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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ChefGhost

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                                 __   _______  _______   __  
                                |  | |   ____||       \ |  | 
                                |  | |  |__   |  .--.  ||  | 
                          .--.  |  | |   __|  |  |  |  ||  | 
                          |  `--'  | |  |____ |  '--'  ||  | 
                           \______/  |_______||_______/ |__| 
             .______     ______   ____    __    ____  _______ .______      
             |   _  \   /  __  \  \   \  /  \  /   / |   ____||   _  \     
             |  |_)  | |  |  |  |  \   \/    \/   /  |  |__   |  |_)  |    
             |   ___/  |  |  |  |   \            /   |   __|  |      /     
             |  |      |  `--'  |    \    /\    /    |  |____ |  |\  \----.
             | _|       \______/      \__/  \__/     |_______|| _| `._____|
      .______        ___   .___________.___________. __       _______     _______.
      |   _  \      /   \  |           |           ||  |     |   ____|   /       |
      |  |_)  |    /  ^  \ `---|  |----`---|  |----`|  |     |  |__     |   (----`
      |   _  <    /  /_\  \    |  |        |  |     |  |     |   __|     \   \    
      |  |_)  |  /  _____  \   |  |        |  |     |  `----.|  |____.----)   |   
      |______/  /__/     \__\  |__|        |__|     |_______||_______|_______/  
          Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power Battles guide. Final version.
                   Written for the PlayStation game console.
    Written By:                    ChefGhost
    Email:                    Chef_Ghost@yahoo.com
    Date written:                 July, 2003
    This document copyright ChefGhost 2003.
    T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S :
    --Keyword System--
    I. Updates
    II. Basic game tips
    III. Controls
    IV. Menus/Screens
    V. Power-ups
    VI. Character Profiles
     -Obi-Wan Kenobi
     -Qui-Gon Jinn
     -Mace Windu
     -Adi Gallia
     -Plo Koon
    VII. Supporting characters
    VIII. The Enemies
    IX. Walkthrough
     A. Level 1: Trade Federation Battleship
     B. Level 2: Swamps of Naboo
     C. Level 3: City of Theed
     D. Level 4: Theed Palace
     E. Level 5: Tatooine
     F. Level 6: Coruscant
     G. Level 7: Ruins
     H. Level 8: Streets of Theed
     I. Level 9: Palace Cliffs
     J. Level 10: Final Battle
    X. Secrets
     A. Secret Levels
      -Level 11: Droidekas!
      -Level 12: Kaadu Race!
      -Level 13: Gungan Roundup!
      -Level 14: Survival Challenge!
     B. Secret Characters
      -Darth Mual
      -Queen Amidala
      -Captain Panaka
    XI. Frequently Asked Questions
    XII. GameShark Codes
    XIII. Acknowledgments
    XIV. Contact Info
    XV. Disclaimer
    Please beware that this was my first guide and so please give some sort of 
    support. I am open to _CONSTRUCTIVE_ criticism and all other helpful suggestions 
    and comments. You can contact me at the above mentioned E-mail address. But 
    please note that I only answer questions that are not stupid and aren't 
    explained in the guide. I will not answer any E-mail from people that are rude 
    or otherwise disrespectful. If you want to E-mail me, be sure to put something 
    in your subject about this guide, or else I may delete without looking at it. 
    Please read the Contact Info section for details before e-mailing me. 
    With that said, let's move on to the guide!
    Remember, the latest version of this walkthrough can _ALWAYS_ be found at
    - - K E Y W O R D   S Y S T E M - -
    Can't find something in the guide? Too lazy to read through certain sections to 
    find what you're looking for? No problem. With the keyword system, you'll be 
    able to navigate this guide with ease. The keyword system is basically a way to 
    quickly jump to a certain section using the Find command (Ctrl+F). To use the 
    keyword system, simply press Ctrl+F to bring up a search window. Then type in a 
    keyword to quickly jump to a certain section of the guide. When typing in a 
    keyword, be sure to include the <, the >, and the ^ symbols or the keyword might 
    not work. A list of keywords and their corresponding section follows:
    SECTION:                                                 KEYWORD:
    - Updates                                                 <^up>
    - Basic Game Tips                                         <^bt>
    - Controls                                                <^cn>
    - Menus/Screens                                           <^ms>
    - Power-ups                                               <^pw>
    - Character Profiles                                      <^cp>
    - Supporting Characters                                   <^sc>
    - The Enemies                                             <^te>
    - Walkthrough                                             <^wt>
     - Level 1: Trade Federation Battleship                   <^L1>
      - Boss: Loader Droid                                    <^L*>
      - Boss: Starfighter Droid                               <^L->
     - Level 2: Swamps of Naboo                               <^L2>
      - Boss: Slaatik Hagworm                                 <^L!>
     - Level 3: City of Theed                                 <^L3>
      - Boss: Turret Droid                                    <^L@>
     - Level 4. Theed Palace                                  <^L4>
      - Boss: Plasma Droids                                   <^L#>
     - Level 5: Tatooine                                      <^L5>
      - Boss: Armored Kraakiss                                <^L$>
      - Boss: Darth Maul                                      <^L%>
     - Level 6: Coruscant                                     <^L6>
      - Boss: Mercenary Leader                                <^L^>
     - Level 7: Ruins                                         <^L7>
      - Boss: Gungan Chief                                    <^L&>
     - Level 8: Streets of Theed                              <^L8>
     - Level 9: Palace Cliffs                                 <^L9>
     - Level 10: Final Battle                                 <^L0>
     - Boss: Darth Maul                                       <^L+>
    - Secrets                                                 <^ss>
     - Secret Levels                                          <^sl>
      - Level 11: Droidekas!                                  <^Ld>
      - Level 12: Kaadu Race                                  <^Lk>
      - Level 13: Gungan Roundup!                             <^Lg>
      - Level 14: Survival Challenge!                         <^Ls>
     - Secret Characters                                      <^se>
    - Frequently Asked Questions                              <^fq>
    - GameShark Codes                                         <^gs>
    - Acknowledgements                                        <^ac>
    - Contact Info                                            <^ci>
    - Disclaimer                                              <^dc>
    Hopefully, this make it much easier to navigate my walkthrough.
    I. U P D A T E S :                                                         <^up>
    Version 1.0:
    --put up the Basic Game Tips
    --put up Controls
    --put up Menus/Screens
    --put up Power-ups Section
    --put up Character Profiles
    --put up Enemies Section
    --started walkthrough:
     --put up level 1
     --put up level 2
     --put up level 3
     --put up level 4
     --put up level 5
     --put up level 6
    Version 1.5:
    --completely revised the alignment, layout, and format
    --minor spelling and grammatical errors fixed
    --added AAT to Enemies list
    --continued walkthrough:
     --put up level 7
     --put up level 8
    Version 2.0:
    --fixed more alignment and layout errors
    --finished walkthrough:
     --put up level 9
     --put up level 10
    --put up Secrets section
    --put up GameShark code section
    --put up Acknowledgments section
    --put up Contact Info section
    --moved the disclaimer to the bottom
    Final Version:
    --put up Frequntly Asked Questions section
    --added the 1000 point bonus in Level 7
    --put in trick on how to get inside Boss Nass sphere in level 13
    --spell checked the guide
    --fixed minor mistakes and layout errors
    --fixed the new ASCII title
    --added new keyword system
    --added new Character Modifier Codes for GameShark [Credit goes to Darth Sona  
      and Andre the Midget]
    II. B A S I C   G A M E   T I P S :                                        <^bt>
    This section is designed so that beginning players will know some basic 
    techniques and skills before starting the game. If you already know what you're 
    doing then you can skip this section. Here are some fundamental things you 
    should know before starting a game:
    o Know your characters' strengths and weaknesses before fighting tough enemies. 
    For instance, we all know Plo Koon is much slower than the other characters but 
    he can do more damage. Adi Gallia, on the other hand, is the fastest of all the 
    characters, so she will be able to get in more attacks and retreat faster. But 
    she is also the weakest compared to the others; it seems that it takes less hits 
    of the same attack to kill her. If you know how your character will do against 
    various enemies than you'll have a much better chance at surviving.
    o Learn the different commands you'll be using early on, such as double-jumping 
    and the running Lock-on attacks. You will need to rely heavily on these commands 
    later on in the game especially double-jumping.
    o The maximum number of Special Items your character can carry at once is four. 
    If you spot a Special Item power-up and you don't have room in your inventory, 
    use one. That way the Item won't be wasted and you will still get the points for 
    getting the item. Never pass a Special Item up.
    o The same rule above applies to the Force power-up. Use some Force if your full 
    before getting a Force power-up.
    o One of the most important thing to master in Jedi Power Battles is the 
    reflecting of lasers. You need to know how to successfully deflect a laser to 
    beat the game. In fact, the last boss of Level 1 has to be defeated by 
    reflecting his lasers.
    o Remember when you're blocking attacks a "block meter" will start to rise. If 
    gets too high your character will be unable to block until it goes back to 
    normal. To make it go down faster, release the block button.
    o And finally, practice all of your combos and techniques. You'll never get good 
    at the game if you don't practice. Trust me, other people are probably having 
    the same problems as you are, it's okay to mess up once in a while, especially 
    if this is your first time playing the game. Eventually you'll be able to make 
    it through levels without any problems, but you just have to keep on trying.
    III. C O N T R O L S :                                                     <^cn>
    Note: All controls on this list are in Default mode. 
    -Directional Buttons/Analog Stick: Move cursor
    -X: Select
    -Triangle: Go back
    -Circle: N/A
    -Square: N/A 
    -Select: N/A
    -Start:  N/A
    -L1: N/A
    -L2: N/A
    -R1: N/A
    -R2: N/A
    -Directional Buttons/Analog Stick: Move character
    -X: Hack/Vertical Attack
    -Triangle: Heavy attack
    -Circle: Jump, push again while in the air to perform a double-jump
    -Square: Slash/Horizontal attack
    -Select: Toggle different between Health and Force displays
    -Start: Pause/Bring up menu
    -L1: Block, reflect lasers by pressing block just before the laser hits you
    -L2: When pressed in conjunction with Triangle/X/Circle, releases a Force 
         attack. You must earn the L2+X and L2+Circle before you can use them       
         (check walkthrough). When pressed with Square you use the Special Item.
    -R1: Lock-on to nearest enemy. If you run during Lock-on mode, you'll roll 
         around the enemy.
    -R2: Run when pressed in conjunction with a direction.
    IV. M E N U S / S C R E E N S :                                            <^ms>
    This section will explain the various menus and screens in the game. If you know 
    what everything is, skip this section.
    -New game: This allows you to start a new game on Star Wars: Episode I, Jedi 
    Power Battles. You will have to choose the number of players after choosing the 
    New Game option. After you've selected the number of players you will have the 
    choice to choose between Jedi and Easy Mode. Although the instruction manual 
    states that the secrets can only be unlocked in in Jedi mode, it's not true. You 
    can unlock all of the secrets while playing Jedi or Easy mode. There's no 
    difference in anything about the modes. 
    -Load Game: This is just as the name states: you can load a saved game.
    -Options: Inside the Options menu you'll have the choice to configure the 
      -Audio: in the Audio menu you can mess with the following things:
       -Music: This allows you to turn the game's music on or off.
       -Music Mode: Choose between Stereo sound or Mono sound.
       -Music Volume: This allows you to adjust the game's musical volume.
       -SFX Volume: This allows you to adjust the game's special effects volume.
      -Controls: Inside the Controls option you have the choice to configure the 
       -Controller Setup: Choose between five different controller configurations.
       -Vibration: This feature can be used with a DualShock controller only. It 
       turns the vibration during the game on or off.
       -Walk/Run Limit: This feature can be used with DualShock controller only. It 
       adjusts how you have to push the left Analog Stick to make your character   
      -Restore Default Options: Restores all options to their original state.
    CHARACTER SELECTION SCREEN: This allows you to select your character. It is not 
    possible to select the same character for both players in two-player mode.
    LEVEL SELECTION SCREEN: You can now choose any level that you've beaten to play 
    or you can choose the next level after the one you have beaten. If you're 
    starting a new game you can only play on Level 1 at first. The levels will 
    unlock themselves as you progress through the game. After you have selected the 
    level and the screen loads a screen will pop up, briefly stating your objective 
    for that particular level.
    THE PAUSE MENU: The pause menu is brought up when you press the Start button 
    while in the game. From there you have option to restart the level (but you lose 
    one credit), continue playing the game, quit the game, or configure the controls 
    and audio features.
    V. P O W E R - U P S :                                                     <^pw>
    Here I will explain the various power-ups found in the game, their point values, 
    and some tips about them.
    HEALTH--50 & 100 points
    The health power-up comes in two sizes, the small version, which fills a little 
    bit of health and the larger one (it glows a bit) which refills a decent amount 
    of health. You should never pass these up.
    FORCE--50 & 100 points
    The Force power-up also comes in two sizes. Again, the larger one glows a bit. 
    If you're full on Force and you spot a Force power-up, go ahead and use some. 
    Then get the power-up. That way it's effects won't be wasted.
    SPECIAL ITEM--100 points
    Like the Force power-ups you should always use one of these if you're full and 
    you spot one in the game. Special Items can sometimes be a lifesaver. Most of 
    them are highly effective against groups of enemies and can get you out of some 
    hairy situations. Refer to the Character Profiles and the Secret Characters 
    sections to see which character has what Special Item. 
    BLADE AMPLIFIER--100 points
    If you get a Blade Amplifier your attacks do more damage to enemies. Be warned 
    though, it only lasts for a certain amount of time so use it wisely.
    BLADE EXTENDER--100 points
    The Blade Extender is similar to the Blade Amplifier; they both allow your 
    lightsaber to deal more damage. But the Blade Extender also makes your 
    lightsaber longer than usual, which means you can attack enemies from further 
    away. Again, like the Blade Extender it only lasts for a limited amount of time.
    The Ultimate Power-up is just as it names says: it's the ultimate of all power-
    ups. It refills your health and Force to full, it gives you max Special Items, 
    _AND_ it even gives you a Blade Amplifier on top it. Pretty cool, it you ask me. 
    So before you pick up one of these amazing power-ups, use all of your Force and 
    Items because it refills both of those to full. It's too bad no points are given 
    for such a great power-up.
    CHECKPOINT--50 points
    The checkpoint allows you to return back to it whenever you die, given that you 
    have a credit. But remember that if you die after you have touched a checkpoint, 
    all of the points you got after the checkpoint will be lost. Grab one of these 
    whenever you see one, there's not much of them in on the levels.
    POINT BONUS--1000 & 2500 points
    These are the ultimate power-ups to gain points from. They each give you a 
    massive point jump. The silver one gives 1000 more points and the gold one gives 
    you 2500. But beware, there are only one of each of these in every level (with 
    the exception of Level 8) so you better keep you eyes peeled.
    EXTRA LIFE--200 points
    The extra life power-up is a little more rare than others, but for a good 
    reason: they give you an extra credit. They give the insurance of coming back to 
    a checkpoint (supposing that you touched one). So, of course, never pass it up.
    CHALLENGE--500 points
    The challenge is worth a decent amount of points but it also halves both of your 
    current health and Force. So only grab it if you think you can survive with half 
    health and Force.
    The Randomizer is a double-sided sword; it can give health, Force, or a mega 
    point bonus when you need it, or it could throw up a challenge. It's up to you 
    to decide if you need or not. The points given are depended on what item it 
    gives you.
    GUNGAN ARTIFACT--50 points
    There are only three of these found in the game. If you manage to find all three 
    on the same game (not necessarily the same character, but the same game) you'll 
    unlock the secret level, Gungan Roundup!. Refer to the walkthrough for the 
    location of these Artifacts.
    VI. C H A R A C T E R   P R O F I L E S :                                  <^cp>
    In this section I will explain about the different abilities of the various 
    characters of the game. I will also include a list of their combos and 
    Note: You may need to learn some of the combos listed before you can use them. 
    And, of course, T=Triangle, X=X, S=Square, C=Circle, and L2=L2 for the combos 
    and Force powers. 
