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    Board Game Translations by hooi

    Version: 0.01 | Updated: 04/12/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                 Sega Dreamcast
                             Moero! Jyasutisu Gakuen
                           (Burn! Justice High School)
                        Nekketsu Seishun Nikki Translations
                                 Version 0.01
                                Chia-Hooi  Lim
    Sega Dreamcast's Moero! Jyasutisu Gakuen was released by Capcom
    Incorporated on December 7, 2000.
    SPOILER ALERT: This document contains spoilers for the game, Moero!
    Jyasutisu Gakuen.
    () - Thoughts/Actions
    -->[] - Notes to understand the translation
     T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T
    TRANSLATIONS             VERSION 0.01  0.02  0.03  0.04  0.05  0.06  0.07
      01 - Wakaba Hinata            [08,Y]
      02 - Kazama Akira             [10,Y]
      03 - Hibiki Ran               [09,Y]
      04 - Iinchou (Class President)[07,Y]
      05 - Kirishima Yurika         [10,Y]
      06 - Minazuki Kyouko          [04,N]
      07 - Karuizawa Momo           [02,Y]
      08 - Tiffany                  [01,N]
      09 - Himezaki Aoi (Zaki)      [01,N]
      10 - Ayuhara Natsu            [02,N]
      11 - Roy                      [04,N]
      12 - Bowman                   [02,N]
      13 - Ishidou Gan              [01,N]
      14 - Yamada Eiji (Edge)       [01,N]
      15 - Kazama Daigo             [02,N]
      16 - Shimazu Hideo            [01,N]
      17 - Nekketsu Hayato          [01,N]
      18 - Ichimonchi Batsu         [03,N]
      19 - Kagami Kyousuke          [07,N]
      20 - Namikawa Nagare          [00,N]
      21 - Sawamura Shouma          [01,N]
      22 - Roberto Miura            [03,N]
      23 - Hyo                      [00,N]
      24 - Kirishima Kurou          [03,N]
    NOTE: To help you find new translations for each version, I devise
          this system, [# of Meeting Translations, is the ending translated]
          So, basically, [03,Y] means that 3 Meeting Translations is done
          for the character and the ending translations is done for that
     U P D A T E S
    Oct.18, 2001: (Ver.0.01) - Actually, I just got this game very recently.
                               Translations mostly complete for
                               Hinata-chan, Iinchou (Class Representative),
                               Ran-chan, Yurika-san, Momo-chan and
                               Akira-chan. I also describe in general
                               what a school festival is. Basically,
                               the whole board game takes place on the
                               actual day of the school festival.
     E D I T O R ' S   N O T E S (R E A D   T H I S   F I R S T)
    Please don't e-mail me, asking me why you don't have the board game in
    your version.
    SECOND, I am NOT a professional translator, and I am doing these
    translations for the fun of it. I first apologize for any mistakes that
    I make in the translation. I hope you will enjoy them and please feel
    free to give me your comments on them. The purpose of my translations
    is to give you the most out of the stories without losing the feel of
    it. Of course, to get the best out of the translations, you have to
    own the game itself (for e.g., the expressions shown by the characters
    are not expressed).
    My favourite fighting game for Playstation is Rival School and Tekken 3.
    Of course, being very attracted to Ren'ai games, the Nekketsu Seishun
    Nikki in Japanese version of the game really attracts to me. I am still
    looking for a Japanese version of Rival School 1.
    My objective is to translate all the endings, but not all the events
    (mainly because most of the events are random). However, I will try
    to translate as much events that I can. Of course, it will also
    depends on the response that I get from this translations. Of course,
    I am NOT going to use all my time doing the translations. I will do it,
    when I am free AND feel like doing the translations for the game.
    Let's just say the process of translations will takes time, due to the
    fact that the events or endings are not record in the Omake option
    (Just the pictures are recorded). In additional to that, some events
    may not happen in the same order, as well.
    Taking that into account, there are different events (few) if you
    played as a female characters FOR SOME CHARACTERS ONLY. M and F in
    the translations ([Meeting 1MF]) represents whether I see that event
    when I am playing as a male character (M) or when I am playing playing
    as a female character (F).
    In additional to that, usually, there are only minor differences
    in the same events, like the way you speak. For example, if you
    are playing as a female character, you uses a feminine form of
    the Japanese Language, something that I cannot do anything to
    show in English Language.
    My main priority is to translate the female characters' events.
    Of course, if you can provide the Japanese Script (not Romaji Script)
    for the male characters, I will be willing to translate them. At the
    very least, I will try to do all the endings for all the male
    characters. As for the female characters, I think, I will get them all
    myself, although I wouldn't mind a Japanese Script (not Romaji Script).
    In additional to that, USUALLY, I DON'T HAVE TIME TO REPLY TO EVERY
    E-MAILS THAT I GET, so I TEND TO IGNORE THEM if I am busy. I check
    my e-mail using text-based commands mail software, so please avoid
    sending me HTML e-mail at all time. I will ignore those HTML e-mails
    automatically. As usual, my translations should only be available
    from gameFAQs.com and my own site. Have fun!
     W H A T   I S   S C H O O L   F E S T I V A L ( G A K U E N S A I )?
    School festival (or Gakuensai) takes place annually, usually during
    autumn. In some other schools, they have Cultural Fest (or Bunkasai)
    instead. Personally, I don't see any differences between the two.
    About a month before the actual event, students of the school will
    start planning for the event itself. Each club and each class have
    their own event plans. Usually, the Third Year Students do not
    take part in setting up the events because they are preparing for
    Juken or Entrance Exam. If a student is in a club, he or she will
    probably help out with his or her club, instead of his or her class.
    The club presidents (buchou) and the class representatives (iinchou)
    will organize their own clubs and classes, respectively. They
    usually start up by taking a vote from their club/class members
    about what they want to do for the School Festival. Usually, they
    will choose to set up food store, tea shop, takoyaki stand, some
    games, etc... Non-sports clubs like Art Club will probably have
    an art exhibition and Drama Club will probably have a play. Of
    course, sometimes, some classes decided that they want to have
    play, as well.
    During the actual day, the members are scheduled a certain time to
    help out with their classes/clubs. When they are not scheduled
    for a certain period of time, they will go and enjoy themselves
    in the School Festival.
    At the end of the day, there is Kouyasai or Camp Fire (in this
    game). Usually, this is the time when girls or boys will confess
    their love to the person that they love or an event that lovers
    spent together. It is very traditional that they have folk dance
    during the Camp Fire.
     T R A N S L A T I O N S
    [Meeting 1MF]
    Hinata: Ehehe, we have a clear weather, right? You have to thank me.
    Player: ? Why should I have to thank you just because we are having
            a clear weather?
    Hinata: Because, I am "Clear Weather" girl! Since long ago, in every
            big event that I was in, there was never a single day that
            it was raining.
    Player: (Is it that... rare that it happens? Well, anyway, there is
            no mistake that she is a useful person...)
    [Meeting 2MF]
    Player: Yo, Hinata, you are helping your club today, as well?
    Hinata: That's not it. I came to see how everybody is doing, that's all.
    Player: Then, if you are seen, people will ask you to help them out,
            right? (... *Evil grin*)
    Hinata: H, hey, Player! Don't do anything that is none of your business!
            I am going already!!
    Player: (Cheh... I was planning to call out her name loudly... but,
            she noticed it, huh?)
    [Meeting 3MF]
    Hinata: Ah, Player! Did you see a Middle School Student boy around here?
    Player: Around here? No, I did not see him.
    Hinata: Ah, I cannot believe him! I asked him to stay here and not to
            move an inch! Where could he have gone to!
    Player: (She looks like she is very nervous.
            ... In the first place, "Middle School Student Boy", who is that?)
    Player: Hinata... That boy, could it be...
    *A. Your little brother?
       Player: Your little brother?
       Hinata: Huh? Did I introduce him to you before? That's right. Yuu is
               his name.
           -->[Looks like her brother might be in the future Rival
               School game :P]
       Hinata: He is noisy about wanting to come to the school festival, so
               I brought him here, but where did he go to?
       Player: Hehhhhh(impressed).... Hinata is doing a elder sister's
               job, huh?
       Hinata: W, what is that all about, suddenly.
       Player: No, no, I am actually praising you.
       Hinata: I, I cannot stand it anymore, I am going to search for him! See
    XB. Your child? -->[^_^;;]
     C. Lost child?
    [Meeting 4MF]
    Hinata: Ah, Player! Hey, listen!! They are so cruel!
    Player: W, what's the matter!? Calm down and tell me!
    Hinata: I am really work up because I thought I might be able to
            make cake for this year's school festival, but I only got the
            role of a salesgirl!
    Hinata: At least in once in a year school festival, they should let me
            do whatever I want, don't you agree with me!?
     A. Feel relieve inside my heart.
    *B. Give up for today.
       Player: There is nothing you can do about it, right? You might as well
               give up for today.
       Hinata: Buuuuut~~~!
       Player: *sigh*... If you really want to make a cake so much, next time,
               wouldn't it be a good idea if you make one for someone?
       Hinata: ... That "someone" is... Player?
       Player: W, well... If that is true, I would be very happy though. If
               Hinata is the one giving it to me, I will be gratefully accept it
               no matter what it is.
       Hinata: Somehow, I don't like the way you are saying it, but...
               It's fine with me. I will remember what you said!!
       Player: (Sigh, somehow I manage to get a smile back to her face...)
     C. That's too bad.
    [Meeting 5MF]
    Hinata: Ah, Player! Will you go out with me?
    Player: Go, go out with you...? (Could that be... *heartbeat*)
    Hinata: Actually, I am on my way to go shopping for my class,
            and currently, I am thinking how I can carry the stuffs back.
    Hinata: Then, Player passed by in front of me.
            ... What's the matter?
    Player: ...No, nothing at all. After all, I should expect something like
    Hinata: What are you talking to yourself for! Well, follow me!
    <Join up with you>
    [Meeting 6MF]
    Hinata: I believe that the shop that is set up by the Volleyball Club
            is around here somewhere.
    Player: Hehhh... What are they selling?
    Hinata: Hmmm, she wouldn't tell me exactly what it is. She just said,
            "it is something to look forward to on the actual day".
        -->[Remember that Natsu is a good friend of Hinata-chan.]
    Player: Hmmm. Well, if you found it, I bet you will go and buy it.
    Hinata: Right! I had been looking forward to it. See you.
    [Meeting 7F]
    Player: Hi~nata.
            ... What's the matter? You look space out.
    Hinata: Player... Am I really like child?
    Player: What is this, so suddenly. Why do you think about that
            kind of thing so suddenly?
    Hinata: "That kind of thing"... I am really troubled by this.
    Hinata: The girls who are as old as I am, a lot of them look more
            mature than I am. In additional to that, Akira-chan also
            has slowly became more like a female.
    Hinata: ... Hey, Player. What do you think I am lack of? Just said
            what you think!
    Player: (The place that Hinata lack of...? Let's see...)
    XA. Sexiness
       Player: Let's see... sexiness, I guess? For example, if you are
               more sexy like Kyouko-senpai, you will be much better off.
       Hinata: ... Player, what do you think of... that kind of person?
       Player: Hmmm... Just as I thought, boys at this age admire that
               type of person, don't you think so?
       Hinata: I see... I see what you mean. I understand, thanks...
       Player: (Hinata groaned as she left. She has hit on the nail by
               reality, I... guess?)
    =B. Height
       Player: Let's see... just as I thought, your height. Not as high
               as Natsu, but just a little bit taller, you will look more
       Hinata: That is true, but I cannot grow taller... There is nothing
               I can do about it, right?
       Player: Probably the only things that you can do is drink milk and
               hang down from a steel bar... I guess. Though, I am not
               sure how effective those will do for you.
       Hinata: Ahhh-ah, I feel like I don't care about it anymore. I guess,
               I do not need to be so impatient, right? See you, Player!
