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    Game Script by Cybiolink8000

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    ¤¤¤¤¤¤                  ¤¤¤¤¤¤
    ¤    ¤¤¤¤¤¤        ¤¤¤¤¤¤    ¤
    ¤         ¤¤¤¤  ¤¤¤¤         ¤
    ¤  D         ¤¤¤¤       E    ¤
    ¤    I        ¤¤      M      ¤
    ¤      N      ¤¤    A        ¤
    ¤        O    ¤¤  G          ¤
    ¤             ¤¤             ¤
    ¤ C           ¤¤           T ¤
    ¤   R         ¤¤         P   ¤
    ¤     I       ¤¤       I     ¤
    ¤       S     ¤¤     R       ¤
    ¤         I   ¤¤   C         ¤
    ¤           S ¤¤ S           ¤
    ¤¤¤¤¤¤        ¤¤        ¤¤¤¤¤¤
         ¤¤¤¤¤¤   ¤¤   ¤¤¤¤¤¤
    Please don't upload this Script to a website or publish it anywhere
    without my permission unless I send it in to you or certain sites.
    Questions and/or Comments
    If you have any questions or comments regarding this Script, you can
    e-mail me for further clarification or Permission to use it.
    Seeing how this is a script of the whole game, there will
    OBVIOUSLY be massive amounts of spoilers, so THIS is your
    warning. Do NOT read on and ruin something for yourself
    then blame me or my Script. Thank You.
    T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
          1) Introduction
          2) Character Profiles
          3) Game Script
          4) Specifics
          5) Credits
    1) I N T R O D U C T I O N
    Three years ago, an award-winning research scientist,
    Dr. Edward Kirk, perished in an accident during one of his
    experiments. He had been working on the development of
    pure energy technology, code-named "Third Energy".
    The unexpected explosion occurred soon after the government
    terminated funding of the research, assessing the process
    as non-productive. To most of the world, the entire incident
    was just an insignificant piece of news.
    Earlier this year, a military agent(Tom) sent to Ibis Island
    on a seperate mission brought back surprising information.
    He reported that Dr. Kirk was alive and continuing his
    research at a military facility in the Borginia Republic.
    Now special agent Regina heads for the isolated island.
    She is accompanied by her team, an elite task force
    specially trained to handle sensitive military situations.
    Each member is a specialist in a particular field.
    Their assignment: infiltrate Ibis Island, find Dr. Kirk
    and return him unharmed to their home country.
    It is supposed to be just another routine mission...
    2) C H A R A C T E R   P R O F I L E S
    Dino Crisis is on a first name basis, except for Dr. Edward
    Kirk that is.
    Sex: Female
    An elite member of a special task force, Regina is a weapons
    specialist. She is excellent at handling all firearms.
    Modifying weapons is her hobby.
    Regina is agile and excels at stealth actions. She analyzes
    all situations and takes action based on her good judgment.
    Extra Information(From Dino Crisis 2 Dino Battle Mode):
    An intelligence agent of S.O.R.T. She is calm and rational.
    She excels in infiltration.
    Sex: Male
    An experienced veteran working with Regina on this mission,
    Gail has developed an impressive reputation based on his
    icy judgment and strong will.
    For him, a mission is a game of chess, and everything in it
    - including team members - is a tool to be manipulated at
    Extra Information(From Dino Crisis 2 Dino Battle Mode):
    An intelligence agent agent of S.O.R.T. A man with a
    heart made of stone.
    Sex: Male
    Rick is gifted with numerous special abilities including
    computer expertise, medical knowledge and heavy equipment/
    vehicle operation. He is humane and always puts his team
    members first. His compassion for friend and foe alike
    sometimes presents an obstacle to completing a mission.
    Extra Information(From Dino Crisis 2 Dino Battle Mode):
    An intelligence agent of S.O.R.T. A hi-tech specialist.
                   --==Dr. (Edward) Kirk==--
    Sex: Male
    Research scientist Dr. Kirk was reported to have died in a
    lab explosion three years ago. Though young, Dr. Kirk is
    an authority on energy technology. When the explosion
    occured, he was experimenting with the ultimate clean
    energy known as "Third Energy". This egocentric genius
    is totally focused on his research and doesn't care how
    it might affect society. He is selfish, highly emotional,
    and unable to seperate wrong from right. He'll stop at
    nothing to complete his research.
    3) G A M E   S C R I P T
    -=Intro Video=-
    Computer: You have mail.
    [User clicks on "Read" then on the middle message]
    The second report from military experiment facility.
    Agent Name: Tom.
    Tom: I have successfully infiltrated under the guise as a
    researcher as planned. I have encountered no information
    regarding top secret development of new-type weapons, but
    I have discovered there is an unexpected individual at this
    facility. The man, is Dr. Kirk, the leading authority of our
    nation's energy research. Dr. Kirk was alleged to have died
    in an accident during the course of an experiment 3 years ago.
    Reports were premature and it appears that he is currently
    working as the head of a non-weapon project at this facility.
    The experiment is in the late stages of development. Regarding
    the staged accidental death, it appears that this country is
    somehow involved. Recommending that necessessary actions be
    taken immediatley.
    Computer: Refer to the data on Dr. Kirk
    [User clicks on the link]
    ["Deceased" flashes on Dr. Kirk's picture]
    [Newspaper articles pop up]
    "Dr. Kirk proposes the ultimate source of clean energy"
    "Government rejects financial support. Laboratory closes."
    "Tragic disaster: Dr Kirk deceased following an accident during
    an experiment.
    [User clicks on "Operation Instructions"]
    Computer: Operating Instructions...
    [The following appears in text only]
    Secure Dr. Kirk and repratriate him swiftly.
    And [The screen fades to black]
    -=Helicopter CG Video=-
    [Regina, Gail and Rick are about to HALO jump from the
    helicopter onto Ibis Island]
    Helicopter Pilot: Approaching Drop Zone.
    [Rick opens the jump door]
    Rick: Feels like we got a little turbulence.
    Gail: Once we hit the ground, head straight for the designated
    convergence point...
    Got it?
    [Gail, Rick and Regina have all landed safely and are waiting for
    Cooper at the convergence point]
    Rick: Sorry I'm late. [Walking up to Gail]
    Gail: It's time... let's move out.
    Regina: What about Cooper?!
    Gail: Forget him...time's up.
    Rick: Oh, hey!......wait!!
    [Rick looks over at Regina]
    -=CG Video - Cooper becomes a T-Rex's Midnight Snack=-
    Gail: OK, this is the first checkpoint. Playtime is officially
    over, kiddies.