    Obi-Wan Kenobi is the best character for a beginner to start with. He has great 
    speed and a good deal of combos. He's not as fast as Adi or as powerful as Plo 
    Koon but he still be highly effective in the game. His Force abilities are 
    pretty decent, although it seems to me that his long range Force technique, the 
    Force Thrust, is slower and less powerful than Qui-Gon Jinn's. Obi-Wan's 
    defensive Force power is a bubble that reflects lasers, damages enemies, and 
    takes cannon fire. However, it will _not_ refill your health bar and it uses up 
    your Force bar relatively quickly. It is extremely easy for Obi-Wan to beat 
    Darth Maul. All you have to do is Lock-on and keeping hitting the Square button. 
    If you're new to the game and want someone who is easy to use, then pick Obi-
    COMBOS:                    FORCE POWERS:                    SPECIAL ITEM:
    S,S,S,T                    L2+T= Saber Dash                 Thermal Detonator
    X,X,S                      L2+X= Force Thrust
    S,S                        L2+C= Protection Bubble
    Qui-Gon is not as fast as his Padawan, Obi-Wan. But he can deal more damage with 
    his saber. His style is graceful and calculated. Qui-Gon specializes in healing, 
    so once you learn the L2+C Force ability you will be able refill a little bit of 
    health using your Force. His short range Force attack is great for knocking 
    opponents off of cliffs and tall buildings (like in Coruscant) although you 
    don't get the points for killing them. It's also highly effective against the 
    Kreetles on Level 6. Qui-Gon's Force Thrust technique (L2+X) seems to travel 
    farther, faster, and deals a little bit more damage than Obi-Wan's. The easiest 
    person to kill Darth Maul is Qui-Gon. Lock-on and keep pressing X,X over and 
    over again.
    COMBOS:                    FORCE POWERS:                    SPECIAL ITEM:
    T,S                        L2+T= Shockwave                  Electric Detonator
    S,S                        L2+X= Force Thrust
    S,S,X                      L2+C= Heal
    Mace Windu is my all-time favorite character. He's also the best all-around 
    character in the game. In my opinion, he has the best Force abilities out of all 
    the Jedis. Though he's not the fastest or the strongest he has a well balance of 
    both to make him a great character. Mace's long range Force technique, the Saber 
    Throw, is highly effective against any enemy. It will end most of them to an 
    early grave. It is a bit harder to control Mace than it is with other 
    characters, but once you learn his style he will be literally unstoppable. His 
    short ranged Force power works really well against Darth Maul and can be used to 
    destroy enemies when they are surrounding you from all directions. Mace's Force 
    Absorb technique damages enemies and takes cannon fire. But, it won't reflect 
    lasers. It will refill your health bar if you are damaged while in the bubble. 
    Also, it seems to me that it uses up your Force bar slower than other defensive 
    Force powers.
    COMBOS:                    FORCE POWERS:                    SPECIAL ITEM:
    S,S                        L2+T= Saber Shield               Thermal Detonator
    X,S,S,T                    L2+X= Saber Throw
    S,S,S,X,L2                 L2+C= Force Absorb
    Adi is, hands down, the fastest character in the game. Though her attacks are 
    not really strong by themselves, they are devastating when strung into quick 
    combos. Adi does seem weaker to me, it looks like it takes less hits of the same 
    attack to kill her than it would, say, Qui-Gon. But nonetheless, Adi can be a 
    really good fighter when she needs to be. Use her speed to overwhelm opponents 
    or to outrun them. Adi's Force powers are very unique but sometimes unneeded. 
    Her short range Force power is, in my opinion, not all that great. The Mesmerize 
    just doesn't help when the enemies can shoot at you instead of getting close. 
    Her defensive Force move, the Force Cloak, works surprisingly well when you need 
    to get away. But be warned, it has a limited effect and some enemies (such as 
    Plasma Droids) aren't affected by it. Adi's long range Force attack is supposed 
    to seek out enemies, but it never seems to work that well for me. And it seems 
    to drain the Force bar more than other long range attacks. Adi's Special Item is 
    a protective bubble that can reflect lasers and damage enemies while she's in 
    it. If you have the Ultimate Saber equipped then enemies die within one bump of 
    the bubble.
    COMBOS:                    FORCE POWERS:                    SPECIAL ITEM:
    T,T,T                      L2+T= Mesmerize                  Energy Shield
    X,X,T                      L2+X= Piercing Gaze
    S,S,S,T                    L2+C= Force Cloak
    Plo Koon is the slowest character in the game. But what he lacks in speed he 
    greatly makes up for in his strength. He has the most powerful attack in the 
    game. When playing as Plo Koon, try to avoid large groups of enemies. If you can 
    take an enemy one-on-one, you will surely win. Most of Plo's combos are slow to 
    execute and you may be interrupted before you get to finish so try to do your 
    attacks before you are right next to the enemy. Plo's most useful Force ability 
    is his Electric Judgment. It is close, if not identical, to Darth Maul's. Use it 
    to take out large groups of enemies from a distance. Plo's short-ranged Force 
    power CAN be interrupted for some reason. His defensive Force ability is the 
    exact same as Obi-Wan's and Darth Maul's. It reflects lasers, damages enemies, 
    and takes cannon fire. It won't refill your health bar like Mace's. Again, it 
    uses up your Force bar pretty fast. Plo Koon's Stim Pack is really useful. It 
    speeds him up a bit, gives more attack power, and he can take no damage while 
    it's in effect. Sadly though, it only lasts for a short amount of time so use it 
    COMBOS:                    FORCE POWERS:                    SPECIAL ITEM:
    T,T                        L2+T= Saber Cyclone              Stim Pack
    X,X                        L2+X= Electric Judgment
    X,X,T                      L2+C= Protection Bubble
    VII. S U P P O R T I N G   C H A R A C T E R S :                           <^sc>
    In this section I'll list all of the characters that you'll have to help during 
    their specific stage.
    Jar Jar is the clumsy Gungan you meet in Level 2. He'll be a sort of a guide to 
    you in the Level 2: Swamps of Naboo. There isn't any way that Jar Jar can get 
    hurt so you don't have to worry about protecting him.
    When you reach Level 3 you'll have to find and rescues at least seven of these 
    maids. Refer to the walkthrough to find out where all of the handmaidens are. 
    You gain 250 points for each handmaiden that you rescue.
    You meet the young monarch on Level 4. You'll have to escort her to her Royal 
    Starship hanger. If you hit Amidala with your lightsaber she will get hurt and 
    eventually die.
    On Level 5 you'll have to protect Anakin for the first part of the before he 
    runs off to get a stolen hyperdrive. Again, like Amidala, you can kill him so be 
    Normally these courageous pilots are found at the helm of a Naboo starfighter 
    but in Level 9 you'll have to rescue at least five of them from the top of the 
    palace cliffs. It is possible to kill any one of these pilots. You gain 250 
    points for every pilot that you rescue. Refer to the walkthrough for more 
    VIII. T H E   E N E M I E S :                                              <^te>
    This section contains a list of all the regular enemies found in the game, their 
    point values, and various strategies on how to beat them.
    BATTLE DROID--100 points
    These are the most basic enemies in the game. You encounter more of them than 
    any other enemy. These droids are weak and die within two or three swipes of a 
    lightsaber. They have standard hand-to-hand skills and they not particularly 
    fast. The easiest way to kill them is to reflect their lasers. You can recognize 
    a Battle Droid because it is tan in color. 
    PILOT DROID--50 points
    The weakest enemies in the game. They die within one slash. Pilot Droids don't 
    carry blasters and have very poor fighting skills. They were originally 
    programmed to pilot any Trade Federation vehicle so they don't need superior 
    fighting skills. You should have no problem fighting them. You'll know when you 
    see a Pilot Droid because it has blue shoulder markings.
    SECURITY DROID--150 points
    You can distinguish Security Droids from others by their red shoulder markings. 
    They have more hit points than the Battle Droid and have better fighting skills. 
    They're capable of short, rapid bursts from their blasters so take more caution 
    when reflecting laser shots from them. Security Droids block more often than 
    Battle Droids.
    RIFLE DROID--100 points
    The Rifle Droids are just Battle Droids with much bigger guns. Beware of their 
    rifle shots, one hit can send you flying. The best way to approach a Rifle Droid 
    is to run in a zigzagging pattern. Remember they can't get their shots off as 
    fast as Battle Droids so rush in right after they shoot. Once you're up close 
    they have no chance against you.
    COMMANDER DROID--200 points
    Commander Droids have extremely good fighting abilities. They can block a lot of 
    your attacks and can figure out your pattern. They are much harder to take down 
    than Security or Battle Droids. You can usually spot a Commander Droid by the 
    yellowish markings on their heads. a good strategy to use against them is to use 
    your long range Force powers. Try to kill the Commander Droids first, as they 
    pose the biggest threat.
    GRAPPLE DROID--350 points
    Grapple Droids are the ultimate hand-to-hand combat machines. They have a lot of 
    stamina so they take more hits than the average droid to kill. Grapple Droids 
    are also capable of blocking most of your attacks so, again, use your Force if 
    you have to. Try to fight only one Grapple Droid at a time, two may overwhelm 
    you. Grapple Droids are slate gray and have a different look to them.
    FLAME DROID--350 points
    Flame Droids have a giant tank on their back, which let's you distinguish them 
    from the Security Droid. The Flame Droid can shoot fast streams of fire from the 
    tanks on their back, which can drain your health rather rapidly. Remember, you 
    can't block a Flame Droid's attack, the only to get past them is to avoid them. 
    The best way to kill a Flame Droid is to run around in circles around it and 
    wait until you hear six puffs of flames then go in for the kill. An alternative 
    strategy is to use your long range Force powers.
    PLASMA DROID--350 points
    The Plasma Droids attacks are very unique. It sends a bolt of green plasma 
    energy, which jumps and arcs around uncontrollably. This makes it very hard to 
    get close to Plasma Droids. Try to engage only one Plasma Droid at a time if you 
    can. Use you Force powers to give you some breathing space. They should die 
    within several smacks. Plasma Droids carry a big tank on their backs and have 
    green shoulder markings. They're also bigger than the most droids.
    STAP (Single Troop Aerial Platform)--200 points
    STAPs are highly evasive, aerial fighting machines. They fly around the screen 
    shooting their twin lasers at you. The only way to kill a STAP is to reflect its 
    lasers or to shoot at it. You can also shoot the STAPs with your lasers (Captain 
    Panaka and Queen Amidala only.)
    DESTROYER DROID--350 points
    Destroyer Droids, aka Droidekas, are extremely powerful, for a basic enemy. They 
    have twin cannons mounted on their arms, which fire _VERY_ rapid bursts of 
    lasers. If you just stand there blocking the lasers will quickly fill up your 
    block meter. They don't have very good fighting skills so it's best to engage 
    them up close. Destroyer Droids can fold up and roll into battle very quickly 
    and can take a good amount of damage before going down. You can spot a Destroyer 
    Droid by its unique appearance, it has three spiny legs, and two arms that end 
    in blasters. Destroyer Droids are grayish in color.
    AAT--500 points
    AATs are the Trade Federation's standard attack tanks. The are easy to defeat, 
    on foot, STAP, or in another AAT. AATs have a main cannon, machine guns, and 
    skirt energy shell launchers. Check the walkthrough for Level Three to see the 
    controls for an AAT. 
    TUSKEN RAIDER--150 points for standard, 200 points with rifle
    Tusken Raiders are found on the sands of Tatooine. You'll know where they are 
    before you spot one by their loud war cry. Tusken Raiders have decent fighting 
    skills and take a few hits before dying. Remember, you can't deflect a Tusken 
    Raider's bullets back at him, though you can block the bullets. Tusken Raiders 
    are easily recognized by their dusty clothes and human-like stature.
    JAWA--50 points
    Jawas are pests. They run around firing their little energy blasts at you, 
    though the blasts are very short ranged. Simply run up and slash it to kill it 
    or deflect its blasts. They shouldn't give you very much problems. Jawas are 
    small creatures wearing a dark brown, hooded cloak. You can't miss them.
    PROBE DROID--100 points for standard, 150 points for upgraded
    Sith Probes are small black orbs that hover in the air shooting at you. The 
    standard Probe Droid doesn't have an extended arm with blasters and can't move 
    and fire at the same time. The upgraded version has an extended arm that carries 
    a blaster capable of short rapid bursts. They can move and fire at the same 
    time. They best way to destroy these droids, is to reflect it's own laser back 
    at them.
    MERCENARIES--100 points for both the blue one and the thin Rodian, 150 for the 
    fat, green one
    There are three types of thugs. The blue one has decent hand-to-hand skills and 
    also carries a small blaster. The fat, green thug, or Ishi Tibs, prefer going up 
    close. They're the toughest of the thugs. Their powerful uppercut can send you 
    soaring through the skies of Coruscant. A good strategy to use while fighting 
    them is to get one of them to follow you back about twenty feet. Then the thug 
    should stop moving and just taunt you. That's your chance to go in and attack 
    him with everything you've got. Avoid fighting these guys near edges and cliffs. 
    The last type of thug is a Rodian. He can only attack from far away. So get up 
    close and he'll be history.
    KREETLE--100 points
    Kreetles are not exactly the weak, pathetic bugs you thought them to be. They're 
    worth 100 points each, that's as much as a Battle Droid. Never let Kreetles 
    surround you and start biting. Your character may be stuck in the spot forever. 
    Quickly, kill Kreetles using a hack attack. Never use the slash attack, it's 
    worthless against them. Qui-Gon's short range Force attack is excellent against 
    these bugs.
    The Carnivorous Plant is invincible to _ALL_ types of attacks. Whether it's 
    Force, lightsaber or Special Item. Run away from these plants whenever you see 
    them. There's no point in fighting them.
    GUNGANS--100 points
    Gungans carry electropoles which, for some reason, have some decent range. 
    Gungans are great fighters so you should try to kill them from a distance. Avoid 
    large groups of Gungans if you can. You can tell what a Gungan is by its long 
    IX. W A L K T H R O U G H :                                                <^wt>
    Finally, the part you've waiting for, the walkthrough. Before you read the 
    walkthrough there are few things that you need know. During parts of the guide I 
    will tell you to grab a checkpoint and then to kill yourself. No, this isn't 
    suicide. You need to do this because that's how you get the maximum points for 
    that level. When you kill yourself you will then be warped back to that 
    checkpoint. But instead of going forward, you will have to backtrack the level 
    until you cannot go back anymore. This will allow you to get all the points 
    again before going on. After that, make your way back to the checkpoint and go 
    on until the next checkpoint. This is all required if you want the maximum 
    points. Don't worry, I'll tell you which checkpoint to kill yourself and double-
    back and which ones not to. Now, on to the walkthrough!
    A. L E V E L   1 :   T R A D E   F E D E R A T I O N   B A T T L E S H I P <^L1>
    POINT EARNED:               AWARD:                         ENEMIES:
    8,000                       Combo Bonus                    Pilot Droid
    16,000                      Energy Bonus                   Battle Droid
    24,000                      Extra Life Bonus               Security Droid
                                                               Destroyer Droid
                                                               Loader Droid (Boss)
                                                               Starfighter Droid  
    You begin the level by being thrown into a bunch of Pilot Droids and a Battle 
    Droid. Take care of these guys and the gray C-3PO-looking droid too. He's not 
    doing you any good. After you've killed all of them no more will come unless you 
    advance forward. Now is a good time to practice some early combos and 
    techniques. After you've got a hang of fighting move down the corridor, killing 
    anything that gets in your way. Grab the power-ups and keep fighting until you 
    come to a place with several Battle Droids and some Pilot Droids. Be sure to 
    grab all of the power-ups before you kill off the droids. Because once you do, a 
    scene will pop up and you won't be able to go back. 
    After you go through the door you'll be in a large room filled with computers 
    and more droids. First, run to your right and grab the Special Item power-up. 
    The go back to the left and kill the Pilot Droid. After you've done so destroy 
    the computer screen. It'll give you some early points. Go down to the room and 
    massacre every droid, computer, and computer screen for massive points. Go up 
    the far stairs and continue your path of destruction. Eventually, you'll end up 
    in an area with a checkpoint and some more droids and more computers. Kill 
    everything and collect all of the power-ups _before_ getting the checkpoint. 