       Player: (..."don't care about it anymore", I feel like the burden
               is off me a little bit...)
    *C. Something inside yourself.
       Player: Let's see... I guess, the important thing is what inside you.
               If you worry too much about your outlook, it will become
               worst if there is nothing inside you.
       Hinata: ... The way you said, are you trying to tell me that there
               is nothing inside me?
       Player: No, no. How to say it right... Take height for example, you
               cannot do anything about it, even though you work hard at it,
       Player: Don't be obsessed about that, instead it will be enough
               that you change the way you feel about yourself inside you.
       Player: Doing that, you will look more mature than the people around
               you in time.
       Hinata: ... Do you think I can do it? I wonder if I can stand
               firm, just like Iinchou.
       Player: It will be all right, as long as you never forget that you
               want to be like her.
       Player: If you ever forget about it, I will make sure I give you
               a stern reminder, so be prepare for it!
       Hinata: Ahaha! You are right, the most important thing is my
               own feelings about myself. Thank you, Player!
       Player: (I am glad... she has her usual smile back on her face
    [Meeting 8F]
    Hinata: Ah, Player! I need a favor from you, are you willing to
            listen to me?
    Player: It's fine with me.
            ... No, wait. Let's hear what it is first.
    Hinata: Actualy... I am hoping that you can deliver this plate to the
            Home Economics classroom... will you do it?
    Player: Just that? If that is the case, I can do that at the very least.
            ... But, why don't you bring it there yourself?
    Hinata: ... Actually, they made a cake at home economics classroom,
            and it is made so tasty... So, you know. Hey, after all, I am
            at age when I need a lot to grow up!
    Player: (... Giving me the work of doing settlement for her...?
            What a thing...)
         -->[Basically, Hinata-chan ate the cake. So, to avoid getting
             scolded when she returns the empty plates, you ask the
             player to do it for her.]
    [Deliver the item (Cake Plate) to Home Economics Classroom.]
    [What she said literally when you delivered it, "Thank you!"]
    Player: ... I delivered it just as you asked.
    Hinata: Thank you-! I was having trouble deciding what to do with
            that plate.
    Player: (... If you are going to have trouble deciding something,
            you should have trouble deciding before eating that cake,
    [Ending - Somewhere in School (MF)]
    Hinata: ... Good job, Player. Today is a tough day, isn't it?
    Player: Hinata?.... What are you doing at a place like this alone?
    Hinata: ... I am waiting for you.
    Player: Waiting for me?
    Hinata: D, don't think much about it. The camp fire is starting, so
            let's go there together.
    [Camp Fire (MF)]
    Hinata: Ahh, today is fun for me. Hey, it is the same for you too, right?
    Player: Yeah, that's right. Just as I thought, it is the most fun when
            we are having a wild time with everyone else.
    Hinata: You also are thinking about the same thing?! Batsu, Kyosuke,
            Ran-chan and Iinchou... they are all very lively, aren't they?
    Hinata: ... But, when I was with you, I had the most fun, you know.
    Player: Hinata...
    Hinata: Do you know? About how my heart is beating when I was waiting
            for you?...
    Hinata: But, it is strange. At the moment when I saw your face,
            all that went elsewhere!
    Hinata: In place of that... something warmth. When we are just talking
            like this, I feel relax, you know.
    Player: That is, the same with me. After all, the time when I see
            Hinata's face is the time I feel most complete.
    Hinata: Really!?
    Player: Yeah. When I saw Hinata with the face that showed that she is
            waiting for somebody, I became anxious.
    Player: I also feel the same way as Hinata.
    Hinata: Somehow... it seems like a dream, isn't it? ... being able
            to talk with you like this.
    Player: Hey, hey, don't end this like a dream. After all, we still have
            a long way to go!
    Hinata: You are right! For the sake of Player, I have to make a lot of
            cake for you!
    Player: C, cake?...
        -->[During the board game, nobody wants Hinata to cook the cake.]
    Hinata: It will be alright! If I have Player eat it, I will prove that
            I can get better at it very quickly!
    Hinata: So, Player, please look forward to it, okay?! Look forward to
            how I am going to change from now on, just for your sake.
    [Meeting 1M]
    Akira : Hey, Player. If you are free, how about going around the school
            festival together with me?
    Player: Yeah, sure. Bring along lots of girls from your class together
            with us.
    Akira : I can't believe you, you are not serious at all. Well, let's go!
    <Join up with you>
    [Meeting 2F]
    Akira : Hey, Player, If you are free, how about going around the school
            festival together with me?
    Player: Yeah, sure. Let's buy those dresses in the Bazaar for ourselves?
    Akira : Fufufu... That is a good idea. Well, let's go!
    <When she joins you, she said "Is it great?">
    <When she leave you>
    Akira : Well, I got to go. I have to help out with the tea shop. Let's
            go visit the shops together again, okay?
    [Meeting 3F]
    Akira : Unsho... -->[Sound you make when you are carrying stuffs.]
    Player: Akira, are you carrying the goods? I also will help out.
    Akira : Ah, thanks, Player. I just came back from shopping. However,
            it would seems that I cannot carry all the stuffs back alone.
    Player: Don't think much about it. Well, let's carry them together!
    PARII! -->[Sounds made when something is tearing.]
    Player: Huh? Did I just hear some strange noise?...
    Akira : Look, the area around armpit. It was torn.
    Akira : Borrow me your shirt, I will fix it.
    Player: (What should I do?...)
    =A. I will have to refuse.
       Player: It's okay, it's okay. Don't worry about it.
       Akira : I cannot do that. I can fix that for you. At least
       Player: I said, it's okay, didn't I? Let's hurry and carry this
               stuff, or else the people from your class will get angry.
       Akira : But...
       Player: Hey, Akira! I am going to leave you behind.
       Akira : O, okay... However, if you feel like it, I can fix it
               any time.
       Player: (What's the matter with you, Akira? Why are you so
               insistent that you want to fix the shirt?)
    XB. I can fix it myself.
       Player: I can fix this by myself.
       Akira : Don't say that... I will do it for you.
       Player: It's okay, it's okay. Hey, Akira, do you have sewing kit
               with you?
       Akira : Yes... I only have this though.
       Player: That's enough. Just look at me!
       Player: Like this... Do this...
       Player: See, I got it done! I am pretty good, right?
       Akira : Your sewing is very neatly done. You are much better than
               I am...
       Akira : I am a bit shocked...
       Player: (T, this is bad... I never thought this will make her feel
               like that...)
    *C. Have her fix it for me.
       Player: Well, sorry to bother you, but I will have you fix it then.
       Akira : Yes! Just leave it to me! Well, borrow me your shirt.
       Akira : Just wait a moment...
       Akira : Okay, it's done.
       Player: Hehhhh(sound impressed), you are pretty good. Thank you,
       Akira : I can do this at the very least. In additional to that, it
               is something that I must do after the way you help me out.
       Akira : If you got something else that you want me to fix, just
               bring them to me!
       Player: Ahaha... You are really reliable, aren't you?
       Akira : After all, I also can be girl-like...
       Player: (Hmmm... she seems defensive to me... Akira, I wonder if
               is there anything the matter...?)
    [Meeting 4F]
    Player: Walking like this with Akira, it reminds me about the time
            before Akira transferred school.
    Akira : Yes... You are right...
    Akira : At that time, I always spent time together with Edge and Gan.
    Akira : Hey, Player, have you ever thought that the past is much
    Player: Why, so suddenly...
    Akira : No, for no specific reason... I just want to hear what you
    Player: Let's see...
    *A. I never thought about it.
       Player: I have never thought about that.
       Player: After all, I did not do anything interesting, so there is
               no reason why the past is better.
       Player: Though, I have given thoughts about the future.
       Akira : Fufufu(giggle)... I see. Player, you are the type of
               person who always look forward, right?
       Akira : I have been thinking about it.
       Akira : I wondering whether it would have been better if I
               continue to stay in Gedo Highschool and spend the time
               with Edge and Gan.
       Player: Akira...
       Akira : Please don't look so worry. I just thought about it a
               little bit.
       Player: (Well, since Akira put it that way, I should stop thinking
               about it, but I am still a bit worry about her...)
    =B. Yes.
       Player: Well, yes.
       Player: Before you got transferred, I played with Akira whenever
               I want to and that is more enjoyable.
       Akira : You are right. I also enjoy myself more then...
       Player: Eh...?
       Akira : No, nothing at all. However, I am relieved a little bit.
       Akira : Because I found out that Player is also thinking the same
               thing as I am.
       Akira : I see... There are times when people think about it...
       Player: (Actually, it seems like there is something that she
               wants to talk about... Next time, if there is a chance,
               I will ask her about it...)
    XC. How about you, Akira?
       Player: It doesn't matter if I am, how about you, Akira?
       Akira : Me? I... never thought about it...
       Player: I see... It feels as though that you want me to tell you
               that it is much better in the past.
       Akira : That's, that's not true at all. I am satistied now!
       Akira : After all, I am the one that wanted to transfer school
               in the first place. Of course, I never thought about it!
       Player: W, what's the matter, Akira? Why are you being so
       Akira : S, sorry! Just that... I don't know why...
       Akira : Really, please forgive me... See you, I need to go...
       Player: (What is going on? Akira...)
    [Meeting 5F]
    Player: What is the matter, Akira? You don't look too well.
    Akira : Ah... Player... Nothing at all...
    Player: That is not a face that say "nothing at all", though...
            If I am qualified, how about discussing it with me?
    Akira : ...
            I have been keeping quiet about this from you because I
            don't want to worry you...
    Akira : Actually, I... cannot get used to my current school...
    Akira : I get along fine with Zaki and Yurika-san. However, the
            other classmates, I cannot get along with them...
    Akira : In Seijun Jyo Gakuin, a lot of the people there came
            straight from the Middle School Level to High School
            Level, so it would appear that they have formed groups
            among themselves.
        -->[Basically, Seijun Jyo Gakuin is a school that have both
            Middle School and High School, which is pretty common
            in Japan. There are even places that include Elementary
            School, though I cannot tell whether Seijun Jyo Gakuin
            has Elementary School in it. Some even has Kindergarten
            or University. It is easier if the school has all the
            educational level because they do not need to take Juken
            or entrance exam, which is tough for a good school in
            Japan, as it is very competitive.]
    Akira : In additional to that, everybody is very elegant, and
            so most of them are lady-like... It is completely
            different than the life in Gedo Highschool.
    Akira : So, that's why, just as I thought, it is very difficult
            to fit into the school because of the way I am and that
            I transferred there in the second year.
    Player: (I see... I had been thinking that Akira is acting
            strange lately... that's the reason, huh...)
    Player: (At a time like this...)
    XA. Don't think much about it.
       Player: Well, don't think much about it. There is no reason
               why you should try to conform yourself with your
       Player: Just like in the past, it is enough that
               you have fun with me or Edge or Gan, right?
       Player: If Akira wants to return to Gedo High School, I
               think that there is nothing wrong with it.
       Akira : Thank you... However, I feel that I cannot do that.
       Akira : I transferred school because I want to change the
               way I live and so, if I run away now, nothing will
               ever change.
       Akira : Please forgive me. After the way you offer your
               advice. See you.
       Player: (She is right. Akira is the one who made up
               her mind about transferring school. So, she should
               not run away...)
    *B. You need bravery.
       Player: At times like that, you need bravery.
       Akira : Bravery?
       Player: Right! Bravery!
       Player: It's true that they might already form groups within
               themselves, isn't it true that Akira is the one who
               is staying away from them?
       Player: Just like what you just said, "everybody else is
               elegant unlike you", having that kind of inferiority
       Akira : But, just as I thought, I... am different from everyone
               else, I am ill-mannered...
       Player: See, you immediately say that kind of things. Akira,
               you did not transfer school to Seijun Jyo Gakuin just
               to be like everyone else, right?