    Somethings wrong. The lights in the guard house are out.
    Rick: Uhhhhmm.....maybe this has been a wild night of partying
    for the guards. You know, a little song... a little dance...
    [Gail approaches the gate then turns around]
    Gail: Stay here, Junior.
    Rick: H-hey! Did you hear what he just called me?
    Regina: Forget it.... just let Gail handle this.
    [Gail beeps Rick through the Intercom]
    Rick: Alright. It's clear.
    [Rick goes through Gate and Regina follows]
    [Before entering the facility, Rick explains his plan to Regina]
    Rick: Okay, let's do this. I'll infiltrate the facility and
    occupy the control room on the first floor. I should have
    access to all the security systems from there. I'll contact
    you as soon as I've cleared the room.
    [Regina approaches Gail who has found something]
    Regina: Lemme guess... This is some of your handywork, right?
    [Gail has a bullet in his hand]
    Gail: Hmmm...... The Brass is still warm. These guards were
    shooting at something very recently.
    Regina: So who were they fighting?
    Gail: This wasn't much of a fight. I don't think these guards
    hit anything before getting sliced and diced. Whatever they were
    shooting at came in right through there.
    [Gail points out the hole in the fence]
    Ripped right through the steel fence.
    Regina: Well, the hole IS nice and clean, but I still say you
    could have done this.
    Gail: Very funny. We still need to figure out what happened here.
    Continue to sweep the area.
    [If you try and follow Rick, Gail comments]
    Gail: Rick can handle the inside of the facility on his own!
    [When you go back to the gate you came through Rick calls
    Regina over the intercom]
    Rick: Rick here. I'm in. The place is deserted though.
    I have a very bad feeling about this...
    Regina: How's the progress going with that security system?
    Rick: I don't know what's been going on here, but it looks like
    all the power in this facility has been cut.
    Regina: Same here.
    Rick: As long as that's the situation, there's not much I
    can do. Why don't you see if you can gain access to the
    backup generators on the ground level.
    Regina: I'm on it...
    [Gail comes up behind Regina after listening in to the
    conversation through his intercom]
    Regina: What are you doing here?
    Gail: I caught the last part of your conversation.
    Regina: By the way, I found a key.
    Gail: Hand it over.
    [Gail takes the key]
    Let's go outside.
    [Gail goes back through the gate]
    -=Passageway to the backup Generator=-
    [Gail and Regina find a Corpse in 2 pieces and missing limbs]
    Regina: That's disgusting.
    Gail: This guy's been Ovicerated. Something tore his
    intestines straight out.
    Regina: Look at those tooth marks. It had to be some sort
    of animal.
    Gail: Comon. Let's move on.
    [Gail leads the way to the backup Generator Room]
    [If you press X on Gail, he comments]
    Gail: I'll stand guard here. You go inside and take
    a look around.
    -=Backup Generator Room 1F=-
    [After you solve the puzzle and try to leave the room,
    a cutscene starts]
    [Gunshots are heard on the otherside of the door]
    [A Raptor hiss is heard]
    A Voice: Auuughhh!!
    [The gunshots stop]
    Regina: Gail?!
    [A fence noise is heard]
    [Another Raptor hiss is heard]
    Regina: GAIL!
    [Regina can be heard calling Gail's name is the distance]
    [Raptor footsteps on metal crates are heard]
    [A Velociraptor leaps in front of Regina]
    What is this?!
    -=Backyard of the Facility=-
    Rick: Good News! I got the control system back online.
    What's the situation over there?
    Regina: Its Gail! I lost him!
    Rick: Heh! So what's the bad news? Did you run into
    some guards?
    Regina: You're not going to believe this! He was attacked
    by some sort of Dinosaur!
    Rick: Huu hooooo!! Now THAT's a good one.
    So, who was it....Barney?
    Regina: This isn't a joke you idiot! We were just
    attacked by a big-ass lizard!!
    Rick: For real, what's going on over there?
    Alright, head on over to the control room and we'll sort
    out this whole situation.
    -=Office Hallway=-
    [Dino Growl is heard]
    -=Control Room 1F=-
    [The sound of Rick hacking away at a keyboard
    fills the room]
    Regina: What's our status?
    Rick: This security system is a snap for me....
    Real amateur stuff.
    [Rick turns around in his swivel chair]
    So, what exactly happened to Gail? You said that he was
    attacked by a dinosaur?
    Regina: Yeah. I couldn't believe it. I just hope
    he's still alive. Anyway, our first priority is to
    complete the mission.
    Rick: What we oughta do, is just call in the chopper
    and get off this deathtrap.
    Regina: That's a great idea, but Cooper has the
    radio and he's missing.
    [There is a long silence as Regina studies a monitor
    on the opposite side of the room]
    Hey, what's with this monitor?
    Rick: That's the security monitor for the underground
    area. The camera's offline.
    Regina: So, I take it that means power still hasn't
    been restored to that area?
    Rick: Exactly. They must have that area wired to a
    different power system than the ground level.
    Regina: We can investigate that area after we finished
    our sweep of the ground level.
    Rick: Okay, then I'll take care of the shutters that
    are blocking the way. Your work your way in, grab the
    Doc, then rendevous back here.
    [After the convo, if you press X on Rick, he comments]
    Rick: What's the deal with this place anyway?
    [When you leave, Rick talks to himself]
    Rick: Yeah... now what I wanna know is where those
    things are coming from.
    -=Management Office Hallway=-
    Rick: Regina? I took care of the shutter. You should
    be able to access the control panel now...
    Regina: Already? That was quick. Thanks...
    Rick: Hey, Girl... just get going.
    -=Chief's Room=-
    [An Unknown Man is badly injured and is slouching
    against a desk. He speaks his final words to Regina]
    Regina: A Survivor!
    Unknown Man: Are you from the Rescue Team?
    Regina: Uhh... I... I, yes, yes I am.
    Do you know where I can find Dr. Kirk?
    Unknown Man: Kirk? That fool. What is he plotting now?
    Regina: What are you talking about?
    Unknown Man: Here. Take this.
    Regina: What's this for?
    Unknown Man: I- I don't know. Told me...extremely vital.
    [The Unknown Man then dies]
    [After you open the box in the room a T-Rex breaks
    through the huge window and grabs the unknown man's
    corpse with it's big jaws]
    Regina: Oh, you've got to be kidding me!
    -=Main Entrance [When you walk in front of the DDK door]=-
    [Rick contacts Regina over the intercom]
    Rick: I've unlocked the shutters near the entrance.