    That way, if you die in the upcoming jumping sequence all of the points you've 
    so far collected will stay with you. When you're ready, jump on to the moving 
    conveyor belt. You might want to run the opposite direction of the treadmill to 
    get your bearings before doing the next jumping sequence. Then let go of the run 
    button and let the treadmill take you towards a gap. Before you are swept off 
    the belt, run and perform a double-jump to get on to the next part of the 
    treadmill. Keep doing what you did on the next few jumping sequences. 
    Along the way you may encounter a Battle Droid or two. Try to take them out 
    before they shoot you in air while you're jumping, or else you'll probably fall 
    to your death. You'll also see some Pilot Droids on a platform across from you 
    while you're on the conveyor belt. It is possible to jump to them, but I don't 
    recommend that you do that. It's highly risky and you'll probably die. It's not 
    worth it. If you look carefully, you can see some Destroyer Droids in the 
    distance rolling across a platform. It's impossible to get over there and you 
    can't kill them. 
    Once you have beaten the entire jumping sequence, you'll see a short animation 
    about a Pilot Droid sending a Loader Droid to come a do you in. Well, tough luck 
    for the Pilot Droid because this next boss is pretty easy. After the animation 
    you fight your first boss fight of the game.
    B O S S :   L O A D E R   D R O I D                                        <^L*>
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    The Loader Droid has a simple attack pattern. If you know the pattern he will 
    become really easy. The Loader Droid will start off by trying to swipe you with 
    its arms. This attack is very slow and you can easily dodge it by double-
    jumping. Try not to get hit by this attack, it'll leave a good mark if you do. 
    After it's done this attack it will stand still for several seconds. This is 
    your chance to attack. Run in and attack with a running Triangle attack at its 
    red core. If your lucky you may get another hit in before it does his next 
    attack. After you've hit him it'll do a fast spinning arm attack. This attack is 
    very dangerous, get out of the way before he hits you with it. 
    The third stage of his pattern follows the spinning arm attack. The Loader Droid 
    will fold up and attempt to run over. Just stand at the bottom of the screen and 
    it'll miss you. It's invulnerable to all attacks while it's in this form. 
    The Loader Droid will go back to the arm swipe attack. Just keep hitting it when 
    you have a chance and it will lose one arm. Then the other, and finally it will 
    fold up and crash into the far wall making a passage for you. BTW, there are 
    some power-ups along the area that you can collect.
    Note: Even when one or two of its arms are gone the stumps can still hit you.
    After you have defeated the Loader Droid, proceed into the next area and grab 
    the checkpoint. 
    In this area all you have to do is jump on to the catwalk in between the 
    electric blue things and walk to safety. 
    When you reach the giant electric conductors, there are two things can do: one, 
    jump on to the stumps that are emitting the electricity and keep jumping to the 
    next ones until you reach the far platform, or two, you could jump down on to 
    the electric floor and quickly rush across to the far end. The first is 
    definitely safer, but harder than the second. However, the second way is faster 
    but you do get hurt. If you have enough health from the boss fight and you don't 
    want to take the slow way, take the second option. 
    There is a health power-up on the far platform to your left. It's kinda hard to 
    see. Step on the elevator to move on to the next part. After your elevator 
    reaches the bottom, go to the right and kill off all the droids and computer 
    consoles. There's also a Force power-up under one of the giant moving pistons. 
    Then go back to your left and hop on to the platform and destroy the remaining 
    droids and consoles in the area. When you're ready, hop on to the piston when 
    it's at its lowest point. 
    Now, before you hop over to the next pistons on the right, jump to the left when 
    the piston you're on is at its highest point. There should be a platform along 
    the wall with an extra life that you previously couldn't see. 
    Hop back onto the piston and make your way to the next platform, then to the 
    following pistons. Be careful though, if you fall, you're as good as dead. 
    Near the end of the pistons you'll see a Battle Droid. Deflect its laser at it 
    to kill it. If you can't, jump to the platform right after it has fired. When 
    you're on safe ground progress through the next part, killing all droids that 
    dare to stand in your way. There's also a Blade Amplifier and a Force power-up 
    behind the pillars. 
    Keep moving, killing anything the moves until you reach an area with Force and 
    health power-ups. Kill the droids, as usual, and keep going to your left. Make 
    your way to a higher ledge and destroy all the droids and computers. Grab the 
    Special Item and go on to the elevator on the far left side of the screen. Once 
    you get on you be taken to the second part of the level.
    After the sequence loads be ready to keep on going. 
    Before you go and engage the droids, drop down to a lower level and grab the 
    extra life near the back of the screen. Then proceed to annihilate all of those 
    droids on the screen. Be sure to use up all of you Force and Special Items 
    because there's an Ultimate Power-up nearby. 
    After all of the droids are dead, go back and walk along one of the narrow 
    bridge-like things that lead to a round platform. On of these has the Ultimate 
    Power-up be hidden behind it at around 12:00. Once you've gotten this, go on to 
    the next area. 
    In the next area, there will be a checkpoint with some Security and Battle 
    Droids. Again, like the first checkpoint, kill everything on the screen before 
    you get the checkpoint. Continue down the corridor until you see two Droidakas 
    come rolling at you. Take care of these droids and the ones behind them before 
    grabbing the power-ups. Go to your right and continue with your path of 
    destruction. Kill all of the droids, destroy the control consoles and the gray 
    C-3PO droid. The Randomizer is up to you. But remember, the boss is just up 
    Keep going and you'll reach a checkpoint. This is the checkpoint you use to 
    double-back. But only double-back if you're confident you can beat the boss on 
    this credit. If you're not, you might want to rethink about doubling-back. 
    Grab the checkpoint and jump off the nearest edge if you're willing. When you 
    double-back you can go all the way back to the previous checkpoint. That 
    includes killing the Droidekas. 
    After you've gone back as far as you can go, return to the checkpoint in which 
    you killed yourself earlier on and continue to the final boss fight of the 
    B O S S :   S T A R F I G H T E R   D R O I D                              <^L->
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    This boss is really easy, if you know what to do. The idea is to reflect its own 
    lasers back at him. Sounds simple? It is. Unless you don't know how to reflect 
    lasers effectively (and who doesn't?), this boss should be a piece of cake. Keep 
    on reflecting until it goes into its second form. Repeat this process until it 
    dies. During the fight you may encounter some Pilot and Battle Droids. You can 
    either destroy them yourself, or lure the Starfighter Droid into killing them 
    for you. There are Force, health, and a Special Item power-ups scattered around 
    the stage. You get 1000 points for killing it so don't panic if you only have 
    around 23,000 points when you're fighting it. Once you beat it, you beat the 
    stage. Congratulations!
    Note: If you're playing as Amidala or Panaka shoot at the droid near the top 
    right corner or the bottom of the screen. You'll hit it every once in a while.
    B. L E V E L   2 :   S W A M P S   O F   N A B O O                         <^L2>
    POINTS EARNED:               AWARD:                         ENEMIES:
    7,000                        Combo Bonus                    Pilot Droid
    14,000                       Energy Bonus                   Battle Droid
    21,000                       Long Range Force Attack        Security Droid
                                                                Commander Droid
                                                                Slaatik Hagworm
    At the beginning of the level, you'll start in the middle of a bunch of droids. 
    You'll have to take care of all the droids that come at you in order to advance.
    There are some power-up near the brownish boxes in the back of the screen, do 
    overlook them. 
    Once you do kill them all off, you'll see a sequence showing a MTT scaring 
    numerous Kaadus and causing a stampede. 
    After sequence, you'll have to run away from the MTT while trying to avoid the 
    Kaadus who will occasionally run into you out sheer panic. Try to stay away from 
    them, they will only slow you down and cause you to lose some health. 
    Don't do anything but run like a madman. 
    After you get pass the stampede you'll be in a new area with a checkpoint. Grab 
    the checkpoint and proceed into the large clearing. 
    In the clearing, you'll again encounter many droids. You can kill most of them 
    from a distance by reflecting their lasers. There's an Ultimate Power-up hidden 
    in the bush near the top left corner of the screen. Grab it when you need it. 
    Behind the giant stump with the Randomizer on it is an extra life. I suggest you 
    collect the Randomizer. There are health and Force power-ups after it so you 
    won't lose much if it gives you a Challenge. 
    Proceed on to the area with the tall mushrooms. Use the tallest mushroom to jump 
    on to the platforms on the trees. Then make your way up the tree until reach the 
    top. Walk along the narrow tree branch and then hop to the next ledge. Don't 
    worry, there are invisible walls along both sides of the narrow branch so you 
    can't fall off even if you wanted to. 
    From the ledge, jump to the next plateau and dispose of all the droids while 
    collecting all of the power-ups. 
    When you've killed all the droids, move on to the next plateau. Always remember, 
    in stages that require you to do a lot of jumping sequences (Coruscant and 
    Tatooine) try to draw the fire of the enemy that is on the ledge or platform 
    that you are trying to jump to. That way you can deflect it and kill him, giving 
    you a clear landing space. 
    Continue from plateau to plateau, killing and collecting everything along the 
    way. Eventually, you'll reach a checkpoint. Kill everything around the 
    checkpoint before getting it, as usual. Then slowly make your way right 
    disposing of more hunks of junk. 
    You'll then see a small animation with four Battle Droids that activate 
    themselves and come to kill you. 
    Kill them and their friends near the control panels. Don't forget the lightsaber 
    power-up behind the computer near the back of the screen. 
    After that, you'll arrive in a fungus-filled valley. You know the drill, kill 
    anything that moves and get everything that helps you. 
    When you reach the group of droids near the narrow bridge, kill the Commander 
    Droid first. He has the most potential of knocking you off. Walk, don't run, 
    across the bridge while deflecting the fire from the droid that's on there. Kill 
    the droid near the checkpoint before getting it and then jump into the nearest 
    abyss. This checkpoint is the doubling-back point in this level. 
    After you're resurrected, backtrack as far as you can possibly go, killing and 
    plundering along the way. When you can no longer backtrack, go back to the 
    checkpoint and move on. 
    In one of the pits there is the first Gungan Artifact. If you have not gotten 
    that before on this game, do so now. Remember, when you're getting the Artifact 
    don't jump, drop down to it then double-jump back out. 
    Continue to the right. If you're shy a couple thousand points, drop into one of 
    the pits and collect a 2500 point bonus, if not, don't bother. 
    When you see an area with a health power-up you'll know the boss is coming up. 
    Only grab the health if you are in dire need of it. Try to save it for after the 
    first stage of the boss.
    B O S S :   S L A A T I K   H A G W O R M                                  <^L!>
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    The Slaatik Hagworm may seem hard at first but once you know its attack pattern 
    it will be a breeze. The worm will start off by spewing poison at you. To dodge 
    this, simply run around in circles like a moron. Then, when it rears it's ugly 
    head, run in and perform a stabbing attack (usually run+X). Don't Lock-on 
    because its next attack will be a quick tail-whip attack. It will try to hit 
    with its tail. Just run out of the way after you have hit it to avoid the tail. 
    The Slaatik Hagworm will then raise its head up again. This is another 
    opportunity for you to strike it. He will then repeat this pattern until you hit 
    it one more time. Hit it one more time while it rears it head to send off into 
    the second stage of his attacks. 
    WARNING: if you try to attack any other part of his body while it's not reared 
    up, it won't register as any type of damage to him, though you will get some 
    points for it.
    In the second stage of the fight, the worm will start off again with its poison 
    breath attack. You now have less space to run around so be careful. 
    An alternative strategy is to run behind Jar-Jar Binks. Surprisingly, all of the 
    poison will hit him instead of you. 
    After the poison subsides, run in for another stabbing attack. 
    When the worm gets hit, it will retreat partway into his cave and then send out 
    some Kreetles to do its dirty work. 
    Kill them with a hacking attack and it will once again start over with the 
    poison breath. Hit him two more times to beat the level.
    C. L E V E L   3 :   C I T Y   O F   T H E E D                             <^L3>
    POINTS EARNED:               AWARD:                         ENEMIES:
    10,500                       Energy Bonus                   Pilot Droids
    21,000                       Combo Bonus                    Battle Droid
    31,500                       Attack Bonus                   Rifle Droid
                                                                Security Droid
                                                                Destroyer Droid
                                                                Flame Droid
                                                                Turret Droid (Boss)
    Ahhh....this is my favorite level. Not only do you get to drive an AAT and blow 
    up tons of stuff, but the level is really easy to beat. 
    First things first: I would like to point out that if you are not successful at 
    rescuing at least seven handmaidens by the time you reach the boss then you fail 
    the level and you have to start over again, minus one credit. But don't panic, I 
    will tell you how to get the seven and more. 
    Okay, at the beginning of the level go to the left and collect a Special Item 
    power-up. Then go back to the right and kill all of the droids, starting with 
    the Rifle Droid. After that, collect the two hidden health power-ups in the 
    tress to the far right. 
    Make your way up the stairs and continue to destroy the droids. Don't forget the 
    Force power-up near the bottom of the screen, to the left, at the top stairs. 
    There's also a lightsaber power-up on the bottom of the screen on the right side 
    before the drop. 
    Once you have cleared everything, just jump, no need to double-jump, down to the 
    area below. You'll see a handmaiden fleeing from a Security Droid and two Battle 
    Droids. Take care of the chumps before rescuing the maiden. 
    WARNING: if you attack the handmaiden while you have the Ultimate Saber 
    equipped, it will kill her. 
    There's a power-up in the stairs near the maiden. 
    Follow the maiden to the bottom of the screen where you will find more droids to 
    slaughter. Kill them all and grab the power-up before hopping up on to the 
    narrow grassy ledge. Walk carefully along this ledge to find a maiden being 
    attacked by a Battle Droid. Quickly save her. Then follow her near the bottom of 
    the screen where four more droids come to avenge the death of their fallen 
    Jump down to the lower section after you've killed off the droids. 
    Here you find many different types of droids. Kill the Rifle Droid first, as 
    always, and proceed to rescue the third maiden. 
    There's a Blade Amplifier behind one of the pillars and a Randomizer behind 
    Continue to the right to find a checkpoint guarded by two droids. When you've 
    killed them and grabbed the checkpoint, you have two options: one, you can jump 
    up on to the green roof and fight your way on the high road. Or two, you can 
    battle it out on the low road. The high road has a handmaiden but the low road 
    offers more points. It's a tough decision, but I'll make it for you. You can 
    take both paths. 
    In the next section I will explain to you how to get the handmaiden and rack up 
    huge points. 
    First, go on to bottom path, killing all of the Droidakas and grabbing the 
    various power-ups. 
    Note: sometimes the Destroyer Droids will magically "resurrect" themselves right 
    behind you even though you swear you just killed them. To me this isn't a 
    disadvantage, it just means you'll get double the points. 
    When you reach the end of the path you'll see a droid guarding a handmaiden with 
    a checkpoint next to them. Kill the droid and rescue the maiden, but DO NOT get 
    the checkpoint. Instead, backtrack the bottom path until you come to the 
    beginning near the small, green roof. Get on top of that roof and then make your 
    way through the top path. 
    Along the way, be sure to rescue fourth handmaiden and collecting all of the 
    power-ups. When you reach the end drop on to the small green roof at 6:00. Then 
    run up the stairs and grab the extra life before going down to grab the 
    checkpoint that you bypassed earlier. 
    Climb up to the highest roof and jump off, resulting in your death. You'll be 
    warped to the checkpoint with all of the droids and handmaidens resurrected. 
    Backtrack all the way through the bottom path until you come to the checkpoint. 
    Again, DON'T grab the checkpoint. Instead, go to the left and kill off all the 
    droids and rescue the handmaiden again. 
    Now go and take the top path until you reach the end. Again, drop on to the 
    small, green roof and run back to the checkpoint near the beginning. This way 
    you should've racked up tremendous amounts of points while getting the remaining 
    maidens. Go back to the extra life and collect it again before moving on. Now 
    you've lost no lives, got all the handmaidens, and bagged big points. Pretty 
    cool, huh? 
    In the next area, you'll see an AAT stop in front of you wand three Pilot Droids 
    coming out. Kill them but don't get into the tank just yet. There seems to be 
    some kind of glitch that allows you to gain points while you attack your own 
    tank. Yes, simply Lock-on to it and start attacking the front of the tank. Or 
    you can use all of your Force doing a long range Force attack. 