       Akira : Right... I wanted to reconsider the way I am living.
       Akira : I wanted to be a person who can say what is in my mind.
       Player: Then, Akira, be brave and tell everyone that you are
               that kind of person. That is what important, right?
       Player: Everyone else doesn't know what kind of person you are,
               so that's why they are confused to how to interact with
               you. That's what I believe.
       Player: Next time, how about telling them stories about the
               time when you were still in Gedo Highschool? Shock them,
               and because of that, you might even become friends with
       Akira : Yes... You are right.
       Akira : It seems that I have mistaken, somehow. First of all,
               I have to let them know who I really am.
       Akira : Thank you, Player. I will try and see.
       Player: (I am glad... She has her old smile back on her.)
    *C. Do your best.
       Player: I don't know how to say it right, but do your best!
       Akira : Do my best? Do my best in what?
       Player: W, well, all kinds!
       Player: T, that means, as long as you have the heart set
               to do your best, it is going to be all right...
       Player: More specifically, you know... that... hmmm...
       Akira : Fufufu... Thank you, Player. You don't have to say
               anything more.
       Akira : When I thought that there is somebody who is worrying
               about me, I became more cheerful already.
       Player: Is, is that so...
       Akira : Don't worry, I will do my best! All kinds! See you!
       Player: (Do her best... huh? Even though she is doing her best,
               there is probably nothing she can do about it...)
    [Meeting 6F]
    Player: What are you doing at a place like this, Akira? Are you
            thinking about something?
    Akira : Ah, Player. It's not a big deal, but I am in trouble a
    Akira : I made obento for Daigo-niisan.
        -->[Obento==Japanese Lunch Box]
    Akira : However, I have been keeping a secret that I am Kazama
            Daigo's little sister from my classmates, so it is
            awkward to bring it to him personally...
    Player: Oh, just that? If that is the case, I can bring it to him
            for you.
    Akira : Really? Then, I will be counting on you then. Please
            deliver it to the Ouendan Club House!
        -->["Ouendan" literally translated to "Cheering Party".
            "Ouendan" Club usually consists of all males, opposite of
            cheer-leading. The males are usually like Daigo. I don't
            know how to explain it right, but just watch Love Hina
            anime where the gang are working part-time at Toudai.]
    [Deliver the item (Obento) to Ouendan Club House.]
    [What she said literally when you delivered it, "Thank you."]
    Akira : Thank you, Player. Next time, I will make Obento for you too!
    [Meeting 7F]
    Player: Hey, what is your class doing for the school festival?
    Akira : We are doing Tea Shop. Everybody is wearing apron with lace
            on it, it is very cute.
    Player: Hmmmm.... Who decided that?
    Akira : Let's see... Yurika-san!
    Player: (I, I see...)
    [Meeting 8F]
    Akira : Hey, Player... Recently, I felt tight around my waist, did
            I get fatter?
    Player: I, I don't think so.
    Akira : I am glad! I am too afraid to stand on the weight machine,
            so I thought of asking someone about it.
    Player: (To be more specifically about it, you have grown up nicely,
            right? Fufufu...) -->[^_^;;]
    [Meeting 9F]
    Player: Akira, are you still riding bike even now?
    Akira : Yes, I am still riding it. Just as I thought, bike is great.
            It's enjoyable.
    Akira : Recently, when I let Zaki sit at the back, she asked
            me to let her drive it and it was terrible.
    Player: Ahaha! It is as though you two are fighting over a toy,
    [Meeting 10F]
    Akira : I met people in Zaki's team.
    Akira : But, I felt kind of strange when the people younger than
            calling me "Akira-neesan".
        -->["neesan"=="big sister"]
    Player: Ahaha...! It's okay, right? It sounds like you are really
    [Ending - Somewhere in School (MF)]
    Akira : Ah, Player! You got the best results, right? Just like you.
    Player: Akira... Thank you.
    Akira : Will you be willing to spend time together with me from now on?
            I am hoping that we can go to the camp fire together, so I
            wait for you.
    Player: Yeah, sure.
    Akira : T, then, please go ahead and wait for a while! I have something
            that I want to show you!
    Player: Oi! Where are you going, Akira!
        -->[When you play as a girl, you used "Hey", instead of "Oi".]
    Player: (Something that she want to show me? I wonder what it is...)
    [Ending - Camp Fire (MF)]
    Akira : Thank you for waiting! Player!
    Player: A, Akira! That outfit is...?
    Akira : Fufufu... Seijun Jyogakuin's school uniform, you know.
    Akira : I thought that Player had never seen me in school uniform, so
            that's why I wore it.
    Akira : H, how is it...?
    Player: Yes! You look very great in it!
    Player: No matter which direction I look at you, you feel like a Seijun
            Jyogakuin's Ojousama. If Edge or Gen see you like this, they
            will turn into cowards.
        -->[I cannot think of a good English word for "Ojousama". It refers
            to rich lady. Seijun Jyogakuin is a school for rich girls.]
    Akira : Fufufu... Thank you... I glad that I wore it.
    Akira : I, wanted to be with you today.
    Akira : I will try to do my best more.
    Player: I see... It is more like you that way, Akira.
    Player: After all, you got Zaki and Yurika-san, comrades that you
            can count on.
    Player: For sure, even in Seijun Jyogakuin, you will have fun.
    Akira : Yes! You are right.
    Akira : Hey, Player, let's dance Folk Dance too, the two of us!
        -->[People dance Folk Dance during Japanese School Festival's
            Kouyasai or in this case, Camp Fire.]
    Player: Yeah. After all, it is School Festival's last event. We have
            to have fun.
    Akira : Player! I have changed.
    Akira : But...
    Akira : But, there is just one thing that will never changed, for sure.
    Akira : And that is... always... always being together with you!
    03 - HIBIKI RAN
    [Meeting 1M]
    Ran   : Isn't it a great day...
            Somehow, it is making me look like a idiot for chasing
            after scoop all the time, isn't it...
    Player: Ahaha...! You finally realized it?! Yeah, you look like
            an idiot! More specifically, you are an idiot, Ran!
    Ran   : What did you just said~~~~!! You are my assistant, how
    [Meeting 2M]
    Player: Hey, Ran! You look like you are into it.
    Ran   : Of course! Newspaper Club are in charge of showing the
            atmosphere of the School Festival!
    Ran   : The other club members are as into it as I am! Hey, which
            event do you think will have best story to cover on?
    Player: Let's see...
     A.The play of the Drama Club
       Player: I bet that would be the camp fire, where everybody will be
       Ran   : You are right... Just as I thought, Camp Fire is the one...
       Ran   : A couple leaning onto each other and having a fierce fire in
               the background... is romantic, right...
       Player: Your face is all red, what did you just said?
       Ran   : Y, you are noisy! I am done with you, so please go away.
       Player: (She is weird...)
    [Meeting 3M]
    Ran   : Hey, hey, Player! What do you think about this photo?
    Player: Well, I don't know much about photos, but the object of
            the photo is normal, and the skill is pretty average.
            In another words, this cannot be used.
    Player: Well? Who took this photo?
    Ran   : It's, it's none of your business! About who took the photo!
            Y, you, you better watch yourself when you are walking alone
            in the dark street!!
    Player: (Bububu... It is fun to make fun of her...)
    [Meeting 4M]
    Player: Hey, Ran. The glasses that you are wearing on your head, when
            do you use it?
    Ran   : Good question! It is for when I am trying to disguise myself!
            When I put this on... See! Nobody can recognize me anymore!
    Player: (Anybody can see through the disguise...)
    [Meeting 5M]
    Ran   : Ah, Player! Just the person I am looking for! Don't say anything,
            just take this and run away!
    Player: What is this, so suddenly!? This is the camera bag that most
            Newspaper club member have, right?
    Ran   : That's right! Camera Bag! I want you to deliver it to the
            Newspaper Club! I don't have any more time to explain any
    Ran   : Somebody chasing after me, a skilled journalist! Well, I
            will be counting on you!
    Player: A skilled journalist, huh... Somehow, I don't know what is
            going on, but I should just do what she said.
    [Deliver the item to Newspaper Club.]
    [What she said literally when you delivered it, "You got me nervous!"]
    Ran   : Ya-ho, Player! You delivered it, just as I asked you.
    Player: Ran! Somehow, you look rather relax! What happen to the person
            chasing after you?
    Ran   : Ehehe... Actually, it is just that it is too heavy to carry,
            so that's why I have you carry it here for me.
    Ran   : Well, Player, thank you!
    [Meeting 6M]
    <Knocking into her>
    Ran   : <Talking to self>Ehehe... It looks a bit as though something
            good is going on, isn't it?...
    Player: (What is this? What is Ran looking at? Photo, I guess?)
    Ran   : <Talking to self>But, this photo will not turn up in the
            newspaper, I guess~. Uwa, this is embarassing---!
    Player: Yo! Ran! What are you looking at! Let me see it!
    Ran   : Waaaaahhhhh!! Y, you... when did you start standing there?
    Player: Whatever, just show me the thing that you are hiding behind you!
    Player: Hey, could that be...
     A. Scoop Photo
     B. A man's Photo
    *C. My photo
       Player: Don't, don't tell me that that is my photo!?
       Ran   : (Doki-----!!) -->["Doki" means heart beat. --> Hit the Bull's Eye]
       Player: ... but, that cannot be it. Ahaha... -->[To catch her off-guard]
       Ran   : T, that's right! Of course, it is not your photo!! Aha,
       HIRAHIRAHIRA~~~, BASAA! -->[I guess, you steal the photo from her hands]
       Player: What is this? You are looking at this photo?
       Ran   : Uwaaaaa!! Don't look at it~~~!
       Player: The photo shows Ran and me...
       Ran   : T, the other club member took a picture of us without us
               realizing it... It looks like it turns up well, so I ask the
               person to give it to me...
       Player: (Even though we may just look like talking to each other, but
               looking at this photo, it seems that there is more to our
               relationship, somehow...)
       Ran   : .......
       Player: (P, please say something...)
           -->[The two of them are too embarassed/awkward to say anything.]
    [Meeting 7M]
    Ran   : H, hey..., Camp Fire will be taking place in the Ground, right?
            (Uneasiness...) -->[Describe her action at the moment.]
    Player: Yes, I bet it is.
    Ran   : Just as I thought, the night event, somehow, looks like it is
            going to be fun... (Uneasiness...)
    Player: Oi, Ran! Somehow, you look as though you are feeling uneasy!
            If there is something you want to say, say it out loud!
    Ran   : Did, did I really look like I am feeling uneasy? (Uneasiness...)
    Player: Yes! Now, as well!
    Ran   : T, then... Will you listen to me for a moment?
    Ran   : Player, have you decided who you are going with during the Camp
    Player: I...
    *A. Haven't decided yet.
       Player: Not yet... More specifically, it's for couples, right? So, it
               is not related to me.
       Ran   : Then, then! If you really want somebody to go with....,
               I will be willing to go there together with you...
       Player: You don't have to force yourself to go there, right?
       Ran   : I can't believe you! I am going! I deliberately came here to
               invite you to go with me, what is that attitude!
       Ran   : If, if you are not going, I will not go as well, so please
               wait for me and don't go home by yourself...
       Player: (Is she angry with me or is she asking me out, make it more clear.
               However, if it is with Ran, I will be willing to go there and
     B. Have decided already.
     C. I am not going.
    [Meeting 8M]
    Ran   : Hey, Player! If you are free, let's go and find something to
            write on!
    Player: Sure, I don't mind.
    Ran   : Great! Well, let's go!
    <Become your partner.>
    [Meeting 9F]
    Ran   : Hey, can I take a moment of your time?
    Player: Oh, it's you, Ran-chan? Why are you speaking Japanese in
            monotonic tone?
        -->[Notice that she used "-chan" in referring to Ran. It is
            an affectionate way to call someone, usually a girl.
            When I played as male character, he called Ran, "Ran".