    One more thing. I just caught a glimpse of something on
    the monitor that looked human. It should be somewhere
    near the front of the training room. So, check there
    -=Lecture Room [Training Room]=-
    Regina: Gail, your still alive! Good timing!
    Gail: What is it? Another lizzard?
    Regina: That's no lizzard. It's a dinosaur.
    Gail: Dinosaur?
    Regina: Look, there's something really wrong with
    this place. This whole mission's gone sour.
    Gail: Hey, it's always eat or be eaten out in the
    battlefield. No matter who or what you're up against.
    Any word on the Doc yet?
    [Regina shakes her head]
    I've got to hook up with Rick again. My radio's dead
    and he's the only one who can fix it.
    -=Control Room=-
    Rick: So how goes the search for the Doc?
    Regina: Nothing yet, I didn't find any sign of him on this level.
    Gail: That leaves the underground area then, It's the only place left.
    Regina: There's no power down there, right?
    Rick: Right.
    Gail: That'll be your job, Regina. Restore the power to the underground
    -=Backup Generator Room B1=-
    Rick: That you, Regina?
    Regina: Yeah. So do we have power yet?
    Rick: We're in the green, thank's to you.
    Look, I need you to come back here. There's something
    I have to talk to you about.
    -=Control Room 1F=-
    [The sound of Rick using a keyboard fills the room]
    Regina: What's the emergency?
    [Rick stops typing and turns around in his chair]
    Rick: Gail just told me he saw someone on the
    underground monitor.
    Gail: It flashed by pretty quick, but I'm sure I
    saw something.
    Rick, open the shutter to the underground area.
    [Rick continues typing]
    [Regina's Communication Device Beeps]
    Gail: What is it?
    Regina: It's a distress signal from one of our
    team members. It must be Cooper.
    [Rick stops typing and turns around again]
    Rick: Yeah, or it might be Tom. He infiltrated
    this facility posing as one of the researchers.
    Can you pinpoint the signal?
    Regina: It's coming from outside of the
    building. To the East of the rear entrance we
    came in from.
    Gail: Look, we'll deal with that later. Our first
    priority is the survivor in the underground. It
    could be the Doc.
    Rick: What are you talking about? He's asking
    for our help. We don't leave our own behind!
    Gail: And what if it's a trap? Would you want
    one of us to come rescue you?
    Rick: Don't bother. I'm willing to take that risk.
    Gail: Remember our mission. We're not here to
    Rick: That's YOUR way of operating, not mine.
    [Rick turns around in his chair and starts
    typing again]
    Alright, you have your access to the underground,
    Gail, so get moving. You handle things your way,
    I'll handle my things MY way.
    [Rick leaves the room]
    Gail: That punk is really starting to get on
    my nerves. Regina, I'm heading out to investigate
    the underground.
    Gail: Dr. Kirk?
    [Dr. Kirk runs]
    Hey, wait!
    [A door shuts and the shutter near Regina and Gail starts
    to close]
    [Gail rolls under the closing shutter and pursues Dr. Kirk]
    [Gail calls Regina on the intercom]
    Gail: Regina, are you there?
    Regina: What's going on?
    Gail: I have a positive ID on the doctor. I lost him, but he's
    definitley in the lab area. Drop what you're doing and get over
    Regina: I can see an elevator from here. Maybe I can use that
    to go down from the 1st floor.
    [Rick calls Regina on the intercom]
    Rick: Rick here, and I found Tom.
    Regina: And?
    Rick: I was too late. He didn't make it.
    Regina: You did what you could.
    Rick: I'm back in the control room right now. I'm going to
    continue working on the system.
    -=Large Size Elevator Control Room=-
    Regina: Tom!
    Tom: They came out of nowhere..... didn't have
    a chance.
    Regina: Tom, can you tell us what's going on
    Tom: Kirk's insane. His experiments have nothing to do with
    energy development.. augh...
    Rick: Tom!
    Tom: Here, take this...
    Rick: His wounds are pretty bad. We have to move him some place
    safe immediatley.
    [If you press X on Rick he comments]
    Rick: This looks pretty bad. Listen, I'll take care of it.
    [When you activate the elevator then come back in]
    Regina: Finally. We have access to the elevator outside.
    Rick: Good, now we can head straight down to the underground.
    -=Large Size Elevator=-
    Rick: So, you saw the beast, right?
    Regina: Yeah, Pteranodon wasn't it?
    Rick: I meant, you saw that it was a real dinosaur? It's
    Regina: Didn't I tell you?
    Rick: This is just like that movie.
    -=Carrying Out Room B1=-
    Rick: Regina, We have to hurry. Tom's not going to last
    much longer.
    Regina: I'll clear a path by moving these containers. You
    just keep an eye on Tom.
    [After the puzzle]
    Rick: Will do. Concentrate on the mission and leave the rest
    to me.
    Regina: Right.
    Rick: Oh yeah, if Gail gives you any more of his bull, be sure
    to beat him down for me, okay?
    -=Medical Room=-
    [A dinosaur is in the room with Rick and Tom]
    Tom: Rick! Watch out!
    [Tom throws Rick to the floor]
    Chew on this!
    [Tom points his Uzi at the Dinosaur]
    [When you come in the room]
    Regina: Rick!
    Rick: He's dead.
    Regina: It's not your fault.
    Rick: Yeah... I'll be in the control room.
    -=Control Room=-
    [If you press X on Rick he comments]
    Rick: What?...oh. I don't see any signs of the doc here.
    -=Gas Experimnet Room=-
    [After you solve the gas puzzle]
    Regina: You're gonna be okay. What happened?
    [The unknown man coughs a few times]
    Unknown Man: That fool.
    Regina: Who are you talking about?
    Unknown Man: What are you... planning, Kirk?
    Regina: I'm here with the rescue team.
    [The Unknown Man coughs again]
    Where's Dr. Kirk?
    Unknown Man: Here... This will give you access... to his
    ... personal... laaaab.... [The Unknown Man dies]
    -=Computer Room=-
    [Regina calls Gail on the intercom to open a lock]
    Gail: Regina?
    Regina: I finally made it to the enterance of the doctor's
    Gail: Good work.
    Regina: The door looks like it needs 2 people working in
    tandem to unlock it.
    Gail: Sit tight, I'll be right there.
    [When Gail arrives]
    Gail: So what's our status?
    Regina: Here, take this.
    Gail: Ready? okay, on 3. 1... 2... 3!...
    [If you press X on gail he comments]
    Gail: You're all clear. Let's go.
    [When you come out of the Experiment Simulation Room]
    Regina: He's not here!
    Gail: Why? This operation is taking way too long already!
    Alarm: Warning... The emergency system has been activated.
