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    FAQ/Walkthrough (US) by Kenny

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                               |\   ||  |\  // /\
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                               | /  ||  ||\/  \\//
                               |/   ||  ||     \/
        //          |   /           ||           //           ||           //
       //           |  /            ||          ((            ||          ((
      ((            | /\\           ||           \\           ||           \\
       \\           ||  \\          ||            ))          ||            ))   
        \\          ||              ||           //           ||           //   
    Title  :                   DINO CRISIS WALKTHROUGH (NA)
    For    :                         Sony Playstation
    By     :                           Kenny Gunawan
    E-mail :                        radicalz@telkom.net
    This is my fifth walkthrough, and this walkthrough is my own walkthrough. 
    So don't try to COPY IT and submit this walkthrough at another game link and
    give it YOUR NAME on it. My walkthrough is personality use.
    Oh yeah, don't forget if I'm Indonesian, so please let me know if there 
    are a wrong letters, ask me if you don't know my meaning in this 
    walkthrough, after that I will answer you at your E-mail address, and don't 
    forget to put 'Dino Crisis (NA)' words as the subject.
    I'm sorry of my bad English. 
    If you want to use this walkthrough as your own walkthrough, don't try to go
    out of my path at this walkthrough.
    Now, you can read my walkthroughs. They are : T.R.A.G, Soul of the Samurai, 
    Shadow Madness, and Dino Crisis Japanese version.
    You can read this walkthrough and my other walkthrough at these sites too :
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    T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
    I    Version
    II   Basic Control                   
    III  Complete Walkthrough      
    IV   Tips and Tricks           
    V    secret                    
    VI   Weapon list + each explaination    
    VII  Game shark codes          
    VIII Special Thanks            
    This Document is Copyright 1999 Kenny
    V E R S I O N
    Version 1.0: Contains little walkthrough
    I make this walkthrough at : 8:02 AM 10/7/99
    Version 1.1: Add more walkthrough
    I make this update at : 8:54 AM 10/11/99
    Version 1.2: Add more walkthrough
    I make this update at : 8:55 AM 10/14/99
    Version 1.3: Add more walkthrough
    I make this update at : 9:23 AM 10/20/99
    Version 1.4: Add more walkthrough, what will we get by using Small Size Key,
                 give Dino Crisis logo (I think it is  better than blank)
    I make this update at : 9:32 AM 10/27/99
    Version 1.5: Finished writting the walkthrough, give tips and tricks, 
                 secret, weapon list & each explaination, Game shark codes and 
                 special thanks.
    I make this update at : 6:48 PM 11/15/99
    Version 1.6: Cancel 'E-Box' and 'Mixing list'
                 Reason: I am to busy to play and study and write RE3 
    I make this update at : 6:37 PM 12/12/99
    Version 1.7: Add a little sorry above
    I make this update at : 5:38 PM 1/5/00
    Version 1.8: Just give another address, where you can see this
    I make this update at : 19:17 06/11/00
    Version 1.9(LAST VERSION): I change my E-mail address! If you want to contact
                               me, E-mail me at radicalz@telkom.net
    I make this update at : 22:10 12/07/01
    B A S I C  C O N T R O L
    This basic control is use default type (like Resident Evil). 
    Directional Pad :   Move your character
    Square :            Run
    Circle              Pick, choose option and check item
    X :                 Pick, choose option and check item (usually use this key
    Triangle :          Go to character's screen
    R1 :                Aim
    L1 :                None
    L2 :                None
    R2 :                Turn 180 degrees to right
    Select :            Option
    Start :             Pause
    Press Start to skip most of the animation.
     C O M P L E T E  W A L K T H R O U G H 
    First of all, you'll see if you have massages in your mail; After that, 
    you'll see very very good CG movie (usually I call it FMV). Okay, keep your 
    good work CAPCOM !!!! I love your CG Movie!!!
    Now, you'll see an event, that Regina (your character), Rick and Gail are
    talk a little about this facility. After that, you'll at Backyard of the 
    | Backyard of the Facility |
    Items : Recovery Aid and An. Aid
    Enemies : None
    After you split with Rick, go up and you'll meet Gail and you'll see event.
    Now continue up, push the center box and pick up Recovery aid. Go back to 
    Gail's position, enter the Material Storage (the door at your right).
    | Material Storage |
    Items : BG Area Key, Resuscitation
    Enemies : None
    Go on, take BG Area Key. Go back a little and go right; Push the shelf and 
    take Resuscitation. Exit and back to the place you were spliting with Rick
    just now. 
    You'll see event. Gail will take your BG Area Key. After the event, press R2
    and enter the door (The Backyard).
    There are three doors here. Choose the top one (Passageaway to the Backup 
    | Passageaway to the Backup Ganeretor |
    Items : Med Pak M
    Enemies : None
    Follow the path till event. Check the dead body for Med Pak M. Follow Gail 
    and enter the door beside Gail.
    | Backup Generator Room 1F |
    Items : None
    Enemies : None
    Go on your way, there is a puzzle. Rearrange it with this arrangement :
    Red, Blue, Green, White
    In other words, choose : Right, Center, Right
    Now press the switch at your right. Exit. On the way back to Passageaway, 
    you'll hear Gail's shot, Gail's voice and a Dinosaur's voice. 
    | Passageaway to the Backup Ganeretor |
    Items : None
    Enemies : Raptor
    Go on a little, see event. There is a RAPTOR !!! Run as fast as you can, 
    don't kill that Raptor if you can, because you don't have to back to this 
    place later. 
    After you reach The Backyard, the Raptor will jump above the FENCE !!! Go 
    enter The Backyard of the Facility. The Raptor want to jump above the fence 
    again, but this time the fence is to high for it. 
    Now you'll call Rick, if Gail was attacked by a dinosaur. Rick doesn't 
    believe it and call it a good joke. Go enter the room that Rick entered it 
    just now.
    | Office Hallway |
    Items : None
    Enemies : None
    Follow your way till you hear a Dinosaur's voice. Ignore it for now. Go on 
    till you find a Ventilation Opening.
    | Piping Check Passageaway A 1F |
    Items : None
    Enemies : None
    Go follow the path and go down at the first ventilation opening to Control 
    Room Hall
    | Control Room Hall |
    Items : 9mm Parabellum
    Enemies : None
    Go on down (don't enter the door), right and take 9mm Parabellum. There is 
    an E-Box near 9mm Parabellum. This E-Box is for save your items here. There 
    are three colours E-Box. There are :
               Green ==> Usually it's healing items
               Yellow ==> Usually it's mixing items
               Red ==> Usually it's ammoes
    And for the plug, it's not fixed. Sometimes Red E-box is need three plugs, 
    and sometimes need two plugs, etc.
    Enter the sliding door to Control Room.
    | Control Room |
    Items : None
    Enemies : None
    You'll meet Rick here. Event, then exit this room.
    Enter the door that I told you to ignore just now.
    | Management Office |
    Items : Shotgun, DDK input "H", a plug, Panel Key 2 (inside the 
            password box : Entrance Key and Resuscitation)
    Enemies : None
    Take Shotgun, DDK input "H" and a plug. Then press the red switch. It'll 
    become green. Then you can read the E-mail if you want to. Go to the right 
    side of this room. WAOW !!! There is a dead guy here. Take Panel Key 2 
    beside the corpse. There is a Password Box. Ignore it for now. Now exit this
    room through the other door. 
    | Management Office Hallway |
    Items : None
    Enemies : Velociraptor
    Rick will call you if you can deactivate the laser beam now. Now, kill the 
    Velo. Enter t3he white door.
    | Locker Room |
    Items : DDK code "H", An. Dart M and Recovery Aid
    Enemies : None
    Take those items. They are scattered in this room. After that, read the blue
    book. It's a Journal of the Guardsmen. There, you'll find '0426'. Yes, it's 
    for that Password Box in Management Office. Exit and enter the password and 
    take Entrance Key and Resuscitation.
    Exit, deactivate the laser beam and enter the door.
    | Main Entrance |
    Items : An. Aid 2x
    Enemies : None
    The first time you are here, you'll look around this place. Use Entrance Key
    at the big sliding door.
    | Front Area of Entrance |
    Items : SG Bullets, An. Aid and DDK Code "N"
    Enemies : None
    Go right and follow the path and take all items. There is "The File of 
    Personnel Changes". Read it if you want. I will give you the important one :
    *>Section : Third Energy Physics Laboratory
    *>Ragistration Number : 57036
    *>Name : Mark Doyle
    Back to Main Entrance.
    Take An. Aid (it's under the stairs). Then go to 2F Main Entrance. Push the 
    Box and take An. Aid, then enter the white door.
    | Hall 2F |
    Items : Hemostat and SG Bullets
    Enemies : Velociraptor
    Kill the Velociraptor, take all items, equip your shotgun with SG Bullets as
    your ammo. Use DDK "H" at the machine beside the door (the door is near SG 
    Bullet). Enter 'HEAD' as your password. Enter it.
    | Chief's Room |
    Items : Panel Key 1, SG Bullets, Key Card L and DDK input "N"
    Enemies : T-REX
    You'll meet a survivor here. He'll give you Panel Key 1. Take all items 
    exept Key Card L. Use Panel Key 1 and 2 at upper right corner machine. 
    Panel Key 1 --> Left
    Panel Key 2 --> Right
    Now you must enter a password. If you look the panel key 1 & 2 upside down, 
    you'll notice if it's  not a LEO and SOL word, but it's a number. 
    Key 1 ==> 705
    Key 2 ==> 037
    So the password is 705037. You'll receive Key Card L. On the way back, a 
    T-Rex is coming from the big glass. It'll eat the survivor (now he is dead)
    and now it is coming for you.
    Ok, for this T-Rex, I have two choice for you.
    1. After it's try to reach you, it will pull it's head. NAH! that's only 
       your chance to exit this room. 
    2. Use your SG Bullet to make the T-Rex is bored of you. You'll need 4 
       bullets for it.
    For the choices, there is higher and lower. I'll explain it one by one.
    1. Higher : You don't need to waste your bullets to this T-Rex
       Lower  : You must becareful, 'cause if you wrong a little, it will eat 
                you and the game is over (Game Over)
    2. Higher : You don't need to worry Game Over, 'cause you shoot the T-Rex
       Lower  : You lose four bullets to this T-Rex 
    Now, after you are at Hall 2F, enter the room near where you find Hemostat.
    | Passageaway to the Communication Area |
    Items : None
    Enemies : None
    Go on left, you'll read Communication Antenna Room. Now, enter Communication
    Antenna Room 
    | Communication Antenna Room |
    Items : None
    Enemies : None
    Remember the slot for Antenna Activation Key. Read A Memo from an Antenna 
    Operating Engineer. There, you'll find a password and how to use DDK. Exit 
    and back to Hall 2F and enter the last room that you haven't entered.
    | Lounge |
    Items : Resuscitation and Handgun Slides
    Enemies : Velociraptor
    Kill the Velo and take Resuscitation. There is a note here, you can read it 
    or not. Use the password that you find it just now beside the shelf. You'll
    get Handgun Slides. Use it at Handgun. Now your Handgun is more powerful. 