    Don't worry, there's Force power-up hidden at the back of the trees to your 
    Strangely though, the point trick only works if you haven't gotten into the tank 
    yet. Anyway, hop into the tank and start blowing stuff up! Here are the controls 
    for the tank:
    Directional Buttons/Analog Stick: Steer tank
    L1/R1: Rotate main cannon
    R1+L1= Lock main cannon motion
    Triangle: Shoot main cannon
    Square: Shoot machine guns
    Circle: Shoot skirt energy shell launchers
    R2: Accelerate
    L2: Exit
    BTW, while you're inside of your tank, you are invulnerable to all attacks. 
    Nothing, not even you, can destroy your AAT. Also, you cannot run out of ammo 
    for any of the weapons for the tank. 
    Use the main cannon to take out other tanks and the machine guns and bouncy 
    bullets to destroy the droids. You may need to get use to the controls of the 
    tank before you are able to control it successfully. Once you've gotten the hang 
    of driving your tank, go on a killing spree. 
    Destroy all of the droids and the enemy AAT in the courtyard. If you want to 
    rescue the handmaiden, go ahead, although if you've been following this guide 
    correctly you should already have enough handmaidens. Then head on to what I 
    call the tank maze. 
    Basically just go around and destroy all of the droids and enemy tanks while 
    collecting all of the power-ups. When you're done exploring and killing go to 
    the top left hand corner of the maze and park your tank and go up the stairs for 
    more action.
    Note: it is possible to beat the tank maze on foot. I've done it before. The 
    best way beat the tank maze on foot is to use either Mace or Plo Koon. Lock-on 
    and use their long range Force powers to destroy the tanks. The droids shouldn't 
    pose much of a problem, just reflect their lasers back at them or use your 
    Items. Save your Force for the AATs. 
    Contrary to what most people think, the enemy tanks don't shoot at you as much 
    as they would if you were in your AAT.
    Once you've climbed the stairs, destroy all of the droids, rescue the handmaiden 
    and grab the checkpoint. Then continue through the level, destroying the droids 
    and collecting power-ups. 
    Once you reach the area with a fountain near the back of the screen, jump on to 
    the shrubbery on the bottom of the screen to find another handmaiden guarded by 
    a Security Droid. Also, on the left hand corner of the fountain there is an 
    Ultimate Power-up and a health power-up on the right. 
    Head to the right to see a short sequence. 
    Take care of the Flame Droids and grab the health power-up behind the tree and 
    on the stairs along with the Force power-up before getting the checkpoint and 
    moving on to the boss.
    B O S S :   T U R R E T   D R O I D                                        <^L@>
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    The Turret Droid is another easy boss. He has three different stages of attacks.
    When he has his energy shield on, just block his lasers, you can't hurt him in 
    this form. 
    Note: if you attack him when he has his shield on you'll get some points. This 
    is especially effective with Plo Koon or Adi. Use their Special Items and just 
    run against the Turret Droid's shield and watch your points rise like crazy. 
    When he lets down his shield rush in and attack him. Once you've hit him he'll 
    fold up and launch Thermal Detonators at you. Just stay close to him and attack 
    him. Though you won't do any damage you'll rack some points. 
    Then he'll go back into the shield and shoot at you. If you need more health or 
    Force, there are some power-ups in the corner of the battlefield. 
    Hit him a couple more times and one of his "arms" will come off. He will then 
    enter his second stage. First he'll riddle the ground with lasers. Following 
    that, he'll shoot a beam from his eye. This attack is easier to dodge than you 
    think. Just stay close to him and perform running Triangle attacks at the eye. 
    Don't get hit by the beam though, it takes off quite a bit of health. 
    Once you've hit it enough times in the second stage, it'll go into its last 
    stage. The Turret Droid runs around desperately try to hit you with its eye 
    beam. Again, like the second stage, just stay close to it and hit it's eye 
    enough times to destroy it.
    D. L E V E L   4 :   T H E E D   P A L A C E                               <^L4>
    POINTS EARNED:               AWARD:                         ENEMIES:
    14,000                       Energy Bonus                   Pilot Droid
    26,000                       Combo Bonus                    Battle Droid
    39,000                       Defense Bonus                  Rifle Droid
                                                                Security Droid
                                                                Commander Droid   
                                                                Grapple Droid
                                                                Destroyer Droid
                                                                Plasma Droid (Boss)
    Welcome to the Royal Theed Palace, home to the royal Queen Amidala. Too bad 
    she's being held captive somewhere in the Palace. You're objective is to find 
    her and escort her to the Royal Starfighter hanger. 
    Begin the level by destroying the plants near the rail. They'll give you some 
    early points. Throughout the level whenever you see these plants, slash them to 
    After you have killed the plants, hop over the railing and destroy all of the 
    droids on your left side. Ignore the droids in the distance for now. Continue up 
    the stairs on your left destroying everything that gets in your way. 
    Note: inside of the window sills along the wall are various power-ups, use them 
    when you need to.
    When you reach a gray metal door with two Grapple Droids guarding it, kill the 
    droids but don't go in the door yet. Instead, continue to your right, carving a 
    path of destruction. Eventually you'll reach the beginning again. Now go and 
    finish off the droids in the distance and grabbing the remaining power-ups. You 
    will now have killed and taken everything in the first area. 
    Return to the metal door and go in. Inside the hallway you'll encounter many 
    droids at one time as you progress. Reflect their fire from a distance and use 
    you long range Force attacks if possible. When you reach the end of the hallway, 
    kill the remaining Commander Droid and go to your right. BTW, this is a sort of 
    "point of no return." 
    Continue to destroy the droids until you see a checkpoint. Kill everything 
    around the checkpoint before getting it and jumping off the ledge. If don't feel 
    like you can double-back and complete the next jumping sequence on the same 
    credit, I suggest you don't kill yourself and move on until you get a good grip 
    on jumping. If you do want to get the extra points, you'll be warped back with 
    all of the droids and power-ups intact. 
    Double-back as far as you can, killing and collecting everything that you did 
    the first time here.
    Note: some people have said that they cannot get through the door on the left 
    after they have killed themselves. To get past this, go to the small ledge with 
    a plant near the bottom left corner of the screen. Double-jump against the 
    windows to provoke the Droidekas to shoot at you. If you're lucky they might 
    shoot out one of the windows, allowing you a way back into the hallway. 
    Once you're done doubling-back, prepare for a grueling jumping sequence. 
    First jump onto the small ledge on your left and then jump straight up, on to 
    the first balcony. Kill the droid before slashing at the windows in the 
    background. If you haven't figured it out yet, they also give you points like 
    the plants. 
    You may hear the buzzing of a STAP in the background after you've jumped on to 
    the first ledge. Just reflect its fire every time you hear it fly by for a shot 
    at you. It'll eventually blow up after you have reflected enough shots at it. 
    You may want to kill it on the first balcony so that it won't distract you when 
    you're jumping. 
    If you can do this part without any problems skip this next part and move with 
    the guide.
    From the first balcony, take two jumps to the left, land, break the windows for 
    points, and two more jumps to the left. Take breather before trying to deflect 
    the lasers from the right. If you can't deflect effectively, wait until after he 
    has shot to jump. Then, a double-jump to your right, break the windows, and 
    continue to your right after deflecting more fire. Then one more double-jump to 
    your left. Now you may see two different landing spots for your next jump. 
    Though it is possible to make it to the top platform, it is highly risky and you 
    shouldn't do it no matter how good you are at jumping. Your goal is to try and 
    make it to the bottom balcony. Try to hug the far wall in mid-air and wait until 
    the last second to do your second jump. Remember, if you die on this part, 
    you'll be taken back to the checkpoint at the bottom of the jumping sequence 
    where you'll have to double-back again, and that's not something you want. 
    When you're on the bottom balcony, take two jumps to the platform on the right 
    with a Force power-up. You'll be able to see a droid on a platform above you on 
    your right. I haven't been able to get him to shoot at me no matter what I did. 
    So double-jump toward him and pray that he does not shoot you in mid-jump. Kill 
    the droid and the windows before taking two more jumps to your right. Now you'll 
    see a wall in front of you. Just double-jump to your right and you'll end up on 
    a platform with a Grapple Droid. Dispose of him and continue to take care of the 
    others. Destroy all of the potted plants and grab the power-ups before moving on 
    to a similar platform on your right. You know what to do, kill everything 
    possible before attempting the next perilous jump. 
    On the next platform you'll see a Security Droid shooting at you from his post. 
    There is no way to reflect his lasers or can you hit him with your Items or 
    Force powers (I've heard that Mace can occasionally hit him with his long range 
    Force attack). Remember, jump only after he has fired all of his shots. The 
    droid may be able to hit you occasionally, depending on how close you stand. 
    Once you're on the platform, kill the remaining droids and collect the remaining 
    power-ups before going on to the last jumping sequence. 
    Follow my instructions very carefully here, one wrong move and you'll be back at 
    the beginning of this section. 
    First take two jumps to the platform on the right. Deflect droid fire. Then use 
    only ONE jump down to the platform on your right. Kill the remaining droid and 
    grab all of the power-ups. From here, DO NOT go to your right. It's a drop to 
    your death. Instead, jump back on to the platform on your left, you know, the 
    very first one. Now, one jump to your lower right. Deflect more droid fire 
    before jumping down to you lower right again. Now one more long jump to your 
    right where the droid is. From here you can see the end! If you can, kill the 
    droid on the potted plant trough before jumping down to where he was. 
    Note: if you jump straight toward the ground instead of the plant trough, you'll 
    probably die. Kill all of the droids and enter the next room with....... 
    a checkpoint! Congratulations, you've managed to survive the grueling jumping 
    In this room just do some basic slaughtering. Save the power-ups until you 
    really need them. 
    When you're in the next room, destroy all of the windows for massive points 
    while killing the droids and getting the power-ups. 
    You'll eventually reach a giant room with a big tomb in the middle. Kill and 
    plunder everything in the room and prepare to jump on the tomb. You're not the 
    only one whose died many times trying to this next part right. 
    Go to the bottom of the screen and jump ONCE over the railing. Then when you're 
    about halfway down, jump again to cushion your fall. 
    Once you are down on the tomb, run down to the bottom of the screen to collect 
    some power-ups. Then run to the top part of the tomb and an animation will load. 
    Go through the next part, until you see another short animation. 
    Kill everything on the screen before rescuing the Queen. If you don't, she won't 
    come with you. BTW, there's a power-up behind the chair near the Queen and some 
    hidden behind the two pillars. 
    When you've rescued her, you're supposed to go and escort her to the starship 
    hanger. But, what you may not have realized is that the droids rarely ever 
    intentionally shoot or hit her. You don't even have to stay next to her you can 
    run ahead and kill everything on the screen. I usually take my time here and let 
    the Queen go on ahead of me. 
    When you've reached the spiral staircase the Queen will break out in a run. Let 
    her. The droids won't shoot at her so you have nothing to fear. Go up the 
    stairs, methodically killing everything in your path. There's also a Force 
    power-up on the stairs. Just hug the railing as you run up to get it. 
    At the end you'll see the Queen (if you let her go in front of you). Kill 
    everything in the last room before grabbing the checkpoint and moving on to the 
    boss fight.
    B O S S :   P L A S M A   D R O I D S                                      <^L#>
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    The Plasma Droids are easy. In fact, they're regular enemies on Level 7. Just 
    run in and attack them when they stop firing their green plasma energy at you. 
    Use all of your Force powers and Items, this is the last fight of the level. If 
    you need it, there's a health power-up in one of the nooks. They take six hits 
    unless you're using Plo Koon, or if you got the Attack Bonus on Level 3. If 
    you're playing as Adi or Plo use their Special Item to avoid damage. Again, if 
    you have the Ultimate Saber on, it will kill the Plasma Droids in one hit, 
    though you won't get as much points.
    E. L E V E L   5 :   T A T O O I N E                                       <^L5>
    POINTS EARNED:               AWARD:                         ENEMIES:
    12,000                       Combo Bonus                    Tusken Raider
    23,000                       Energy Bonus                   Jawa
    34,000                       Defensive Force Power          Sith Probe Droid
                                                                Armored Krakkiss
                                                                Darth Maul (Boss)
    You begin the level next to young Anakin Skywalker. You must protect him through 
    the first swarm of Tusken Raiders. Don't let Anakin get hit by any attacks, 
    including your own. If he does, he'll eventually die. 
    Fight through the Tusken Raiders until Anakin runs off the screen. A few moments 
    later you'll be able to follow him. The Jawas in the next area are pushovers. 
    Just deflect their lasers or swipe at them. 
    Soon you will see Anakin again. This time when you run over to him an explosion 
    will go off leaving you stunned (why would a powerful Jedi like yourself hold 
    your head from that minor blast like that? Maybe Jedi's aren't as powerful as we 
    thought them to be....?). Anyway, a brave Jawa will come and steal Anakin's 
    hyperdrive. Anakin will run off after him, regardless of your futile yelling. 
    From here on you won't have to protect Anakin anymore. What a relief, that 
    future Sith Lord is a handful. 
    Continue with your quest, killing the remaining Jawa and Tusken Raiders until 
    you come to some metallic structures with some Tusken Raiders near them. Kill 
    the Tusken Raiders and grab the power-ups before heading down to the bottom of 
    the screen to find a Tusken Raider hideout. If you're low on health or Force, 
    scurry into the house and grab the power-ups and the Blade Extender on the roof 
    before going back to the battle. 
    Go on to your right until you see a checkpoint and some Sith Probes. You will 
    also see Anakin running after the Jawa on the top of the narrow bridges high 
    above you. There isn't any way that I know of to get up there unless you're 
    using a GameShark. And even if you do manage to go up there, you can't kill the 
    Jawa, the Tusken Raider, or Anakin. Anyway, grab the checkpoint and double-back 
    after you've killed yourself. 
    Note: you may not be able to beat the next part on one try so you may want to 
    practice before doubling back. 
    When you're warped back you can double-back to as far as the beginning of the 
    level. Yes, the very beginning. This will give you massive points, guaranteeing 
    you the 34k when you finish the level. 
    When you're done doubling-back be prepared for another jumping sequence (I know, 
    I know, you just finished the one on Level 4, another is coming up). This next 
    part can be tricky if you don't know what to do. But with my help you can get 
    through this next section with ease. I can usually beat this section without 
    losing a credit, including doubling-back, but that required many hours of 
    practice. Again, if you can do this entire jumping sequence without any problems 
    then skip this next section.
    From the point where you got the checkpoint, deflect the lasers from the two 
    Sith Probes before taking one jump to the small pillar. Wait to reflect more 
    Sith Probe fire. Then one jump to the next small pillar. Also wait until the 
    Tusken Raider has shot before attempting this. From here, double-jump to the 
    plateau where the Tusken Raider is. Kill them before getting the Special Item 
    power-up. Go toward the right edge of this plateau to deflect more droid lasers. 
    Note: it is possible to jump to the next section of this plateau and then along 
    the far wall. This will allow you to skip the majority of the entire jumping 
    sequence, but you will miss the second Gungan Artifact along with a few other 
    power-ups. Instead, wait until the Tusken Raider has shot at you before making 
    one jump to the next small pillar. 
    Deflect more fire. Two jumps to the next pillar. Wait to reflect more fire. Jump 
    to the next large pillar. Kill the Sith Probes before getting the health power-
    up. Now, run down to the bottom of the screen. It looks like a cliff but this is 
    actually where the power-ups lie. Just perform a "leap-of-faith" at about 6:00. 
    The view will change and you can see a lone Jawa outside his house. Kill the 
    Jawa and rob his house. The fabled Gungan Artifact is also in there. After 
    you're done plundering go back to the plateau with the health power-up and 
    continue with the rest of the jumping sequence. 
    Wait until both Tusken Raiders have fired at the same time before doing two 
    jumps to the next pillar. Try to kill the Tusken Raiders with your long range 
    Force technique if you can (Mace, Qui-Gon, and Adi have moves work well). If you 
    can't, two jumps to the next pillar and then two more to where they are. Kill 
    them and jump once back to the pillar from which you came. One jump to the next 
    pillar after the Tusken Raider has fired. Two more jumps to the next little 
    pillar, deflect the Sith Probe's fire, and jump down to the next plateau. 
