many times the droids will fail
                  to appear until you oblige.  Come on.  Give them a
                  break.  Hop into the stupid trap already.  Although you
                  won't be able to see what you're doing while you're
                  down there, just keep hacking away until nothing is
                  moving.  It took awhile for it to dawn on me, but
                  there's an ultimate powerup down there (on singleplayer
                      Notice that behind the giant tree just east of this
                  pit (just in front of the bushes) is one of the three
                  Gungan artifacts (the location of the other two having
                  been described in the sections for Tatooine and Naboo).
                  It's only worth 50 points, but if you have all three,
                  you can unlock "secret" level 13:  Gungan Roundup.
                  Note that if you failed to get the other Gungan
                  artifacts on your trips through those levels, the game
                  doesn't require you to collect them all with the same
                  character.  (Many people are confused or mistaken about
                  the nature of these artifacts; what nobody is mistaken
                  about, however, is that "secret" level 13 is hopelessly
    NOTE:  Darth Wart's contribution was for the PSX version of JPB; as
           such, minor details may be different than his descriptions.
    Q:  Your Jedi Power Battles FAQ is really good.
    A:  That's not a question.  Idiot.  But thanks for the compliment.
    Q:  Okay, I've beaten lots of droids and enemies and come to a dead
        end.  Where do I go?
    A:  1.  Please be more specific.  It's very hard to tell where you
        are talking about as JPB has lots of `jumping bits' and `rooms'.
        2.  Although I am happy to help you if you are stuck, please
        remember that this is a Secrets Guide for JPB, not a walkthrough.
        To avoid this problem I've now added a link to a quality
        walkthrough written by Darth Wart, it can be found at
        http://jedipowerbattles.net .  Please note however this is for
        the PSX version and differs slightly in areas to the DC version.
    Q:  So you're sick of hearing the same questions again and again,
        huh?  Well I bet you've never been asked this:  What's the
        fastest land creature?
    A:  A hippo in an airplane.
    Q:  What other Dreamcast Games do you enjoy playing?
    A:  Finally, a question about me and not the game.  This is the kinda
        guy who gets a Christmas card from Dave.  Anyway, in answer, my
        favourites at the moment are Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, Resident
        Evil - Code: Veronica, Crazy Taxi, Starlancer, Quake III Arena,
        Shenmue, Crazy Taxi II, Sonic Adventure II, Jet Set Radio, Skies
        Of Arcadia and, of course, Phantasy Star Online.
    Q:  I went through with 2 player co op and can't unlock anything. Is
        everything for 1 player or can they work in both?
    A:  Yes, sadly none of these secrets can be unlocked in Co-op mode.
        Of course, there are the 22 characters in Vs. Mode that both
        players can use.
    Q:  Where can I find a decent walkthrough for this game?  I'm really
        stuck on Coruscant.
    A:  ...Didn't we just have this conversation?
    Q:  I'm playing on the Easy difficulty (Hehehe...wimp - Dave), and I
        just wanted to ask if I have to start my game over again on Jedi
        Mode to unlock any of these secrets.
    A:  Now, previously I have said no, you don't need to restart, all
        the secrets are unlockable in either mode.  HOWEVER, it has come
        to my attention that this may not be true.  Apparently, the
        Gungan artefacts are NOT in Easy Mode (which may explain why I
        get 20-30 mails a month asking 'Where are the Artefacts?').  I
        haven't played Easy mode, just Jedi mode, and all the artefacts
        were in their proper places.  If someone would confirm this,
        please E-Mail me (and please, don't ask me again where they are,
        or I may kill someone).
    Q:  Dude, your FAQ is great and all, but it's got loads of typing
        errors!  Learn how to type correctly, and you'll avoid making
    A:  Well, I don't think there's any point in coming up with a
        sarcastic remark to make you look any stupider.
    Q:  i can not find the gungan artifacts can you help ? what do they
        look like?
    A:  ::starts to cry::
    Q:  My skill is at 96/100, but I have full Health and Force
        available.  Does anything else effect your skill?
    A:  Nope.  Time, speed, style, dress sense and pretty much everything
        else affects your skill level IN NO WAY.  You gain skill for the
        following bonuses being gained at the end of the level:
        Pick A Combo        -  +3 skill
        Health/Force Boost  -  +3 skill
        Bonus item          -  +4 skill
        There's 10 skill available for each level, and 10 levels equals
        100 skill points in total.  If you have 96 skill it's likely
        you've missed one of the Bonus items.
    Q:  Thanks for answering my question in your FAQ (No problem - Dave).
        How can I tell which level I haven't fully completed?
    A:  In the PSX version there were three little circles that glowed
        according to how many of the benchmarks you'd reached.  Alas,
        there's no such system in the DC version.  My advice is to play
        through Coruscant, that's the hardest to complete with the full
        points total.  Happy hunting!
    Q:  Who's the baddest bad guy in the Star Wars universe, in your
    A:  George Lucas.
    10.  Credits
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    * Kieran         ( jenna-lucy.martin@virgin.net )
    * Kai G          ( goten46@epals.com )
    * D Krivenko     ( vegetasama2000@hotmail.com )
    * Oceang13
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    * All the members of the JediKnight.net forums
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