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    Ran by Omega Cosmo

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    Ran Hibiki FAQ Final
    For Project Justice for the SEGA Dreamcast.
    By Omega Cosmo (Andreas "Andy" Borgelind / Andersen)
    This FAQ is copyright 2001 Omega Cosmo
    Character Ran Hibiki and game Project Justice is copyright of Capcom.
    Dreamcast is a copyright of SEGA.
    Mail: a_borgen80@hotmail.com
    Website: http://www.angelfire.com/ky2/omega/newfirst
    (If you like my way of writing, then you will love my website to death... 
    check it out why doncha?)
    KMegura's official copyright protection follows:
    (With the alteration of yours truly)
    This document is for private and personal use only--it cannot
    be reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any
    form (written or otherwise). It is a free document that cannot be used
    in any sort of commercial transaction, including selling it or giving
    it away as a gift. This FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by
    anybody (including webmasters, publishers, and magazine staff) without
    my express written permission. This FAQ was created and is owned by
    me, Omega Cosmo. All copyrights and trademarks are
    acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned herein.
    This FAQ should only be existing at:
    GameFAQ's = http://www.gamefaqs.com
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    Shin Creative Heaven = http://www.angelfire.com/ky2/omega/newfirst
    If you want to use my FAQ, you must have my written permission.
    Adress: a_borgen80@hotmail.com
    Latest version of this FAQ can always be found at these places.
    1. General Info / Controls
    2. Ran Hibiki Bio
    3. Quick Move List
    4. Detailed Move List
    5. Combos
    6. Quote List
    7. Colors
    8. The U-Files
    9. Thanks / Credits
    10. Revision History
    1. General Info / Controls
    Omega Cosmo here yet again.
    This time I bring you the "almost" official
    Now, if you want to become a good Ran player...
    You've come to the right place!
    If you want to stay in the swamps of bad Ran players...
    Disappear from my presence lowly one!
    But for now, let's take a look at the Pro's and Con's of this
    dangerous camera (wo)man...
    Pro's :
    + She has balanced stats.
      (Good speed and good strength)
    + Her Exclusive Interview BV is perhaps the strongest BV in the game.
      (With the exception of some BV's which you can charge up)
    + She wields a camera as a weapon for God's sakes!
      How can you not love her?
    Con's :
    - She lacks moves...
    - Her Extra Edition! might prove a nice anti-air, but it might be tricky to 
    land at times.
    Finally, reading this FAQ, I assume you know all the basic controls and how 
    to do Team Up attacks etc...
    Just to insure that I won't get mails in which I can read "What is that and 
    what is that..."
    If you wanna know how to play the game, there are other FAQ's for that 
    With that said, on to the controls:
      ub  u  uf      Jump Up-Back             Jump Up       Jump Up-Forward
        \ | /
    b -- n -- f     Walk Back / Block        Neutral       Walk Forward
        / | \
      db  d  df      Crouch / Low Block       Crouch        Offensive Crouch
    (button layout and effect)
    LP  HP          Light Punch         Hard Punch
    LK  HK          Light Kick          Hard Kick
    LP = X
    LK = A
    HP = Y
    HK = B
    P = Punch
    K = Kick
    qcf / qcb  -  Press d,df,f or d,db,b on the joystick.
    dp  / rdp  -  Press f,d,df or b,d,db on the joystick.
    hcf / hcb  -  Press b,db,d,df,f or f,df,d,db,b on the joystick.
    2. Ran Hibiki Bio
    Birthdate:             June 1
    Blood Type:            O
    Height:                163 cm
    Weight:                47 kg
    3-Size:                80-58-80
    Relationship:          Dan Hibiki (Brother) [Note: Unconfirmed]
    Home Life:             Not Available
    Likes:                 "Scoops", photographs
    Dislikes:              Unfairness, unreasonable things, talking about
                           her romance life
    Special Talent:        Snapping a shot for a scoop, sneaking up on
    Subject(s) Good At:    Japanese language, art
    Subject(s) Bad At:     Math, home economics
    Club:                  Newspaper club
    Part-Time Job:         A part time job is prohibited at Taiyo HS
    Ran is the camera wielding "warrior" that always is on the look for a new 
    After hearing about the problems at Justice high, she departs to find the 
    She manages to find Boman from Pacific HS and together with him she embarks 
    on an adventure
    which hopefully results in her greatest scoop so far.
    3. Quick Move List
    Ran Hibiki, Camera Godess
    Overhead Attack                          b + HK
    Rival Launcher                           df + HK
    Mini-Rival Launcher                      d + HP
    Aerial Rave Finisher                     f + HP / HK
    Flash Attack (Usable in air)             qcf + P
    Extra Edition! (Usable in air)           qcb + P
    Change Film (Usable in air)              qcb + K
    Super Flash Attack (Usable in air)       qcf,qcf + P
    Exclusive Interview                      qcb,qcb + P
    - The Flash Attack can be used 6 times before Ran must 'reload' it.
    - You can reload manually by using the Change Film.
    - The Exclusive Interview is one of the strongest BV's in the game.
    - Almost all her moves can be used in air, always have that in mind.
