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Reviewed: 03/12/02 | Updated: 03/12/02

Very disappointing.

I purchased this game from my local game shop about 2 months ago. I wasn't expecting a fantastic game, seeing as how I went in with $25 and wanted to get a couple of used DC games to kill some down time I was going to have at home. I picked it up off the shelf noticing first the $4.99 price tag and looked over the packaging, looked okay. So, along with 2 other games, I headed to the counter. I figured, for $5, I can't go wrong. I believe that I played this game about 3 times. That was more than enough for me. Multi-player mode offers a bit more fun than single player (of course). But, the single player mode is absolutely boring. There is no challenge or even fun in the game in my opinion. But, I will give the break down here for ya:

Graphics: The visuals in the game are very well rendered. The environments of the different worlds are very well balanced between rendering and expanse. The maps are not so huge that you get lost in them. The characters and vehicles are very smooth. Probably one of the best looking vehicular destruction games out there.

Audio: The weapon and vehicle sounds are true to the movie series. The background ambience is slightly disappointing, considering the visuals. The music was definitely lack luster.

Gameplay: In multi-player mode, this game has a slight amount of appeal. But otherwise it is just frustratingly monotonous. It is so repetitive that after the first bout, you have basically seen the whole thing. The controls are well-laid out and easy to use. But it just sucks overall. No replay value at all, (thank God it was only $5). It is fun for about 10 minutes to trounce your friends, but then, everyone is looking for another game to play.

Overall: Visuals make a game do not. This is living proof. I would not suggest purchase unless you are a die-hard sci-fi or StarWars fan. Not even rental for the great majority of us.

I am definitely not out to bash any games, but, in my opinion, this game is not anything worth looking at. You may want to give it a go at the game store to kill a little time, but that will most likely curb your desire for owning it, period. Unfortunately, there are (to my knowledge) any good ''drive-around-and-beat-the-holy-crap-out-of-people'' games for the Sega Console. But, it is a little late for that hope now, maybe XBOX or PS2 will get a great new one that has the fun and playability that Twisted Metal did when it was first released.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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