    In other words, you can use another bullets. Exit and go back to Main 
    Entrance 1F.
    Go to under the stairs and Rick will call you. Now use DDK "N", and enter 
    | Elevator Hall |
    Items : Plug and An. Aid
    Enemies : None
    Take plug near Red E-Box. Push the box near the dead guy for An. Aid. 
    Complete your map by checking the map near the dead guy. Now unlock the 
    other door.
    | Lecture Hallway |
    Items : Plug
    Enemies : Velociraptor
    Deactivate the laser beam and enter the left door
    | Office |
    Items : None
    Enemies : Velociraptor
    Kill Velo, check all things here and use phone. Set hold to the telephone.
    Go on your way, but becareful to Velo. If it is coming at you and it is near
    you, press the green dot. It will use gas, and it will hurt Velo (but you 
    can't kill the Velo with this gas). Go on your way till you find a door to 
    the left. Take the plug first and now enter the door.
    | Lecture |
    Items : B1 Key
    Enemies : Raptor
    Take B1 Key on the bottom right corner table. After you take the Key, a 
    Raptor will come out from the ceiling and it will hit you by its tail. Now
    you are having Danger scene. Tap all buttons and Gail is kill the Raptor for
    you. Wow..., what a right time. After a little talk, go back to Backyard of 
    the facility by using Piping Check Passage away B 1F. 
    There, take Recovery Aid. After you reach Toilet, take An. Aid and exit this
    room and go to Backyard of the Facility.
    | Backyard of the Facility |
    Go to the place where you find Recovery Aid. Use B1 key at the bottom left
    corner from this place. Take An. Aid and go down.
    | Backup Generator Room B1 |
    Items : Plug and Startup Battery R
    Enemies : None3
    Take Startup Battery R in battery charger. Go left, push the shelf and take
    plug. Use Startup Battery in its place and rearrange to this arrangement :
    Red, Blue, Green, White
    In other words, choose : Right, Center, Left, Right, Center, Right
    Then press the switch. Now Rick will call you. Then go to the Control Room.
    But, after you reach Office Hallway, you'll have a danger scene again. Tap
    all buttons. Then run as fast as you can to the laser beam, then activate 
    it. Now it can't reach you. Go to Control Room by passing Management Office,
    so you can save your game, 'cause you will have two choices later.
    | Control Room |
    Here, you'll have event again. But, the different is : Now you are having 
    two choices.
    1. Gail's idea : find more clue to find Dr.Kirk
    2. Rick's idea : rescue your comrade immediately
    I suggest you to trust Rick's idea, 'cause if you trust Gail's idea, you'll
    continue your jurney with Rick's idea.
    [{ Gail's idea }]
    Press R2, exit, then go to E-box place and there's an opening at the back.
    Go down the stairs.
    | Medical Room Hallway |
    Items : None
    Enemies : Many Amasgus
    Go on till you see many Amasgus are eating a dead raptor. Enter the right 
    door to Medical Room
    | Medical Room |
    It2ems : ID card and 2 Med Pak M
    Enemies : None
    Take ID card on the table and 2 Med Pak M in the cupboard near the table, 
    exit and save your game.
    Ignore those amasgus, and enter Hall B1.
    | Hall B1 |
    Items : None (for now)
    Enemies : None (for now)
    You'll meet Gail there. After a little chatting, there's a man wearing green
    cloth run away from you (wonder who is he), and the Gail is run after him. 
    Regina want to run after Gail, but he (green cloth) close the path. Then 
    Gail calls you. Regina says that you can go there by elevator. {You take 
    control of Regina} Go back to Management Office Hallway.
    Go left, turn off the laser beam and then use your ID card on the door that 
    there is symbol of this facility.
    | Strategy Room |
    Items : DDK code "E", F.C. Device and a plug
    Enemies : None
    Take those items (it's scatered in this room). There's E-Box here and use 
    your plug on it if you are very need E-box (because ... tee hee hee. Look by
    yourself later). Exit and go to Elevator Hall.
    Use F.C. Device at the corpse, and then go to Office.
    Check the whiteboard, then take a notice at the password (but I write it. 
    Don't worry). Use your ID card at the computer and then enter the password 
    that you were looked just now (58104), and say yes two times. Now, you get 
    a new ID card. Go back to Elevator Hall.
    {You can use the F.C. Device at the corpse that at Front Area of Entrance, 
    and use the password}
    You will hear a pager voice. You can turn off the pager by checking the 
    corpse once again. Now go on your jurney with Rick's idea.
    [{ Rick's idea }]
    Go back to The Backyard.
    There, you'll see Rick enter another room that you haven't entered it. 
    (If you continue this by Gail's idea : Rick will call you if Tom's die)
    | Large Size Elevator Passageaway |
    Items : Slag bullets and resuscitation
    Enemies : 2 Velociraptors
    Go on, kill the Velos if you wish by Slag bullets.Take Slag bullets and 
    resuscitation, then enter the next room through the double door.
    | Large Size Elevator |
    Items : Your gun, An. aid and a plug
    Enemies : Ptheranodon
    There, you'll have event. HEY! you are familiar with it. It's.....
    PTHERANODON !!!!! Okay, now you have danger scene again. After its end, go 
    back to where your gun is falling. Now, I will teach you how to kill 
    Ptheranodon :
    1. Equip shotgun with any bullets, exept darts
    2. Shoot the Ptheranodon if your aim is going up if you press R1 (aim)
    Go to R-6 garage, take An. aid. Now go to the boxes on the right of R-6 
    garage and take a plug. Continue right, and enter the right room to Large 
    Size Elevator Control Room.
    | Large Size Elevator Control Room |
    Items : DDK input "L", DDK Code "L" and An. Aid
    Enemies : None
    You'll see Rick and Tom there. Event (if you go on with Gail's idea, there
    is no event). Tom will give you DDK input "L". Now take DDK code "L" on the 
    table, then go to another side of this room, complete your map, take 
    An. Aid, then go enter the other room.
    | Passageaway to the Power Room |
    Items : None
    Enemies : Patheranodon
    Go follow the path (zig-zag if you can), and enter another room.
    | Elevator Power Room |
    Items : Med Pak M and B1 Crane Card
    Enemies : None
    Go down the ladder, push the shelf, then take Med Pak M and B1 Crane Card. 
    Go down a little and you'll see six computers in this order :
                                  o  o
                                  o  o
                                  o  o
    Now, if you check the computer, you'll have four options : 
                         Green, Red, Blue and Cancel
    Arrange the computers in this order : 
                                  5B  2R   R=Red   => 1st
                                  4G  3G   G=Green => 2nd
                                  1R  6B   B=Blue  => 3rd
    Now press those computer in that order. If number one, press it first time, 
    etc. Now go ascend the ladder and exit this room. 
    You'll see Danger scene again. Tap all buttons, and the Ptheranodon will die
    (look by yourself ^o^). Go back to Large Size Elevator. 
    Activate the elevator by checking the blue dot; Now go to where Rick is, and
    see event. (You won't see event if you choose Gail's idea)
    | Carrying Out Room B1 |
    Items : An. Aid
    Enemies : None
    Event, go up the ladder then push the shelf, take An. Aid. Go on down, 
    there's instruction on the wall. Read it if you want. Use B1 Crane Card at 
    the computer. You'll see this :
    |Card :                                |
    |                                      |
    |[Many cards here]                     |
    |                                      |
    |Start                                 |
    |Clear                                 |
    |Exit                                  |
    First, choose your card, then choose start if you are ready. Your first 
    crane is at bottom center. So, choose : 
    2 up, 1 down, 1 left, hook, 2 right, release, then start
    2 up, hook, start
    Then exit and go back to downstair, you'll see event (you won't see event if
    you choose Gail's idea). Go on, take An. Aid at bottom right corner (near 
    the door). Enter the left door (you must unlock first)
    | Hallway for carrying materials |
    Items : None
    Enemies : Raptor
    Event (if you choose Rick's idea). Unlock the other door, don't enter that 
    door. Turn off the laser beam, go on right, event. WAAAA !!! A Raptor is 
    coming from the fence. Danger Scene !!! You'll kick the Raptor and it is 
    dead. Now go to the Medical Room.
    | Medical Room |
    Items : ID Card, 2x Med Pak M
    Enemies : None
    Go to the other side of this room. You'll see Rick here and ... Tom's corpse
    (I'm sorry to here that). Now take the ID Card on the table and two 
    Med Pak Ms in the shelf. If you wish, read the memo.
    Exit, go to Elevator Hall.
    | Elevator Hall |                                                          #
    Items : None
    Enemies : None
    Use F.C. Device at the corpse, enter Lecture Hallway to The Office.
    | Office |
    Items : None
    Enemies : None
    Use ID Card at the computer, enter 58104, say yes 2 times.
    Back to Elevator Hall again, and use the left elevator.                   ##
    {You don't have to read from # to ## if you continue with Gail's idea}
    Huh ?! What sound is that ? 
    WAAAAA !!! A raptor again !!! Danger scene again. 
    | B1 Hall |
    Items : Med Pak M
    Enemies : Raptor
    Now kill the Raptor. Take Med Pak M, complete your B1 map, read the 
    instruction of DDK if you wish, then enter the DDK "L". Enter 'LABORATORY'
    | Main Hallway B1 |
    Items : None
    Enemies : 2 Raptors
    Go on down a little. You'll hear Raptor's step. Go on till you see a laser 
    beam. Remember, there are two Raptors here. How to kill them all without 
    get hurt ? 
    1. Turn off the laser beam
    2. Run down as fast as you can 
    3. Press R2
    4. Run back as fast as you can, then
    5. Turn on the laser beam again
    If you do it perfectly, the Raptor will not eat you, because you are trapped
    there with laser beam. So, it's time to kill them. After you finished it, 
    turn off the laser beam again, go on down. Don't enter the double white 
    door, but go on right, turn off the laser beam. There is a red E-box there. 
    After you've finished sort your items wisely, enter the single white door 
    near that E-box to Computer Room.
    | Computer Room |
    Items : Plug and Screwdriver
    Enemies : None
    Take the plug near the other door, and take the screwdriver in the red box. 
