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    FAQ by RBoechler

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    -----   Looney Tunes Space Race   -----
    Ver. +1.0
    For the Dreamcast console
    Ryan Boechler
    I. Introduction
    II. Legal jiggary
    1.	Characters
          -1.1 Bugs Bunny
          -1.2 Daffy Duck
          -1.3 Yosemite Sam
          -1.4 Elmer Fudd
          -1.5 Wile E. Coyote
          -1.6 Sylvester
          -1.7 Porky Pig (secret character)
          -1.8 Marvin the Martian (Secret Character)
    2.	Controls
    3.	Tracks
    4.	Challenges
    5.	Events
    6.	Secrets
    7.	Contact Information
    !This FAQ was made for the Dreamcast Version of the game!
    I.	Step astride your rocket-powered space racer and hold on tight, 
    because you're about to go for the ride of your life. ACME corp., 
    manufacturer of the universe's most sought after products, has 
    just announced it's sponsoring the most spectacular and 
    prestigious series or races ever seen in this, or any other 
    Galaxy! The Grand Prize? A lifetime supply of ACME products.
    Taken from the Looney Tunes Space Race Game Manual
    This guide is copyright 2002 Ryan Boechler, and Looney Tunes Space Race  
    is copyright 2000 Infogrames. This guide is not official. Do not 
    distribute without my permission. This guide cannot be reproduced in 
    any way without it. 
    Now that we're done with the boring stuff... on to the game!
    1.1	- Bugs Bunny
    Warner Bros. Trademark character. The wisecracking, know-it-all, 
    rabbit. He's back in this game to show off his skills as a racer 
    and to reap the benefits or war (or racing in this case). He pilots 
    a custom made racer that looks remarkably like a carrot and is 
    named ....... The Carrot Racer (Woooo big surprise). He is one of 
    the best racers in the game and has a wide variety of one-liners. 
    Overall mark  8.5/10
    1.2	- Daffy Duck
    Daffy is the craziest on of the bunch and also the best for 
    beginners and intermediates. He rides in his own version of The 
    Martian Maggot (one of Marvin's ships) which he has named The Hover 
    Overall mark  9/10
    1.3	- Yosemite Sam
    The original rootenist, tooenist, shootenist, bob-tailed wildcat in 
    the West. And if you couldn't tell by that, it means he is one bad-
    arsed cowboy. He flies around the track on a suped up chopper. 
    (Although his steering lacks a little bit)
    Overall mark  7/10
    1.4	- Elmer Fudd
    He's been after that wascilly rabbit for many a year and now he has 
    had it. This time around he isn't holding anything back, and is 
    determined to win the ACME prize and maybe pick off Bugs a few 
    times. He rides a Sabre Jet, which has excellent steering but not a 
    very good top speed. He is well suited for beginners and winding 
    Overall mark  7/10
    1.5	-  Wile E. Coyote 
    You've seen him get blown up, crushed, and sent flying into the air 
    before and every time he just gets back up a tries again. This is 
    one determined Coyote. After many years of using ACME rockets he 
    has finally realized the power of them, and has modeled his ship to 
    act like one. He is the fastest racer of the starting 6 and has 
    average steering.
    Overall mark  9/10
    1.6	- Sylvester
        He hasn't forgotten that little yellow tweety bird after all these         
        years and is still trying to eat the little sucker. He figures that 
        if he wins the lifetime supply of ACME products, he can surely use
        something to get that bird. He uses a Rocket Scooter to race around
        the track, which has both an average top speed and turning. A good 
        for a few of the tougher tracks.
        Overall mark  8.5/10
    1.7	- Porky Pig
        A stuttering, farm-lovin' pig...right.......... Anyway, he rides on
        one of his favorite machines, a tractor. He is quite fast and has  
        the best acceleration, but also has the worst steering out of 'em
        all. You'll be using the brake a lot with this one
        Overall mark  6/10
    1.8 - Marvin the Martian 
    Overall mark  ?/10
    2.	Controls
    Control setup A: -D-pad __________ zoom in/out
                     -Joystick _______ move character
                     -A ______________ use gag
                     -B ______________ boost
                     -X ______________ discard gag
                     -Y ______________ front view    
                     -RS _____________ accelerate 
                     -LS _____________ brake        
    Control setup B: -D-pad _________ zoom in/out
                     -Joystick ______ move character
                     -A _____________ accelerate
                     -B _____________ brake
                     -X _____________ discard gag
                     -Y _____________ front view
                     -RS ____________ use gag
                     -LS ____________ boost
    3.	TRACKS
    A)	Planet ACME 1
    The first race in the game. This one is quite easy and you should have 
    no trouble beating it
    -	Discard every gag you get except the 4-leaf clover if you're far 
    -	Don't go past someone if you see they have a close range weapon.
    -	Boost as much as possible
    BEST RACER - Wile E. Coyote
    B)	Planet ACME 2
    The second one is no harder. Watch out for obstacles such as giant ACME 
    -	Take the right hand path at the first cut off
    -	Turn a tad early on the really sharp corner in the testing area
    BEST RACER - Daffy Duck
    C)	Pyramids of Mars 1
    This one is far harder than the first couple. Make sure to gather 
    enough speed to make it over the jumps.