            So, obviously, this event will only occur if you are
            a female character.]
    Ran   : I am practising interview with guests from overseas!
            I can't believe myself, I already completely
            prepared for it!?
    Player: (Shouldn't you be practising how to speak English instead?
            That's the norm...)
    [Ending - Somewhere in School (M)]
    Ran   : Player! You got the Top result, congratulation! Surprisingly,
            you are pretty good, aren't you?
    Player: Ran... Thank you. Though, "Suprisingly" part is not necessary.
    Player: Well, it's time to go.
    Ran   : Where to?
    Player: You are going, right? To the Camp Fire!
    Ran   : Yes!
    [Ending - Camp Fire (M)]
    Player: With this, Second Year's School Festival is over, I guess.
        -->[Japanese High School has three years only.]
    Ran   : You are right... Without noticing, we will be Third Year
            Student, and then, graduation...
    Player: Graduation, huh...
    Ran   : ....
            Okay, let's stop this sad talk! Hey, Hero-san! Stand there!
    Ran   : I am going to take the picture~~~! Smile~~~!
    BASHAA! -->[Sound of camera snapping.]
    Ran   : Great! A scoop for myself! This photo will be this year's best
    Player: I am glad to be at your service, Ran.
    Ran   : Fufufu(giggle)... Hey, Player...
    Player: What is it?
    Ran   : From now on also... will you be willing to be together with me?
    Player: If it is as your assistant, I will have to refuse.
    Ran   : That's, that's not what I meant! Will you be willing to "go out"
            with me... about that... though...
    Ran   : You are not... willing?...
    Player: If that is what you are talking about, it is okay with me.
    Ran   : Really!?
    Player: Yeah! You had finished your report for the Newspaper Club, so
            let's squueze ourselves into the Folk Dance group and dance.
    Ran   : ... Sure!
    04 - IINCHOU
    NOTE: Iinchou means "Class Representative" or "Class President". He/She
          represents the class and the person who is in-charge of organizing
          class activities under the supervision of the Teacher in charge of
          that class.
    [Meeting 1MF]
    Player : Oh, Iinchou? Are you free now?
    Iinchou: Yeah, I have just done my part for now, so I just thinking about
             wandering around at this very moment.
    Player : Well, then, let's walk around together. It is more fun that way
             than walking alone, right?
    Iinchou: Fufu, you are right, for sure. Well then, please show me
             around, okay?
    <When she join up with you, she said, "You are the pride of our class.">
    [Meeting 2M]
    <Knocking into her>
    Iinchou: Yoisho, Yoisho...tto. -->[Carrying something heavy.]
    Player : Huh, Iinchou. What are you doing carrying that big bag?
    Iinchou: Oh, Player-kun. I am going around gathering trashes created
             from the preparation for the School Festival.
    Player : Hmmm.... Even that, why is it only Iinchou is the only doing
             the job?
    Iinchou: It's okay, this is not a big deal. After all, everybody works
             hard in the preparation for the School Festival. On the actual
             day, I should let them relax.
    Player : (Even that, this is not a weight that can be carried by one person
             ... What should I do?)
    *A. I will bring everybody here to help out.
       Player : Even that, this is not something for Iinchou to do alone,
                right? It is a problem belonging to everybody in the class,
       Player : Wait a second, I will bring everyone here to help out.
       Iinchou: I am happy to hear that, but it's fine with me. I want
                everyone else to do their best in setting up our stall.
       Player : I see... Then, at least, let me help you out. I cannot just
                look at you doing this without doing this myself.
       Iinchou: Don't... I don't want to trouble you. I was not planning at
                all to ask you to help me...
       Player : Don't worry about it, don't worry about it. It is better
                than doing it alone, for sure.
       Player : Well, let's split the work load. That way we can finish
                much faster. If it is not a trouble for you, how about a
       Iinchou: Fufuu(giggle), I will have to refuse about the competition.
                But... thank you, Player-kun.
    =B. There is nothing else I can do about it, I guess I will help her.
       Player : Hmmm, there is nothing else I can do about it. I will also
                help out.
       Iinchou: Eh? Don't... force yourself to do this. I can do this by myself.
       Player : But, I cannot just let you do this by yourself.
       Iinchou: Thank you. Hearing that alone is enough for me. When I need
                help, I will ask you to help me.
       Player: (Ah, Iinchou...
               ... There is nothing I can do about it. I will make sure I help
               out next time....)
     C. Do my best and cheer her on.  -->[^_^;;]
    [Meeting 3M]
    Iinchou: Haa... -->[Sigh]
    Player : Huh, Iinchou. It is very rare that I see you sigh.
    Iinchou: Player-kun... Hinata-san, she is very skillful, right?...
    Player : Eh?
             ... Well, it's true that she is very athletics, and very good
             in studies.
    Iinchou: Isn't that right?
             ... I also want to be like Hinata-san having so much
    Player : (Iinchou...)
     A. You cannot change.
    *B. It is impossible to be like Hinata.
      Player : Iinchou and Hinata are different. To be the same, it is
               just impossible.
      Iinchou: I know that. I know, that's why...
      Player : This is my thought on this...
      Player : Don't you ever thought that Hinata might be jealous of you,
               just like the way you are jealous of her?
      Iinchou: That's impossible... That can't true at all.
      Player : That is a possibility. In reality, I like both the active
               Hinata and the Iinchou who works her very best.
      Iinchou: Eh...?
      Player : Admiring something that one doesn't possess is human nature.
               However, we cannot just admired it.
      Player : Iinchou, you are doing your best, right? Your "doing your
               best" will never go to waste. That I guarantee it.
      Iinchou: Player-kun... Thank you. You are right... I should do whatever
               just like my usual self and that is enough.
      Player : (I am glad.... It seems that she is back to her old self.)
    =C. You need to work harder.
      Player : I see... If Iinchou wants to be like Hinata, it is going
               to be hard if you don't work hard...
      Iinchou: I, I understand... But, there is something that even hard
               work cannot help. There is nothing I can do about things
               like that, right?
      Player : Everybody is like that. So, we only can do our best to do
               whatever that is in our capabilities, right?
      Iinchou: Just as I thought, that is the only way....
               ... You are right.
               There is nothing I can do about it...
      Iinchou: Thank you, Player-kun. See you....
      Player : (Ah... She left. I wonder if there is another way of saying
    [Meeting 4M]
    Player : Yo, Iinchou! What's the matter? You look troubled.
    Iinchou: Ah, Player-kun, I am in trouble! I ordered Hot Plate from a
             shop, but instead of that, something else was delivered...
    Iinchou: What should I do, if this continues.... We won't be able to
             make it in time to fulfill the orders, even if we order it
             again now...
    Player : (This is looking bad... Iinchou is really in trouble...)
     A. Go to another class to borrow one.
    *B. Make good use of whatever that is available.
       Player : Let's see... What is the item that is mistakenly sent to you?
       Iinchou: ... Takoyaki cooker.
       Player : I see...!! You have all the ingredients for the Hot Cake,
                right? Then, there might be something we can do about it.
       Iinchou: What is on your mind?
       Player : Make Takoyaki Hot Cake! To make that, we can make use of both
                the ingredients and the cooker that are available.
       Player : As for only toothpicks, I think we can ask the other classes
                to offer some of their own.
       Iinchou: That is a good idea! I will start making them immediately!
                Thank you, Player-kun!
       Player : (I am not sure whether this will go well, but it looks like
                I am of some assistants to Iinchou.)
     C. Console her.
    [Meeting 5M]
    Iinchou: Ah, Player-kun! You came in the right time. Can you deliver this
             report to the Teachers' Office?
    Iinchou: Actually, I supposed to turn in the report yesterday, but in
             the midst of confusion, I forgot about it.
    Iinchou: Actually, this is not something that I should ask you to do,
             but I cannot leave what I am doing now no matter what...
    Player : It's fine with me. I just need to bring it there, right?
             Well then, just leave it to me.
    Iinchou: Thank you, Player-kun!
    [Deliver the item to Teachers' Office.]
    [What she said literally when you delivered it, "I am touched!"]
    Iinchou: Ah, thank you! It really helped me out.
    Iinchou: ... Could it be that you got scolded by the teacher?
    Player : N, no... no such thing.
    Iinchou: I see... Thank you, really.
    [Meeting 6M]
    Iinchou: There are still a lot of customers coming here. I am glad...
             Our efforts did not go to waste.
    Player : It's not over yet... In actuality, until the whole thing
             is over, we will not know what is our actual result.
    Iinchou: Yes, I see. You are exactly right... Player-kun, see you
    [Meeting 7M] <-- Played as Taiyou High School Male First Meeting
    Iinchou: The atmosphere in village stalls are very good. It feels
             like it is saying "School Festival!", doesn't it?
    Player : Yeah. It is very troublesome to use the money ticket to buy
             stuffs, but it is quite enjoyable.
    Iinchou: Isn't that right! I also will go and eat something later.
    [Ending - Somewhere in School (M)]
    Iinchou: Good job, Player-kun... You got the best result.
    Player : Iinchou? What are you doing at a place like this?
    Iinchou: ... I was wondering whether Player-kun might have forgotten
             all about the Camp Fire... in my mind.
    Player : Don't worry. It is not possible for me to forget such an
             important event.
    Iinchou: You... are right. You are really realiable...
    Player : Iinchou.
    [Ending - Camp Fire (M)]
    Iinchou: I am... of no use. I am not as strong as everybody thought.
             It is just a front that I put up...
    Iinchou: When I thought that this is for the class, I let my
             voice be heard... and when everybody expect me to do
             something, I overworked myself to fulfil their expectation...
    Iinchou: But, everybody, everybody, said "Iinchou, Iinchou"!
         -->[As I emphasized many times, Iinchou is "Class Representative"
             or "Class President"]
    Iinchou: When... I am no longer a Iinchou, what will I be...?
    Player : ...
    Iinchou: I am too tired to support the class alone...
    Player : That is... not true at all, right?
    Iinchou: Eh?
    Player : You are not required to exert yourself. It is enough that
             you do whatever in your capabilities.
    Player : Everybody gathered around Iinchou, so that's why we can work
             as a class.
    Iinchou: Gathered around... me...?
    Player : You just need to smile confidently, right?
             ... If you got problems, you can always share them with me.
    Iinchou: Player-kun... I am glad I know you...
    Player : ... It looks like it is nearly time for the Folk Dance to
             start. Iinchou, let's go together!
    Player : From now on, the two of us will be in the center attraction
             of the class!
    Iinchou: Yes.... Yes!!
    [Meeting 1M]
    Player: Good afternoon, Yurika-san. You just came back from shopping?
    Yurika: Yes. I just came from Gedou High School students' shop, you
    Yurika: I heard that there are a lot of violent guys in the all-guy's
            school, but everybody seems like a gentleman.
    Yurika: They treated me very politely.
    Player: (It's true that whenever anybody speaks with Yurika-san, the way
            they speak became more polite...)
        -->[The Japanese that Yurika-san used is one of the most polite
            form of the language.]
    [Meeting 2MF]
    Player : Huh? Isn't that Yurika-san and Shizune-san?
    Yurika : Oh, Player-san.
    Shizune: ... Good afternoon,
             ... Player-kun.
    Player : You two know each other?  I didn't know that.
    Yurika : Yes, we compete in the same music competition, that's why
             even though we are in different schools, we are friends.
    Player : Hehhhhh, so that's it?
    Yurika : Actually, we are talking about the music competition that we
             both competed in recently.
    Yurika : Right, Player-san, what do you think we are talking about?
    Yurika : The two of us did the same thing. Please try to guess what it
    Player : Ahaha... It's like a quiz, isn't it?
    Player : Yurika-san and Shizune-san, the two of you, huh?... I wonder
             what it is...
     A. The two of you got late to the competition.
    =B. The audience slept, when you two performed. (F)
       Player : Could it be that when you two are performing, everybody
                in the audience slept?