    Emergencey lockdown in progress.
    Regina: What's going on?
    Gail: Oh, Kirk must have tripped off the security system!
    That fool!
    [Rick calls Regina on the intercom]
    Rick: What's your status, Regina? I'm reading an emergency
    lockdown in your section.
    Regina: It's not inside here. Kirk must have triggered it
    off. We didn't touch anything.
    Rick: Can you clear it?
    Regina: I'll see what I can do.
    Gail: What's wrong with this thing?!
    Regina: Cool it, Gail. We'll find a way out somehow.
    [After the puzzle]
    Alarm: Warning... The emergency lockdown has been bypassed.
    You have... 10... minutes, until this section is sealed off.
    Gail: We'd better get moving.
    [Gail calls Rick on the intercom]
    We've bypassed the door lock and we're on our way out.
    Rick: That's great, but the entire underground area is crawling
    with dinosaurs. You'll never be able to make it through there.
    Gail: Don't sweat it. I'll take 'em all out one by one if I have
    Rick: Brilliant plan, fearless leader, but I have a better one.
    These readouts tell me there's an emergency escape hatch in the
    doc's private quarters. You should be able to make a clean break
    through there.
    Regina: Are you sure?
    Rick: Yeah, but there's one problem. The hatch is password locked
    through the mother system.
    Gail: Forget it! If you can't crack the code before the dinosaurs
    rush in, we'll be completely trapped.
    Rick: I know. You'll just have to trust me.
    Gail: I don't!
    Rick: Fine. What about you, Regina?
    Gail: Make your choice.
    -=Carrying Out Room B1=-
    Regina: Gail!
    Gail: You're a lucky guy, doc.
    Regina: So this must be the illusive Dr. Kirk?
    Gail: Yeah, gave us quite a run for our money. You get around,
    don't you? Just like a rat. You got this whole Island set up as
    your maze.
    Dr. Kirk: Well, I'm glad I kept YOU entertained, tuff guy.
    Gail: Shut up!
    Dr. Kirk: I'm suprised they sent someone after me. I had heard they
    reported me as deceased.
    Gail: If that's the way you want it, I'd be more than happy to
    oblige. So what'll it be, genius?
    Dr. Kirk: Relax... agent. My study is nearing it's final stages.
    Magnificent, isn't it? But I can't leave before I've analyzed the
    final results.
    Gail: I don't give spit about your results. I'm taking you back
    under orders, so shut up and follow me. Regina, locate the
    communication facility and call in the extraction chopper.
    Dr. Kirk: You can't do this! I have rights!
    Gail: According to command, you're government property, pal.
    I suggest you take it up with them.
    Dr. Kirk: No, they can't do this to me! They abbandoned me three
    years ago, and now they want me back?! This is propostorus!
    Gail: Shut up!
    Kirk: Then shoot me you idiot! You lame, flat-top, jar-headed...
    Gail: Shut up! Where's the communication room?
    [Dr. Kirk doesn't respond so Gail points his gun at him]
    Dr. Kirk: Take the elevator UP from the control room.
    Gail: I need a card to access that elevator. I know you've got
    one. Hand it over, doc.
    [Dr. Kirk doesn't respond again so Gail points his gun at him]
    Dr. Kirk: Ugh... fine!
    [Regina approaches and takes the card]
    [Gail signals Dr. Kirk to start walking then he talks to Regina]
    Gail: So, we're all set then. I'll meet you at the heliport.
    Regina: Hey, wait! Where are you going?
    Gail: I have a little unfinished business to take care of. I'll
    drop this guy off with Rick. Now get moving!
    [Gail follows Dr. Kirk]
    Regina:[To Herself] Unfinished.. business?
    -=Experiment Simulation Room=-
    Rick: Got it!
    Regina: Good work, Rick.
    Rick: Ah, it was nothing, but THAT's just the beginning. The
    release code for the hatch automatically re-writes itself
    periodically. We have access, but we're down to two chances
    to get it, so let's make sure we get it the first time around.
    I'm going to force the system to display the release codes.
    Make sure you enter them EXACTLY as displayed. Let's do it.
    [If you get the first one right Rick comments]
    Rick: I'm transmitting the next.
    [If you get the second one right Rick comments]
    Rick: Transmitting the final code. We're almost there.
    [If you get the one wrong Rick comments]
    Rick: You punched in the wrong code! Careful, we only have
    one more chance left. I'm counting on you.
    [If you get two wrong Rick comments]
    No! The mother system just did a complete shutdown! There's
    nothing I can do. You'll have to find another way to punch
    [When you get all three right:]
    Rick: Excellent, you've got mad skills. Now don't waste ANY
    time, just get out of there!
    -=Carrying Out Room B1=-
    Regina: Hold it! Dr. Kirk? We've come to help. We're
    representatives from your nation's government.
    Dr. Kirk: My nation? Ha ha ha! I'm touched. And what do you
    government agents want with me?
    Gail: Shut up! You're coming with us if I have to knock you
    out and drag you back myself.
    Dr. Kirk: Well, according to the government, I'm officially
    deceased, correct?
    Gail: If that's the way you want it, I'd be more than happy to
    oblige. So what'll it be, genius?
    Dr. Kirk: Relax... agent. My study is nearing it's final stages.
    Magnificent, isn't it? But I can't leave before I've analyzed the
    final results.
    Gail: I don't give spit about your results. I'm taking you back
    under orders, so shut up and follow me. Regina, locate the
    communication facility and call in the extraction chopper.
    Dr. Kirk: You can't do this! I have rights!
    Gail: According to command, you're government property, pal.
    I suggest you take it up with them.
    Dr. Kirk: No, they can't do this to me! They abbandoned me three
    years ago, and now they want me back?! This is propostorus!
    Gail: Shut up!
    Kirk: Then shoot me you idiot! You lame, flat-top, jar-headed...
    Gail: Shut up! Where's the communication room?
    [Dr. Kirk doesn't respond so Gail points his gun at him]
    Dr. Kirk: Take the elevator UP from the control room.
    Gail: I need a card to access that elevator. I know you've got
    one. Hand it over, doc.
    [Dr. Kirk doesn't respond again so Gail points his gun at him]
    Dr. Kirk: Ugh... fine!
    [Regina approaches and takes the card]
    [Gail signals Dr. Kirk to start walking then he talks to Regina]
    Gail: So, we're all set then. I'll meet you at the heliport.
    Regina: Hey, wait! Where are you going?
    Gail: I have a little unfinished business to take care of. I'll
    drop this guy off with Rick. Now get moving!
    [Gail follows Dr. Kirk]
    Regina:[To Herself] Unfinished.. business?