    Deflect all three of the Sith Probes fire before moving to the right (if you go 
    up you will only face one Tusken Raider with a health power-up) and dropping to 
    the next pillar. Kill the Tusken Raider if you can. If not wait until he has 
    fired then one jump to the last pillar. And finally, two more jumps to safety. 
    Quickly grab the checkpoint and kill the Tusken Raiders. Drop down from the next 
    ledge to kill two more Tusken Raiders before activating the animation. To avoid 
    the avalanche just hug the far wall and jump past the rocks when you get a 
    chance. There's also an extra life to the bottom of the screen near the middle 
    of the hill. 
    When you're at the top, kill the guy for all of the pain and misery he and his 
    kind have caused you throughout this level. 
    Progress through the part with the caves until you come to the Sarlacc Pit. You 
    can't kill the Sarlacc in any way, no matter what you use (Special Items, Force, 
    There's a 1000 point bonus on a platform on the lower right hand corner of the 
    Get the checkpoint after killing the Tusken Raiders. This could be a doubling-
    back point but if you did the earlier mentioned one you probably won't have to 
    kill yourself here. If you do choose to kill yourself, you can go all the way 
    back to avalanche part and further. 
    Continue up the slopes killing the Sith Probe Droids and Tusken Raiders until 
    you come to the checkpoint. This is the last checkpoint so you'll have to live 
    through this next boss and Darth Maul at the end on the same credit.
    B O S S :   A R M O R E D   K R A K K I S S                                <^L$>
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    The Armored Krakkiss has three different attacks. The best place to avoid them 
    is to stand at the bottom of the screen, near where you were placed at the 
    beginning of the boss fight. 
    First the Armored Krakkiss will roll around the battlefield trying to hit you. 
    If you stay at the bottom of the screen, near the beginning, this attack 
    shouldn't hit you. If you're close enough, he'll then swish around trying to hit 
    you with his tail. Just stand out of the way or double-jump over this. 
    The Armored Krakkiss will then swish around again and run back a few steps 
    before roaring at you. This is the only time you can hurt it. When it raises its 
    head, run in with a running X attack and hit it. You can also use your Force or 
    Special Items at this time. 
    After you've hit it, get out of the way. It will go back into the rolling 
    attack. If you're too far away after it has done its roll, it will smack its 
    tail on to the ground, sending many boulders crashing down upon the playing 
    field. The boulders always land in the same spot so if you've found a safe spot 
    just stand there. You can tell where a boulder's going to fall by its shadow. 
    After you've hit it enough times it will crash through a wall, leaving you an 
    exit. Grab any power-ups you missed before heading out.
    Kill all of the Tusken Raiders in the next section and grab the Ultimate Power-
    up. Hop over the wall (no special technique required, just drop or jump over 
    it). Fight through the Tusken Raider camp and make your way up the slopes and 
    get your stolen hyperdrive from a Tusken Raider (if you don't Anakin will demand 
    that you get it). Give the hyperdrive to Anakin and prepare to face Darth Maul 
    for the first time.
    B O S S :   D A R T H   M U A L                                            <^L%>
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    This is the infamous Sith Lord who killed Qui-Gon in Star Wars Episode 1: The 
    Phantom Menace. This is also the same Darth Maul you get for beating the game 
    with Qui-Gon except for some minor changes. Refer to the Secrets section for 
    more info. 
    Maul can be really easy or really hard. It depends on who you are. You can just 
    run around in circles until time runs out, but you won't get the points for 
    hitting him. 
    If you're using Qui-Gon or Obi-Wan, just Lock-on and keep pressing X if you're 
    Qui-Gon or Square if you're Obi-Wan. 
    Adi's bubble doesn't hurt but it does waste some time as Darth Maul keeps 
    blocking the attack, never getting to attack you. 
    If you're Plo Koon, use your long range Force power and pray for the best. 
    Use your short range Force attack if you're Mace. 
    There's a Force power-up in the top right hand corner. Use it when you need to. 
    The battle ends after a few minutes.
    F. L E V E L   6 :   C O R U S C A N T                                     <^L6>
    POINTS EARNED:               AWARD:                         ENEMIES:
    17,000                       Combo Bonus                    Mercenaries
    34,000                       Energy Bonus                   Sith Probe Droid
    51,000                       Attack Bonus                   Mercenary Leader
    Welcome to Coruscant, the longest level in the game. It's so long that it has to 
    be cut into two different stages. 
    Start the level by killing the Sith Probe Droids and the Mercenaries in the next 
    room. And don't forget the Special Item near the wall. 
    When you're on the taxi, another one carrying two Mercenaries will intercept 
    your taxi. Be very careful when fighting on the taxi. You are extra vulnerable 
    at this time. 
    When the ride is over, continue down the path until you come to a dead end. Grab 
    the power-ups and kill the Mercenaries before going back. 
    Hop to the building on the right when you get to the part of the path that 
    widens out. Get the Saber Amplifier on the edge of the building before hopping 
    on to the roof. Jump down to the next area and kill all of the enemies. There's 
    also a Special Item on a building to the right edge of the platform. 
    Go down the next corridor killing more Mercenaries. When you reach the 
    checkpoint kill all of the enemies around it and grab the Force power-up before 
    getting it. Then kill yourself and double-back as far as you can go. This will 
    give you massive points, if you don't die. You'll need it too. This level 
    requires 51,000 points to max it out. You can go as far back as the end of the 
    first taxi ride. 
    When you're done, drop on to the yellow taxi, then on to the purple one with a 
    Rodian, and finally on to a brown one with another Mercenary. Hop on to the next 
    roof after you have disposed of the Mercenaries. Continue to jump past the 
    roofs, leaving more dead bodies of Mercenaries as you go. 
    When you've climbed the first flight of stairs and killed the Mercenaries around 
    it, jump past the left railing at about 8:00. You'll land on a platform with a 
    1000 point bonus. Jump back and continue on with the level. 
    The upgraded Sith Probe Droids along the bridge take more hits to kill than the 
    standard type, so don't run off after you've deflected one shot. 
    Kill the Mercenaries in the next area and run down the stairs. There's an extra 
    life power-up to the left of you. Just hop over the railing to get it. 
    When you're at the edge of a slanted roof, jump on and slide to the bottom then 
    jump back up the roof and back on to flat ground. This will hopefully draw the 
    fire of a Sith Probe Droid so that you can take him out before you jump. 
    When it's dead, jump on to the sloped roof and then on to the next building. 
    Deflect more droid fire. Then go about from building to building deflecting 
    droid fire as you go. 
    You'll soon see a building with a giant fan next to it. You're probably 
    wondering where to go from here. Just jump to the fan to let it blow you on to 
    the next building. Kill the Mercenaries and jump on to the next fan. Continue 
    this process until you reach a platform with a checkpoint and some Mercenaries. 
    Kill the Mercenaries, grab the checkpoint, then drop on to the next taxi, and 
    prepare for a short animation. 
    Note: you can kill the first guy who flies by if you're Captain Panaka or Queen 
    Amidala. He takes two shots before he'll die.
    After the animation, the Mercenary Leader's private limo will ram your own taxi. 
    Quickly jump from your car to the limo in order to survive. Wait until the limo 
    stops before jumping to a platform on your right. You have to kill the two 
    Mercenaries before you can get the taxi to rise between the gap. 
    In the next area, remember to deflect the fire from the Sith Probe Droids before 
    making any jumps. Try to draw their fire if you can. 
    At the top of the building you'll encounter more slanted roofs. Make sure no 
    enemies are near you when doing this part. They may distract you from your 
    Slide off the first roof and then jump on to the second. At the bottom of the 
    second sloped roof jump back up the roof a bit to get the Sith Probe Droid to 
    shoot at you. Time their fire and then jump on to the third sloped roof. Here 
    you can deflect the droids fire with no problem. Oh, and don't bother getting 
    the Blade Extender, its not worth the risk. Continue on the fourth and final 
    roof, avoiding the fire of the droids as you go. 
    When you are on safe ground, kill the Mercenaries and continue south. You'll 
    soon reach an area with lots of Mercenaries. Kill them, collect the Force power-
    up in the bottom right corner. Then jump up to the first level of the building 
    and kill more Mercenaries. Continue jumping up the building until you reach the 
    checkpoint. Kill everything around the checkpoint before getting it. Then kill 
    yourself and double-back as far as the bottom of the sloped roofs. 
    When you're crossing then fans, be sure to walk across deflecting Mercenary fire 
    as you go. Remember, if you slip to the left or right, you'll be blown into 
    Note: I found out something very weird when I was playing this level. If you 
    walk off the narrow bridge in between the fans on to the part that appears to be 
    smooth ground you'll still survive. This is the part between the fans, it's 
    slanted like the sloped roofs. There's isn't anything special down there and 
    you'll probably be wasting your time.
    When you're at the end of the fans, you'll have to kill a certain amount of 
    Mercenaries before a taxi will stop in between the two buildings. 
    Hop on to the taxi. Pause to deflect Mercenary fire. Then jump on to the next 
    platform. Kill all of the Mercenaries then move on to the right. Wait for a line 
    of taxis to come, jump on to them, and quickly jump on to the next building. 
    There's an extra life at the bottom of the screen here. Fight your way through 
    the crowd of Mercenaries.
    When you are jumping to the roofs at the bottom of the screen be sure not to get 
    hit by the Sith Probe's fire or you're going to be warped all the way back to 
    the beginning of the fans. On each roof pause to reflect the fire before moving 
    on to the next one. This is extremely important as you will get shot in mid-air 
    if you don't. 
    At the end of the roof sequence, there are health and Force power-ups on the 
    bottom left side on the building. You won't be needing them, however, because 
    the end of the first part of the level is coming up. You'll have all of your 
    health and Force refilled but all of your Items will be gone. Jump on to the 
    white platform to activate the second part of Coruscant.
    You'll begin the second part of Coruscant on a platform with some Sith Probes. 
    Kill them and jump to the building on your right. Kill all of the Mercenaries in 
    this area and grab the Special Item power-up in the back of the screen near the 
    two Mercenaries. Then use then fans to blow yourself over to the Mercenary 
    Leader's limo.
    WARNING: if you don't kill all of the Mercenaries on the building before this, 
    the limo may not be here so you'll blow yourself into the pit with no landing 
    spot. Make sure you spend enough time on the building before you jump on to the 
    From the limo jump on to the platform on the right and kill the Mercenaries 
    here. Then go to the rear of the screen and double-jump on to the building on 
    the left. Then continue on the buildings until you find the 2500 point bonus. Go 
    back to the platform from which you came after you've gotten the points power-
    Go up the stairs but don't go too far. In the middle of the stairs make a blind 
    double-jump to the bottom of the screen where you'll land on a platform with an 
    extra life. 
    Continue through the level until you come to some taxis. Kill the thugs and hop 
    on. Fight through the next area and hop on to another taxi at the end. Your ride 
    will be cut short by another taxi bearing two thugs. Kill them and jump on to 
    their taxi.
    Note: even if you can kill the two Mercenaries from your taxi, the next sequence 
    won't activate until you jump on to their taxi.
    After you've jumped on to the Mercenaries taxi, you'll see two taxis collide 
    with each other in the background. Jump on to your first taxi to avoid being 
    When your ride ends, jump to a barely visible platform to your right. Grab the 
    checkpoint and wait until you see taxis drive beneath the platform your on. 
    The drop to the taxis can be very tricky. All you have to do is wait until the 
    taxi passes directly underneath you and then drop, no need to jump, on to it. 
    Ride the taxi until you see an overpass coming up. Jump to the building on your 
    right at the very last moment. Hop up the slopes to the path at the top. There's 
    an extra life power-up on a small ledge to the right of the path. Hop on to the 
    railing to get a better view. Drop down to get it. Then continue go north. Kill 
    all of the Mercenaries and grab the Ultimate Power-up at the end. Go back the 
    way you came, slaughtering the Mercenaries as you go. 
    In the next section you'll have to be careful, the bridges are narrow and the 
    green Mercenaries can send you flying easily. Go through the area until you come 
    to a checkpoint. 
    If you wanted to, you could use this checkpoint as a doubling-back point but 
    this means you'll have to beat the boss, who's coming up, on the same credit. If 
    you're up to it, jump off the closest ledge. If not, jump on to the next 
    platform to activate the boss fight. If you do double-back you can go as far 
    back as the room with the Ultimate Power-up. When you're ready, go fight the 
    B O S S :   M E R C E N A R Y   L E A D E R                                <^L^>
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    The Mercenary Leader has three different stages of attacks. In the first stage, 
    he'll throw Thermal Detonators at you. The best way to avoid this attack is to 
    run at him and swerve aside when you see him raise his arm to throw the Thermal 
    Detonator at you, about one body length away. Then rush in and unleash a combo. 
    He'll teleport away from you and repeat his attack. Sometimes you he'll taunt 
    you after he has thrown his Thermal Dets. This is a great time to pound the crap 
    out of him. 
    After you hit him enough times, he'll run off into the second stage of his 
    attack. Follow him into the next room. During the second stage, he'll mainly 
    shoot his blaster and teleport to a different area. Just reflect his laser and, 
    if you're lucky, it'll hit him. The main way to damage him is to wait until he 
    teleports next to you then hit him hard. You can also get him when he's doing 
    his stupid taunt after he's shot his blaster. What you don't want to do is run 
    all over the room trying to hit him. You simply won't get him. In the middle of 
    the second stage he'll start throwing Thermal Dets while shooting his gun. Just 
    use the strategy form the first room to dodge the Thermal Detonators. Again, 
    he'll run off after you've given enough beatings and again you'll have to 
    follow. But first, grab the power-ups if you haven't done so, you won't be 
    coming back. 
    In the third and final stage, he'll start off by teleporting in front of the 
    sacred Jedi Temple and sending some off his henchmen at you. They should pose no 
    problem, you've been fighting throughout the whole level. Then he'll come back 
    to try and finish you off himself. This is the time to serious slash at him with 
    your combos. You can also blow him off the building using Thermal Dets or a 
    Force power. But beware, if you do you won't get points for killing him. Before 
    long, he'll go to his grave leaving you with a victory.
    Note: I've gotten over to the platform that he teleports to during the third 
    stage with GameShark. But I haven't found anything useful over there. And if you 
    stay over there after you've killed his Mercenaries he'll teleport back to the 
    platform from which you came. After a few moments he'll try to jump towards you, 
    committing suicide and allowing you to move on to the next level.
    G. L E V E L   7 :   R U I N S                                             <^L7>
    POINTS EARNED:               AWARD:                         ENEMIES:
    20,000                       Energy Bonus                   Pilot Droid
    25,000                       Combo Bonus                    Battle Droid
    30,000                       Defense Bonus                  Rifle Droid
                                                                Security Droid
                                                                Commander Droid
                                                                Plasma Droid
                                                                Carnivorous Plant
                                                                Gungan Chief (Boss)
    Begin this level by running down the hill, killing all of the droids that get 
    near you. Most of them will run into the screen only after you have killed a 
    certain number of them. At the bottom of the hill, continue up the screen, 
    destroying more droids as you go.
    Note: If you don't kill all of the droids on the screen the game won't let you 
    progress to the next part unless you have made sure that all of the droids are 
    Keep going until you come to a valley full of droids. Leap in there and destroy 
    _ALL_ of the droids. If you don't, the computer will not let you proceed into 
    the next area. 
    Note: There's an extra life on a ledge up at the top left corner of the 
    battlefield and a 1000 point bonus at the northern most part of the pit. It is 
    behind a stack of boxes near the far wall of the pit. It blends with the silver 
    boxes behind it, so it is hard to see.
    A good strategy is to stand in one spot deflecting lasers and only fighting the 
    droids that come near you. Avoid attracting large numbers of droids, especially 
    with Plo Koon, they may overwhelm you and cause you some considerable damage. 
    Make sure you have killed and collected everything that is in the valley before 
    moving on. 
    WARNING: Sometimes the game will glitch when you try to move on past the valley. 
    The camera will not scroll past the valley, leaving you to be stuck in there. 
    To get past this, make sure everything is dead and all of the power-ups are 
    collected. Or try double-jumping against the right side of the screen, hoping 
    that it will scroll forward, though this does not seem to work most of the time. 