    Now look at the red box right. Use the screwdriver there, but you can't use 
    it now. Exit this room through another door to Research Area Hall. Save your
    game if you wish (I suggest you not to save it right now, but it's up to 
    | Research Area Hall |
    Items : Recovery Aid
    Enemies : 3 Raptors
    Go on up, turn off the laser beam. Enter the left door if you wish or take 
    the Recovery Aid first. There is an E-box beside Recovery Aid. Enter the 
    left door to Research Meeting Room.
    | Research Meeting Room |
    Items : DDK input "E" and plug
    Enemies : None
    Take the DDK input "E" on the table. Now check the blue light (at the corner
    of this table). You'll get a Lock Code password. Check the shelf (at the 
    corner of this room) and take a plug. There is another door here, but you 
    cannot enter it right now, because you have to enter the lock code password
    first before enter it (it's so safe there, you know. Hoo hoo hoo ^o^)
    You'll see a memo beside the shelf. I give you the important one :
    Red button defeat green gas
    Blue button defeat orange gas
    green button defeat purple gas
    Now back to the Computer Room.
    Now, go to the computer (beside yellow memo). Check it. Enter the Lock Code 
    Password (7248), when the computer ask you the password. Now go back to the 
    Research Meeting Room.
    Now enter another door at Research Meeting Room to Gas Experiment Room.
    | Gas Experiment Room |
    Items : B1 Key Chip, Small Size Key and An. Aid
    Enemies : None
    Take the An. Aid, go down. Now, you'll see if there is a doctor in a 
    poisonous place. Hurry !! You must neutralize the poison to save him and you
    can ask where is Dr.Kirk now. Now, there is three buttons there. There are :
    Red, Green, Blue
    You must press this buttons : Blue, green, red, red, green, blue
    In other words, press this option : 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3
    Yup !! You can save him now. Go enter it. Walk a little bit more, and see 
    event. You'll get B1 Key Chip and there is a password on the chip it says 
    "3695". After that, check the corpse again. You'll take Small Size Key. Now 
    exit this room. On the way out, there is a Raptor !! OUCH !!! Danger Scene.
    After it's end, press the red button to kill the Raptor or ignore it. I 
    suggest you to kill it. It's up to you then. Now go back to Research Area 
    There, go to where E-box is. Go left a little, you'll see two Raptors are 
    waiting for you. Do the same as before or just shoot it if you've seen them.
    Then, turn off the laser beam, go on up. BLARR !!! The Raptor at the next 
    room is hearing your gun's voice. So, go back quick and turn on the laser 
    beam once more. Kill it, and enter the next room.
    NB : You can use Small Size Key at Medical Room. There, go to the other side
    of the room. You'll find out two little box on the table. Now, you are only 
    have one small size key, but there are two little box. It will be the best 
    way if you save the game first, then choose only one. If you want, load your
    game and then choose the other box.
    Here are the items : 
    Inside  the Medical Room, go to the other side of this room. There, you will
    see two small boxes. You  can only open one. 
    The left one contains  : one Resuscitation and one Med Pak M
    The right one contains : one Multiplier and one Med Pak M
    Now decide which one that you need most
    | Library Room |
    Items : Med Pak M and Key Card R
    Enemies : None
    Take Med Pak M. Now go left, check the blue light. It's a computer which 
    need B1 Key Chip to operate it. Use it, and enter 3695 as your password. 
    Now, there is another mini game. You must change from the original to the 
    sample. It's quite easy. Just follow this walkthrough :
    Press : Up, X, X, Up, X, Up, Up, X
    Yup !! It's done. Now, you'll see a green light is out. Go there, and use 
    the chip again. You'll find Key Card R, and a memo. If you read the memo, 
    you don't need to read this walkthrough. Now, enter another door the leading
    to Main Hallway B1.
    There, go to E-box, sort your item wisely, and enter the door to Computer 
    There, go to the big monitor. There are two white spot at the right and 
    left. Go left or right and use L or R card. In other words, use R card if 
    you go right, or use L card if you go left. You won't be able to open that 
    monitor one people. You need two people to open it. Choose to call Gail.
    After a little event, enter DDK disc "E". Enter 'ENERGY' as your password.
    Save your game now.
    | Experiment Simulation Room |
    Items : Shotgun Stocks and An Dart L
    Enemies : None
    You'll see an energy at the simolation table. Check the table again, set the
    intializer and the stabilizer, then third energy. HURRAY !! Not only Dr.Kirk
    can activate the third energy. You can activate it too. Hoo hoo hoo ^o^
    Go up, push the shelf, then take Shotgun Stocks. It allow you to use PA3 
    bullets at your Shotgun. Exit this room. On the way to Computer Room, take 
    An Dart L.
    Event. HUH !!?? Dr.Kirk is locking us in this room ! We must find another 
    way. Now operate the Circuit Panel. You can use it now. 
    Ok, there are three pictures. Number 1 is the left one, number 2 is the 
    center one, and number 3 is the right one. So, turn the picture in this 
    way :
    Picture number 1 : Don't change 
    Picture number 2 : Turn right one time
    Picture number 3 : Turn right one time
    Now, arrange in this arrangement : 
    Picture number 3, number 1, number 2
    Yup !! You've done it correctly (is the same as sample). Uh-oh, Gail and 
    Rick are quarreling again. You have to choose whose idea you are thrust :
    Gail's : Break through the area relying upon your skill
    Rick's : Cooperate with Rick and escape through the hatch
    Gail's --> Go to Carrying Out Room B1 (be careful of Raptors)
    Rick's --> Go to Experiment Simulation Room, go to where you are take 
               Shotgun Stocks. Then go to the right and operate the computer. 
               You need to access three mini game and you have only two chance 
               to win. After you are ready to catch Dr.Kirk, use Emergency 
               Evacuation Hatch.
    I like Rick's idea, because you are catching Dr.Kirk first before Gail's.
    After you are at Carrying Out Room B1, you'll catch Dr.Kirk. Now, Gail will 
    tell you to go to call a helicopter to rescue you all in Communication Room.
    Gail knows if Dr.Kirk knows where is the Communication Room. At first, 
    Dr.Kirk doesn't want to give the card to Regina. But, after Gail force him, 
    he is telling you where is it. Now, Dr.Kirk must give you the key card to go
    to Communication Room. He doesn't give it to you (waow... he is naughty 
    isn't it ?). Gail is forcing him again. And finally, he give the key card.
    After you take control of Regina, go to Control Room 1F. Before you go here,
    save your game first or bring Resustication at your inventory (one is 
    Go on right, you'll see a green light. Yes, it is an elevator to go to 
    Communication Room. Use the key card that Dr.Kirk gived you just now.
    | Communication Room |
    Items : Slag Bullets and Antenna Key
    Enemies : None
    Take Slag Bullets and an Antenna Key. Remember, Antenna Key is in the small 
    box. There is a red E-Box. Unlock the door, exit. 
    You'll be at Passageaway to the Communication Area. Go follow the way and 
    enter Commumication Antenna Room.
    Enter the Antenna Key at the slot for Antenna Activation Key. Now see how 
    the antenna is appear. Now exit.
    BUMM... BUMM... BUMM... BUMM... CREK !!!??? Rick is calling you and say what
    happend. WAHHH !!! T-REX !!! So that's why automatic lock is active. Now, 
    Rick is trying to unlock the doors again, and you are busy with T-Rex.
    Hurry equip your Shotgun and use your maximum ammo (which have more ammo). 
    Run as fast as you can to the entrance of the Communication Room. There, 
    you'll fight the T-Rex.
    After it is trying to reach you, it will take back it's head. NAH !!! It's 
    the only chance to make it can't eat you. Shoot it with your Shotgun about 
    four times. 
    After your four Shots, Rick will tell you if he has unlock the automatic 
    lock. You'll automatically enter the Communication Room and call a 
    helicopter. After it's end, walk a little, Rick will call you and ask you 
    some questions (What's situation there, and tell you to go to the heliport).
    Now, go back to Front Area of Entrance.
    There, you'll have to see event. WAH !! Your enemies here is Patheranodon. 
    Go on till the place that I told you to Remember just now. It says 
    "Heliport A Head". Enter that door.
    | Passageaway to the Heliport |
    Items : None
    Enemies : 2 Raptors
    Go follow the path, ignore those two raptors that jump out from the ceiling.
    After you reach a dead end, there are two doors. Enter the right room.
    | Hangar |
    Items : Grenade Gun and two Grenade Gun bullets
    Enemies : None
    Go down, ascend the ladder. Go on left till dead end. On the way to the dead
    end to take Grenade Gun, you'll see a puzzle on your way later (at your 
    right side of your television). Take the Grenade Gun, and Grenade Gun 
    bullets. Read the memo if you wish. Go back and descend the ladder. Go right
    till you can't go on farther anymore. Nah, this is a puzzle. I will give 
    you the map :
       / \                       
      /   \                           
     / MAP \___________________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          |
    |  __  __                                        __                        |
    | |VS||VS|                                      |VS|                       |
    | |__||__|  _______  __________                 |__|                       |
    | |       ||       ||          |                |VS|                       |
    | |   S   ||  s1   ||          |         _______|__|               _______ |
    | |_______||_______||    B     |        |       |                 |       ||
    |                   |          |        |  S2   |                 |   S   ||
    |                   |__________|        |_______|          _______|_______||
    |                   |          |        |       |         |       |        |
    |                   |          |        |  S3   |    __   |  S5   |        |
    |                   |    B     | _______|_______|   |VS|  |_______|        |
    |                   |          ||       |           |__|  |       |        |
    |                   |__________||   S   |           |VS|  |  S4   |        |
    |                               |_______|           |__|  |_______|        |
    |                                                                          |
       /    \                       
      /      \                           
     / Legend \_________________________________
    |                                           |
    | VS = Very Small (You can't move this box) |    
    |  S = Small (You can move this box)        |
    |  B = Big (You can't move this box)        |
    Move the S box in this Arrangement : 
    S1 ===> Up
    S2 ===> Right
    S3 ===> Down
    S4 ===> Right
    S5 ===> Up 
    After you've done it all, take Grenade Gun bullets, and enter the double 
    white door.
    | Heliport |
    Items : None
    Enemies : T-Rex
    AHHH.... Finally, we can see a FMV again. I know, you must be waiting this 
    << FMV >>
    WHEW... Finally, the helicopter is come. But, your friends are only Rick and
    Dr. Kirk. HUH ?? Where is Gail ? BUMM... BUMM... ??!! The birds are flying 
    all. It's not good. BLARR !!!!! A T-Rex is coming to the heliport by 
    breaking hrough the wall. Now, it goes to the helicopter. WAOW !!! It wants 
    to break the helicopter. After the helicopter rather break (damage), it is 
    eating the helicopter tail. Now, after the helicopter is no more, Dr. Kirk 
    is running away (again. Huh...! That's bastard). Now, the T-Rex is coming 
    for you.