       Player : When I heard classic music, I feel like sleeping. Because
                it feels good.
       Yurika : Fufufu(giggle)... If that is the case, there will not be
                a music competition. Even the judges will be asleep.
       Shizune: I also... feel like sleeping when I hear the others
       Yurika : Even Shizune is like that. Fufufu(giggle)...
       Player : (Yurika-san, you seems like you really enjoy talking to
                Shizune-san a lot. Music-related friend, huh? That seems
                nice to have.)
    *C. The two of you got first place. (M)
       Player : Hmmm.... The two of you got first place?
       Yurika : That's right. You guess really well, don't you?
       Yurika : Shizune-san won in the Piano category and I won in the violin
       Shizune: I can't believe it... this is the second year in a row...
       Yurika : You are right about that. When we are Third Year Student,
                we also have to do our best to win.
       Player : (Hehhh(sound impressed)... Yurika-san and Shizune-san are
                really great... I have to do my best too!)
    [Meeting 3MF]
    Yurika: Player-san. If you are free, how about going to see the
            school festival together?
    Player: I can't believe it, Seijun High School's boys are so pathetic.
            Yurika-san is alone and yet, nobody ask her out. They will
            regret it later.
    Yurika: Fufufu(giggle)... There are no male students in Seijun
            Jougakuin. It's an all-girls school after all. Well, let's go.
    <When she joins up with you, she said, "It's fantastic".>
    [Meeting 4M]
    <Knock into her>
    Player: Huh? There are a lot of musical instruments here...
    Player: I wonder if they are from the music band club...
    Player: There is nobody around, so I think, it is fine to touch them
            a bit.
    Player: Which one should I try...
    =A. Just as I thought, I better not touch them.
       Player: Just as I thought, I should not touch them. I cannot break
               them. I guess, I will settle with just looking at them.
       Yurika: Huh? Player-kun. What are you doing?
       Player: Ah, Yurika-san. No, there are a lot of music instruments
               here and since they look very beautiful, I could not stop
               myself from looking at them.
       Yurika: I see what you mean. No matter which one it is, it looks
               very beautiful, doesn't it?
       Yurika: If you have interest in the music instruments, next time,
               I will teach you alone how to perform with the music
       Player: You are going to teach me?
       Yurika: Yes, that's right.
       Player: The two of us alone?
       Yurika: Fufufu(giggle)... it will be like that.
       Player: (Yurika-san's personal lessons, huh... that sounds great!)
    XB. The expensive-looking wood music instrument.
    *C. The easy-to-get harmonica.
       Player: Among the expensive-looking music instruments, somehow,
               there is a harmonica.
       Player: It looks like the one that you can find almost anywhere.
               I will borrow it for a while...
       FAFUU, FAFU, FA-FUUFAA--........*music note*
       Yurika: Huh, I was wondering who is playing the harmonica and here
               is Player-san playing it. You are pretty good at playing
               harmonica, aren't you?
       Player: No, this is the only music instrument that I know how to
               play because I learn it in elementary school.
       Player: I found it here, so I kind of borrowed it.
       Yurika: That is, mine... I forgot where I left it, so I had been
               searching for it.
       Player: Eh!? Is that so? I am sorry for just using it like
               that. I thought it belongs to the school...
       Yurika: It's okay. Please don't worry about it.
       Yurika: I started to get interested in music is all because of that
               Harmonica. So, that's why I will never let it go...
       Player: Really sorry. For using your precious thing like that...
       Yurika: I... don't mind at all if Player-san uses it...
       Player: (What does she means by that...? After all, this becomes
               an indirect kiss...)
           -->["Indirect kiss" == basically, Yurika-san used her lips to
               blow the harmonica and then, you used your lips to blow
               the same harmonica.]
    [Meeting 5M]
    Player: Hehhhh, Yurika-san. You are carrying a lot of gold fishes.
            You just came back from gold fish fishing?
    Yurika: No, I went to the pool just now, and the swimming club
            members gave this to me.
    Yurika: But, if a person can fish up so many gold fishes, will
            that gold fish fishing shop be doing fine, I wonder?
    Player: (Damn! Those Swimming Club idiots... using present attack!)
        -->["using present attack"==basically, consider a girl as a
            target, I hope you know what I mean...^_^;; The Swimming
            Club Members are making a move at Yurika-san.]
    [Meeting 6M]
    Player: Yurika-san! If you are free, how about going around the
            school festival?
    Player: There is still a lot of places that I haven't seen. Well,
            let's go!
    Yurika: Player-san... Why do you concern about me?
    Player: Ah, please forgive me... I got a bit too excited and got
            carried away...
    Yurika: No, that's not what I meant.
    Yurika: It's just that I want to know why are you being so friendly
            to me.
    Player: W, well...
    *A. Because I like you.
       Player: Well... it's probably because I like you...
       Yurika: ...
       Player: After all, Yurika-san is kind, beautiful, and high-class
       Player: When you smile... When you smile, you look like an angel...
       Player: N, no matter who it is will like you, though...
       Yurika: I am sorry! I am happy to know your true feelings...
       Yurika: However, my current self is not brave enough to go any
               further. Please forgive me....
       Player: Yu, yurika-san!!
       Player: (What does she means by that. Yurika-san...)
    =B. Because we are friends.
       Player: Well, that is because Yurika-san is my friend.
       Yurika: Friends...?
       Player: Right! Yurika-san is my important friend!
       Yurika: Is that so.... I see.
       Yurika: I also, as a friend, can continue to spend time like this
               with you, Player-san...
       Yurika: That's what I believe...
       Player: (I wonder what is going on... She looks like she feels
               relief and yet, sad at the same time...)
    XC. Because you are pretty.
       Player: Well, it's because Yurika-san is very pretty. And when
               I walk with you, everybody will take a glance at our
               direction and that makes me feels good. -->[^_^;;]
       Yurika: ...
               I am... not an ornament...
       Player: Yu, yurika-san?
       Yurika: I am sorry. The old self might probably be an ornament.
       Yurika: However, if you ask me out because of that reason, I will
               have to refuse...
       Yurika: Good bye...
       Player: (Yurika-san is angry... Well, it's okay. I will apologize
               to her the next time I see her.)
    [Meeting 7M]
    Player: Yurika-san, what is going on? That apron that you are
            wearing... has lace... on it, isn't there...
    Yurika: Fufufu(giggle)... Isn't this wonderful? This is the uniform
            for the tea shop that I am doing with everybody in my class.
    Yurika: I love the design of this dress very much. I feel happy, just
            by wearing it.
    Player: (Hmmm. Yurika-san, you looks great in it... )
    [Meeting 8M]
    Player: Yurika-san, you are for sure good at differenciating sounds,
            right? Just by hearing the footsteps, can you tell that it is
            me who is coming?
    Yurika: It is true that my hearing ability is pretty good, but
            everyone else can tell that it is you by hearing your
    Player: Why?
    Yurika: Fufufu(giggle)... because you make very loud energetic
            clattering noise when you walk.
    [Meeting 9M]
    Player: Yurika-san, where are you going?
    Yurika: To the Music Room. I am thinking about of delivering the
            cookies that I made in my class to the members of the
            music band club.
    Player: Yurika-san, you are busy, right? Let me deliver it!
    Yurika: No, I can't let you do that... I can do this on my own
            at least.
    Player: Yu, yurika-san... You think I am not dependable, right...
    Yurika: Kusukusu(giggle)... Please don't make that kind of face.
            I did not say that you are not dependable. Well then,
            please make sure that you deliver it.
    [Deliver the item to Music Room.]
    [What she said literally when you delivered it, "Thank you"]
    Yurika: Thank you very much, Player-san. It really help me out.
    [Meeting 10F]
    Player: Yurika-san, you often spent time with Zaki and Akira, right?
    Player: I can imagine you easily with Akira, but it is tough to
            imagine you with Zaki though...
    Yurika: Is that so? In the first place, Zaki-san is the one who is
            concern a lot about the well-being of Akira-san though.
    Yurika: Zaki made fun of Akira-san for fun of it, and when Akira-san
            is in trouble, she protects Akira-san... It is very funny, just
            looking at them.
    [Ending - Somewhere in School (M)]
    Yurika: Player-san... I had been waiting for you.
    Player: Yurika-san...
    Yurika: Without saying anything, will you go to the Camp Fire with
    Player: Of course! After all, I did let Yurika-san waiting for me
            like this.
    Yurika: ...
    [Ending - Camp Fire (M)]
    Player: Yurika-san... You have something that you want to tell me,
    Yurika: Yes...
    Yurika: However, after hearing what I said, there is a chance that
            I might get you into trouble for this...
    Player: It's okay with me. I am prepared for anything. Well, will
            you please tell me.
    Yurika: Yes...
    Yurika: Kurou and I are borned in the Kirishima family, a very
            special family lineage.
    Yurika: Since young, Kurou and I received training for the sake of
            Kirishima family. Fighting technique, no, stuffs above that
         -->["Stuffs above that"=="killing technique"?]
    Yurika: Everybody in the Kirishima family exists to accept all
            orders from a certain organization.
    Yurika: If you failed, you will be treated like a little pony...
            That's right... Not a human, but a little pony...
    Yurika: Spending time at school like this with everyone is part
            of my mission.
    Yurika: I cannot escape from this fate of mine...
    Yurika: I know it painfully well that Player-san has a feeling for me.
    Yurika: However, I am not the appropriate girl for you. I beg you,
            please forget about me.
    Player: That is wrong!
    Player: I don't know much about the mission, but it is no reason to tie
            a person's life down like that!
    Player: First of all, there is no reason why Yurika-san have to
            have that kind of experience!
    Yurika: Player-san! Please don't give me any more troubles than this.
    Yurika: I just want to tell you the truth and want you to understand
            my situation. I beg you, please forget about me.
    Player: No way! After all, Yurika-san is inside my heart!
    Player: It is not something that I can forget easily! It is not
            something that I can just erase!
    Player: That fate of yours, I will destroy it! I will neutralize
            Kirishima family's spell web!
    Player: Then, I will save both you and Kurou!
    Yurika: You... are willing to do all that for me...
    Yurika: When I have the ability to think for myself, I thought that
            I will never love anyone...
        -->["when I have the ability to think for myself"==when you
            grow up to a certain age where you can think. Basically,
            take a one year old and a ten year old for an example.]
    Yurika: Kirishima family's spell web... is not something you can
            run away from easily.
    Yurika: However, if I am with you, I will probably have the guts
            to try it...
    Player: Yurika... It will be alright, I will give you back your
            freedom. I will become much, much stronger!
    Yurika: Thank you, Player-san... From now on, I will not be able to
            foreseen what kind of dangers that we will face in the
    Yurika: However, now, I just want... to be like this...
    Yurika: Please hug me....
    NOTE: "Sensei"=="teacher".
    [Meeting 1M]
    Player: Kyouko-sensei... What is the matter? You looks like you are
            wandering around aimlessly.
    Kyouko: Hey... Player-kun. Why is it that, in the school festival,
            there aren't any place that serve O-sake (alcohol)...?
    Kyouko: The family and graduated students are coming as well, so
            don't you think it is a good idea to serve at least a bottle
    Player: (Too bad for sensei.... after all, in real life, we don't do
            such a thing, for sure...)
    [Meeting 2M]
    Kyouko: When looking at the students who are fully energized
            differently like this, it makes the job as a teacher fun.
    Player: Hehhh... Is that so?
    Kyouko: Yes, that is so. That's why, Player-kun, you should also
            do as much stuff as you want to.
    [Meeting 3M]
    Kyouko: How is it? Player-kun. Is the school festival fun for you?
            However, don't overeat.
    Player: Haha... it's going to be fine. Kyouko-sensei, please try to
            rest your body as well, at least during the school festival.
    Kyouko: Thank you. But, if I relax too much, it will come a time
            when my body would not move at all.