    -	Use boost as much as possible.
    -	In the rocky purple part, after you pass through the first detour 
    continue through the danger sign for a small shortcut.
    -	Try to plant a black hole when it the hallways part.
    BEST RACER - Sylvester or Bugs
    D)	Pyramids of Mars 2
    This one is easier than the previous race. Be prepared for a few sharp 
    -	Try to anticipate the turns and remember their placement the first 
    lap around. 
    -	Boost only on straight-away's 
    BEST RACER - Elmer Fudd or Daffy
    E)	Asteroid Belt
    An annoying track for beginners. Be careful not to fall off. This track 
    has practically no sidings
    -	Don't boost on the second jump 
    -	Try to time your jump through Taz's mouth. If it hasn't gone up for 
    about 8 seconds don't attempt it.
    BEST RACER - Yosemite Sam
    F)	Off-World City Limits 1
    G)	Off-World City Limits 2
    H)	Wild West Quadrant 1
    I)	Wild West Quadrant 2
    J)	The Nebula
    K)	Galactorama Park 1
    L)	Galactorama Park 2
    VS. Sylvester
    Use Daffy Duck. Try to cut him off as much as possible. Use as many 
    gags as possible. He will use lots of anvils, safes, elephants, and 
    pianos. Try to dodge them by making sharp turns.
    VS. Daffy Duck
    Use either Bugs or Wile E. Your best chance here is to speed ahead 
    and use as many clovers while in first place as possible.
    VS. Bugs
    Use Yosemite Sam, Daffy, or Wile E. Use same tactics as shown above.
    VS. Yosemite Sam
    Use Sylvester. He will try to use as many gags as possible. Stay 
    right behind him until the last 10 seconds of the last lap then hit 
    him with a direct weapon such as Pistol or Rockets. DON'T use a 
    boxing glove. It may punch him ahead of you.
    VS. Elmer
    Use Daffy. Just stay ahead of him as far as you can. Use lots of 
    Black Holes.
    VS. Wile E. Coyote.
    Use either Bugs or Sylvester. He will rely on his speed to get 
    ahead. Use lots of Heavy, falling objects. I.E. anvils, safe etc.
    VS. Porky Pig. 
    Use Yosemite Sam or Wile E. He fast but bad at turning. Try to punch 
    him off the side of the track with a Boxing Glove when he is close 
    to it.
    VS. Marvin The Martian
    Use Bugs. Marvin is very fast and uses lots of gags. Try to use the 
    same tactics as the "VS. Daffy" race.
    A)	Duck  - Heavy Objects will constantly fall from the sky
    B)	Gag free zone - No gags     
    C)	Gag frenzy - have unlimited supply of gags. No need to use boxes
    D)	Vanishing slowpoke - slowest racer of each lap vanishes
    E)	The big bang-a-roonie - all weapons are either bombs or rockets
    F)	Holy mackerel - Every gag box contains a black hole 
    G)	Lucky seven - A race with 7 laps
    H)	Supa Boosta Time Trial - Unlimited amount of boosts.
    I)	Double trouble - Two races have to be completed to win
    J)	Supa Boosta race - same as SB Time Trial but in a race
    K)	Ecar ecaps senut yenool - mirror mode race
    6.	SECRETS.
    Unlock  ACME Events - 3LILBOPS 
    Unlock Challenges - MOIDALIZE 
    Unlock Gallery - MICHIGANJ 
    Unlock Characters - CHAR 
    Unlock Tracks - TRACK 
    Unlock everything - CHEESFISH 
    Unlimited Boost - DUCKAMUCK 
    Mirror Mode - SAMRALPH 
    No Gags - SUCCOTASH 
    Unlock  ACME Events - 3LILBOPS 
    Unlock Challenges - MOIDALIZE 
    Unlock Gallery - MICHIGANJ 
    Unlock Characters - CHAR 
    Unlock Tracks - TRACK 
    Unlock everything - CHEESFISH 
    Unlock Marvin the Martian- REDWAGON
    Unlock Porky Pig - YAVARMINT 
    Unlock ACME 2 - MAROON 
    Unlock Mars 2 - SCWEWBALL 
    Unlock Off World City Limits 1 - DURNIDGIT 
    Unlock Off World City Limits 2 - PALOOKA 
    Unlock Wild West 1 - HOGGRAVY 
    Unlock Wild West 2 - MACKEREL 
    Unlock Nebula - MRFUZZY 
    Unlock Galactorama Park 1 - YOIKS 
    Unlock Galactorama Park 2 - DODGPARRY 
    Unlimited Boost - DUCKAMUCK 
    Mirror Mode - SAMRALPH 
    No Gags - SUCCOTASH 
    Unlock  ACME Events - 3LILBOPS 
    Unlock Challenges - MOIDALIZE 
    Unlock Gallery - MICHIGANJ 
    Unlock Characters - CHAR 
    Unlock Tracks - TRACK 
    Unlock everything - CHEESFISH 
    To get Porky Pig, Beat the game.
    To get Marvin the Martian, beat all the time trials.
    To contact me E-mail me, Ryan Boechler, at R_Boechler@hotmail.com. 
    My GameFaq's username is Flayme. 

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