    - In the HP version of Flash Attack, Ran will sidestep out of danger.
    - Depending on button pressed, the Extra Edition! goes in different angles.
      The HP version makes it float higher.
    - Super Flash Attack is one of the best Aerial Rave BV's in the game.
    4. Detailed Move List
    Note: Damage points system:
    I will write down how many points of damage attacks / combos do.
    200 points = Full health.
    Triple attacks mostly do 100 points.
    =Normal Commands=
    Overhead Attack (OA)                     b + HK
    Rival Launcher (RL)                      df + HK
    Mini-Rival Launcher (MRL)                d + HP
    Aerial Rave Finisher (ARL)               f + HP / HK
    =Special Attacks=
    Note: Moves were tried out on a standing Kyosuke which takes medium damage 
    and is tall enough to
    get hit by all hits.
    Flash Attack (Usable in air) (FA)                                        qcf 
    + P
    LP 1 Hit 19 Points
    HP 1 Hit 19 Points
    This move should be part of your main arsenal at all times.
    Not only does it travel quite a bit, it's also an invisible projectile.
    I recommend the HP version, because it can save your bottom quite some times 
    Extra Edition! (Usable in air) (EE)                                      qcb 
    + P
    LP 1 Hit 26 Points
    HP 1 Hit 26 Points
    This move is on the brink of worthless, it tries to serve as an anti-air
    but it comes out waaaaaaaaay too slow to be effective as one.
    Use with caution.
    Change Film (Usable in air)                                              qcb 
    + K
    Is used to 'reload' Ran's camera.
    After every 6.th camera shot, it needs to be reloaded.
    My tip is to reload it as often as you can while in the air because it's
    faster and the risks of getting hit are smaller.
    =Burning Vigor Attacks=
    Super Flash Attack (Usable in air) (SFA)                             qcf,qcf 
    + P
    5 Hits 33 Points + 1 Upon Ground Impact
    Woo, now we're talking!
    This BV is fast, and damage is quite decent.
    Always use it in combos and as an alternate Aerial Rave finisher.
    Exclusive Interview (EI)                                             qcb,qcb 
    + P
    2 Hits 63 Points
    Yahooie! *Likes this move*
    Sure, it comes out VERY slow, and you need to be a good timer...
    but what does that matter when it rocks?!
    Not only does it look cool and funny, it's also one of the... if not THE
    most damaging BV in the game.
    Sure, there are characters which can charge their BV's so they become 
    but that's another topic...
    =Team Ups=
    2 Person Team Up Technique                                         Itadaki 
    2 Hits 45 Points
    Heh, it's funny.
    Ran comes in and starts taking photos of the current character and the foe,
    until they all settle for a group picture, damaging the foe in some kinda 
    Not really all that effective, see the damage...
    You'll be better off with Exclusive Interview or a basic Super Flash Attack
    3 Person Team Up Technique                                           Kiba 
    2 Hits 50 Points
    What the living fokk is this?
    I've tried all the Triple Techs in the game, and all of them gives 100.
    Except this one.
    I've tried to connect in different ways, combo after it...
    The damage is just pitiful, and it doesn't look all that cool either.
    Is it perhaps a bug?
    =Textbook Combo Chart=
    ^  =  Premature end to a Textbook Combo, but will launch the
          opponent in the air for an Aerial Rave Combo.
    () =  Optional, can be skipped over in a Textbook Combo.
    #  =  Last hit in the string for that particular Textbook
          Combo.  You are either unable to or not recommended to
          try cancelling it into a Special Move or Burning Vigor
    *  =  Premature end to a Textbook Combo, but required in order
          to cancel into Special Move or Burning Vigor Attack.
    !  =  Last hit in the string, able to cancel into a Special
          Move or Burning Vigor Attack.
      LP    =>   (LP)   =>    HP*   =>  f HP!
    d LP                    d HP*      df HP^
                               HK        b HP#
                             d HK        f HK#
                            df HK^
      LK    =>    HP*   =>  f HP!
    d LK        d HP*      df HP^
                   HK        b HP#
                 d HK        f HK#
                df HK^
      LK    =>   LK    =>   b HP#
    d LK       d LK         f HK#
      LP    => d LP    =>   b HP#
    d LP                    f HK#
    5. Combos
    What follows here are a couple of combos, and their damage, hits and 
    [Note: If you change HP for LP or reverse at any time in the FAQ, the number 
    of hits and / or points
    will be different.]
    =Not Involving Burning Vigors=
    1. X > Y > EE = 3 Hits 39 Points | Usefulness: *** / *****
       (Very simple one, but nontheless useful)
    2. RL > (Jump up) > X > A > FA = 4 Hits 35 Points + 1 Upon Ground Impact | 
    Usefulness: **** / *****
       (A very simple aerial rave, change button order and add some buttons and 
    you will be able to make it better.
       It's just an example from my side, really :D)
    3. X > B > FA (LP) = 3 Hits 30 Points | Usefulness: *** / *****
       (Another simple one)
    =Involving Burning Vigors=
    1. RL > (Jump up) > X > A > Y > SFA = 9 Hits 55 Points + 1 Upon Ground 
    Impact | Usefulness: ***** / *****
       (Now we're talking...