    Kyouko: Player-kun, how's your body condition recently? Is there any
            place in your body that you are not feeling well?
    XA. My waist is...
    =B. I am completely fine!
       Player: Somehow, recently, I am feeling really well. To be honest,
               I am feeling perfectly fine.
       Kyouko: I see... how boring...
       Player: Eh!? Did I just hear something?
       Kyouko: It must be your imagination!
       Player: (... I felt like I just look inside her heart a bit...)
    *C. Please check me next time.
       Player: I have no problem now, but will you check up on me next
       Kyouko: Fufu(giggle)... Next time? When there is just the two of
       Player: That's, that's not it. I did not mean it... that way.
       Kyouko: Please forgive me, for teasing you. It's fine with me,
               just come to School Clinic.
               ... when there are nobody around, okay?
    [Meeting 4F]
    Kyouko: Oh, Player-san. Could it be that you are free now?
    Player: Well... If you asking me if I am free, I am. Why do you
    Kyouko: For a little while, will you be willing to go around the
            school festival with me?
    Kyouko: If I am walking aimlessly alone, I will look as though I
            am checking out the area. ... How about it?
    Player: Yes, if that is the case, I don't mind. Let's go together.
    <Join up with you>
    <When she left you>
    Kyouko: Thank you for going around together with me. I might ask
            you for more favors in the future, so I will be counting
            on you again then.
    [Ending - Somewhere in School]
    [Ending - Camp Fire]
    NOTE: She refers to herself as the third person. So, she used
          "Momo-chan" in her sentences. Usually, in Japanese, "I" is
          implicit. When that happens, I used "I" in the translations.
          I hope you don't get confused over this.
    [Meeting 1F]
    Player: Eh, Momo-chan! Are you in the middle of preparing for the
            school festival at the club house?
    Momo  : Ehehe... that's not it!
    Momo  : The club house is small, so I am going to break down the wall
            to the Volley Ball Club House and make their Club House part
            of the Tennis Club House!
        -->[Natsu thought that it is a ghost. I haven't translated that
            Natsu's event yet.]
    Player: (... .
            Let's pretend I did not hear it...)
    [Meeting 2F]
    Momo  : Player-senpai! Please show me around at the school festival!
    Player: Yeah, sure. Well then, let's go!
    Momo  : Ehehe... Great! Please treat me lots and lots of stuffs,
            okay? *LOVE*
    <When she joins up with you, she said, "Great!" or "Momo-chan is happy!">
    <When she left>
    Momo  : It is time for Momo-chan to help out with the Tennis Club. See
            you, senpai!
    [Meeting 3F]
    Momo  : Player-senpai! Please look at this! It is something that
            Momo-chan excavated!
    Momo  : Momo-chan bought it from a stand in Bazaar! Isn't it great! This
            one-piece dress! The size matches me perfectly as well!
    Player: (She is so happy that I couldn't tell her that it is a
            dress for children...)
        -->[She is Gorin Highschool First Year Student, so she is
            probably around 16 years old.]
    [Meeting 4F] <--[Forgot to translate the C answer.]
    Player: What is that, Momo-chan? That large luggage of yours.
    Momo  : Ah, Player-senpai! The Tennis Club is doing Haunted House
            for the school festival.
    Momo  : This is the equipments to set up the Haunted House. Momo-chan
            had worked very hard to create a mask for it!
    Momo  : However, Shouma-senpai laugh at it. He said that the haunted
            house, for sure, will not be scary if I made it.
    Momo  : I can't believe it, Momo-chan is disappointed...
    Player: I see...
     A. Now, that's weird.
    *B. I will go and scold Shouma.
       Player: Well, well, don't be depressed by what he said. I will
               go and scold him!
       Momo  : Why's that?
       Player: After the hard work that Momo-chan put into making it,
               even for Shouma, I do not admire the fact that he
       Momo  : Thank you, senpai... But, it's okay. I am not that upset
               about it.
       Momo  : After talking to Senpai, Momo-chan is much happier!
       Momo  : Momo-chan will show the mask that Momo-chan made off
               to the whole school!
       Momo  : Now, I am energized to put it in there! (Gabo!)
       Player: Nooo!! Ah, I see... Do your best...
       Momo  : (From far away) See you, senpai! (Guraguragura...)
           -->["Guragura" sounds of rumbling, as it rolls down the
               walk road because it is not completely circle.]
       Player: (The mask is extremely big...In additional to that,
               the balance is bad for the face... It's, it's a bit
    [Meeting 5F]
    GASSHA----N! -->[Sound of glasses break into pieces.]
    Player: What, what is that? Something just made a very loud noise.
    Momo  : Waa! Player-senpai!
    Player: What's the matter, Momo-chan? You look panicked...
    Momo  : Momo-chan did not break glass!
    Momo  : Really, really, Momo-chan did not break the glass!
    Player: (The sound just now, it is the sound of Momo-chan breaking
            the glass... What should I do...)
    *A. Listen to what she has to say.
       Player: Momo-chan, I will not get mad, so tell me the truth.
       Player: Momo-chan broke the glass and ran here, right?
       Momo  : W, well...
       Player: Momo-chan? I will not get mad.
       Momo  : ...
               Y, yes...
       Player: However, you did not intend on breaking the glass,
       Momo  : Of course! It is due to carelessness!
       Momo  : The bad kids bullied me, so I did it!
       Momo  : So, I smashed to counter their bullying!
       Momo  : Then, then! The ball that hit the bully changed its
       Momo  : When the ball hit the glass, the glass shatterred
               into pieces!
       Player: I see. Well, let's go to the Teachers' Office,
               explain like the way you just did and apologize
               to the teacher.
       Momo  : B, but...
       Player: It will be alright. I will also go along with you!
       Momo  : Really...!?
       Player: Really. Well, let's go!
       Momo  : Thank you, Senpai... *LOVE*
    =B. Overlook the incident.
       Player: (Since she is running away, I should keep my mouth
               shut about it...)
       Player: Momo-chan, you can go now. I don't know anything and
               I didn't hear anything.
       Momo  : Ehehe... I see!
       Momo  : Senpai, I love you *LOVE* See you~~!
       Player: (I am a bit too sweet...)
    XC. Get angry at her.
       Player: You cannot do that, Momo-chan!
       Player: The noise just now is the sound of Momo-chan breaking
               the glass, right?
       Player: Running away like that! You probably broke the glass
               just to have some fun, right? Please make sure that
               you apologize to the teacher!
       Momo  : It's not my fault! It is self-defense!
       Momo  : Momo-chan just wanted to beat the crap out of the
               bully that is bullying me!
       Momo  : The ball that I used to hit the bully, break the
               glass though, but it is the bully's fault in the
               first place!
       Momo  : The one to be blamed is the bully! I am not the one
               at fault here!
       Momo  : I hate you very much for getting mad at me so quickly!
               I~~da! -->[==show her tongue.]
       Player: (This is bad... I should have listened first, before
               I get mad...)
    [Meeting 6F]
    Momo  : Ehehe... Player-senpai!
    Player: What is going on, Momo-chan. You are grinning. Do you
            have something that you want to tell me?
    Momo  : Do you want to hear it?
    Player: Ahaha... I want to hear it.
    Momo  : Do you know what kind of the relationship of the two persons
            who went to the Camp Fire together?
    Player: Yes, kind of. The two are couple who is already going out
            or the two who are just starting to go out with each other,
    Momo  : Fufufu. That's right!
    Momo  : Let's see... Momo-chan...
    Momo  : Momo-chan is going to the Camp Fire together with
    Momo  : Do you think it is okay, senpai?
    Momo  : Momo-chan is going with Shouma-senpai, you know? Do you
            think it is okay?
    Player: I...
    XA. Don't care about it.
       Player: Ahaha... I don't care about it
       Momo  : You, you don't care about it?!
       Momo  : Senpai, you don't care about meeee?!
       Player: Ah, no... But, this doesn't concern me...
       Momo  : Of course, this does concern you!
       Player: What's the matter, Momo-chan? Why are you so angry so
       Momo  : I can't believe you, I don't care anymore!!
       Momo  : Senpai... Senpai... I haaaaaaattttttteeeeee you!!!
       Player: Hey! Momo-chan! Wait!
       Player: (I wonder if I had said something that could make
                her that mad...)
    *B. Go with me.
       Player: I don't think that... would be fine. Momo-chan, you mean
               that you are not going with me?
       Momo  : Why are you saying that?
       Player: Well, it's because I want to go with Momo-chan.
       Momo  : Eh~~~~~~? Senpai, really, really want to go with me?
       Player: W, well, that...
       Momo  : Fufufu, what should I do? Fufufu... *LOVE*
       Player: (Oh, no... Somehow, I am feeling as though I just fell
               into Momo-chan's pace.
     C. It is good for you, as long as you are going with the person you like.
       Player: It is good for you, as long as you are going with the
               person you like. After all, it is the best, if you go with
               the person that you really wanted to go with.
       Momo  : Then, Senpai... If Momo-chan ask you to go with me, will
               you be willing to go with me?
       Player: Yes, sure! However, if you already made a promise with
               Shouma, you must make sure that you go with him.
       Momo  : It's okay, it's okay. Actually, the promise is...
       Momo  : A, anyway, we do not need to concern about that! Senpai,
               you have to wait for you and don't go home by yourself-!
    [Meeting 7F]
    Player: *sniff* *sniff*... Huh? Hey, Momo-chan, you smell like
            "nabe" food, don't you?
    Momo  : That is the smell that got settled on me. Just now, there is
            this big guy who have "nabe" food with him...
    Momo  : He said, "If you don't eat, you won't grow bigger! Here,
            have all!" and forced me to eat them all.
    Momo  : It is so tasty that I ate all of them, though. For sure,
            I got the smile on me, then.
    Player: I, I see... (She actually ate them... I wonder what it is...)
    [Ending - Somewhere in School (F)]
    Momo  : Ah! Player-senpai! I can't believe you, you are so slow!
    Player: Momo-chan... Are you waiting for me?
    Momo  : Y, yes...
    Player: What's the matter?
    Momo  : W, well... I... I...
    Momo  : I want to go to the Camp Fire together with you!
    Momo  : You have to go with somebody you want to go with to the
            Camp Fire. And I want to go... That...
    Player: Ahaha... I understand, Momo-chan. Please calm yourself
            a little.
    Momo  : O, okay...
    Player: I also was planning to ask Momo-chan. Well, let's go!
    Momo  : Really? *LOVE* Great!
    [Ending - Camp Fire (F)]
    Momo  : Hey, Player-senpai?
    Player: What is it?
    Momo  : No, nothing at all... I just want to say that, that's all...
    Player: Ahaha. Is that so?
    Momo  : Hey, senpai, why are you so gentle towards Momo-chan?
    Player: Is that so? Am I really gentle?
    Momo  : Yes, you are gentle...
    Momo  : Only senpai... willing to listen to Momo-chan like this.
    Momo  : The teachers and everyone else will get mad at me immediately,
            and no matter what I said, they won't listen to me...
    Momo  : There is no one until now who are willing to face me...
    Player: Momo-chan...
    Player: It will be alright, Momo-chan. From now on, I will listen
            to whatever you want to say!
    Momo  : Senpai... Thank you...
    Player: Well, let's dance Folk Dance! We have to have fun, after all
            this is the last event of the School Festival!
    Momo  : Fufufu, seenpaai. *LOVE*
    Player: Wait, wait, Momo-chan. If you stick to me like this, we cannot
            dance, right?
    Momo  : Senpai, you better be more wonderful than anybody all the
    Player: Ahaha... That is going to be tough.
    Momo  : Ahhh-n, at a time like this, you should just said "Of course!",
            even if it is a lie!
    Momo  : But, actually, that doesn't really matter...
    Momo  : The only person who understand Momo-chan is Senpai.