    1. Equip your Grenade Gun
    2. Equip the ammo
    3. Run if needed and shoot it if there is a chance
    4. You are only need three times
    After you shoot the T-Rex three times, Rick will shoot his gun to give a 
    massage to you and tells you to come to his way. Now go to where Rick is.
    See event. Bah !! the elevator is broken. You must find another way. Exit 
    this elevator to Underground Passageaway to the Facility.
    | Underground Passageaway to the Facility |
    Items : None
    Enemies : Many Amasgus
    Go on down a little, you'll see a small stone is falling from above. 
    WHAOW !! There are Amasgus !! Not only small stone. Run down, go to the 
    right and enter the room.
    | Materials Room |
    Items : An. Aid, C.O Passcard
    Enemies : Many Amasgus
    Go on to the other side of this room. You'll see many Amasgus here. Check 
    the corpse for C.O Passcard and then take the An. Aid. There is a memo here.
    Read it if you wish. Exit.
    Go on your way to another Liaison. 
    Event. Regina will ask Rick if he is ready or not. Rick is always ready (I 
    like him. Tee hee ^_^).
    After you reach the top, you are at Large Size Elevator. Now, 
    You are going to B3 by that large elevator. On the way down, the elevator 
    is shut for a while, and it is automatically use another energy. Gail will 
    call you. Oh.... So, Gail is on floor B3 (wonder what is he doing here). 
    You'll exit this Big elevator to Carrying Out Room B3.
    | Carrying Out Room B3 |
    Items : Grenade Bullets, Slag Bullets
    Enemies : None
    You'll see if the battery is broken. You must find another battery to 
    exchange it. Go to bottom left corner. Enter the white door.
    | BG Room B3 |
    Items : Batt.W and Slag Bullets
    Enemies : None
    Go to the other side of this room, take the Batt.W. Go to the other side of 
    this room, you'll see a shelf. Push the shelf and take Slag Bullets. Exit
    Go to where Rick is and give him the Batt.W. YES !!! The light is on again. 
    Go follow Rick, take Grenade Bullets on the way to the Control Room B3. 
    | Control Room B3 |
    Items : Multiplier, B3 Crane Card 2, B3 Crane Card 1 and a plug.
    Enemies : None
    Take those items (Multiplier, B3 Crane Card 2, B3 Crane Card 1), it's 
    scattered in this room. For the plug, you must push the shelf, and take the 
    plug. Remember, there are two E-box here. Red and Yellow. Use it wisely.
    Now, exit through the left door.
    | General Weapon Storage |
    Items : Resuscitation and DDK input "W"
    Enemies : Two Dinosaurs (sorry, I don't know the name)
    Go right, there is an item there. It's Resuscitation. Take it. Go on up a 
    little, GREKK !!! Huh ? what is it ? Regina will look to the left. It's DDK
    Disc at the corpse. Bumm... Bumm... Bumm... WAOW !!!! 
    What dinosaurs is it ?! It will hit Regina. Regina is falling. It is trying 
    to kill Regina, but she is avoid it's attack. WHEWW... WHAT !!?? there is a 
    box is falling to you. Tap all buttons to avoid game over. Now, you take 
    control of Regina again. Kill them both if you want (just four Slag bullets 
    every dinosaur). If you don't want to kill them, hurry to enter another 
    | Transport Passageaway |
    Items : C.O. Area Key, B3 Crane Card
    Enemies : 1 dinosaur
    Kill the dinosaur, then take those two items. It's on the big thing. Exit.
    Here, you can see a ladder there. Go up that ladder. Now go left, ascend 
    that ladder. Use your Crane card. Now, select this cards :
    2 left, hook, 2 right, release
    3 up, hook, 2 left, release
    3 up, 1 down, 2 right, hook, 2 left, release
    3 up, 2 right, hook
    Decend the ladder two times, take the DDK input "W". It's at the corpse.  
    Now, go to Carrying Out Room B3.
    Go to where Rick was power uping the light just now. Go up, take the Slag 
    bullets, go on down, use the C.O Area Card at the door. The door is leading 
    to Passageaway to the Carrying Out Room
    | Passageaway to the Carrying Out Room |
    Items : None
    Enemies : 2 dinosaurs
    Equip your shotgun or Grenade Gun, then kill those two dinosaurs with 
    Grenade Gun. It's easy. Don't worry if you don't think you don't have enough
    Grenade Bullets to kill your final T-Rex. There are still many Grenade 
    Bullets to obtain. After you kill those dinosaurs, go to the next room.
    | Rest Station |
    Items : Plug
    Enemies : None
    Take the Plug at the corpse. Now go to the green map (near the entrance 
    door). Complete your map there. Now enter the door at the left map.
    | Central Stairway |
    Items : None
    Enemies : 2 dinosaurs
    There are two dinosaurs here. Ignore it if you can and if you are affraid to
    pass them without shooting them, you can kill them by shotgun. After that, 
    go up the stair to Passageaway to the Experiment Area.
    | Passageaway to the Experiment Area |
    Items : An. Aid
    Enemies : 1 Raptor
    Go on take the An. Aid, then go to the right. There, you can see a raptor is
    being trapped by a laser beam. Go on till you are near enough with the 
    Raptor. It will angry and want to eat you. After it is falling, turn off the
    laser beam. Go on till you see a door. Enter it to the Security Pass Room.
    | Security Pass Room |
    Items : DDK input "S", B2 Key chip 1, plug
    Enemies : None
    Go on till you are detecting if you are bringing gun. Go enter to the other 
    side of this room. How to deactivate the warning sound ? Here is the way :
    First, go to the computers which there is a warning word.
    Second, check the computer
    Third, say yes
    It's simple. Now go to the big monitor, there are two white thing beside it.
    It's the same with the big monitor at Computer Room at B1. There is a DDK 
    input "S" on the computer. Go right, read the file if you want too. Go to 
    the corpse, take B2 Key Chip (it's beside the corpse), and a plug (it's 
    beside the B2 Key Chip, at the box, on the table). Now, use the 
    B2 key Chip 1 at the left thing beside the big monitor. Now, exit through 
    the same door. Save your game.
    Now, go up to the Pipping Check Passageaway B2
    | Pipping Check Passageaway B2 |
    Items : None
    Enemies : None
    Go on up, right, down, then go down through ventilation opening.
    | Experiment Room Hall |
    Items : Key Card Lv. C and An. Dart L
    Enemies : Losoraptor (later)
    Now, you can look *three path. There are left, down right (the laser beam is
    blocking the way). For now, go on left. Go left ahead till you see a door. 
    You cannot go through the door now. So, continue left. There, you can see 
    two E-Boxes. You need 2 plugs to open the red one and one plug to open the 
    green one. Enter the left room after you use the E-box.
    | Researcher Rest Room |
    Items : Plug and Multiplier
    Enemies : None
    Here, you'll meet Gail. I don't know what is he doing here. After a little 
    chat, you'll take control of Regina again. Take the Multiplier (it is 
    scattered at this room), and the plug. For the  plug, it is on the table 
    (big table). There is a memo here. Now, there is a computer which need Key 
    Card Lv. A to operate it. You can go here after you choose your last option 
    to get the best ending if you choose the wrong one. Now exit from this room 
    and go to *.
    Go down, take the ... BRAK !!! ??!! What is that ? Regina is searching the 
    source of the sound for a while. WHEEW... it is nothing. BRAKK !!! WHAHH !!!
    Losoraptor !!! You have danger scene again. Now, take the Key Card Lv. C, 
    then kill the Losoraptor with Grenade Gun. It's easy. Now, enter the right 
    door that need Key Card Lv. C to operate it. 
    | Stabilizer Design Room |
    Items : DDK code "W"
    8Enemies : None
    Take the DDK code "W". You can see it from the entrance. You can read the 
    file later, but you can read it now (but you need it later). Exit then go to
    Central Stairway.
    There, Rick will call you if he has deactivate the laser beam lock. Now, you
    can turn off3 all laser beam. Here, Central Stairway, there are two E-boxes.
    Now, go to the Rest Station.
    There, use the DDK "W". The password is "WATERWAY". Enter through the door.
    | Dissembarkation Immigration Office |
    Items : Plug and B2 Key Chip 2
    Enemies : None
    Take the plug at the corpse. Now, after go on a little, Rick is coming here.
    He is trying to open another door, but he said that we need special key to 
    open the door. Then, someone is calling him (the dead man). Now, you must 
    save them from the T-Rex. If T-Rex eat them, you must find the key at the 
    T-Rex stomach. Hee hee. The important thing now is go to the Carrying Out 
    Room B3. But, before you exit this room, save your game.
    There, go to the elevator. On the way to the big elevator, you will see 
    event. You look to the Elevator floor. It's coming from G, B1, ..., then...
    B3 !! Uh-oh... T-Rex is coming out from the elevator. It is looking at you,
    then it want to eat you, but, it is eating the power of B3. tee hee.
    After you take control of Regina, take Startup Batt. W then go to BG Room 
    Put the Startup Batt. W, then choose these option :
    A, C, D
    Then push the button. Now, go to the big elevator.
    There, you see three dead man. Check each of them to take many key. They 
    are : Plug, Port Card Key, and DDK input "D". Now go to Dissembarkation 
    Immigration Office.
    There, you'll see event that Rick is finish unlock the door with Port Card 
    Key. You'll enter Passageaway to the Port.
    | Passageaway to the Port |
    Items : DDK code "S" and Multiplier
    Enemies : None
    There, you'll see an energy. We cannot go across this thing. Rick will toast
    a coin then, the coin is ... Gone !!! That's Dr. Kirks's third energy 
    experiment. WAOW, what an energy. Now, Rick is telling Regina to look for 
    another way. After you take control of Regina, take DDK code "S". You can 
    take Multiplier later. Now, exit this room and take your way to Security 
    Pass Room (the one there is X-ray).
    There, put the B2 key chip 2 beside the big monitor. Enter "0392". You'll  
    have another puzzle or mini game. If you want to solve it easily, I tell you
    the way : 
    1. Press : X, X, X, Up, X, Up, X, Up, X, X
    2. Go to the right puzzle but the cursor is at the bottom of the puzzle
    3. Press : X, X, X, Up, X, Up, X, Up, X, X
    4. Go to the left option, then choose the bottom one
    5. Now, exchange : the full one with the empty one
                          ___       ___                                         
                         / F \     / E \     F is Full
                         \___/     \___/     E is Empty
    Then, you'll take B2 key chip 1 and B2 key chip 2. Now, use DDK disc "S", 
    and enter 'STABILIZER' as the password. Then, save your game.
    | Port Storage |
    Items : None
    Enemies : None
    Go right, then you'll see event. Then, go on your way. The door that you see
    the first one is an automatic door. You'll have two path after you pass the 
    automatic door. The one to the left, the other path is to the down. For now,
    you don't have to go to the left, so go down. Then, you can see a door. Now,
    you can use this door. Use it.