    -=Passageway To The Communication Area=-
    [After activating the Antenna]
    [Rick calls Regina on the intercom]
    Rick: Regina, what happened? The emergency lock on the second
    floor just activated.
    Regina: I'm a bit busy right now. Do something about it!
    Rick: Don't sweat it. I'll release the lock.
    [After fending off the T-Rex]
    Rick: It's open. You're all clear.
    -=Communication Room=-
    [Regina types on keyboard]
    Helicopter Pilot: Regina, do you copy?
    Regina: Finally, something.
    helicopter Pilot: Signal's weak......interference.....static...
    Regina: I'll give you the abridged version. Mission Complete.
    Scrub the initial plans and pick us up at the heliport
    immediatley. This entire Island's a blood bath. The only
    survivor not on the team, is the doctor.
    helicopter Pilot: Heliport?
    Regina: I'll give you the details later, just get back here
    and pick us up ASAP.
    Helicopter Pilot: Roger, I'm on my way.
    [Rick calls Regina on the intercom]
    Rick: Regina, what's our situation?
    Regina: The chopper's on it's way here.
    Rick: Great, don't waste anytime, and remember, use the main
    entrance, to get to the heliport.
    [CG Video]
    Rick: You okay, Regina?
    Regina: Where's Gail?
    Rick: I don't know. Haven't heard a WORD from him. What's he
    [The helicopter arrives]
    Finally! You know, I had a really bad feeling about this
    mission. All things considered, it could have been a lot worse.
    [Birds rise up out of the tree's in the distance]
    Regina: That's odd. Something must have those animals spooked.
    [The T-Rex appears from out of the forest]
    helicopter Pilot 1: What is that?!?!
    [The T-Rex approaches the hovering helicopter]
    helicopter Pilot 2: Nooooooo!!!
    [The T-Rex grabs the helicopter with it's mouth and tosses
    it to the ground killing the two pilots]
    [Rick sees Dr. Kirk running away amongst the explosion]
    Rick: Dr. Kirk!
    [Rick explains that he needs a little more time(Normal Mode)]
    [After around 30 seconds of fending off the T-Rex(Easy Mode)]
    [Rick shoots a round from his Assault Rifle off into the air]
    Rick: Regina! Over here!
    Rick: We're screwed! The chopper's history! How are we gonna
    get out of here?
    Regina: Calm down. We'll just have to find another way.
    Rick: Ah, come off it, you're never this positive.
    [The elevator stops suddenly]
    Rick: Agh..
    Regina: W-what happened?!
    Rick: Hmmm.... elevator's shot. We'll have to find another way.
    [If you don't read the dead man's memo]
    [In second elevator]
    Regina: More repairs?
    Rick: This facility's probably held together with tape and glue.
    I think I can fix this, but It'll take some time.
    [After you read the dead man's memo]
    Regina: You done yet?
    Rick: What do you mean? Of course. Let's get moving.
    [The elevator starts going up]
    Regina: So, I think I found a way out of here.
    Rick: Right on girl. Let's hear it.
    [When the elevator gets to the top]
    Rick: Okay, we're here again. Now what?
    Regina: We should be able to get to the underground port from
    Rick: Yeah, so let's do it.
    Regina: Hurry, I'm worried about Gail.
    Rick: Our fearless leader? Fine, let's move out.
    -=Large Size Elevator=-
    [Elevator stops and lights turn out]
    Regina: What happened?!
    Rick: Ah, this piece of junk must have blown a fuse!
    [The lights turn back on and the elevator starts again]
    [Gail calls Regina on the intercom]
    Gail: What's going on? The power went out.
    Regina: Gail, are you on floor B3?
    Gail: Yeah, getting the power on-line now.
    Rick: Gail, it looks like there's a port nearby. There's
    gotta be a ship we can use.
    Gail: Copy, leave Kirk to me. You two get the power back
    on-line and secure our escape route.
    -=Carrying Out Room B3=-
    Rick: What the-?! This battery's completely dead!
    [When you bring a new battery back]
    Rick: Perfect! This is all we need to restore the power.
    Rick: I'll work on the security system, you handle our
    escape route.
    -=Control Room B3=-
    [If you press X on Rick he comments]
    Rick: Well, I've definetly reached the system's core.
    These security protocols are brutal! Finally, a challenge
    worthy of my talents.
    -=Researcher Rest Room=-
    [Regina encounters Gail once again]
    Regina: Gail!
    Gail: Yeah, well at least Kirk's running out of places to hide.
    [He leaves the room]
    -=Central Stairway=-
    [Rick calls Regina on the intercom]
    Rick: Regina, I fixed it. You can open the shutters now.
    -=Disembarkation Immigration Office=-
    [Rick comes into the room right after Regina]
    Rick: Regina, it looks like this door leads to the port.
    [He starts using the computer]
    Hmmm, it'll take a while before I can pop this open.
    [The Radio Trasmitter of the dead guy starts recieving a signal]
    *Beep* *Beep*
    Unknown Man: Do ya copy, Mike? I found the key to the port, but
    I got a lizzard riding on my tail! I'm heading to the main elevator
    right now! I'll meet you there at the ground level. Hurry!
    Regina: Heh, sounds like we're not the only ones having problems.
    Rick: I'm glad YOU'RE amused, but if that guy gets eaten, we're
    going to have to retrieve that key from the dinosaur's stomach.
    You've got to save him!
    -=Carrying Out Room B3=-
    [Regina hears something from inside the elevator as it is coming
    down to floor B3]
    [A dinosaur hiss is heard]
    Unknown Man: Ahhhhhhh!!
    [Two bites are heard]
    [The elevator arrives at floor B3, and a T-rex comes out]
    [It roars, then tries to eat Regina but smashes into
    a large generator causing it to fall to the ground unconcious]
    -=Disembarkation Immigration Office=-
    [Regina throws the Port card Key to Rick]
    Regina: Think fast!
    [Rick catches it and inserts it into the computer and
    hacks away at the keyboard for a few seconds]
    Rick: Yes!
    -=Passageway to the Port=-
    [A Votex-like object is blocking the path]
    Rick: What, IS that?!
    Regina: I saw something like this in Kirk's personal lab.
    This could be a problem.
    [Rick pulls out a coin and flicks it into the Vortex. It
    stops when it hits the Vortex, then it appears to dissipate
    through it]
    Rick: So how we supossed to get around this thing?
    Regina: Either we find a way, or we both end up as dino droppings.