    Momo  : If Senpai wants Momo-chan to do anything, Momo-chan will be
            willing to do it no matter what it is...
    Momo  : So, forever, forever... please be by my side... *LOVE*
    [My Character is Justice High School Female]
    08 - TIFFANY
    [Meeting 1M]
    PINBONPANBO~N! -->[Sounds before an announcement through the speaker.]
    Player : Huh... Inside school announcement.
    "Currently, we are accepting application for Miss Justice Contest"
    "We also welcome those that will just join in the contest on the spot.
    We hope that there will be a lot of people taking part in this."
    Player : Miss Justice Contest? They even held such a contest. There are
             really all kinds of events here...
    Tiffany: Player!! Did you just hear what the announcer said just now?
             I am going to take part in it now.
    Tiffany: That, what kind of outfit should I wear for it? Please advice
    Player : (Costume, huh... I don't even know what kind of contest it is.
             ... so, if that is the case.)
    =A. Wear costume representing some thing.
       Player : Let's see... How about animal costume? I think a cute
                person will be at the center of attraction.
       Tiffany: Animal costume? That is a pretty good idea! Where can I
                find such a costume?
       Player : (Ugh, I never thought about that... What should I do...)
       ???    : You two look like you are in deep trouble. Let me hear
                the story.
       Player : Ah, Sayuri-senpai! ... That's right! There is costume in
                the drama club, right?
       Sayuri : Of course. When we showing "Vampire" last time, we got
                Sasukacchi costume.
       Player : Sa, sasukacchi!?
       Tiffany: Then, I should try it on immediately~. Player, thanks for
                your advice!
       Player : (...Sasukacchi... In a way, she will be in the center of
                attraction... I pray that it will have a good read results.)
    *B. Wear Yukata. (Japanese clothings)
       Player : Giving different self than usual, compete in Yukata!
       Tiffany: Ohhh, Yukata!! That is a BEST CHOICE!
       Tiffany: It just that somebody brought it here to the festival for
                class display! I will go and get it immediately!
       Tiffany: Thank you, Player! Nice advice, thank you!!
       Player : (I am glad... seeing her so happy like that, I am glad that
                I gave it some thoughts....)
    XC. The usual cheerleading suit.
       Player : Better than doing anything fancy, use the right way to
                compete in this contest. Just wear your normal cheearleading
       Tiffany: No... Player, did you gave it much thought at all? Wearing
                that will not stand up in the crowd!
       Tiffany: Just as I thought, I will decide this for myself! See you!
       Player : (Oh no... This is not good. I should have give it more
    [Meeting 2F]
    Tiffany: Hii, Player! Won't you go here and there with me?
    Player : Huh, Tiffany. Aren't you with Bowman and Roy?
    Tiffany: Everybody left me to go somewhere else!!
    Player : That's sad. Okay, I understand. Let's go looking around
    <When she join you, she said "You are excellent.">
    [Meeting 3F]
    Player : Hii, Tiffany. What do you think of Japan's School Festival?
    Tiffany: Exciting!! I am very happy!
    Player : Okay, if fun-loving Tiffany is happy about it, the event has
             a passing score.
    [Meeting 1M]
    Player: Yo, Zaki! You look like you got nothing to do.
    Zaki  : Yeah, the other kids are doing their best. I got nothing to do
    Zaki  : If you are also free, why not walking around together with me?
    <When she join up with you, she said "It's no big deal.">
    [Meeting 2M] -->["Hime" means "Princess"]
    Player: Hime~! Hime, are you here?
    Zaki  : Hime, Himette, don't called it so loud! This is not an
            ancient drama!
    Zaki  : In additional to that, I hate being called a princess.
            If you want to call me, just call me Zaki!
    Zaki  : I can't believe it, being borned in a family that have a family
            name of "hime"...
    [Meeting 1F]
    Player: Yo! Are you alone? If you are free, how about going with atai
            to see the shops?
        -->["atai" is a Japanese slang referring to self.]
    Natsu : Ahaha! Where did you learn that? The way you speak just now.
    Natsu : But, you just came at the right time! It is my break now and
            so, I am free. I will take on your offer!
    <When she join you, she said "Nice Serve!">
    11 - ROY
    [Meeting 1MF]
    Player: Roy, what are you doing sneaking around?
    Roy   : I am not sneaking around. It's just that... Tiffany
            is too noisy...
    Roy   : She is forcing me to go to the dance party with her...
            I want to choose my own partner.
    Player: Hmmm, you two are the same as usual.
    [Meeting 2MF]
    Player: Hey, Roy. You look free.
    Roy   : Yeah, I am having trouble deciding where to go.
    Roy   : Right, how about going around the school festival together?
            I will be happy, if you are willing to escort me.
    Player: Of course, it's fine with me. Well, let's go!
    <Join up with you!>
    [Meeting 3M]
    Roy   : Today is good weather. This is what they called "Japanese Clear
            Weather", right?
    Player: Yeah, "Japanese Clear Weather". You really know your stuff, Roy.
    Roy   : I also have been studying about Japan. Well, "America Clear
            Weather" is called what kind of weather?
    Player: "America Clear Weather"? There is no such thing, right?
    Roy   : In Japan, there is, but in America, there isn't any? Nonsense!!
    [Meeting 4F]
    Roy   : Yo, Player. Do you have something troubling you?
    Player: What's the matter, Roy? Why do you ask me that so suddenly?
    Roy   : Nothing specific. It just that it seems like Bowman is giving
            counseling for people who have something troubling them.
    Roy   : I thought I help Bowman up. Well, just tell me about anything!
            I will solve it no matter what.
    Player: You are saying that kind of thing again. It's just that you
            got nothing to do, right?
    Roy   : Fufufu, you found me out, huh? It doesn't matter, right? It
            is better to talk to me than a holy person like Bowman.
    Player: Well, since you are offering your help, I guess, I will
            discussing something with you...
    *A. I don't have anything that is troubling me now.
       Player: Hmmm, I am having fun every single day, I don't have any
       Roy   : I see, how boring. Well, that is for the best. By the way,
               I also don't have any worries.
       Roy   : If I have any worries... right, how to talk to the cute
               girl in front of me... I guess.
       Player: I, I can't believe you...! Stop making fun of me...
       Roy   : I am not making fun of you. Let's see, first of all...
               how about having tea together? Mademoisele.
       Player: Fufuu, hey, Roy. Don't tell me that you always use
               that kind of method to start conversation?
       Roy   : Of course not! I am serious when I said I am willing
               to discuss any of your problems with you... Oh, it's
               time to go...
       Roy   : Well, I will take my leave, Player. See you later!
       Player: I can't believe him... But, I am happy to hear him say
    =B. I want to improve my grades.
       Player: My recent worries are about my grades... My grades are not
               improving and it is tough.
       Roy   : Grades? You mean your school grades?
       Roy   : Oy, oy, Player. Why do your need to care so much about
               that kind of thing. Don't think about your school grades.
       Roy   : If your grades are not improving, that means that it is
               something not suitable for you. Something else are
               probably more suitable for you, right?
       Roy   : If you want to improve yourself, there are many other ways
               you can do it. For example, Boxing.
       Roy   : Of course, there are people who can improve themselves
               by studying at school, but... for a person who received
               excellent education like myself, it is something of
               a mystery.
       Roy   : Anyway, the most important thing is SPIRIT!
       Player: You are right! Thank you, somehow you solve my problem!
               Just like you, Roy!
    XC. I ate some snacks.
       Player: Actually... just now, I am so hungry, so I ate some snacks...
               I did something bad...
       Roy   : Ate snacks? Such a small thing got you worried? This is
               why Japanese is...
       Roy   : This is not right, when you have some problem you want to
               discuss, it is something that can affect your whole life,
               something that is more dynamic, right?
       Roy   : For examples, your father fell in love with another woman,
               or you took your rich friend's place after you killed him,
               right? That's the norm.
       Player: T, that kind of movie-like worries, of course, I don't have
               them! It should be something more realistic.
       Roy   : I see. Unexpectedly, counseling people about their worries
               are pretty boring.
       Roy   : Oh, well. Thank you, I managed to waste some time anyway.
       Player: Just as I thought, you just wanted to waste some time...
    12 - BOWMAN
    [Meeting 1F]
    Player: Player! If you are willing to, how about going the same way as
            me from now on?
    Bowman: I don't mind that...
    Player: Really?! I am glad to hear that. Well, let's hurry to the
            customary fund-raising site.
    <When he join you, he said "Wonderful.">
    [Meeting 2F]
    Player: Bowman, you are not planning at all to go back to America with
            Roy and Tiffany?
    Bowman: They have to return to their motherland because they have
            something that they need to do there.
    Bowman: And as for myself, I am staying in Japan because I believe,
            it is the best for the future. I probably will not change
            my mind for a while.
    Player: (Thinking about this until like this... just like Bowman...)
    13 - ISHIDOU GAN
    [Meeting 1M]
    Gan   : Player! Will you be willing to bring this to the Art Club?
    Player: What is this?
    Gan   : Don't think much about it! You just need to bring it there.
    Player: I understand. Just leave it to me!
    Gan   : Sorry for troubling you! I will be counting on you then.
    [Deliver the item to Art Club.]
    [What he said literally when you delivered it, "Let me say my thanks!"]
    Gan   : Really sorry for troubling you like this. I owe you one!
    [Meeting 1M]
    Player: Hey, Edge! Where are you going?
    Edge  : Oh, I am just taking a break. I also feel like being a
            customer now. -->[Basically, going around buying stuffs.]
    Edge  : How about it? How about going together?
    <Join up with you>
    [Meeting 1M]
    Player: Excuse me... Daigo-senpai... There is something that I want to
            ask of you, is it okay with you?
    Daigo : What is it? Just say and we will see.
    Player: I want to go around the school festival with you...
    Daigo : Haha... if that is the case. I don't mind about it. Well, let's
    <Join up with you>
    [Meeting 2M]
    Player: Daigo-senpai! Since it is the school festival, how about
            taking a peek at the shops?
    Daigo : You are right. If there is time afterwards, I will spend the
            time with you.
    Daigo : You better decide where you want to go.
    Player: Really? Then...
     A. Camp Fire
     B. Tea Shop
    *C. Haunted House
       Player: Near the Club House, there is Haunted House. Let's go there!
       Daigo : Hahaha.... Haunted House, is a bit childish.
       Daigo : However, once in a while, it is not a bad idea to become a
               child inside my heart and play.
       Daigo : If you got frightened, don't go punching down the ghost.
       Player: Ahaha! I am not that violent!
       Daigo : Hahaha... Well, let's go later and see.
       Player: (Somehow, it is, as though that he is treating me as a
               child... But, whatever. I got to have fun with Daigo-senpai!)
    [Meeting 1M]
    Hideo : Hey, Player-kun. Are you enjoying yourself?
    Player: Hideo-sensei. You look very busy, don't you?
    Hideo : No, no, I just finished my part for now. How about going to
            look around the festival together?
    Player: Is it really okay with me? Then, sure.
    [Meeting 1M]
    Hayato: Yo, Player! What is this, what is this, you look like you got
            nothing to do!
    Hayato: So, don't worry about it! From now on, I will follow you
    Player: Wait a second, Sensei? I am not exactly free....
    Hayato: Fuu... You don't have to be shy about it! Well, we will go to
            the place that you like!! I will look after you!
    <Join up with you!>
    <When he left...>
    Hayato: When you in need for somebody, feel free to call on me. See you!!
    [Meeting 1MF]
    Batsu : Oh, Player, you are free now, right?
    Player: Hey, hey, you dare to say that. How about you, Batsu?
    Batsu : I also don't have anything to do now. Right, spend a little bit
            of time with me. It's not fun walking alone around here.
    Player: Well, that might be true. Then, I will spend some time with you.
    <Join up with you>
    <When he leaves you>
    Batsu : Oh no! I was asked to go shopping! Well, let's walk together
            again next time!!