    Go to the right, that there is a laser beam, then turn off it. Take the 
    Resuscitation, then enter the C door.
    | Stabilizer Experiment Room |
    Items : DDK code "D" and plug
    Enemies : Losoraptor
    Take the DDK code "D" on the table, then take the plug, at the upper left 
    corner of this room. Then, exit this room and ignore the Losoraptor. Now, go
    back to the Port Storage.
    Go on up, then left. There is A room at your left. Ignore it for now, 
    because you only have Key Card C now. Go on up, you can see DDK "D" door. 
    Use the DDK "D", then enter 'DOCTORKIRK' as the password. Then, enter the 
    | Passageaway |
    Items : An. Aid
    Enemies : None
    Go on down. There, you'll see a green dot. Use B2 key chip 2 there. Then, go
    on down again and use B2 key chip 1 there. After a little scene, take the 
    An. Aid, then, go right and enter the other room.
    | Third Energy Area B2 |
    Items : None
    Enemies : None
    There, you'll see the third energy system. Then, Regina will call Rick. Now,
    after you take control of Regina, go down till your view is change 1 time. 
    Now, check the computer (it is on the wall). Then, a bridge is coming out.
    Don't go down for now, because you can't operate system now. So, continue 
    left and enter another room.
    | Third Energy Control Room |
    Items : Plug
    Enemies : None
    From the start point, go right a little, then ascend the little stairs. 
    There, go right and take the plug, then descend another stairs. Continue 
    down then enter the room at your right.
    | Power Freq. Room |
    Items : Researcher memo (later)
    Enemies : None
    There, you'll see a researcher is laying unconciously. There are two E-Boxes
    here. You need two plugs for the red one and you need one plug to open the 
    green one. Now, complete your map (beside the door). Now, you can read the 
    file and there is a password (31415). Now, switch the supply destination 
    (white board). Now, there is a puzzle. There are three pictures.
    Left picture : turn left 1 time
    Center picture : turn left 1 time
    Right picture : don't turn it
    Now, put these pictures in this order : center, right, left
    YES !! it is work. Now, go to Third Energy Control Room.
    From the starting point, go left and operate the terminal. After a little 
    scene, uh-oh, you need a special ID card to operate it. DAMN Kirk !! Regina 
    will punch the computer, then you'll hear a gun's sound. Go back to 
    Power Freq. Room.
    There, you'll see the researcher corpse. Check it, and you'll get a 
    researcher memo. It says "1281". Now, check the blue light and use the 
    fingerprinting there. Yes ! you've got Dr. Kirk's fingerprint. Now, go right
    and you'll hear a door sound. See a little event. 
    | Passageaway to personal lab |
    Items : None
    Enemies : None
    !!! Who is he ? Go follow him to another room.
    | Dr Kirks personal lab |
    Items : Key Card A, plug
    Enemies : None
    Go on down, and you'll see that Dr Kirk is pointing his gun to you. After a 
    little chit chat, tee hee, Gail is coming to help you by shooting Dr Kirk's 
    gun (wheew... Regina is lucky, because Gail is a good shooter. Hee hee). 
    Then, you'll know why there are many dinosaurs is here. Then, Dr Kirk is 
    giving Key Card A to you. Then, Gail is telling Dr Kirk to enter another 
    room. Then, after he is done with Dr Kirk, he is come out and Rick is come 
    here too. Then, Gail and Rick is quarreling again. Now, you must choose 
    1. Gail's strategy : Head for the B3 Lv A area
    2. Rick's strategy : Head for parts storage on B2
    I suggest you to choose Rick's strategy, because you'll have another 
    NB : after you choose weather Gail's strategy or Rick's, go left a little 
         and take a plug. Then, enter another room (Dr Kirk's library room) and
         take Med Pak M and read a document there.
    [{ Gail's strategy }]
    Go back to Third Energy Control Room. Enter the elevator and then go to 
    Transport Passageaway through Control Room B3 to get the Stabilizer and 
    Intializer. Anyway, becareful of Dinosaurs.
    There, turn off the laser beam on the right, and take all items there. There
    are plugs and ammos there. Then, enter the lv A door (the first A door).
    | Special Weapons Storage |
    Items : Stabilizer and Intializer
    Enemies : None
    There, enter the other site of this room. Use the elevator there and take 
    the Stabilizer and the Intializer.
    [{ Rick's strategy }]
    If you choose to thrust Rick's strategy, you will receive a Planning Disc.
    Now, Go to the Parts Storage.
    There will be many Dinosaurs everywhere (of course, because this game will 
    be the end soon). Enter the door which require Lv A card. There, go to 
    another site of this room to take Grenade Gun Parts. Then, back to the other
    site. You will see a cupboard there. Push it and you will get a plug. Check 
    the blue dot for the clue of the puzzle (it is a tone). Now, use the 
    Planning Disc at the computer. You can solve this puzzle by yourself if you 
    remember the tone. Anyway, I will give you the number.
    It is : 367204
    It is quite simple. Just go to right till end, then down, then up.
    Then, take the Core Parts 1 and the Core Parts 2. Now, go back to Security 
    Pass Room.
    There, use the ID card at the computer, enter 31415 for the combination 
    number. Then, you will receive Dr Kirk's ID card. Now, what you must to do 
    is to get another parts of Stabilizer and Intializer. Therefore, go to the 
    Stabilizer Design Room.
    There, use the Planning Disc on the computer at the right. The combination 
    is 0367. Take the Protect Parts 1-B. Use the Planning Disc again at another 
    computer in this room. The combination is different. It is 0204. Now, take 
    the Protect Parts 1-A and the Protect Parts 2-A. Now, go to the Stabilizer 
    Experiment Room.
    There, you can see a cupboard again. Enter this combination number : 1281 
    (at the researcher memo). Take the Shotgun Parts. You can use SPAS12 if you
    combine this at your shotgun. Now enter the Level A door. Use your Planning
    Disc (again) on the glass on the Shouthwest corner of this room. Take the 
    Protect Parts 2-B. Now, use the Core Parts 1 or Core Parts 2 on the computer
    (the computer is at the center of this room). NAH !! This is your minigame.
    I think, it is an easy puzzle. But, if you finish with the intializer but 
    you failed at the stabilizer, your mini game will restart from the very 
    beginning again. After you finished the mini game, you will receive the 
    Intializer and the Stabilizer (WHEEWW... Finally).
    Now, go to the Third Energy Control Room through the passageaway. There, 
    becareful to Losoraptor. After you reach Third Energy Control Room, activate
    the generator, which need a special ID card (the special ID card is Dr 
    Kirk's ID card). Then, go back to Third Energy Area B2.
    There, across the bridge. Now, check the green dot, and then use the 
    Stabilizer. Now, go back to the door which lead you to passageaway. 
    Now, go right from there. You will see an elevator. Use it to go to Third
    Energy Area B3.
    Follow the path, then ascend the stairs and descend the other stairs. Follow
    the path again till you see a green dot again. Press it, and use the 
    Intializer. Go to the right, take the plug then operate the computer. Now, 
    go back to the Third Energy Area B2. Across the bridge one more, then 
    activate the computer beside the green dot. Now, you will see event.
    Now, I suggest to you who don't want to get the secret, but you want to see
    th8ose three endings to save your game now. 
    Then, go to the Dr. Kirk's Library Room to meet the poor Gail (whoops) and 
    you will receive the Pulse Receiver. You will see a little event, that tells
    you if Rick is finish to deactivate the third energy which is blocking your
    way that time, and discover hovercraft that you can use it to escape.
    Now, you must choose one from two choices. This is your last choice, so ? 
    it is up to you.
    1. Gail's idea : Put priority on the mission and go after Kirk
    2. Rick's Idea : Ignore your duty and go after your comrade
    [{ Gail's idea }] (First ending)
    Your ending report : DR. Kirk : Recaptured, Gail : Deceased
    Go back to the red area on your map. The red area 
    is different. Then, you will see that Gail is pointing his big gun at 
    Dr. Kirk. After a little conversation, Gail will give you a Secret Disc. 
    Then, you will automatically go to Disembarkation Immigration Office.
    Now, enter the Passageaway to the Port. 
    Follow the Path there. Take the Multiplier then enter the other room.
    | Port |
    Items : Recovery Aid
    Enemies : None
    First of all, you will have event. !! Wonder what is it ? it is only a die
    T-Rex.. Don't worry about it. Now, I suggest you not to take the Recovery 
    Aid, because it is useless then. But, if you want to take it, that is no 
    problem. It is some where in this room. Then, enter Hovercraft Storage. 
    !!!!! That die T-Rex is moving. HUH... I don't care about it though.
    YUP !!!! You can see the ending's event. Now... 
    | Hovercraft |
    Items : plug, two Grenade Gun Bullets
    Enemies : None
    !!!! What is it ? your hovercraft is quacking. Guess what ??
    It is T-Rex!! You know what ? It is the die T-Rex that you were saw it just 
    now. So, take the Grenade Gun Bullets and don't worry about your ammo. It is
    just need about 4 or 5 bullets. Then, go out from the boat.
    | Channel |
    Items : None
    Enemies : T-Rex
    This is your last battle with the T-Rex, so shoot it !!! You are 
    undefeatable if you take many Grenade Gun Bullets. Then, Rick wants to use 
    the hovercraft missile. He is shooting the missile to the bridge.
    Now, enjoy the FMV.
    << FMV >>
    After it is blowing up the bridge and all of its contents there, (including 
    T-Rex, they think) they, Regina and Rick, is relax. But, you can see the 
    T-Rex's tail, right ? DUM!!! WHAA... Regina is falling down and she is 
    looking at a bomb. Uh-oh it is T-Rex again. It is looking at Rick, then Rick 
    is using the Hovercraft as fast as he can. Regina is going out of the 
    hovercraft again, and this time for throwing the bomb at the T-Rex. Then, 
    she is doing her plant and it is perfect !!! the T-Rex is eating that bomb 
    (I think it is greedy) and then Regina is pushing a button in order to 
    exploding that bomb, and the T-Rex is no more.