    If you just can't get the screen to scroll, kill yourself by double-jumping 
    against the screen until your character starts to blink, meaning that in about 
    five seconds you're going to die because you were off the screen for too long. 
    Then restart from the beginning of the valley.
    When you've gotten past the valley, kill the Plasma Droids and all of the other 
    ones that run up to you before crossing the bridge. If you don't, the Plasma 
    Droids will probably knock you off. 
    Grab the checkpoint and kill yourself and proceed on doubling-back. You can go 
    as far back as the beginning of the droid-filled valley. After you've racked up 
    the points continue on with the game. Again, if your game glitches when you try 
    to go past the valley try the above mentioned tactics. If it still doesn't 
    scroll, make sure you've gotten the extra life and kill yourself so your death 
    won't be a total loss. Then try again (I know it's tedious but it's the only way 
    if you want the maximum points at the end of the level).
    Proceed to kill everything past the bridge until you come to a platform with a 
    droid on it. Kill the droid and go over to your left. There should be an 
    Ultimate Power-up hidden behind the hill.
    Note: Don't jump into the water. It will result in your immediate death.
    Jump onto the platform and continue to your right, time your jumps carefully, if 
    you don't, you'll end up in the abyss down below. 
    You'll eventually come to a fork in the path. You could take the high way, which 
    leads to a 2500 points power-up or the low road, which is a direct way to the 
    main path. If you choose the high road, you can double-jump back to the main 
    path by making a leap-of-faith at about 6:00 from the platform where the points 
    power-up is, then proceed on with the level. 
    The last few jumps of this part of the level require precision jumping. The 
    ledges are narrow so watch your shadow to see where to land. 
    On the second to last ledge, double-jump up to a small windowsill and pull 
    yourself up. Then go back one windowsill to get an extra life. From there drop 
    down at about 6:00 to land safely back on the ledges. When you're back on the 
    main path, continue until you're on safe ground.
    Note: a good thing to remember while fighting those pesky Kreetles is to never 
    let them gang up on you. If you do, you may never get out. Simply Lock-on to 
    them and use a hacking attack. Never use a horizontal slashing attack, you 
    merely be swiping at the air. And of course, the Carnivorous Plants are 
    Later on you'll notice the ground changes texture. That signals that you're 
    coming up to a Gungan trap. Once you jump into the trap, loads of droids will 
    pop out of nowhere to shoot you. Just deflect their lasers to dispose of them. 
    There's also an Ultimate Power-up in there. 
    A little bit east of the trap lies the final Gungan Artifact. It's behind a tree 
    trunk and some bushes. Get it and you'll unlock the secret level, Gungan 
    You'll know you've reached the end of the level when you see a load of Gungans 
    guarding the path to their boss. If you are low on health and you have the 
    required 30k you may want to run and grab the checkpoint and then kill yourself. 
    You'll be resurrected in that spot with full health and Force juice. Then just 
    run past them and kill the last three. This will trigger the boss animation.
    B O S S :   G U N G A N   C H I E F                                        <^L&>
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    At first the Gungan Chief will come down from his sacred head and challenge you 
    one-on-one. This part is the easiest. Just basic slashing combos will be enough 
    for him. When you've hurt him enough, he'll jump back on the head and send down 
    two regular Gungans to deal with you. Beat the pair he sends at you and he'll 
    come down again. After about three rounds of this pattern, the Gungan Chief will 
    start to throw out Gungan energy balls at you while Kaadus come and try to 
    distract you. To avoid this, run around in circles and try not to get hit; those 
    balls pack a punch. After he tosses the energy balls, he'll come down again. 
    This time, finish him off.
    Note: When you are about to kill him, make sure he is either in front or to the 
    right side of the giant head. If you don't, he'll just keep walking against the 
    stupid monolith, and you'll have to restart the level.
    WARNING: If you manage to kill him too quickly (i.e., Adi's Bubble with the 
    Ultimate Saber on), he'll just disappear and you'll be stuck in the level. You 
    can still move and attack but the ending animation won't load. So needless to 
    say, don't beat his ass too quickly. This has happened to me at least four 
    H. L E V EL   8 :   S T R E E T S   O F   T H E E D                        <^L8>
    POINTS EARNED:               AWARD:                         ENEMIES:       
    2,550                        Extra Life                     Pilot Droid
    5,100                        Combo Bonus                    Battle Droid
    7,650                        Energy Bonus                   Rifle Droid
                                                                Security Droid
                                                                Destroyer Droid
    This is the easiest level in the game. If you have problems on this level, you 
    should go practice with Elmo's Letter Adventure until you get the hang of using 
    your controller. 
    If you're new to this, just hold the brakes and take it slow. This way you'll 
    get the maximum amount of points for the level. Remember to shoot the gates and 
    iron doors, if you hit them with your STAP, you'll lose a credit. Iron doors 
    take two shots, gates require one. The STAP will sort of auto-aim your twin 
    cannons so you don't need to be exactly lined up with a droid to hit it. I've 
    never finished this level without getting the 7,650 points. In case you don't 
    know, here are the controls for flying the STAP:
    Directional Buttons:
    -Left/Right: Steer left or right
    -Up: Dive towards the ground
    -Down: Pull up 
    Triangle: Shoot (Just hold it down, no need to continue to pound it)
    X: Accelerate
    Square: Slow down/Brake
    Circle: N/A
    I. L E V E L   9 :   P A L A C E   C L I F F S                             <^L9>
    POINTS EARNED:               AWARD:                         ENEMIES:
    5,000                        Extra Life Bonus               STAP
    9,000                        Energy Bonus                   Rifle Droid
    14,000                       Combo Bonus                    Battle Droid
                                                                Security Droid
                                                                Destroyer Droid
                                                                Melee Destroyer
    Welcome to the Palace Cliffs. This is a very fast paced, action filled level. 
    Your goal is to reach the top of the cliff and rescue at least five Naboo Pilots 
    before the timer (350 sec.) ends. 
    Begin the level by going to your left and grabbing a hidden points power-up on a 
    ledge. You'll need it. Then head down the cliff as fast as you can, but be 
    careful, if you slip off a ledge you'll plunge to your death. Kill every enemy 
    you come to as fast as you can, that way you can get the points which you'll 
    need at the and of this level. However, avoid the STAP, it will only delay you. 
    When you reach the bottom, and you think you can manage it, head towards the 
    south where there will be an extra life and some droids for you to kill and 
    collect. If you're new to this level, you may want to skip this part and get 
    used to the layout of the land before you try anything dangerous. 
    Continue up the cliff, killing only those in your way. Try to memorize the 
    correct way to go. That way when you replay the level you can know exactly what 
    path to take and which ones to avoid. If you're playing as Adi or Plo this would 
    be a great time to use their Special Item if you have it. 
    When you reach the top, there will be six different rooms, each containing a 
    different type of enemy and one Pilot. You must kill all of the enemies in a 
    room to free the pilot. Here is a small map showing which room contains which 
    type of enemy:
                                 [UPPER LEVEL]
    _____________________  _____________________  _____________________
    |                   |  |                   |  |                   |
    |                   |  |                   |  |                   |
    |                   |  |                   |  |                   |
    |      Room A       |  |      Room B       |  |      Room C       |
    |                   |  |                   |  |                   |
    |                   |  |                   |  |                   |
    |                   |  |                   |  |                   |
    ---------------------  ---------------------  ---------------------
                                 [LOWER LEVEL]
    _____________________  _____________________  _____________________
    |                   |  |                   |  |                   |
    |                   |  |                   |  |                   |
    |                   |  |                   |  |                   |
    |      Room D       |  |      Room E       |  |      Room F       |
    |                   |  |                   |  |                   |
    |                   |  |                   |  |                   |
    |                   |  |                   |  |                   |
    ---------------------  ---------------------  ---------------------
    Room A: This room is probably the hardest of all the rooms. It contains the 
    Melee Destroyer Droid, an upgraded version of the Destroyer Droid. They have 
    very good hand-to-hand combat skills and can fire the exact same lasers as the 
    Destroyer Droid. Avoid this room if you're low on time. Go for the others first. 
    Try to head into this room with a lot of Force juice and health.
    Room B: Three Destroyer Droids lurk in this room. You've faced them before, this 
    shouldn't be that different. Just use the same strategy you used on previous 
    Destroyer Droids on these guys. There's an Ultimate Power-up in front of this 
    Room C: Room C is one of the easiest rooms. The Rifle Droids should be no 
    problem for you. Just run up in zigzagging patterns and take them out with one 
    running Triangle attack. Keep them away from the pilot so they don't 
    accidentally hit him.
    Room D: Another easy room. Flame Droids usually die in one hit so they shouldn't 
    pose that much of a threat. Remember, avoid being surrounded and dodge their 
    flame attacks. If you feel trapped, double-jump out and try again.
    Room E: This room contains three Grapple Droids. If you're low on time, try 
    another room first. Go in this room with full Force power, a lightsaber power-
    up, and some decent health. This will be a long battle and you want to be 
    prepared. Try to start out with a Special Item or Force power and then rush in 
    with a devastating combo.
    Room F: If you choose this room you'll have to face four Security Droids. Piece 
    of cake. You've been fighting them since the first level. By now you should be 
    able to take these guys out with no problem.
    Remember, you get 250 points for every pilot you rescue and if you rescue all 
    six, the level ends. So if you're short on points and you have five pilots 
    rescued, you can backtrack down the cliff and kill some more droids or collect 
    any power-ups that you missed. Be careful, if you fall of a ledge or get killed 
    while going down, you'll have to start all over again, minus one credit. 
    BTW, you can't re-enter a room once you've beaten it or if you killed the pilot 
    in that particular room. This level requires some practice before your able to 
    get the maximum points on your first try. Don't panic if you don't have the 14k 
    required by the time the level ends. Just try again later, when you've got more 
    experience at doing this. There isn't a boss at the end of this level so once 
    your done rescuing you can move on to the last level.
    J. L E V E L   10 :   F I N A L   B A T T L E                              <^L0>
    POINTS EARNED:               AWARD:                         ENEMIES:
    4,000                        Combo Bonus                    Security Droid
    8,000                        Energy Bonus                   Rifle Droid
    12,000                       Attack Bonus                   Darth Maul (Boss)
    You've made it this far. This is the final level. After this level you can truly 
    consider yourself a Jedi Master. You've earned every health, Force, and Combo 
    bonuses, now it's time to put them to the ultimate test. Throughout this level 
    you'll have to face Darth Maul numerous times. This can be either very easy, or 
    very hard, depending on whom you're playing as. 
    Start the level by running to the right and triggering an animation. Darth Maul 
    will show up and do a little taunt to intimidate you. Then he'll run off and 
    wait for your attack. That coward. Okay here are strategies for the different 
    characters in the game on how to defeat Darth Maul:
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  
    This is extremely easy. Lock-on and continue to pound the Square button. That's 
    all there is to it. You can save you Force juice for later on.
    If you thought using Obi-Wan was easy, then Qui-Gon should be child's play. 
    Lock-on and keep pressing the X button. There seems to be a weird glitch in the 
    game that allows Qui-Gon to continue to hit Darth Maul without him ever getting 
    a chance to fight back. You continue to do this until he runs away from you 
    (which he will), or you can trap him in a corner and get revenge for what 
    happened at the end of Episode I. Hey, maybe that's why the game designers 
    decided to make it so easy to beat Darth Maul with Qui-Gon: they wanted revenge 
    for Qui-Gon's death at the end of Star Wars, Episode I...
    Mace Windu:
    This can be pretty hard. Mace's short range Force attack seems to be the best 
    way to hit Darth Maul. Whatever you do, do not use his long range Force attack, 
    Darth Maul will block _EVERY_ hit of it. Also, avoid using Mace's X and Triangle 
    attacks, they take to long and have poor recovery time. If you run out of Force 
    juice, you may want to just stick with the S,S,S combo. It has the best chance 
    at hitting.
    Adi Gallia:
    Adi is the second hardest character to beat Darth Maul with (we all know who's 
    the first...). To beat Darth Maul with Adi, hit him with a few quick slashes. 
    Then, when he gives about a second of opening, rush in with a devastating combo. 
    Do not use any of Adi's force powers except the long range one. The others have 
    no effect, and only use the L2+X one if you need to. It sometimes misses its 
    target on the first shot and has to search for it. This can leave Adi vulnerable 
    to attack and greatly damage her. Adi's Special Item is also useless, Darth Maul 
    has the unbelievable skill of blocking every bump of the bubble. An alternative 
    strategy is to just run in and keep hitting Square, like Obi-Wan. This is 
    extremely risky and Adi will get hit multiple times during the fight. Due to 
    Adi's great speed, you'll be able to land a few hits on Darth Maul before he 
    backs away or before you get hit.
    Plo Koon:
    This is by far the hardest character to beat that bastard Darth Maul with. Maul 
    just keeps dishing out the pain and Plo keeps taking it. Due to Plo's incredibly 
    slow speed, he can't land any combos on Maul. You'll have to use everything 
    you've learned to beat Maul with Plo Koon. If your strategy is to run around in 
    circles like you did on Tatooine, then you need a new strategy. You see, these 
    fights are based on the number of hits you give to Maul, not he amount of time 
    the fight takes. Speaking of the number of hits Maul can take before scurrying 
    off, it takes 10 hits in the first room, 12 in the next, 10 on the first 
    electrical bridge, 12 on the battle after that, 6 for each of the pre-final 
    rooms, and finally, 21 for the final unless you're Plo Koon. The only advantage 
    Plo has when fighting Maul is that it takes seven less hits in the final room 
    for Plo to kill him. Here is my strategy on beating Maul with Plo:
    First room:
    In this room, try to conserve your Force juice. Then when he's just starting to 
    run up to you, Lock-on and unleash the X,X,S,L2 combo. Don't do it when Maul's 
    right next to you, do it when you have some room. This might get you a few early 
    hits. If Maul blocks your entire combo, hold down block and jump back (while 
    still in Lock-on mode). From here you only need to use one combo: S,S,X. Do this 
    combo when you have some decent space between you and Maul. The reason being 
    that the S,S,X combo's first swing is kinda slow. If you have some room between 
    you and Darth Maul, you'll miss the first swing, but the other two will probably 
    hit. Whatever you do, do not engage Maul in a close fight. You'll be dead before 
    you know it. If Maul blocks your entire salvo, jump back (by pressing the run 
    button and back while in Lock-on mode) and immediately begin the combo again 
    when you land. If you hit Maul, wait until your combo is finished then start it 
    up again. Remember, when you're pressing the button combinations for the combos 
    you have to press the buttons pretty deliberately. If you hurry and just quickly 
    mash the buttons you'll end up with a single slash. You'll have to master the 
    attack/jump back sequence before you can successfully defeat Maul.
    Second room:
    Spare your health at all costs in this room. Use up your entire Force bar when 
    fighting Maul. But be sure to only use the L2+X power and not any of the others. 
    They have no effect and the long range Force attack almost always guaranties you 
    at least a hit. Don't lose this battle without having used up all of your Force, 
    you might've beaten him! If you run out of Force and he's still not gone, then 
    go back to the S,S,X combo strategy.
    First electric bridge:
    By now you should've had your force refilled due to the two Force power-ups 
    before this battle. Try to fight Maul as far up the bridge as you can. Don't 
    wait for him to come to you. You need a lot of room to jump back if he blocks 
    your S,S,X combo. Try to land three or four combos then finish him off with your 
    Electrical Judgment. Don't worry, there's a small Force power-up after this 
    Second bridge fight:
    This battle is pretty hard. Maul especially loves to shoot Force lightning at 
    you from far away. This poses some problems. One: it makes it hard to get up 
    close to Maul and do your combos. Two: it can knock you off the catwalk. Try to 
    come here and hit him with your Force lightning before his. Then, rush in and 
    perform the S,S,X combo sequence. Maul's attacks seem to knock you back at a 
    slight angle. So when you're fighting him make sure you're centered on the 
    catwalk so you don't fall into the abyss. Also, don't back up too far or Maul 
    will feed you some lightning for dinner. You can also use up all of you Force 
    juice here. The next time you face him will be at the end of the level.