    Rick: Not funny. Okay, i'll pull up any relevant data on the
    computer. Regina, you search around for any possible clues or
    -=Disembarkation Immigration Office=-
    [If you press X on Rick he comments]
    Rick: This isn't looking good. Our only chance may be to use the
    3rd Energy.
    -=Parts Storage=-
    Alarm: Initiating decontamination procedure...
    [Regina gets decontaminated]
    Sterilization is effective while in facility.
    -=3rd Energy Area B2=-
    [Regina finds the generator and calls Rick on the intercom]
    Regina: Rick, i've located the main generator of the 3rd Energy.
    Rick: Great, see if you can activate it.
    -=3rd Energy Area B2 and B3(Both computers)=-
    [If the Stabilizer and initializer aren't set yet you get an
    error message]
    Computer: Error, preperation procedure incomplete.
    -=Third Energy Control Room=-
    [If you don't have Dr. Kirk's data on the ID Card(which you don't),
    then you get a message telling you that you need a special keycard]
    Computer: Announcment: Generator test complete. Remember, a special
    keycard is required to operate the generator.
    [Regina hears that, and hits the keyboard of the computer in anger]
    [A gunshot is heard in the room behind Regina]
    -=Power Freq. Room=-
    [The unconcious girl is now dead and blood is all over the wall]
    [A door shuts around the corner]
    -=Passageway to Personal Lab=-
    [Regina sees a man run around the corner in a white lab jacket,
    who is possibly Dr. Kirk]
    -=Dr. Kirk's Personal Lab=-
    [Dr. Kirk points a gun to Regina's head]
    Dr. Kirk: Don't...move.
    Regina: And what do you think you're doing?
    Dr. Kirk: Carving a name for myself in history with the ultimate
    energy source.
    Regina: Open you're eyes you freak! You're precious creation is
    nothing more than another weapon to be misused!
    Dr. Kirk: [He laughs under his breath] You seem to have a small
    degree of superficial intelligence. Too bad it's wasted on one
    who's about to DIE.
    [Dr. Kirk attempts to shoot the gun but just then Gail appears
    out of nowhere and shoots the gun out of Dr. Kirk's hand]
    [---Note Gail's Voice Change---(He sounds a bit different)]
    [Gail calls Rick on the intercom]
    Gail: Rick, out target has been secured. Report here immediatley.
    [Gail approaches Regina and Dr. Kirk]
    Sorry to interupt your lecture, doc, you were saying?
    [Dr. Kirk is now sitting down]
    Dr. Kirk: Yes, I WAS saying. I discovered how the 3rd Energy
    could effect space if it ran unchecked, 3 years ago. I thought
    that the energy had the ability to transfer selective space,
    to an alternate, time-space continuum. But I was incorrect.
    The space was not transfered, it was... exchanged. To put it
    in terms that even YOU can understand, 3rd Energy has the
    ability to replace a pocket in space, with one from a different
    Regina: What?!
    Dr. Kirk: Yes, I came to these conclusions following this
    evening's final experiments. You've seen the effects yourself!
    Those beasts, were occupying the space that THIS facility is
    located on almost 65 million years ago!
    Gail: Right, so that's how those dinosaurs appeared in our time.
    Dr. Kirk: Precisely, and THAT, is what I have done!
    Regina: Uh huh, and how many people were sacrificed before you
    made this discovery?
    Dr. Kirk: Ha ha ha ha ha! Who cares!? The numbers are quite
    irrelevant. Let's just say that there were many. Extraordinary
    deaths for ordinary men, don't you think?
    Regina: Spoken like a true Devil.
    Dr. Kirk: A God or a Devil? Hmmm..., I don't care about that,
    only my experiment!
    Gail: Enough! Only one thing matters at this point. Your grand
    invention is blocking our escape.
    Dr. Kirk: YOU need to destroy the Vortex. [Dr. Kirk laughs under
    his breath] The only way to do that is to allow the generator's
    3rd Energy levels to overload. Theoretically speaking, the 3rd
    Energy and the Vortex will cancel each other out if they come in
    contact with one another. But there is one small catch. If you
    cannot stop the generator's 3rd Energy overload, this entire
    region may be shifted to another point in the space-time
    Gail: Then we'll just make sure to be somewhere else when the
    shift happens. No problem.
    Regina: But we couldn't even activate the device.
    Dr. Kirk: Ha ha ha ha ha! You're missing the Initializer and
    Stabilizer, right?
    Regina: Where are they?
    [Dr. Kirk doesn't answer so Gail advances and points his gun
    at him]
    Dr. Kirk: Calm down, they should be stored in one of the
    security level A rooms on floor B3.
    Gail: Very good, doc. Now you understand our situation. WE
    live, YOU live.
    [Gail takes Dr. Kirk into the library room then comes back out]
    [You get the Security Level A Card]
    [Rick comes into the room]
    Rick: Okay, I'm all set to whip up a program that will send a
    stream of 3rd Energy into the Vortex.
    Gail: I'll keep an eye on the doctor. Regina, you go find those
    devices and overload the 3rd Energy. Remember, they're in a
    security level A room on floor B3.
    Rick: Hold up. That whole floor's crawling with dinosaurs,
    including that T-Rex. Let's get the situation under control
    before charging off. Here, take this.
    [Rick gives Regina the Planning Disk but you only get it if
    you choose Rick's strategy in a few soconds from now]
    The disk contains the draft plans for the Initializer and
    Stabilizer. I stumbled over them while searching through the
    database. Fortunatley, the room where the parts are stored is
    not far from here. We should gather up the parts, and
    assemble the devices.
    Gail: Don't be rediculous. Regina doesn't have the technical
    knowledge for that. We don't even know if all the right parts
    are there. We'd be better off simply trying to hunt down
    the completed devices.
    Rick: It's too dangerous down there, she won't make it!
    Gail: It's your call then, Regina. You're the one who has to
    do this. So what's your choice?
    Gail: Okay, let's do it.
    [Gail leaves]
    Rick: Whatever you do, don't drop your guard for a SECOND.
    Rick: It's your show, girl. I just hope you know what you're
    Gail: Do whatever you want, just don't fail.
    -=Dr. Kirk's Library Room=-
    [If you press X on Gail he comments]
    Gail: What are you still doing here? Go get those devices.
    [If you press X on Dr. Kirk he comments]
    Dr. Kirk: Did you find those devices yet? Heh heh heh heh heh!
    (Laughing with his mouth shut)
    -=Parts Storage=-
    [The Wiretapped Conversation between Dr. Kirk and Colonel Clay,
    the leader of the 3rd Energy project]
    Dr. Kirk: The only concern I have about the new generator is the
    stabilizer. It functions perfectly under nominal conditions, but...