    [Meeting 2F]
    Batsu : Come to think about it, Kyousuke is really serious in his work.
            On this day at least, he should be more relax. He is too
            conservative to survey for problem students today.
    Player: Batsu is too wild. So, you two just make a very good pair.
    Batsu : I can't believe you, shooting your mouth like that! A person
            who did not have fun at a fun time like this is wasting his
    Player: Ahaha, that's true. See you then, I should have a wild time too!
    [Meeting 3F]
    Player: Come to think about it, how the hell did you ever become
            a Second Year Student. After all, you got all red marks all
            over your test report.
        -->[Basically, the Player is wondering how did Batsu get promoted
            from First Year Student to a Second Year Student because he
            is failing all his subjects in school.]
    Batsu : Of course, I become a Second Year Student. How much do you
            think I went to make-up classes anyway? I didn't even go to
            my part-time job for quite a while!
    Player: Well, that is the punishment for not studying properly
    Batsu : I can't believe everybody, saying what they like, as though
            they held no responsible for it!
    Batsu : Just see! Until graduation, I will put you guys in your places!!
    Player: (... Getting serious at a time like this. However, if he
            got that kind of spirits, he probably will be able to...)
        -->[The sentence should end with "do it". It is implied.]
    [Meeting 1MF]
    Kyousuke: Hey, Player.
              ... If you are free, will you accompany me to see the school
    Player  : Sure, I don't mind about it. After all, I am a free person.
    Kyousuke: Don't sulk. If there is any places that you want to go,
              I don't mind going there with you.
    <Join up with you>
    <When he is leaving you (F)>
    Kyousuke: I am glad I spend the time together with you. Thank you...
    [Meeting 2M]
    Player  : Kyousuke. Being a Public Moral Control Committee Member,
              you just need to check any places you like in the school,
    Kyousuke: The other members might be like that. I don't do it that
              useless way.
    Player  : Hehhh (sound impressed). How do you do it then?
    Kyousuke: It's simple. Just need to know where Batsu and Hinata is
              going to.
    Player  : I, I see... I better be careful never to get on that list...
    [Meeting 3M]
    Kyousuke: Player... Had you already been to our shop?
    Kyousuke: If you had not, you better not eat that "Extremely Rare
              Cake". -->[I think, Hinata-chan bake that cake, maybe...:D]
    Kyousuke: ... That's all I can say about it. Heed my words and don't
              eat it.
    Player  : (... Kyousuke left. Somehow, he seems to be dizzy,
              ...Is he going to be fine?)
    [Meeting 4M]
    Player  : As usual, Kyousuke, you are not joining in with the club
              activities (==help out with the club activities in the
              school festival), right?
    Kyousuke: Yeah. From this year onwards, I will be the president of
              the Public Moral Control Committee. I don't have time for
    Kyousuke: After all, there are problem students walking around at
              Taiyou High School...
    Player  : (...I am convinced.)
    [Meeting 5M]
    Player  : Hey, Kyousuke. Are you surveying the area today (for problem
              students) as well? Even though it is the school festival,
              you look like you got your hands full.
    Kyousuke: That's not it at all. It shows that we are doing our job
              right when the people are enjoying themselves here.
    Player  : (Hehhh... Just like Kyousuke. Then, I better not bother
              him too much.)
    [Meeting 6F]
    <Knock into him>
    Kyousuke: Player! Did you see anybody running from this direction?
    Player  : No, I did not see anybody... What's the matter?
              You look like you are in such a rush.
    Kyousuke: Actually, there are reports of robberies. He/she only
              targets food, like bread and hamburger.
    Kyousuke: Destroying the atmosphere of the school festival, I will
              never forgive him/her for sure. No matter what, I will
              find that offender.
    Player  : (Offender, huh... Who is it, I wonder?)
    =A. The offender is... me!
       Player  : Kyousuke... please forgive me...
       Kyousuke: What's the matter, Player? ... Don't tell me that
                 it is you?
       Player  : T, that offender is... me!!
       Player  : Somehow, I am so hungry that it leaves me no choice!!
       Kyousuke: Sigh... Have you finished your act yet? I am busy, you
       Player  : Huh, you found me out? This is weird. I am pretty
                 confident about my acting, you know.
       Kyousuke: I never suspect you from the beginning. If you have
                 any idea, tell me. See you.
       Player  : (Saying that with his back turned, just like
                 Kyousuke... However, who is really the offender...?
    *B. Probably some stray cat.
       Player  : Offender, huh... It's probably some stray cat that
                 ate them, right?
       Kyousuke: Player... If possible, please think seriously.
                 I did not talk to you because I want to hear that from
       Player  : Even though you said that...
       Cat     : Nyaaa~~~n.
       Kyousuke: ...
       Player  : ...It looks like that cat has a bread in its mouth.
       Kyousuke: ...Yeah, it looks like it...
       Kyousuke: I am sorry, Player... I am the one who was not giving
                 it much thought...
       Player  : Don't worry about it. You solved the case, right? Please
                 keep up the good work!
       Kyousuke: Yeah.
                 ... Thanks, Player.
       Player  : (Sigh... I am glad I am of some service to Kyousuke.)
     =C. The offender is... you!
       Player  : I know... I know, Kyousuke! This is the first step to
                 become a good detective!!
       Player  : Hearing what you said, pretending to be the person not
                 involved in the incident, make it more suspicious.
                 That person is... you, Kyousuke!!
       Player  : How is it!? Could it be that I hit the bull's eye?
       Kyousuke: ...
       Player  : Huh, Kyousuke? No reaction at all. Please say something
                 to me.
       Kyousuke: ... How stupid. When did you get influenced by Ran?
       Kyousuke: Sigh... I started to feel stupid talking this seriously
                 with you. I will take my leave.
       Player  : (Oh... he left. Did I overdo it?)
    [Meeting 7F]
    Player  : Huh? Isn't that Kyousukue sitting there? Hello, Kyousuke!
    Kyousuke: ...
    Player  : Huh, there is no response. Kyousuke...?
    Kyousuke: ... suu...
    Player  : (C, could it be that... he is sleeping!?
              ... at a place like this? W, what should I do?)
    =A. Just leave him alone.
       Player  : (... I guess, it would be better if I leave him alone.
                 Let's go elsewhere... Ah!?)
       Player  : Ouchhhhh... Who leave a bottle at a place like this!! I hit
                 the ground with my back...
       Kyousuke: ... It's very noisy... who is it?
       Player  : (Oh no! I, I got to hide!!)
       Kyousuke: I cannot believe it... I cannot even take a short rest at
                 this school...
       Player  : (... It looks like Kyousuke did not found me out, but it
                 is bad disturbing him like this...)
    =B. Call him to wake him up.
       Player  : (If I leave him like this, he will catch a cold, so I have
                 to wake him up.)
       Player  : Kyousuke-. If you sleep at a place like this, you will
                 catch a cold-.
       Kyousuke: Hm...mmm? Player?
       Player  : It is very rare to see you sleep at a place this, Kyousuke.
       Kyousuke: I was not sleeping, though. It just that yesterday, I have
                 stay awake late last night, so I was just taking a rest.
       Player  : Eh, is that so? Could it be that I should not have waken you
       Kyousuke: No, it's just like what you said. I could have caught a
                 cold like this. Thank you, Player.
       Player  : (... Even though he said that, I know that he still need
                 some more rest. ... I pity him, I guess?)
    *C. Search for something to cover him.
       Player  : (He will probably catch a cold like this, so I have to
                 find something warmth to cover over him...)
       Player  : (... Good. This towel cloth should be able to do it.
                 I will put this on him secretly...)
       Kyousuke: Who is it? Standing behind me.
       Player  : Uwaaaa!! K, kyousuke? You startled me.
       Kyousuke: ... Player? You, as well, sneaking up on me. I was beginning
                 to wonder who could it be.
       Kyousuke: Hm? What is that for, that towel cloth...
                 ... Could it be that, that is for me?
       Player  : No... Yes... You don't want it, but if you catch a cold, it
                 will be much worse...
       Kyousuke: I see, you saw me resting myself?...
       Kyousuke: I am sorry, Player. For troubling you like that.
       Player  : (Kyousuke looks gently at me, somehow it is making me feels
                 glad I did it...)
    [Meeting 1M]
    Shouma: Hey, Player. Let's do running together for a while.
    Player: In the middle of the school festival, running? It would be
            better if it is something else.
    Shouma: You are right. Then, let's go and eat something.
    Player: Okay, if that is it, I will join up with you. Let's go together.
    <Join up with you!>
    [Meeting 1M]
    Player : Roberto, are your little twin brothers doing fine?
    Roberto: Nelson and Athen? Yeah, they are so fine that they are so
    Roberto: Once in a while, we played soccer together.
    Roberto: The two of them are having trouble deciding whether they want
             to be a Soccer Player or a F1 Racer.
    Roberto: It's cute. The brothers who have age different.
    [Meeting 2M]
    Roberto: Player, I got a good news today.
    Roberto: The left hand that I injured last year... has finally been
         -->[IIRC, in Rival School 1, he got injured in the end.]
    Roberto: With this, I say "Good bye!" to my long continuous trip to
    Player : Then...
    XA. You can play with me then.
    =B. Let's have a celebration party. (F)
       Player : Then, we have to have a party to celebrate your full
       Roberto: No. You don't need to do that...
       Player : What's with that reluctanceness! I will talk to the
                soccer club members to do it.
       Roberto: Somehow, I feel guilty about it. After all, when I got
                injured, I caused troubles for everybody and knowing
                that, to have a party for me...
       Roberto: But, honestly, I am happy to hear you said that.
                Thanks, Player.
       Player : Don't think much about it, don't think much about it!
                I also am happy to hear that Roberto has recovered.
       Roberto: Then, I am going to report this to the soccer
                club members too. See you later!
       Player : (Well, I have to prepare the party to celebrate his
                full recovery...)
    *C. You can become a goalkeeper. (M)
       Player : Then, you can become a goalkeeper again!
       Roberto: That's right! With this, I can finally be a goalkeeper
       Player : My doctor gave me his/her permission, and without anything
                to hold me down anymore, the real training can begin.
       Roberto: That, I want to let you be the first person to know...
       Player : Ro, roberto...
       Roberto: Just as I thought, I am glad that you are the first person
                I tell this to!
       Roberto: See, see you, I have to tell the soccer club members about
                this! See you later!
       Player : (Ahaha... He looks really happy. I am glad for you,
    [Meeting 3F]
    Roberto: Yo, Player! Since it is the school festival, how about going
             to see it together?
    Player : Sure! How about a challenge to see who is better at shooting
    Roberto: As you wish. Well, let's go!
    <When Roberto leaves you>
    Roberto: Oh, it is time for me to check in with my club's shop. See
             you later!
    23 - HYO
    [Meeting 1M]
    Player: What's the matter, Kurou, did you enroll into Justice High
    Kurou : It's due to "family reason" that I came to this school. Well,
            it's my wish as well, though.
    Player: Hmmm.... Anyway, since you enroll in Justice High School, you have
            to study hard.
    Kurou : Hahahaa! Study, huh.... Yes, I will do my best, also other things
            as well...
    [Meeting 2F]
    Player: Yurika-san and Kurou, you two are similar in term of
            elegantness, right?
    Kurou : Don't talk about it...
    Player: Why's that? I don't think there is anything wrong about that.
    Kurou : I do not feel happy hearing that I am similar to my big sister.
            I will take my leave.
    Player: (Hmmm... it is difficult to understand guys...)
    [Meeting 3F]
    Kurou : Player-senpai, how about it? How about going around the school
            festival together with me?
    Player: It's fine with me. I will show you around.
    Kurou : Thank you vry much. I will not stand up in the crowd if I have
            somebody with me. Well, let's go.
    <When he leave you>
    Kurou : Senpai, I will be parting with you here... I am very busy
            person. Well, see you.
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