    Final encounters:
    The first three rooms are easier than the first three battles. Just make sure 
    you grab the checkpoint before engaging Maul. Maul takes only six hits per room 
    to advance into the next one. Just use your Force powers when you need to and 
    stick with attack/jump back pattern. There are some health and Force power-ups 
    in the second and third pre-final rooms. Avoid being knocked into the red force 
    fields. The final is the hardest, no doubt. Maul takes more hits to kill and 
    seems to enjoy hitting you with the five-hit combos more than any other room. 
    Just stick with the previous strategies and be sure to use all of your remaining 
    Force juice.
    Darth Maul: 
    To beat Maul with Maul (sounds weird, doesn't it?) simply keep hitting X. Maul's 
    (you, not the enemy) is the exact same as Obi-Wan's S,S,S combo, so if you beat 
    it with him, doing with Maul is no difference.
    Queen Amidiala:
    As you have probably discovered, the battles with Amidala and Panaka are the 
    easiest of all the characters. Just continue to shoot Maul when he's just off 
    screen (when you can only see the tips of his lightsabers). If you keep shooting 
    until you can't see him the game will glitch. You continue to hear his cries of 
    pain and see sparks but if you run over to where he was, you'll notice that he 
    is gone. The camera won't scroll you forward and you'll be stuck in that room 
    with an ominous spark lingering in the air. you'll simply have to restart. To 
    avoid this, shoot Maul until he is just off the screen (explained above) and 
    give him a breather every once in a while. If he runs toward you, run around in 
    circles until he does a fancy saber twirl in the air. Then get some distance and 
    turn and fire away until he leaves you alone.
    Captain Panaka:
    Same as Amidala. See above.
    Please note that you will have to lose dozens upon dozens of credits in order to 
    finally beat Darth Maul with Plo. Don't expect to walk in and defeat Maul on 
    your first tries. Also, in the final reactor room, when you're fighting Maul 
    near the edge of the pit you _CANNOT_ knock him in. Not if you want to beat him. 
    Maul has a weird talent to jump back out when you push into the pit. This means 
    that he gives you about a second of opening. Use this chance wisely with Plo, 
    Adi, and Mace. 
    Note: your character does not possess this ability. So it is possible to combo 
    yourself into the pit.  
    If you do manage to knock him in (and yes, I have done it before) it glitches. 
    Your character will simply be stuck in that room with nothing left to do but 
    jump in with Maul and try again. Lastly, not every fight with Maul will go the 
    exact same way as the last one. Maul's attacks are chosen at random, depending 
    on what room he's in. So don't expect to walk into a fight and beat him exactly 
    the way you beat him the time before. Sometimes he may start off with a 
    devastating five-hit combo and deplete your health like crazy. Or he may just 
    run up and slash you. What I'm trying to say is: expect anything from Maul. 
    Anyway, enough talk about Maul, it's time to finish the rest of the level.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    When you've beaten Maul for the first three times, you'll have to go through a 
    jumping sequence involving four different rings. This part is easy, just simply 
    drop from the top of the ring you're on and jump about midway between rings to 
    get on the next one. There are various power-ups on the rings, be sure to get 
    them. At the bottom of the rings you'll have to face Darth Maul for the fourth 
    time. Follow the above mentioned strategies to beat Maul with whichever 
    character you're using. 
    When you've beaten Maul, grab the checkpoint and continue on with the level. At 
    the top of the elevator, there's a 1000 point power-up to your left, don't miss 
    When you reach the white electric lines don't panic. They're not as harmful as 
    they look. Here's the pattern for the entire jumping sequence:
    One jump to the first white ledge. One jump to the second ledge. One jump to the 
    resting spot. Destroy droid. Take breather. One jump to the next ledge and stand 
    between the lines. It appears as if you're in danger but you actually aren't. 
    Then one jump to the second resting ledge. Kill Droid. Then drop, no need to 
    jump, to the next ledge. One jump to the next ledge. One more jump to the last 
    ledge. Two more jumps to safety. Don't go for the lightsaber power-up, it's not 
    worth it.
    Kill all of the droids around the checkpoint before getting it (do I really need 
    to keep saying that?). The next part is pretty hard so you don't want any droids 
    distracting you from doing it. Break the all of the control panels, especially 
    the one with the big red button on it. Be sure you see two explosions from the 
    one in the center, if you don't, chances are the fans haven't stop moving yet. 
    Then move over to the far left side of the platform and get close to the edge as 
    you can. Jump to the intermediate ledge, making sure that your second jump comes 
    as late as it possibly can. That way you can watch your shadow and adjust your 
    angle. From the intermediate ledge, drop, don't jump, to the right. Make sure 
    you land on the platform below. Rinse, lather, repeat until you're all the way 
    to the last platform (you'll know when you get to it, the middle console doesn't 
    have a red button on it). From here, drop to your left, aiming more or less for 
    the grates below. 
    Naturally the path lies to the left, but you'll want to go to the right as far 
    as you can to collect a 2500 point power-up. Then go back to the door at the 
    left of the path and be prepared to solve another puzzle.
    You'll end up in a color maze. This can be very confusing without my help. First 
    of all, here's a map showing the entire color maze:
    |                  |                  |                  |                  |
    |                  |                  |                  |                  |
    |                  |                  |                  |                  |
    |      Room A      |      Room B      |      Room C      |      Room D      |
    |                  |                  |                  |                  |
    |                  |                  |                  |                  |
    |                  |                  |                  |                  |
    |                  |                  |                  |                  |
    |                  |                  |                  |                  |
    |      Room E      |      Room F      |      Room G      |      Room H      |
    |                  |                  |                  |                  |
    |                  |                  |                  |                  |
    |                  |                  |                  |                  |
    |                  |                  |                  |                  |
    |                  |                  |                  |                  |
    |      Room I      |      Room J      |      Room K      |      Room L      |
    |                  |                  |                  |                  |
    |                  |                  |                  |                  |
    You entered the maze through Room H. Here's the order you should follow in order 
    to get through the maze:
    Red to Orange: Left 2, Up 1, Right 2
    Orange to Yellow: Down 2, Left 1, Up 1
    Yellow to Green: Down 1, Right 1, Up 2
    Green to Blue: Down 2, Left 1, Up 1, Left 1, Down 1, Left 1
    Blue to Purple: Right 3, Up 1, Left 1, Up 1, Right 1
    Purple to Exit: Left 1, Down 2, Left 2, Up 1 and out the exit
    Note: Each room of the colored maze is worth 600 points if you destroy all of 
    the walls.
    You've finally made it! Just kill the droids, beat another jumping sequence and 
    you'll be ready to face Darth Maul for the final time.
    To do the next jumping sequence, just single jumps for the majority of the 
    ledges. When you reach the laser ledges, just hop on top of the laser emitters  
    and you can safely avoid all of the perilous lasers below. When you see end, 
    don't let anything prevent you from getting the checkpoint. You _DO NOT_ want to 
    do the entire maze, windmill, and laser hopping sequences again.
    B O S S :   D A R T H   M A U L                                            <^L+>
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    To beat Darth Maul for the final time, refer to the strategies above. When you 
    beat him, a short animation will commence, then the credits will roll.
    You can now savor your sweet victory or try out whatever your character unlocked 
    (see below to find out which character unlocked what).
    X. S E C R E T S                                                           <^ss>
    This section contains detailed information about the secrets of the game. If 
    you're looking for secret level/character information this is the place for you.
    A. S E C R E T   L E V E L S :                                             <^sl>
    This section contains all of the secret levels that you can unlock in the game 
    and strategies on how to play each of them.
    - L E V E L   1 1 :   D R O I D E K A S !                                  <^Ld>
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    POINTS EARNED:               AWARD:                         ENEMIES:
    N/A                          N/A                            Mace Windu
                                                                Qui-Gon Jinn
                                                                Obi-Wan Kenobi
                                                                Naboo Pilot
    Throughout the whole game you've been slaughtering Droideaks. Now it's time for 
    the Droidekas to get their revenge on the Jedi (and Sith). To unlock this level, 
    beat the game as Plo Koon. You play a Droideka in this level. You goal is to 
    speed through the level, killing all eighteen Naboo Pilots as you go. At the end 
    you'll confront three Jedis (Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and qui-Gon Jinn). 
    You're supposed to try and kill them as fast as possible. The game ends when the 
    timer runs out or when you've killed all the pilots and Jedis. I recommend using 
    only the X button to attack. The Triangle takes too long to finish. Usually a 
    couple of bursts from the X button can kill a Pilot. Use the Triangle attack on 
    the Jedi at the end. You can also press block to point your Droideka towards the 
    closest enemy. You'll have to be pretty quick throughout the level if you want 
    to get to the Jedi at the end and kill them all. My best record was 17 sec. 
    remaining at the end of the level.  Here are the controls for using the 
    Directional Buttons/ Analog Stick: Move Droideka
    L1: Block
    L2: N/A
    R1: N/A
    R2: Roll (hold down)
    Triangle: Long Burst Blaster Fire
    Square: Hand-to-hand attack
    X: Short laser Burst
    Circle: N/A
    - L E V E L   1 2 :    K A A D U   R A C E !                               <^Lk>
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    POINTS EARNED:               AWARD:                         ENEMIES:
    N/A                          N/A                            N/A
    No offense to Kaadu lovers but, I hate this secret level. There's no fun factor 
    in playing it and I always end up with a sore forearm after a few tries. You 
    unlock this level by beating the game with Adi Gallia. The goal is to 
    alternatively pound the Circle and Square buttons to make your Kaadu run 
    throughout the level. There's no need to steer your Kaadu so just focus on 
    pressing the Circle and Square buttons. You don't get anything for beating the 
    level and it ends when on of the Kaadus cross the finish line. Here are the 
    controls for steering this stupid beast of burden:
    Directional Buttons/Analog Stick: N/A
    L1: N/A
    L2: N/A
    R1: N/A
    R2: N/A
    Triangle: N/A
    Square: Run (Alternate with Circle)
    X: N/A
    Circle :  Run (Alternate with Square)
    BTW, did anyone else notice that you're racing of Level 2: Swamps of Naboo?
    - L E V E L   1 3 :   G U N G A N   R O U N D U P !                        <^Lg>
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    POINTS EARNED:               AWARD:                         ENEMIES:
    N/A                          N/A                            Jar Jar Binks
    Another stupid secret level. You unlock this level by collecting all of the 
    Gungan Artifacts on the same game. Refer to the walkthrough (levels 2,5, and 7) 
    to see where all of the artifacts are. The point of this level to prod Jar Jar 
    Binks into your opponents goal. If you score three goals, you unlock the Concept 
    Art Gallery. Go to the options menu when you've scored three goals to see it. 
    Unfortunately, you have to beat this stupid game every time you want to see it. 
    The easiest way to do this is to plug in a second controller and just beat a 
    two-player game on your own. If you don't have two controllers, then tough luck. 
    You'll have to play against the computer. 
    BTW, did you know you can get on top of the sphere that Boss Nass is in? I've 
    gotten up there on several occasions. You can even go inside by moving around 
    when you're on the sphere and nudge Boss Nass. Unfortunately, you can't kill 
    him. The controls for Gungan Roundup are:
    Directional Buttons/Analog Stick: Move character
    L1: Block
    L2: N/A
    R1: Lock-on
    R2: Run
    Triangle: Hack
    Square: Poke
    X: N/A
    Circle: Jump
    - L E V E L   1 4 :   S U R V I V A L   C H A L L E N G E !                <^Ls>
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    POINTS EARNED:               AWARD:                         ENEMIES:
    N/A                          N/A                            N/A
    This is the ultimate secret level. You get it by beating the game with Mace 
    Windu. The goal is to beat 100 enemies, ten different types, ten enemies in each 
    type, with no time limit. You have one health power-up, one Force power-up, one 
    Special Item power-up, and one Lightsaber Extender power-up to last you 
    throughout the entire level (unless you die, then you have to restart, minus one 
    credit). If you manage to beat this, you get the fabled Ultimate Saber. What is 
    the Ultimate Saber you ask? Well, it's just as the name implies: it's the 
    ultimate form of your lightsaber. Your lightsaber will act as it should; it will 
    kill almost anything in one hit. 
    Make sure you play this level with a character that you're familiar with and has 
    all of the combos and health/Force bonuses unlocked. I chose Qui-Gon for this 
    level because he can heal himself for a small amount of health when he needs to. 
    Throughout the level, try to get the enemies to hit each other. Unlike the game, 
    this counts as a kill for you. Here are the ten different types of enemies, in 
    order, and strategies on how to beat them:
    Pilot Droids:
    This is the first wave. Easy. If you have problems with these guys, go practice 
    with Barney's Hide and Seek. They die in one hit so don't even bother with Force 
    Battle Droids:
    Battle Droids are also pretty easy. Just deflect the lasers from the ones that 
    are faraway from you and slash the ones that come near you to pieces. This wave 
    shouldn't pose any problems.
    Security Droids:
    This is when things start to get serious. Try to engage one at a time as 
    Security Droids do tend to block more than Battle Droids. You can also line one 
    droid up with another. Just block the attacks from the one close to you while 
    the faraway droid shoots his friend to pieces. Then deflect the lasers of the 
    remaining one. Continue to conserve you Force juice at this stage, you'll need 
    it later on.
    Rifle Droids:
    Though they may seem easy, it actually requires a bit more strategy than the 
    last fights. The trick is to keep one of them off the screen at all times. The 
    Rifle Droids always fire too high when they're off the screen. Lure then one on 
    the screen to fire at you by running in zigzagging patterns away from him (not 
    toward him, if you do, he will be able to hit you). When it fires, it'll have to 
    wait a few seconds before it can do it again. This pause is your chance to 
    attack. Rifle Droids fire right when they land. Watch where their shadow is and 
    move away from that area. At the end if they bunch up in a corner, throw a 
    grenade at them (if your character can use it). They die in one hit so you can 
    make quick work of them.
    Flame Droids:
    Try to hit them right as they land. The Flame droids, like Pilot and Rifle 
    Droids, die in one hit as well. Wait until you hear six puffs before you rush in 
    for the kill. Try not to get trapped between two Flame Droids, or you may lose a 
    decent amount of health.
    Destroyer Droids:
    These guys are the hardest of the enemies (unlike what most people believe the 
    enemies don't get harder, it's the sheer amount of them that slowly wear your 
    health down). Do not try to stand there deflecting their lasers, they get way 
    too many shots off. Instead, run around them, staying one step ahead of their 
    lasers. While they're trying to shoot you one of them will always hit the other 
    one with its fire. Don't run too close to the wall or too close to the 
    Droidekas, stay between them both. Eventually there will be only one remaining. 
    That's your chance to either deflect it into oblivion or run up and slash it to 
    pieces. Also, did you know that if you run up near the top of the screen the 
    Droidekas will frequently aim too high? This is a great opportunity for Qui-Gon 
    to heal himself. These fights can take the longest out of all the enemies, so I 
    hope you're patient.
    Commander Droids:
    Get one of these guys on screen, one at a time. Then slowly deflect their 
    lasers. They can block almost all of your attacks, so close range combat is not 
    a smart idea. Sometimes the same trick that you used on the Droidekas can be 
    used on these guys too.
    Tusken Raiders:
    The Tusken Raiders will never shoot at you in this level. Their first attack 
    will always be a lunge attack. Just hold block when you see them land, then make 
    mincemeat out of them.
    Coruscant Mercenaries:
    The Ishi Tibs no longer have an advantage over you here. Just deflect the lasers 
    from the Rodian and the blue one, then kill the Ishi Tib. Sometimes you can line 
    up two mercenaries and have one fire at the other while you block.
    Grapple Droids:
    You probably expected some really hard enemy or boss. Well, too bad. Grab the 
    lightsaber power-up (if you haven't already done so) and have a slaughter fest. 
    When you beat these last ten guys, you get the legendary Ultimate Saber! 
    Congratulations! Have fun with your new toy...
    B. S E C R E T   C H A R A C T E R S                                       <^se>
    This section has all of the information on the secret characters of the game, 
    their combos, and other miscellaneous info on them. Please note that secret 
    characters cannot earn any of the level bonuses. You can just breeze through the 
    level killing only those that you wish. This also means that all of the secret 
    characters start with all of their combos and powers (if any) learned.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Darth Maul is my favorite secret character. He has the best moves and is a 
    pretty decent fighter. Darth Maul is like Obi-Wan in many ways. He runs at 
    exactly the same speed, jumps the same way, and even has Obi-Wan's S,S,S combo. 