    [{ Rick's idea }] (Second ending)
    Your ending report : DR. Kirk : Unknown, Gail : Alive
    Enter the Hovercraft Storage. Descend the stairs, then, Rick will give you 
    the Energy Tank. Then, go back to the Port. Go left, you will see three 
    barrels there. Use the Energy Tank, and it will be full. Now, go back to the
    Hovercraft Storage and go to Rick. T-Rex is coming again !! Huh... T-Rex 
    again. Now, take the plug and two Grenade Gun Bullets, then save your game 
    for the last time you fight the T-Rex and get a beautiful ending.
    Now, the T-Rex is breaking through the garage and it's tail is breaking a 
    thing. Now, the autolock is run. O my God !!! Regina is lock in the Port 
    with T-Rex !!! So, run as fast as you can, don't shoot it if there is no 
    sign "Fire". If you shoot it when there is no sign, you will die. So, 
    may be sometimes you don't shoot it. First I try this trick, I shoot that 
    T-Rex two times, and the second one, I only shoot it one time. So, if you 
    don't shoot it, may be you can win. Then, enjoy the FMV.
    << FMV >>
    Finally, Rick can operate the hovercraft machine, when Regina is busy with 
    the T-Rex. Luckily, Rick is not an idiot guy. He tells Regina to get down 
    while he is shooting the... T-Rex ??? No. He isn't shooting the T-Rex, but 
    he is shooting the Third Energy fuel, in order to destroy the Third Energy 
    machine. So ? Regina is in the hovercraft now. The T-Rex is die with the 
    Third energy explotion (the explotion of the Third Energy is very 
    beautiful). But... Uh-Oh... the explotion is running after you !!! But it's 
    ok, the hovercraft is faster than the explotion. After you come out from the
    cave, you can see if 1/4 of Ibis Island is missing because of the big 
    [{ Gail's idea }] (Third ending)
    Your ending report : DR. Kirk : Recaptured, Gail : Alive
    Now, go to the Central Stairway. There, you will meet two dinosaurs. Kill 
    them with poison dart, or heat bullet, or slag bullets, or make them sleep 
    for a while, or evade them. Then, enter the security Level A door, that need
    Lv A card.
    | Port Transport Passagaway |
    Items : None
    Enemies : None
    Here, use the transport, then enter the Heliport Transport Passageaway.
    | Heliport Transport Passagaway |
    Items : An. Aid
    Enemis : None
    Here, use the transport, then enter the Underground Heliport.
    | Underground Heliport |
    Items : Plug and Grenade Gun Bullets (two pack of bullets)
    Enemies : None
    Here, you will see a helicopter. Now exit and go to the red area on your 
    map. There, you will see event. Then, exit this room and go back to the 
    heliport. Now, take the Plug and Grenade Gun Bullets (two pack of bullets).
    You can use the yellow E-box wisely, which need a plug to open it.
    Now, exit and use the elevator once again. Then, Rick is coming to 
    you and the T-Rex is behind him. Now, you will be face the last T-Rex.
    Here are the tips and trick :
    1. Equip your Grenade Gun
    2. Equip your Grenade Bullets (don't use Heat Bullet)
    3. Shoot if the T-Rex is coming to you
    4. After shoot about three times, press triangle and equip the bullets once   
       again to evade auto reload
    Now, enjoy the FMV
    << FMV >>
    Rick starts the helicopter. After it is flying a little, the T-Rex is coming
    out from the Heliport Transport Passageaway. Ups.. The helicopter is 
    crushing a little (don't worry only a little). Now, the T-Rex is running 
    after the helicopter. Then, after the T-Rex's speed is slower (I think) a 
    little, Rick is flying higher, then he is dropping the bomb (big bomb) and 
    it is destroy the T-Rex and the facility (only the facility, not the 
    island). Then, Dino Crisis is end.
    [{ Rick's idea }] (Third ending)
    Your ending report : DR. Kirk : Recaptured, Gail : Alive
    Use your Pulse Receiver to locate where Dr. Kirk is. He is in the 
    Underground Heliport (anyway, he is in the Special Weapons Storage).
    So ? Go to the Central Stairway. There, you will meet two dinosaurs. Kill 
    them with poison dart, or heat bullet, or slag bullets, or make them sleep 
    for a while, or evade them. Then, enter the security Level A door, that need
    Lv A card.
    Here, use the transport, then enter the Heliport Transport Passageaway.
    Here, use the transport, then enter the Underground Heliport.
    Go to the center of this room. You will see Dr. Kirk is trying to escape 
    with the helicopter. You are trying to sneak out behind him to recapture 
    him, but Rick is calling Regina because there is a T-Rex trying to eat them.
    So, Regina's plan is fail. But, Regina is kicking Dr. Kirk untill 
    unconcious. Then, Regina tells him if there is helicopter that we can use to
    escape. What do you do now ? take the plug and Grenade Gun Bullets 
    (two pack of bullets). After that, you can use the yellow E-box wisely. 
    Then, exit this room and you will automatically run to the other side. 
    YUP !! your time is exactly right. Rick is coming and you must fight the 
    Here are the tips and trick :
    1. Equip your Grenade Gun
    2. Equip your Grenade Bullets (don't use Heat Bullet)
    3. Shoot if the T-Rex is coming to you
    4. After shoot about three times, press triangle and equip the bullets once   
       again to evade auto reload
    Now, enjoy the FMV
    << FMV >>
    Rick starts the helicopter. After it is flying a little, the T-Rex is coming
    out from the Heliport Transport Passageaway. Ups.. The helicopter is 
    crushing a little (don't worry only a little). Now, the T-Rex is running 
    after the helicopter. Then, after the T-Rex's speed is slower (I think) a 
    little, Rick is flying higher, then he is dropping the bomb (big bomb) and 
    it is destroy the T-Rex and the facility (only the facility, not the 
    island). Then, Dino Crisis is end.
              _______   __   __   _____      _____   __   __   _____            
      ~~~~~~ |__   __| |  | |  | |   __|    |   __| |  \ |  | |  _  \   ~~~~~~
      ~~~~~~    | |    |  |_|  | |  |_      |  |_   |   \|  | | | \  \  ~~~~~~
      ~~~~~~    | |    |   _   | |   _|     |   _|  |       | | |  )  ) ~~~~~~
      ~~~~~~    | |    |  | |  | |  |__     |  |__  |  |\   | | |_/  /  ~~~~~~  
      ~~~~~~    |_|    |__| |__| |_____|    |_____| |__| \__| |_____/   ~~~~~~
    See you in the future Dino Crisis (Dino Crisis 2, if there is)
    T I P S  A N D  T R I C K S
    Ok, I want to say the truth. I have two reasons why I create this section.
    1. I make this section is for you who don't want the walkthrough. In 
       other words, to those people that want to finish the game by themself. 
       Therefore, I create this 'Tips And Tricks' section.
    2. This section is my brother's idea too
    Ok, let's go to the point.
    1. Try to mix all darts and medicals (don't mix all medicals. Only some of 
       yours) you have with another darts or with another medical until it's 
       become 'POISON DART(S)' It is strong dart. 
       You can kill all dinosaurs, except Ptheranodon with this darts.
    2. Try to use the laser beam as maximum as you can do with the dinosaur, 
       then kill the dinosaur. 
    3. Don't only use 9mm parabellum. Sometimes, use your shotgun or Grenade 
       Gun Bullets 
    4. Don't be affraid if you don't have enough bullets for the last T-Rex, 
       because before you fight the T-Rex, Rick will give you Grenade Gun 
       Bullets first (two packs).
    5. Try not to kill all dinosaurs, because your bullets is limited this time.
       Try to avoid the sleeping Raptor or losoraptor, by it's tail.
    Ok, I can give you only five tips and trick. So ? if you have any tips and 
    tricks, feel free to E-mail me at toshihiko@telkom.net. OK ? tee hee
    S E C R E T
    Actually, this is not secret. But it's secret. Tee hee. Ok, lets go to the 
    point. If you have finished this game and wait till cridits scroll is end, 
    you'll get the secret.
    If you finish this game one time in normal mode (there is a text that you 
    are expert in Dino Crisis), you'll get two new costumes and 
    operation : wipe out.
    If you finish this game two times, you'll get one new costume.
    If you finish this game three times or already see all endings, you'll get 
    unlimited Grenade Gun Bullets. Anyway you can't use it at operation : wipe 
    Ok, this is what I can get for you from my hard work.
