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"One of the better vehicular combat games currently available, & it's a Star Wars game too!"

I didn't pickup Star Wars: Demolition when it first was released. I was a little apprehensive, since SW:D used the V8 game engine and I wasn't too fond of the other V8 games available. I finally gave in (I'm a Twisted Metal fanatic) and purchased the game. I am definately satisfied with my purchase. Let me explain...

Gameplay - 8

Not as refined as I had hoped and a bit ''iffy'' with the floaty controls, the Gameplay of SW:D is definately not top notch, but it is still ''good enough'' to enjoy the game while playing. After a few games, controlling the vehicles is a cinch. A few of the faster vehicles are a bit too touchy, but they are still manageable. Another problem, which occurs semi-frequently, is that your vehicle will sometimes get hung up on things in the environment, like buildings and trees and such. Your vehicle will actually get stuck half way in a wall or a tree or whatever and you can't get out unless someone shoots you out. The AI is a bit too easy, so I recommend bumping the baddies' AI up a notch for maximum gameplay. Even with the enemy AI up, once in a while, they still seem to just run around in a circle and won't stop unless you shoot them (reminds me of the bad bot AI in PS2's Time Splitters). Also, take of that silly ''auto-targeting''. It gets in the way and for some reason, always seems to target far away enemies instead of the closer ones. It's much easier to control the targeting yourself.

Graphics - 9

If you are a Star Wars fan, like me, you'll definately approve of the graphics. Many awesome details have been included, like the wing turn-flaps moving on the snow speeder or Darth Maul's dual-saber special weapon. Particle effects a-plenty! Awesome weapon graphics and explosions. Gameplay rarely gets choppy (even in 4 player mode), but I believe that's at the expense of a not-so-great draw in distance and some major fogging on some levels (which actually looks good on Dagobah and Hoth). Environments are fantastic, major detail work was done here! On Dagobah, there's the huge swamp eel swimming around while you play and in the Hoth level, the Snow monster is at the peak of one of the hills in the level, get to close to him and he'll chuck a big ice-boulder at you. Graphics are definately one of this game's strong points.

Sound - 8

Vehicle, driver, and weapon sound effects are all pretty crisp and fit the game well. This game definately benefits from a surround sound system with a good subwoofer. Music is VERY Star Wars-esque, albeit a bit goofy and too happy at times. This is a vehicular combat game, not a kiddie game.

Final Thoughts -

Single player this game is so-so, multiplayer is where it's at (although, 2 player seems more fun that 4 player, IMO). If you have a good sized TV, a couple of friend and extra controllers, and you like Twisted Metal type games set to the Star Wars universe, pick this sucker up!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/23/01, Updated 01/23/01

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