    Just press X,X,X and Maul will do the same attack. The Darth Maul you get by 
    beating the game with Qui-Gon is in no way like the one you face on Levels 5 and 
    10. First of all, when you get Maul, you do not inherit the double-bladed 
    lightsaber. You also do not get an infinite Force bar. Along with the Force bar 
    and Lightsaber problems you also lose many of Maul's good combos (you know, the 
    saber twirl and five-hit attacks). Your Maul cannot do the void hop thing that 
    the computer can (unless you have GameShark). Maul does have some pretty good 
    Force power though. His long range Force attack is identical to Plo Koon's, so 
    whatever advantages he has, you also get. Your short range Force attack has a 
    surprisingly wide effect radius. You can usually hit enemies that aren't even in 
    the red explosion. Maul's Force Sphere is exactly the same as Plo and Obi-Wan's. 
    It deflects lasers, damages enemies, and takes cannon fire, but won't refill 
    your health bar. It also uses up your Force bar rather quickly. Your Special 
    Item is the basic Thermal Detonator.
    COMBOS:                    FORCE POWERS:                    SPECIAL ITEM:
    S,S,S                      L2+T= Force Disruption           Thermal Detonator
    X,X,T                      L2+X= Force Lightning
    X,X,X,S                    L2+C= Force Sphere
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    You unlock Queen Amidala by beating the game with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Queen Amidala 
    has an advantage over most of the saber wielders. She can kill most of the 
    enemies from far away. But she also has disadvantages. Amidala cannot use the 
    Force, so all of the Force power-ups are useless except to gain points, which 
    are also useless. She also has poor close range fighting skills. Press X to fire 
    a single shot from her blaster and Triangle to fire three rapid blasts. The 
    Ultimate Saber has no effect on her lasers, it merely makes your punches and 
    kicks stronger.
    COMBOS:                    FORCE POWERS:                     SPECIAL ITEM:
    S,S,S                      N/A                               Thermal Detonator
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Beat the game with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Captain Panaka is like Queen Amidala. He also 
    uses a blaster and his fists to fight. Press X to shoot one shot at the enemy. 
    Triangle results in a useless Pistol Whip attack. Panaka also has horrible 
    fighting skills, especially for a man who is captain of the Naboo Royal Security 
    Forces, though slightly better than Amidala. The same thing with the Ultimate 
    Saber goes for Panaka.
    COMBOS:                    FORCE POWERS:                     SPECIAL ITEM:
    S,S,S                      N/A                               Thermal Detonator
    XI. F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S :                  <^fq>
    I've been getting a lot of E-mails concerning the same things about this game. 
    So to save time answering the same E-mails three or four times a day, I've 
    decided to put them all here. If I feel that a question is being asked too many 
    times concerning this game, I'll add it here.
    Question: Is Ki Adi Mundi unlockable in the PSX version of Jedi Power Battles?
    Answer:   No.
    Question: Why is Ki Adi Mundi's name next to his voice actor in the credits?
    Answer:   LucasArts took Ki Adi Mundi out of the game due budget cuts and time  
              constraints. But when they did, they didn't think it was necessary to 
              remove his name from the credits. That's all I can tell you.
    Question: Is there any way to unlock Darth Maul with the double-bladed   
    Answer:   No.
    Question: Is there any way to unlock the Battle Droid?
    Answer:   No.
    Question: Are there any codes for this game other than GameShark?
    Answer:   Not that I know of. If you find any, they're probably false.
    Question: How do I unlock [insert secret character's name here]?
    Answer:   Read the guide.
    Question: How do I unlock [insert secret level here]?
    Answer:   Read the guide. 
    Question: I've beaten the game with Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon but I still haven't unlocked 
              Amidala/Maul/Panaka. Why?
    Answer:   *Sigh.* Look below:
             -Amidala: Highlight Obi-Wan in the character select screen and hold
              Select. Amidala's picture will replace Obi-Wan's.
             -Darth Maul: Highlight Qui-Gon in the character select screen and hold
              Select. Darth Maul's picture will replace Qui-Gon's.
             -Panaka: Highlight Plo Koon in the character select screen and hold
              Select. Panaka's picture will replace Plo Koon's.
    Question: Can I save the Concept Art after I unlock it?
    Answer:   No, you have to beat Level 13 every time you want to see it.
    Question: I've just finished a two-player game using Mace and [insert other 
              character's name here]. Why isn't Level 14 unlocked?
    Answer:   You can't unlock Level 14 in two-player mode. Sorry.
    Question: Is there a difference between Jedi and Easy Mode?
    Answer:   No, not in the PSX version.
    Question: Okay, I've unlocked all of the secret levels and characters and I've 
              gotten the Ultimate Saber. Is there anything else I can unlock?
    Answer:   No, unless you start a new game. Then you can unlock everything again.
    Question: Are there any codes for this game other than GameShark/Pro Action    
              Replay/Game Genie?
    Answer:   No. Any ones that you find are wrong.
    Question: What new characters can I get using GameShark?
    Answer:   You can use a Gungan warrior, Jar Jar Binks, a Droideka, and a messed  
              up version of Maul.
    XII. G A M E S H A R K   C O D E S :                                       <^gs>
    This section contains all of the GameShark codes for Star Wars, Episode I: Jedi 
    Power Battles.
    ____________                              _____
    DESCRIPTION:                              CODE:
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                              ¯¯¯¯¯
    [Player 1 Codes]
    Max Score                                 800B2408 423F 
                                              800B240A 000F
    Infinite Health                           800B240C 0064
    Infinite Force                            800B2414 0064
    Infinite Special Items                    800B241A 0005
    [Player 2 Codes]
    Max Score                                 800B2424 423F 
                                              800B2426 000F
    Infinite Health                           800B2428 0064
    Infinite Force                            800B2430 0064
    Infinite Special Items                    800B2436 0005
    [All Levels Unlocked and Maxed Out Codes]
    Plo Koon (GS 2.2 or higher needed!)       300B2675 0001 
                                              50000402 0000 
                                              800B2676 0101 
                                              300B267E 0001 
                                              3008C9F7 0004 
                                              50000402 0000 
                                              8008C9F8 0404 
                                              3008CA00 0004
    Qui-Gon Jinn (GS 2.2 or higher needed!)   50000402 0000 
                                              800B261A 0101 
                                              300B2622 0001 
                                              3008C9C1 0004 
                                              50000402 0000 
                                              8008C9C2 0404 
                                              3008C9CA 0004
    Mace Windu (GS 2.2 or higher needed!)     300B2637 0001 
                                              50000402 0000 
                                              800B2638 0101 
                                              300B2640 0001 
                                              3008C9D3 0004 
                                              50000402 0000 
                                              8008C9D4 0404 
                                              3008C9DB 0004
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) 300B25F9 0001 
                                              50000402 0000 
                                              800B25FA 0101 
                                              300B2602 0001 
                                              3008C9AF 0004 
                                              50000402 0000 
                                              8008C9B0 0404 
                                              3008C9B8 0004
    Adi Gallia (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)     3008C9E5 0004 
                                              50000402 0000 
                                              8008C9E6 0404 
                                              3008C9EE 0004 
                                              50000502 0000 
                                              800B2656 0101
    [Miscellaneous Codes]
    Infinite Credits                          800B2404 0000
    Unlock All Characters and Levels          800AD29C FFFF
    Enable Ultimate Saber                     300AD29D 0001
    Infinite Double-Jumps                     D409D094 0020 
                                              8009D094 0004
    [Modifier Codes]
    Player 1 Character Modifier               800B2284 00XX
    Player 2 Character Modifier               8OOB2286 00XX
    -Replace the XX in the above codes with the following values to use that 
    corresponding character:
    00 - Qui-Gon Jinn
    01 - Obi-Wan Kenobi
    02 - Mace Windu
    03 - Adi Gallia
    04 - Plo Koon
    05 - Darth Maul
    06 - Queen Amidala
    07 - Captain Panaka
    08 - Lucas Guy
    09 - Darth Maul 2
    0A - Jar Jar Binks
    1A - Droideka
    36 - Gungan Warrior
    I don't think you'll be using many of these codes. The only ones that are 
    helpful are Infinite Health/Force/Special Items for Player 1 and 2, Enable 
    Ultimate Saber, Infinite Credits, and Infinite Double-Jumps. The Character 
    Modifier Codes are only useful for using two of the same characters in a two-
    player game and changing the look of your character.
    Note on the Character Modifier Codes: The Character Modifier Codes lets you use 
    certain characters regardless of who you pick in the character selection screen. 
    Characters 00-06 are exactly the same as the ones you can normally use in the 
    game. Character 07 crashes your game whenever you start the game with that code. 
    Characters 08-36 are what I call abnormal characters. The abnormal characters 
    can only run, jump, block, and Lock-on (with the exception of the Droideka who 
    cannot jump). Needless to say, the abnormal characters are only good for looks. 
    Here are some details about each of the abnormal characters you can play as:
    Darth Maul 2: He looks exactly like the Maul you can unlock except he has no 
    Force bar. Whenever Maul 2 gets hit, he sounds exactly like a droid being 
    attacked. Lightsaber Extenders and Blade Amplifiers have no effect on his 
    weapon. I've noticed something unusual when playing as Maul 2. While he cannot 
    attack, he does have a sort of "counter-attack." Just hold down the block button 
    when your within a saber's length of an enemy, and if the enemy attacks, Maul 2 
    will counter with a slash of his own. He still cannot attack on his own will 
    though. :-(
    Jar Jar Binks: He's the exact same annoying, sorry excuse for a Gungan you meet 
    on Level 2. Nothing special.
    Droideka: This is Droideka looks the exact same as the one on Level 11. It 
    cannot jump and has no attacks. Be far the worst abnormal character.
    Gungan Warrior: Probably one of the enemies you fight on the end of Level 7. Or 
    he might the warrior from Level 13: Gungan Roundup! This guy has an amazingly 
    high double-jump. However, what he has in jumping strength, he severely lacks in 
    speed. This guy is even slower at running than Plo Koon (if you can even imagine 
    that). And he can't block attacks even though he'll still do the animation when 
    you press the block button. What a pathetic warrior...
    You will experience many strange things while using these codes. Here, I will 
    try and document them all so that you will be prepared for what might happen.
    - When you're using these codes on a two-player game, if one of the characters 
    is an abnormal character, the other character will be unable to use anything but 
    the block, run, jump, and Lock-on commands regardless of who they are. Also, if 
    one character is an abnormal character, and the other is someone who can use 
    Force attacks, the character with Force attacks will not be able to use their 
    long-range Force attack. If you try, the character will glitch up and become 
    - If you're using any of characters and you attempt to play levels 11-13, the 
    game will freeze.
    - Try not to use both Mauls at the same time. The game will not recognize one of 
    them and as a result, it will freeze.
    - You can use two of the same characters in a two-player game (except for the 
    above mentioned Maul). ^_^
    - It may not be wise to use characters 00-06 on a one-player game because you 
    can already use them normally. And you cannot switch characters unless you 
    reset you PlayStation.
    - If you use an abnormal character with another character, both characters will 
    assume some rather odd poses while playing the game.
    That's all the info I've been able to find out about the character modifier 
    codes so far. If I discover more, I'll be sure to update this guide.
    Note on the Infinite Double Jump code: Some people have said that even though 
    they inputted the code correctly, the game still didn't let them double-jump as 
    much as they wanted. Here's the solution: input the second line of the code as a 
    completely different code if this happens to you. 
    Also, when the Infinite Double-Jump code is in effect, the game will lock your 
    run button whenever you push it. Your character will continue to run until 
    he/she can't anymore. The only way to get out of this is to either get knocked 
    down, or press an attack button. This also means that you can't play levels one 
    and four with this code because it glitches at certain parts. Nonetheless, it is 
    still an extremely fun code to use and you can experience many weird and out-of-
    the-ordinary things during your game. Experiment to see what you can find!
    Note: With the exception of the Infinite Double-Jumps and Character Modifier 
    codes, I got all of the GameShark codes from the GameShark Code Creator's Club. 
    If any of those codes don't work correctly, or they some how ruin your 
    PlayStation or game, IT IS NOT MY FAULT. E-mail them about, NOT ME.
    XIII. A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S :                                      <^ac>
    This is where all the people/sites that I used in any way to write this 
    walkthrough get recognized for what they did. Here they are (in no particular 
    [Myself] - E-Mail: Chef_Ghost@yahoo.com
    - I wrote this guide so I get the most credit! ^_^
    [GameFAQs] <www.gamefaqs.com>
    - CJayC, thanks for hosting this walkthrough and creating an amazing site!
    [LucasArts] <www.lucasarts.com>
    - Thanks for making this game. Without you, this walkthrough wouldn't be here.
    [GameShark Code Creator's Club] <www.cmgsccc.com>
    - I got all of the GameShark Codes except the Infinite Double-Jumps and the 
    Character Modifier codes from their site.
    [Darth Wart and Jedi Kanniget] <www.JediPowerBattles.net>
    - I got the Infinite Double-Jumps GameShark code while reading their incredibly 
    detailed walkthrough. I also used their guide when I was stuck or needed to know 
    how to get the max points required in a level. Without them, I probably would've 
    stopped playing this game long ago. Thanks guys!
     Note: Unfortunately, Darth Wart and Jedi Kanniget's site is no longer  
     accessible. If you haven't visited it yet, then, sorry, you missed out.
    [Darth Sona]
    - Thanks for taking the time to hack the Character Modifier codes.
    [Andre the Midget]
    - Thanks for posting the Character Modifier codes on the Jedi Power Battles 
    board (PSX) at GameFAQs. Without you, I wouldn't have known about the codes.
    Well, that's all of the people so far. If you have something to contribute, E-
    mail me and if I think it is worthy to be on this guide, your name will be added 
    to this list. Be sure to read the contact info below before you E-mail me 
    XIV. C O N T A C T   I N F O :                                             <^ci>
    Questions? Suggestions? Advice? Constructive criticism? If you have a question 
    about Jedi Power Battles that has not been answered in this guide, E-mail me at 
    Chef_Ghost@yahoo.com. Remember, I will not respond to any rude, stupid, or 
    disrespectful E-mails. Also, try to use proper spelling, pronunciation, and 
    grammar. If I can't read your E-mail with ease, then, chances are, I will 
    probably discard it. Most free E-mail providers (Yahoo!, Hotmail) have a spell 
    check feature. If you're not sure if you typed something correctly, please use 
    it. That's why it's there. Also, if you want to contribute something in my 
    taking any more submissions on spelling/grammar mistakes, layout errors, or 
    other small things that waste my time. If I feel your contribution is worthy of 
    having its own spot on my walkthrough, then I will certainly update my guide. 
    Lastly, try to put something in the subject about either my guide or Jedi Power 
    Battles. Otherwise I may delete it thinking that it was SPAM or junk mail. If 
    you feel you have met the above mentioned guidelines, feel free to E-mail me 
    about anything that you feel is relevant to this guide.
    On another note, if you know that someone has plagiarized my walkthrough in any 
    way, E-mail me and I'll find a way to deal with it. You 
    will also earn yourself a spot on my Acknowledgements 
    XV. D I S C L A I M E R :                                                  <^dc>
    Copyright protected 2003. No part of this guide may be changed or edited in any 
    way without the permission of the writer. This guide was meant to be a personal 
    guide and may not be distributed for profit in any way by anyone. All contents 
    CANNOT be reproduced in any way (whether by physical, electronic, or other 
    means) without the writer's permission. Anyone that changes this guide without 
    asking the writer first will be dealt with severely. Anyone that wishes to use 
    this guide on their own website may do so, given that they ask me first and that 
    they don't change the guide in any way. Thank you for cooperating with me.
    (c)This document copyright ChefGhost 2003.
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                                          |     | |_ ___|  _|   __| |_ ___ ___| |_ 
                                          |   --|   | -_|  _|  |  |   | . |_ -|  _|
                                          |_____|_|_|___|_| |_____|_|_|___|___|_|
    ________________________________________________________________END OF DOCUMENT_

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