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    Codes and Combinations by Saiyajin

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/05/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |Dino Crisis Flash FAQ V 1.0 |
    		First and foremost, this FAQ is NOT a walk through. This FAQ is merely a
    	compilation of important things to remember (e.g. lock & registration numbers, DDKs, 
    	etc.)	which you will need to go on with the game.  My advice is to grab any keys, DDKs
    	or interact with everyone you find to make thing easier. So, why did I use 'Flash' in the
    	title?  Well, this is a very short FAQ so go figure.
    		This FAQ Copyright 1999 Saiyajin. You may distribute this FAQ electronically to
    	anyone who needs it as long as the distributor does not gain any profit in exchange. 
    	Also, keep in mind that plagiarism is a crime so please don't plagiarize my FAQ or 
    	other's FAQ for that matter. This is my first FAQ by the way... if anyone cares to know.
    	Oh, and another thing, any contributions or corrections to this FAQ are welcomed. You can
    	email it to me at markvincent@pacific.net.ph.
    	Version 1.O (October 5, 1999) - The first version of this FAQ.
    	1) Lock Numbers
    	2) DDK Codes
    	3) Registration Numbers
    	4) Gas Combinations
    	5) Bonuses
    	1) Lock Numbers
    		0426 - Custody Room (The one with a dead guard and also the first save point.
                           Don't forget to hit the switch on the wall first.)
    		8159 - Louge weaphon storage locker (The thrashed bar in the 2nd floor of the
    		705037 - The room adjacent to the Louge (You need to  use a DDK here. Once
                             you're inside you'll meet a researcher and use the 2 panel keys on the
                             plaque behind the desk. The letters on panel keys, LEO & SOL, is
                             actually the lock code. Try writing it on a piece of paper or on a
                             calculator then read it upside down.)
    		7248 - Computer room (Opens the gas chamber room.)
    		1218 - Stabilizer design room (Use this code on the panel the get the upgrade
                           parts for the shotgun.)
    		367204 - Forgot which room to use this one. (It is the room where you'll get the
                             parts for the stabilizer and initializer.)
    		0367 & 0204 - Stabilizer & Initializer  Assembly Room (Use the first code in the
                                  computer terminal & the 2nd one in the thing that looks like a
                                  large vending machine in the corner.)
    	2) DDK Codes
    		(Notice that the letter of the DDK disk corresponds to the first letters of the
                    codes. So check the letters that are on the DDKs to know which codes to use.)
    	3) Registration Numbers
    		Paul Baker - 58104
    		Mark Doyle - 57036
    		Dr. Kirk   - 31415
    		(These reg. nos. are used in conjunction with the F.C. device when writing the
                    ID card. Paul Baker is the dead researcher in the elevator hall. Try placing the
                    phone in the office on hold so it will page his beeper. You'll know it's him when
                    you hear a beeping sound in the elevator hall, but you really don't need to do
                    this. As for Mark Doyle, I think he's that dead guy near the helipad gate. 
                    Do not forget to get their finger prints.)
    	4) Gas Combinations
    		RED -defeats-> GREEN
    		BLUE -defeats-> ORANGE
    		GREEN -defeats-> PURPLE
    		(Use this in the gas chamber room. Sometimes you have to mix the gases to come up
                    with the right colors.)
    	5) Bonuses
    		ARMY & BATTLE COSTUME - Beat the  game the first time under 8 hours.
    		ANCIENT COSTUME - Beat the game the second time under 8 hours.
    		INFINITE GRANADE BULLETS - Get all 3 endings.
    		OPERATION WIPEOUT - Beat the game under 4 hours.
    		(I'm putting this in here for references sake.)
    	*CAPCOM for bringing us another short but fun survival horror game.
    	*JR Jensen for making me create this FAQ. (Hey! Help me a bit here will ya!)
    	*GT3 bolck of CSB for inspiration. (Thanks a lot guys!)
    	*God for giving me the will to write this FAQ. (And also a chance for getting this game.)
    	*Anyone whose names I can't remember right now.
    Copyright 1999 Saiyajin. markvincent@pacific.net.ph

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