    Colonel Clay: It's still a problem under certain conditions? Look,
    with a generous budget, personnel, and facilities at your disposal,
    shouldn't you be able to solve that problem?
    Dr. Kirk: Once complete control can be established, we will
    literally have the power of a GOD at our disposal! And it will
    all be obtainable IF you co-operate with me.
    Colonel Clay: The power of a God. How can I refuse?
    [The beeping of a code being entered is heard]
    -=Third Energy Control Room=-
    [When using the generator power testing computer, and once you
    have Dr. Kirk's data on the ID card]
    Computer: Announcment, power to generator is connected.
    Announcment, please place the Initializer and the Stabilizer
    in the generator.
    -=3rd Energy Area B2=-
    [When Initializer and Stabilizer are in place in the generator]
    Computer: Warning, 3rd Energy output is approaching critical
    point. Cease operation immediately
    -=3rd Energy Control Room=-
    [Regina runs to the bottom floor in the 3rd Energy Control Room]
    Alarm: Danger, 3rd Energy output is approaching critical point.
    Attempting to compensate.
    Rick: Okay, Regina, adjust the power output to maximum.
    Regina: Here it goes, just remember, there's no turning back
    once it overloads.
    Rick: Then we won't look back. Crank that sucker, and let's
    go out with a boom.
    Alarm: Danger, generator has surpassed safety perimeters.
    3rd Energy overload in progress. All personnel evacuate
    immediately. Danger, all personnel evacuate immediately.
    -=Dr. Kirk's Library Room=-
    [Gail see's a large pipe starting to fall from the roof]
    Gail: Wha? The ceiling! Move it!
    [Gail knocks Dr. Kirk out of the way of the falling pipe
    and the pipe falls on Gail making him badly injured]
    [Kirk gets up and stands over Gail but doesn't help him]
    Dr. Kirk: Ha ha ha, you fool! What was the point in
    saving ME? How pathetic!
    [Dr. Kirk starts to leave the room]
    Gail: Naugh!
    [Gail throws a transmitter onto Dr. Kirk's back]
    -=Dr. Kirk's Library Room=-
    Regina: Gail!
    Gail: I'm... ok... Just get Kirk, hurry!
    Regina: Take it easy, Gail.
    Gail: Aughh... Take this... tagged him... with...
    transmitter... aughh...
    Regina: Gail? Gail?
    [You get the Pulse Reciever which tells you where Dr. Kirk is]
    -=Disembarkation Immigration Office=-
    [Rick is typing at the computer when Regina comes in supporting
    Gail to help him walk]
    Rick: Alright, the overload levels are increasing. Just a
    little more... looking good.
    [Rick turns around in his swivel chair]
    Gail... what happened to him?
    Regina: I don't know, but Kirk's gone.
    Rick: I'm gonna kill him!
    [Rick turns back around and continues hacking on the computer]
    This is it. All that's left is our escape! Let's go.
    Regina: Wait, what about Kirk?
    Rick: What about him?! It's a miracle we're still alive at
    this point. Forget about him!
    Gail: Don't forget the mission. You're not here to babysit.
    Rick: Sorry, but I have a conscience. I'm taking you back, NOW!
    Gail: No! You two get going. I'm going after Kirk.
    Rick: What?! You're insane!! Don't you remember our situation?
    The 3rd Energy CAN'T be controlled anymore. Staying here any
    longer is SUICIDE!
    Gail: I know. If I'm not back in 30 minutes, you two make your
    escape without me.
    [Gail starts to leave the room]
    Rick: Hey! Do something! (To Regina)
    *NOTE* With Gail's idea, you can get 2/3 endings.
    Gail: Kirk... must be after the stabilizer.
    [Gail leaves the room]
    Rick: Why'd you let him go?
    Regina: I'm finally beginning to understand him. He's a
    professional first and foremost, it's the only way he
    Rick: You're right... and it's up to me to do my part as well.
    I'll make sure everything's ready to go as soon as you get back.
    [If you do NOT find the heliport and to Gail and Dr. Kirk]
    -=Stabilizer Experiment Room=-
    [Gail has his gun pointed at Dr. Kirk]
    Regina: You got your man, Gail.
    Dr. Kirk: You're not one to forget a grudge, are you? (To Gail)
    Regina: Comon, let's go.
    Gail: Regina, take this.
    Regina: A disc?
    Gail: It contains all the information on the 3rd Energy. Including
    the details on how to use it as a weapon. Once we deliver this
    disk to our government, our REAL mission will be complete.
    Dr. Kirk: Hahahahaha! Just as I suspected!!
    Regina: What do you mean our "REAL" mission? Our mission is to take
    back Dr. Kirk.
    Dr. Kirk: That was the official lie your government fed you. Your
    boss only wanted the data from the very beginning.
    Regina: What are you talking about?
    Dr. Kirk: Don't you get it, girl? It's SO obvious. The government
    doesn't want me, they want the 3rd Energy. They want this weapon
    all to themselves.
    Regina: Then this whole mission was a front from the very beginning!
    Gail: Our government knew that Kirk's project had to be some sort of
    weapon. I mean, just think about it. A staged accidental death,
    political asylum, a secret non-weapon project at a hidden military
    base. And you know how this country has always been famous for
    developing new weapons in secret. Our government knew that there
    was a new weapon, and they wanted it. Our REAL mission was to
    ascertain all information on the weapon, so that only our country
    could exploit it. Dr. Kirk's just a bonus.
    Regina: I...can't belive it.
    Dr. Kirk: Ha! You naively called ME a devil before. But if you
    think about it, you know who the true devil is.
    Regina: I don't understand, Gail, why didn't you tell us?!
    Gail: I can only guess that you two were too clean to be trusted by
    the top brass.
    Regina: What about you?
    [Note the change in Gail's voice yet again]
    Gail: I didn't want to put either of you in danger. What you
    didn't know, couldn't hurt you.
    Dr. Kirk: This has been all quite enlightening, but can we GO now?!
    Regina: You're right. Let's go, Gail
    [Gail falls to the floor and dies]
    Dr. Kirk: And this is your reward for a lifetime of service to
    the government. Sad, isn't it?
    [Regina punches Dr. Kirk in the face]
    Dr. Kirk: Aughh!
    Regina: Let's go!
    [You get the secret Disc]
    -=Disembarkation Immigration Office=-
    [Rick is hacking away at the keyboard then he turns around in
    his swivel chair]
    Rick: Where's Gail?
    Regina: Auuuuuuh.... (She makes almost like a sigh sound)
    [Rick realizes that Gail died]
    Rick: Let's go then.