       This should be part of your main combo arsenal! Always!)
    2. X > Y > SFA = 7 Hits 42 Points + 1 Upon Ground Impact | Usefulness: **** 
    / *****
       (The ground version of the above one.
       Slightly harder to execute)
    3 + 2 = 5 Combos.
    [Note: Surprised of the low amount of combos?
    Well, I can say this, I know more of them, but they are mostly altered 
    versions of those above.
    Ran's strength lies in her Textbook Combo skills, you should experiment with 
    them instead!
    Only then will you become a true Ran expert!
    Only then will you realize the power of the Hibiki family!
    Only then will you be as good a Ran player like ME!
    Experiment, and find perfection!]
    6. Quote List
    1. Fight Intro: Kyoukoso shinsouo kikasete moraou! = Today I'm going to get 
    this scoop!
    2. Versus Kurow: Korega Kuromaku kirishima Kurow! Dai scoop! = He's the 
    boss! This will be a great scoop!
    3. Taunt: Ii neta nai kana? = Is there anything better for my newspaper?
    4. Win #1: Shouri no kansou wa? Saikodesu! = (Interviewing herself) How do 
    you feel after this fight? Great!
    5. Win #2: Shizai kyouryoku kansha shimasu! = Thanks for helping me with my 
    6. Defeated: Choto! okinasaiyo madda skoop toredo naiyndakara! = Wake up! I 
    didn't get the scoop yet!
    7. Colors
    A weird section where I shall cover all the colors / outfits of Ran.
    This followed by my comments.
    (My personal comments of course, you probably have a different opinion)
    X = Default outfit.
    White shirt, dark blue vest, light blue skirt, black socks.
    (Looks cool, and covers her scoop image well)
    Y = Saturday outfit.
    White shirt, red vest, pink skirt, black/reddish socks.
    (My personal favorite!
    The colors fits Ran perfectly!)
    A = Lemon outfit.
    White shirt, yellow vest, orange skirt, black socks.
    (I don't care for this color much, but I guess it fits ok...)
    B = Apple outfit.
    White shirt, dark green vest, light green skirt, black/greenish socks.
    (Since I like apples, I like this outfit :D)
    X + Y = Cool outfit.
    White shirt, black vest, red skirt, black socks.
    (Another cool one for Ran.
    I have problems pushing two buttons at the same time so I mostly ignore it 
    though ^o^)
    A + B = Radical outfit.
    Yellow shirt, brown vest, dark blue skirt, black socks.
    (Ugh, doesn't fit at all.
    She looks scary with a yellow shirt!)
    8. The U-Files
    Oh, what the heck is this?
    Well, you could call it the real FAQ part of the FAQ :D.
    There are many questions about Ran, and I will try my best to answer most of 
    Oh yeah, U stands for Unconfirmed btw =).
    Q = Question
    A = Answer
    Q: Is Ran Hibiki related to Dan?
    A: On some places it's yes, on some places it's no.
       Their first names rhymes with each other, they have the same surname and 
    they are both kind of jokish...
       Who knows?
       IMO though, I think she is =).
    Q: Does Ran have any other relations?
    A: Nopes...
       Although I've heard some rumors which said she had it going on with 
       I don't believe them though.
    Q: Why is her private life so private?
    A: Well, Capcom might have wanted it that way.
       It's a smart move, since it starts discussions.
    Q: Why do you like Ran?
    A: Me?
       Ehh, her moves are kick ass and she has a camera?
       And a damn cool surname to go with that ^o^.
    Q: Ran suxorz!
    A: Hell no!
       Play with her more!
    Q: If Ran is related to Dan, why doesn't she have any dangerous taunts?
    A: I don't know, but I consider her Change Film as a mini-taunt though.
       It has no bigger use, and she sounds funny while performing it.
    Q: Guh, will she ever find a real scoop?
    A: Your asking the wrong man...
       *Tries to find Capcoms E-Mail adress*
    Q: Ran is a bitch for publishing Kyosuke's tragic ending.
    A: I agree fully on that one actually...
    9. Thanks / Credits
    - Because I wrote this.
    - My star on the online heaven.
      Rock on girl *L*.
    - Just because she is cool.
      Peace out :D.
    - Because I would be beaten if I didn't include him.
    - Same as Evil_Shingo.
      Kinda =P.
    - What can I say, everyone who are there are trustworthy.
      You all rock.
    Capcom    (www.capcom.com)
    - For making Project Justice and loads of other good games.
    GameFAQ's (www.gamefaqs.com)
    - It's the ultimate FAQ place. Period.
    Puar      (http://puar.cjb.net)
    - For making the ultimate Project Justice FAQ, I've gotten parts of Ran's 
    movelist / bio from him, also the controls.
      I hope you dun mind :D.
      Also ULTRA THANKS for the Text Book Combo chart ^.^.
    The True Warrior
    - For the Quote List.
      You can find the complete one at www.gamefaqs.com.
    10. Revision History
    Version Final (29th October 2001)
    - I decided to add everything at once.
      Enjoy the skills of Ran!
    End of FAQ
    / Omega Cosmo 2001

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