    W E A P O N  L I S T  +  E A C H  E X P L A I N A T I O N
    YUP !!! I give you the weapon list. HERE THEY ARE :
    |       Name        |     Explaination 1     |      Explaination 2      |
    |                   |                        |                          |
    | Handgun           | Made by Glock of       | Glock 34. Easier handling|
    |                   | Austria. Uses the 9mm  | but modest stopping      |
    |                   | Parabellum Bullets.    | power.                   |
    |                   |                        |                          |
    | Shotgun           | A pump-action Shotgun  | Shotgun Model PA3.       |
    |                   | by L. Franchi.         |                          |
    |                   |                        |                          |
    | Grenade Gun       | Grenade Bullets and    | 40mmHK Grenade Pistol.   |
    |                   | Heat Bullers are       |                          |
    |                   | usable. By Hecker and  |                          |
    |                   | Koch of Germany.       |                          |
    |                   |                        |                          |
    | Handgun Sights    | A critical hit will    | Parts that can increase  |
    |                   | inflict tremendous     | hit probability.         |
    |                   | damage.                |                          |
    |                   |                        |                          |
    | Handgun Slides    | You can remodel your   | Parts that can make the  |
    |                   | Handgun into a Glock   | 40S&W Bullets usable.    |
    |                   | 35 by using this.      |                          |
    |                   |                        |                          |
    | Shotgun Parts     | Parts such as the fore | Parts that increase the  |
    |                   | grip and barrel upgrade| power of a Shotgun.      |
    |                   | the weapon to a SPAS12 |                          |
    |                   |                        |                          |
    | Shotgun Stocks    | By attaching it, the   | Parts that allow a       |
    |                   | time lag for reloading | Shotgun to fire          |
    |                   | is eliminated.         | continuously.            |
    |                   |                        |                          |
    | GG Parts          | By remodeling the      | Parts that allow a       |
    |                   | cylinder, Grenade      | Grenade gun to fire      |
    |                   | Bullets can be fired   | continuously.            |
    |                   | continuously.          |                          |
    |                   |                        |                          |
    | Handgun + Sight   | Critical hit           | The Glock 34 is equipped |
    |                   | probability is         | with Special Sights.     |
    |                   | increased.             |                          |
    |                   |                        |                          |
    | Handgun Custom    | The Glock special      | Glock 35. The 40S&W      |
    |                   | model. Uses the 9mm    | Bullets are usable.      |
    |                   | Parabellum and the     |                          |
    |                   | 40S&W Bullets.         |                          |
    |                   |                        |                          |
    | HG Custom + Sight | Critical destruction   | The Glock 35 with a      |
    |                   | rate increases uses    | sight attached.          |
    |                   | the 9mm Parabellum &   |                          |
    |                   | the 40S&W Bullets.     |                          |
    |                   |                        |                          |
    | Shotgun Custom    | A military Shotgun by  | Shotgun Model SPAS12.    |
    |                   | L. Franchi.            | High-powered Shotgun.    |
    |                   |                        |                          |
    | Shotgun + Stock   | Increased stability    | The PA3 Shotgun is       |
    |                   | allows faster follow   | fitted with a stock.     |
    |                   | up shots.              |                          |
    |                   |                        |                          |
    | SG Custom + Stock | This rig couples       | The SPAS12 is fitted     |
    |                   | increased stopping     | with a stock.            |
    |                   | power with rapid fire  |                          |
    |                   | capability.            |                          |
    |                   |                        |                          |
    | GG Custom         | Allow continuous fire  | 40mmHK Grenade Pistol.   |
    |                   | with customized ammo   | "Regina Custom".         |
    |                   | feed cylinder.         |                          |
    G A M E  S H A R K  C O D E S
    Now, here are the game shark codes from Game Shark Code Creators Club at 
    These codes made and tested on 3.2 version game shark
    ¦    ¦ If You Tried The First Enable Code, And it didn't   ¦               ¦
    ¦    ¦ Work, Try The Second One. One Will Definitely Work  ¦               ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦               ¦
    ¦ 1E ¦ Enable Code (Must Be On) Read Down Below For More   ¦ D0029588 0005 ¦
    ¦    ¦ Info 	                                         ¦ 8002958A 1000 ¦
    ¦ 2E ¦ Enable Code (Must Be On-Alternate Version) Read Down¦ D014957C 023A ¦
    ¦    ¦ Below For More Info                                 ¦ 8014957E 1000 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦               ¦
    ¦ 1J ¦ Joker Command (Read Down Below For More Info)       ¦ D00B1418 ???? ¦
    ¦ NO ¦                       NAME                          ¦      CODE     ¦
    ¦ 01 ¦ Infinite Health                                     ¦ 800B9574 04B0 ¦
    ¦ 02 ¦ Have All Maps	                                   ¦ 800C15D0 FFFF ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C15D2 FFFF ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C15D4 FFFF ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C15D6 FFFF ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C15D8 FFFF ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C15DA FFFF ¦
    ¦ 03 ¦ All Weapons (Regina)	                             ¦ 800C15A8 FFFF ¦
    ¦ 04 ¦ Have All Items (Regina)	                       ¦ 800C15A4 FFFF ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C15A6 FFFF ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C15AC FFFF ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C15AE FFFF ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C15B0 FFFF ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C15B2 FFFF ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C15B4 FFFF ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C15B6 FFFF ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C15B8 FFFF ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C15BA FFFF ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C15BC FFFF ¦
    ¦ NO ¦          Supplies Modifier Codes (Regina)           ¦      CODE     ¦
    ¦ 05 ¦ Slot 1                                              ¦ 300C18CC 00?? ¦
    ¦ 06 ¦ Slot 2                                              ¦ 300C18D0 00?? ¦
    ¦ 07 ¦ Slot 3                                              ¦ 300C18D4 00?? ¦
    ¦ 08 ¦ Slot 4                                              ¦ 300C18D8 00?? ¦
    ¦ 09 ¦ Slot 5                                              ¦ 300C18DC 00?? ¦
    ¦ 10 ¦ Slot 6                                              ¦ 300C18E0 00?? ¦
    ¦ 11 ¦ Slot 7                                              ¦ 300C18E4 00?? ¦
    ¦ 12 ¦ Slot 8                                              ¦ 300C18E8 00?? ¦
    ¦ 13 ¦ Slot 9                                              ¦ 300C18EC 00?? ¦
    ¦ 14 ¦ Slot 10                                             ¦ 300C18F0 00?? ¦
    ¦ NO ¦ Max Supplies Codes (Regina)                         ¦      CODE     ¦
    ¦ 15 ¦ Slot 1                                              ¦ 300C18CD 00FF ¦
    ¦ 16 ¦ Slot 2                                              ¦ 300C18D1 00FF ¦
    ¦ 17 ¦ Slot 3                                              ¦ 300C18D5 00FF ¦
    ¦ 18 ¦ Slot 4                                              ¦ 300C18D9 00FF ¦
    ¦ 19 ¦ Slot 5                                              ¦ 300C18DD 00FF ¦
    ¦ 20 ¦ Slot 6                                              ¦ 300C18E1 00FF ¦
    ¦ 21 ¦ Slot 7                                              ¦ 300C18E5 00FF ¦
    ¦ 22 ¦ Slot 8                                              ¦ 300C18E9 00FF ¦
    ¦ 23 ¦ Slot 9                                              ¦ 300C18ED 00FF ¦
    ¦ 24 ¦ Slot 10                                             ¦ 300C18F1 00FF ¦
    ¦ NO ¦ Max Supplies Modifier Codes (Regina)                ¦      CODE     ¦
    ¦ 25 ¦ Slot 1                                              ¦ 300C18CC FF?? ¦
    ¦ 26 ¦ Slot 2                                              ¦ 300C18D0 FF?? ¦
    ¦ 27 ¦ Slot 3                                              ¦ 300C18D4 FF?? ¦
    ¦ 28 ¦ Slot 4                                              ¦ 300C18D8 FF?? ¦
    ¦ 29 ¦ Slot 5                                              ¦ 300C18DC FF?? ¦
    ¦ 30 ¦ Slot 6                                              ¦ 300C18E0 FF?? ¦
    ¦ 31 ¦ Slot 7                                              ¦ 300C18E4 FF?? ¦
    ¦ 32 ¦ Slot 8                                              ¦ 300C18E8 FF?? ¦
    ¦ 33 ¦ Slot 9                                              ¦ 300C18EC FF?? ¦
    ¦ 34 ¦ Slot 10                                             ¦ 300C18F0 FF?? ¦
    ¦ NO ¦                     NAME                            ¦      CODE     ¦
    ¦ 35 ¦ View First Ending (Press Select) [Note 1]           ¦ D00B1418 0100 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800B7A48 000A ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ D00B1418 0100 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 300B7A5B 0000 ¦
    ¦ 36 ¦ View Second Ending (Press Select) [Note 1]          ¦ D00B1418 0100 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800B7A48 000A ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ D00B1418 0100 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 300B7A5B 0001 ¦
    ¦ 37 ¦ View Third Ending (Press Select) [Note 1]           ¦ D00B1418 0100 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800B7A48 000A ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ D00B1418 0100 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 300B7A5B 0002 ¦
    ¦ 38 ¦ Turbo Boost (Press X)                               ¦ D00B1418 0040 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800B94A0 0100 ¦
    ¦ 39 ¦ Save Anywhere (Press L1 & L2)                       ¦ D00B1418 0005 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800B7A48 0007 ¦
    ¦ 40 ¦ Mini Me (Regina)                                    ¦ 800B9500 0500 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800B9504 0500 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800B9508 0600 ¦
    ¦ 41 ¦ Giant (Regina)                                      ¦ 800B9500 1F00 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800B9504 1F00 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800B9508 1F00 ¦
    ¦ 42 ¦ Infinite Ammo & Items                               ¦ 8006AC06 2400 ¦
    ¦ 43 ¦ Enable Costume Change                               ¦ D00C1CF4 0001 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C1CF4 000F ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ D00C7C42 0003 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C7C42 0503 ¦
    ¦ 44 ¦ Enable Extra Missions (Press R1+R2 At Main Menu)    ¦ D00B1418 000A ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C7C42 0403 ¦
    ¦ 45 ¦ Infinite Time-Wipeout Missions                      ¦ 800480CA 2400 ¦
    ¦ 46 ¦ Clear Time Is 0:00:00                               ¦ 800C14C4 0000 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C14C6 0000 ¦
    ¦ 47 ¦ Used 0 Continues                                    ¦ 300C14CA 0005 ¦
    ¦ 48 ¦ Haven't Saved                                       ¦ 300C14C3 0000 ¦
    ¦ 49 ¦ Have A Lot of Plugs on Pickup                       ¦ 800C1B00 00FF ¦
    ¦ NO ¦               Item Box Modifier Codes               ¦      CODE     ¦
    ¦ 50 ¦ Slot 1                                              ¦ 300C1744 00?? ¦
    ¦ 51 ¦ Slot 2                                              ¦ 300C1748 00?? ¦
    ¦ 52 ¦ Slot 3                                              ¦ 300C174C 00?? ¦
    ¦ 53 ¦ Slot 4                                              ¦ 300C1750 00?? ¦
    ¦ 54 ¦ Slot 5                                              ¦ 300C1754 00?? ¦
    ¦ 55 ¦ Slot 6                                              ¦ 300C1758 00?? ¦
    ¦ 56 ¦ Slot 7                                              ¦ 300C175C 00?? ¦
    ¦ 57 ¦ Slot 8                                              ¦ 300C1760 00?? ¦
    ¦ 58 ¦ Slot 9                                              ¦ 300C1764 00?? ¦
    ¦ 59 ¦ Slot 10                                             ¦ 300C1768 00?? ¦
    ¦ NO ¦                 Max Item Box Codes                  ¦       CODE    ¦
    ¦ 60 ¦ Slot 1                                              ¦ 300C1745 00FF ¦
    ¦ 61 ¦ Slot 2                                              ¦ 300C1749 00FF ¦
    ¦ 62 ¦ Slot 3                                              ¦ 300C174D 00FF ¦
    ¦ 63 ¦ Slot 4                                              ¦ 300C1751 00FF ¦