    [Regina see's the T-Rex lying on the ground. It looks dead.]
    [When you enter the Hovercrapt Storage room, the T-Rex closes
    it's open mouth and makes a quiet growl]
    [The Hovercraft gets bumped from below then the T-Rex emerges
    out of the water from behind]
    [Rick turns around and see's the T-Rex]
    Rick: He's back! I was beginning to miss our reptilian groupie.
    Regina: Shut up and steer. I'm gonna take care of this once and
    for all.
    Rick: Here, take this with you. [Plug, Grenade Bullets x2]
    [After you fight off the T-Rex, a video starts]
    Rick: Regina! I'll finish this.
    [Rick launches the "Mission 2020" Missile at a low bridge overhead
    with explosive material on it]
    Stay down!
    [The hovercraft comes to a skid-like stop at the end of the ball
    of flames]
    Rick: Well, that's that. Game over folks.
    Regina: After THIS mission, I don't think I'll ever be able to look
    at a croc-skin bag the same way.
    [The Hovercraft gets bumped again and Regina and a explosive
    charge fall to the floor]
    [The T-Rex appears again and Rick see's it]
    Rick: No!
    [The Hovercraft takes off again]
    [Regina grabs the explosive charge and opens the side door. She
    throws the explosive charge into the T-Rex's mouth after priming it.]
    Regina: End of the line for you, handsome!
    You're extinct! (She blows up the charge with the remote causing the
    T-Rex to explode into pieces into the water and the air)
    [If you find the Heliport then go to Gail and Dr. Kirk]
    -=Stabilizer Experiment Room=-
    [Gail has his gun pointed at Dr. Kirk]
    Regina: You got your man, Gail.
    Dr. Kirk: Yes, he seems to have made it his mission to make my life
    Regina: Gail, I found a Heliport on the way here. Our escape will
    be quicker if we use it instead.
    Gail: Fine. Thanks for the disc, doc.
    Regina: Disc? (Quietly)
    -=Underground Heliport=-
    [Regina closes the helicoptor door after Gail and Dr. Kirk get in
    then calls Rick on the intercom]
    Regina: The doctor's been secured.
    Rick: Good to hear it, but I've got bad news. The hovercraft was
    destroyed by the T-Rex.
    Regina: Don't worry about it, Rick, there's a chopper we can use
    to escape.
    Rick: Got it. I'm heading over right now.
    -=Heliport Transport Passageway=-
    Rick: That T-rex is right behind us! We've got to get out of
    here fast!
    [The T-Rex opens the large door that Rick just came through]
    [Rick goes into the cockpit of the horizontal elevator]
    Regina: Rick, faster!
    [The door shuts on the T-Rex's head]
    [The T-Rex opens the door again]
    Regina: Rick, now!
    [After you fight off the T-Rex, a video starts]
    [The exit door opens and the Helicoptor takes off with Regina,
    Gail, Rick and Dr. Kirk all inside]
    [The T-Rex breaks through the huge door behind the Helicoptor
    then roars]
    [The helicoptor starts up a diagonal shaft which has a low
    angle of elevation while the T-rex is in pursuit]
    Rick: That dinosaur just doesn't give up!
    [The T-Rex roars]
    Regina: He's still after us!
    Rick: I'm gonna flash-fry that dino-dodo!!
    [Rick drops the bomb that was being held onto the bottom of the
    [The bomb explodes and consumes the T-Rex with flames]
    [The T-Rex roars one final time and it echoes in the sound of
    the explosion]
    [Everyone in the helicoptor lives and they fly away with a
    bombless helicoptor into the horizon]
    *NOTE* With Rick's idea, you can get 1/3 endings.
    Regina: Gail!
    [Gail stops and turns around as Regina hits him in his stomach]
    Gail: Auuughm!
    Rick: Thanks, that G.I. Joe deserved it. Comon.
    -=Hovercraft Storage=-
    Regina: Okay, let's get out of here.
    Rick: We can't, at least not yet. It needs fuel and some repair
    before it'll move.
    Regina: I'll take care of the fuel then.
    Rick: It looks like this thing's powered by some type of nuclear
    energy. Here, put the fuel in this.
    [Rick gives you the Energy Tank]
    [When you come back with the Nucleum]
    Regina: Good enough?
    [Dust and rocks fall from the ceiling to the sound of large
    Rick: It's the T-Rex again.
    Regina: Leave him to me. You just work on getting that thing fixed!
    Rick: Right.
    [Regina starts to leave]
    Hold up, Regina! Take this. [Plug, Grenade Bullets x2]
    [The T-Rex breaks through a giant door]
    Alarm: Intruder detected at port. Lock down in progress
    [The Hovercraft Storage door locks]
    [After you fight off the T-Rex, a video starts]
    [The hovercraft comes out from around the corner and stops]
    [Rick opens the side door and pulls out a massive rocket launcher]
    Rick: Fire in the Hole! Get down!
    Regina: Nail him! Huegh!(She dives to the ground)
    [Rick shoots a rocket at a part of the port, it explodes and the
    T-Rex roars. The explosion spreads into the rest of the facility.
    The 3rd Energy Generator enters the peak of the overload and
    starts to create the blast for the time shift]
    [Regina gets in the hovercraft and Rick shuts the door]
    Rick: All set? It's time to make like a tree and get out of here!
    [The T-Rex roars the dives in the water and pursues the Hovercraft]
    [The 3rd Energy Blast approaches behind the Hovercraft]
    Rick: Oh boy, I'd say it's time to...[Regina gasps] RUN!!!
    Regina: Nooo!
    Rick: Blast! It's gonna overtake us!
    [The 3rd Energy blast devoures the T-Rex then a top view shows
    that a large chunk of Ibis Island is now gone because of the
    overload of the Third Energy]
    4) S P E C I F I C S
    Intercom - The radio's built into each team member's glove.
               They are used to communicate with each other
               throughout the game.
               RED light - That character is talking.
               GREEN light - Another team member is talking.
    This script is for the easy mode difficulty. Higher difficulty
    levels have a bit more dialog, but nothing important. 
    5) C R E D I T S
    -Thanks to Capcom for making such a good series but
     it's too bad the plot of Dino Crisis 3 has drifted
     away from the plot of DC 1 and 2 completely.
    -Thanks to PS2 for starting up Dino Crisis faster than
     the first Playstation ever could. It sure helped when
     I had to reset the system dozens of times. 
    -No web site, magazine or book was used in the making
     of this Game Script. I listened to and then typed out
    -Any coincedences in character or in story in this
     Script/Game is purely coincidental.
            Dino Crisis Game Script by Cybiolink8000

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