    ¦ 64 ¦ Slot 5                                              ¦ 300C1755 00FF ¦
    ¦ 65 ¦ Slot 6                                              ¦ 300C1759 00FF ¦
    ¦ 66 ¦ Slot 7                                              ¦ 300C175D 00FF ¦
    ¦ 67 ¦ Slot 8                                              ¦ 300C1761 00FF ¦
    ¦ 68 ¦ Slot 9                                              ¦ 300C1765 00FF ¦
    ¦ 69 ¦ Slot 10                                             ¦ 300C1769 00FF ¦
    ¦ NO ¦               Max Item Box Modifier Codes           ¦      CODE     ¦
    ¦ 70 ¦ Slot 1                                              ¦ 800C1744 FF?? ¦
    ¦ 71 ¦ Slot 2                                              ¦ 800C1748 FF?? ¦
    ¦ 72 ¦ Slot 3                                              ¦ 800C174C FF?? ¦
    ¦ 73 ¦ Slot 4                                              ¦ 800C1750 FF?? ¦
    ¦ 74 ¦ Slot 5                                              ¦ 800C1754 FF?? ¦
    ¦ 75 ¦ Slot 6                                              ¦ 800C1758 FF?? ¦
    ¦ 76 ¦ Slot 7                                              ¦ 800C175C FF?? ¦
    ¦ 77 ¦ Slot 8                                              ¦ 800C1760 FF?? ¦
    ¦ 78 ¦ Slot 9                                              ¦ 800C1764 FF?? ¦
    ¦ 79 ¦ Slot 10                                             ¦ 800C1768 FF?? ¦
    ¦ 80 ¦ Invisible Regina                                    ¦ 800B9472 FFFF ¦
    ¦ 81 ¦ Turbo Shooting & No Reload                          ¦ D00B949A 0102 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800B949A 0101 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 300B96A0 0063 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 300B96A2 0063 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 300B96A4 0063 ¦
    ¦ 82 ¦ Change Size Regina Anywhere Press L1 For Smaller &  ¦               ¦
    ¦    ¦ R2 For Bigger (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)            ¦ D00B1418 0001 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ D30B9500 0500 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 110B9500 0010 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ D00B1418 0002 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ D20B9500 1F00 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 100B9500 0010 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ D00B1418 0001 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ D30B9504 0500 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 110B9504 0010 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ D00B1418 0002 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ D20B9504 1F00 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 100B9504 0010 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ D00B1418 0001 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ D30B9508 0500 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 110B9508 0010 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ D00B1418 0002 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ D20B9508 1F00 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 100B9508 0010 ¦
    ¦ 83 ¦ Infinite Time-Wipeout Missions                      ¦ 800C1D04 1EC8 ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C1D08 184F ¦
    ¦    ¦                                                     ¦ 800C1D0C 10D1 ¦
         ¦  Quantity Digits to Accompany Item Modifier Codes  ¦		
         ¦ 00 - Nothing                                       ¦
         ¦ 01 - Shotgun                                       ¦
         ¦ 02 - Shotgun Custom                                ¦
         ¦ 03 - Shotgun + Stock                               ¦
         ¦ 04 - SG Custom + Stock                             ¦
         ¦ 05 - Handgun                                       ¦
         ¦ 06 - Handgun + Sight                               ¦
         ¦ 07 - Handgun Custom                                ¦
         ¦ 08 - HG Custom + Sight                             ¦
         ¦ 09 - Grenade Gun                                   ¦
         ¦ 0A - GG Custom                                     ¦
         ¦ 0B - Shotgun Parts                                 ¦
         ¦ 0C - Shotgun Stocks                                ¦
         ¦ 0D - Handgun Sights                                ¦
         ¦ 0E - Handgun Slides                                ¦
         ¦ 0F - GG Parts                                      ¦
         ¦ 10 - SG Bullets                                    ¦
         ¦ 11 - Slag Bullets                                  ¦
         ¦ 12 - An. Dart S                                    ¦
         ¦ 13 - An. Dart M                                    ¦
         ¦ 14 - An. Dart L                                    ¦
         ¦ 15 - Poison Dart                                   ¦
         ¦ 16 - 9mm Parabellum                                ¦
         ¦ 17 - 40S&W Bullets                                 ¦
         ¦ 18 - Grenade Bullets                               ¦
         ¦ 19 - Heat Bullets                                  ¦
         ¦ 1A - Infinite Grenades                             ¦
         ¦ 1B - Hemostat                                      ¦
         ¦ 1C - Med. Pak S                                    ¦
         ¦ 1D - Med. Pak M                                    ¦
         ¦ 1E - Med. Pak L                                    ¦
         ¦ 1F - Resuscitation                                 ¦
         ¦ 20 - An. Aid                                       ¦ 
         ¦ 21 - Recovery Aid                                  ¦
         ¦ 22 - Intensifier                                   ¦
         ¦ 23 - Multiplier                                    ¦
                                 (83 codes total)
    Note 1: 
    With these codes, do not press button to see ending during a FMV scene.
    Enable Codes (Must Be On):
    It just so happens that some new Sony Playstation games have had some 
    protection on them to blockout piracy and such things, which if this would 
    have worked for that purpose, would have been good, but it means that 
    anyone with a modchip cant play the game, even if their cd wasnt pirated. 
    Well, we will continue to strive to let the gamer's that bought the game, 
    play their game with no problem. We are not stepping on anyone's toes here, 
    we just want to be able to play the game we spent XX Dollars for..  
    The only other thing to keep noted. If you cant get the Enable Code to 
    work, then the problem probably is: You dont have a high enough GameShark 
    version to use these codes. If you have GameShark 2.41 or Higher, and the 
    codes dont work, you need to add the code "C1000000 0000" and it will work. 
    The codes out there that we make, will be compatible with all territory PSX 
    systems, NTSC/PAL, USA, JAPAN, EUROPE, etc.. And it will work with all 
    modchips and stealth modchips that 'arent' working anymore as well.  
    We are very dedicated, we dont care if it takes hours at a time, we will do 
    Thanx for supporting GSCCC!!
    Q: What is a Joker Command?
    A: It is a code whose address is a position in RAM, that tells when a 
       button on the controller is pressed!
    Q: Does everygame have a Joker Command?
    A: Yes, EVERY GAME has a Joker Command, but some are non-normal and 
       non-reverse joker commands!
    Q: What does a Joker Command do?
    A: It is used to avoid lockups during the intros or varios places in the 
       game, or when you only want to activate codes at a certain time and not 
       constantly have the effect of the code. ITS PURPOSE IS TO ACTIVATE CODES 
    Q: Can you activate all codes from a Joker Command?
    A: Yes. All you have to do, is put in the Joker Command Code in the Master 
       Code Section, otherwise, it will just turn on the code that is below it.
    Q: Once I Have The Joker Command in, How do I Use it?	
    A: Well if you are using the Joker Command in a regular code box, not 
       Master Code section, then when you press the button/s specified by the 
       Quantity Digits below, the value that you change the '????' to, inside 
       of the game, it will activate the code you have put in under the Joker 
       Command code. If if was put in the Master Code Section it would activate 
       all codes when that button was pressed! If Entering a Joker Comand in 
       Normal Code Section. Be sure to enter the code that you want the Joker 
       Command to Actiavet RIGHT UNDERNEATH of the Joker Command Code!
    EXAMPLE USAGE : Say you have Infinite Health for a game. the Infinite 
                    Health code is, 8012C04C 00AA, and the Joker Command is 
                    D0012876 ????., and it is a Normal Joker Command. And in 
                    the game, Select doesnt do anything! Well, take a look at 
                    the Quantity Digits and you will see that Select is value 
                    0100 for a Normal Joker Command. So you enter the following 
                    codes, D0012876 0100, and under it 8012C04C 00AA. Now when 
                    you are in the game with this code on, when you press 
                    Select it will refill you energy! Or if you hold Select and 
                    no other buttons it will give you Infinite Health! HOWEVER, 
                    once you let go of Select, you no longer have Infinite 
                    Health, so get a little farther in the level, you notice 
                    that you have lost some energy, so press Select to FILL 
                    back up your energy. And so on!
    Normal Joker Command Quantity Digits
    Quantity Digits   Button Pressed to Activate
    0001              L2 Button
    0002              R2 Button
    0004              L1 Button
    0008              R1 Button
    0010              Triangle Button
    0020              Circle Button
    0040              X Button
    0080              Square Button
    0100              Select Button
    0800              Start Button
    1000              Up Direction
    2000              Right Direction
    4000              Down DIrection
    8000              Left Direction
    Multi Buttons     To use any combination of buttons, like, press Select and 
                      L1 to enable the codes. Just add the two digits up for 
                      Select and L1. 0100 plus 0001 equal 0101, so 0101 would 
                      enable the codes when you push select and L1 on the first 
    Reverse Joker Command Quantity Digits
    Quantity Digits   Button Pressed to Activate
    0100              L2 Button
    0200              R2 Button
    0400              L1 Button
    0800              R1 Button
    1000              Triangle Button
    2000              Circle Button
    4000              X Button
    8000              Square Button
    0001              Select Button
    0008              Start Button
    0010              Up Direction
    0020              Right Direction
    0040              Down Direction
    0080              Left Direction
    Multi Buttons     To use any combination of buttons, like, press Select and 
                      L1 to enable the codes. Just add the two digits up for 
                      Select and L1. 0001 plus 0100 equal 0101, so 0101 would 
                      enable the codes when you push select and L1 on the first 
    Max Normal Joker Command Quantity Digits
    Quantity Digits   Button Pressed to Activate
    FFFE              L2 Button
    FFFD              R2 Button
    FFFB              L1 Button
    FFF7              R1 Button
    FFEF              Triangle Button
    FFDF              Circle Button
    FFBF              X Button
    FF7F              Square Button
    FEFF              Select Button
    F7FF              Start Button
    EFFF              Up Direction
    DFFF              Right Direction
    BFFF              Down DIrection
    7FFF              Left Direction
    Multi Buttons     Info Later!
    Max Reverse Joker Command Quantity Digits
    Quantity Digits   Button Pressed to Activate
    FEFF              L2 Button
    FDFF              R2 Button
    FBFF              L1 Button
    F7FF              R1 Button
    EFFF              Triangle Button
    DFFF              Circle Button
    BFFF              X Button
    7FFF              Square Button
    FFFE              Select Button
    FFF7              Start Button
    FFEF              Up Direction
    FFDF              Right Direction
    FFBF              Down DIrection
    FF7F              Left Direction
    Multi Buttons     Info Later!
    NB : I don't have a Game Shark. So, I can't try it, and I hope these codes  
         is working. Now, I ask for you who have a Game Shark v3.2 to try it    
         and please tell me if these codes working or not.                      
    S P E C I A L  T H A N K S
    1. Thanks to God for everything.
    2. Thanks to Capcom who make this exellent game.
    3. Thanks to my brother who help me make this walkthrough, and give to make 
       Tips and tricks section.
    4. Thanks to my brother's friend who sold me this great game.
    5. Thanks to my cousin who told me what is Small Size Key for.
    6. Thanks to ... (..) who told me what is Small Size Key for.
       Sorry for ..., because my windows is error, then I installed the new one,
       so all of the E-mails are gone.
    7. Thanks to you who read my walkthrough.
    Tell me if there is an error in this walkthrough and one more thing, I want 
    you to tell me if you have a new game like this, please tell me and I will 
    make the walkthrough if I have a good mood that time. ^o^ tee hee.
    Thanks for read my walkthrough

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