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    Story FAQ by Dr. Batsu

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 11/15/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Shiritsu Justice Gakuen/Rival Schools series
    Character Stories FAQ 1.5
    by Batsu, The Doctor of Punishment (batsuichimonji@aol.com)
    This document covers the following games:
    Shiritsu Justice Gakuen: Legion of Heroes (JP)
    Rival Schools: United By Fate (USA/EUR)
    Shiritsu Justice Gakuen: Nekketsu Seishun Nikki 2 (JP)
    Moero! Justice Gakuen (JP)
    Project Justice (USA/EUR)
    -------------------------Version History--------------------------------------
    Updates from 0.1:	New personal info (nicknames, blood type); infor-
    			mation (no storylines yet!) for Raizo, Hyo, and
    			Sakura. Fixed some translation errors.
    Updates from 0.2:	Thanks to Capcom FINALLY putting up a RS information
    			page (at http://www.capcom.com), more complete infor-
    			mation on most characters! Hyo, Raizo, and Sakura 
    			information added. Slots for Nekketsu Hayato and Daigo
    			Kazama added.
    Updates from 0.3: 	After much scouring through Japanese pages (one called 
    			"Justice Gakuen no Seimon" in particular), info on
    			Hayato and Daigo are finally complete. Culled Raizo 
    			and Hyo's stories from the story mode of the domestic
    Updates from 1.0: 	One more update, probably the actual last. 
    		  	I added the "Home Life" section.
    			Thank you Justice Gakuen Seimonmae!
    Updates from 1.1:	Added the 2 new characters from Nekketsu Seishun-
    			nikki 2, Ran and Nagare. Added Akira's missing birthday
    			(though I don't know why it was missing in the first
    			place)!  Finally, the correct reading of Natsu's
    			brother's name! (Thanks to "TOK" from the Justice 2
    			boards in Japan.)
    Updates from 1.2: 	Updated my E-Mail address. 
    Updates from 1.3:	Fixed translation errors on Ran's and Daigo's
    Updates from 1.4:	Expanded to cover the new characters of Moero!
    			Justice Gakuen/Project Justice. Fixed many gram=
    			matical errors. Updated storylines/character
    			profiles from existing characters.			
    _________________________Legal Disclaimers____________________________________
    All characters and likenesses (c) 1997-2001 CAPCOM. All rights reserved.
    The author of this document does not claim the intellectual property within
    as his own.
    This document (c) 1998-2001 Batsu, The Doctor Of Punishment.
    It is free to be reprinted on any website, including GameFAQs, provided that
    the document does not include any embedded ad banners or adware scripts. 
    Shiritsu Justice Gakuen: Legion of Heroes is a 3D graphics fighting game,
    first released in Japan late in 1997. The game boasted a dynamic,
    uncharacteristic (of CAPCOM) cast of characters, an intricate storyline, 
    and most importantly, very workable gameplay reminiscent of X-Men VS. Street
    Fighter on a Tekken-like frame that belied Capcom's past misfirings at 3D 
    fighting games. Adding more to the popularity was the inclusion of the
    fighting schoolgirl Sakura, from the Street Fighter Zero/Alpha series, as a
    hidden character. The following year, a US version barely localized was
    released in limited areas under the title Rival Schools: United By Fate
    in arcades. The game slowly built a cult following afterward, which grew even 
    more with the release of the game on the Playstation console in 1998.
    The home version included not only an Arcade Disk that contained all the
    action, endings, demos, and such of the arcade version, but an extra Evolution
    Disk, which, in the Japanese version, contained a mode called "Nekketsu 
    Seishun Nikki (Hot-Blooded Youth Diary)" in which one takes a character of
    the player's own creation on his or her path through one year of school.
    Along the way, one would encounter various activities that would determine
    the moves the character would use upon the end of the year's term. The 
    friendships one could make along the way with the game's cast also had a 
    bearing on one's end result. This yielded several extra games such as the
    Gorin Sports Festival mini-games and the Burning Examinations. This mode
    added a lot of replay value to a game that could very well have run out of
    it, but unfortunately the mode was eschewed from the US release, save the
    mini-games. A group of lame pre-edit characters to be unlocked were put in
    the place of the missing Nekketsu Seishun Nikki; for Rival Schools fans, this
    wasn't a very fair trade off. The Evolution Disk also contained new super
    attacks and special moves for certain characters to make them more "complete";
    both disks added extra outfits for Natsu, Tiffany, and Hinata, as well as two
    completely new characters, Daigo and Hayato. Of another issue was the 
    sometimes provocative issues tackled in the story mode (i.e. Roy's anti-
    Japanese sentiment, etc.), when ported to the US and Europe, these things
    were horribly removed (all direct references to Japan were taken out, yet
    one could clearly hear Roy say things such as "Japanese Business Man!" to
    Hideo even under the Kana-ized English). The "What You Didn't See" sections
    of this document will address these issues.
    Nekketsu Seishun Nikki 2, a one-disc update to the Evolution Disk, not an 
    official sequel, was released in the summer of 1999. This game added two more
    characters to the fray, Ran and Nagare, as well as new minigames, including
    the infamous Doki-Waku-Dance minigame. This game never saw a release on US
    Moero! Justice Gakuen, the official sequel to Shiritsu Justice Gakuen: Legion
    Of Heroes was released in 2000 for the arcades, utilizing the Dreamcast-
    compatabile NAOMI board. A Dreamcast home version surfaced late in 2000, 
    almost 3 years to the date of the release of the first of the series in
    arcades. The Seishun Nikki mode of the first was replaced with a board
    game in which one's own created characters could go on a more random journey
    of making friendships and gaining moves. As was the case with the original
    Rival Schools, the US-ported sequel, Project Justice removed this addition and
    put in lame edit characters to be unlocked in its place. On the other hand,
    the US version did do a better job of translating the dialogue this time
    Since then, despite some cameos by the Taiyo team in Capcom VS SNK 2, the
    Justice Gakuen series has seen no further activity.
    			School And Character Profiles
    		-=Taiyou Gakuen "The School That Loves Freedom"=-
    Taiyou Gakuen (Academy) has a middle school and a high school; Batsu and the
    others attend the high school. There are about 720 students attending the 
    high school section. With only six (homeroom) classes to a grade, Taiyou is
    a little bit of a small-scale school. The school's motto is "A liberated
    school tradition yields carefree students". They have school uniforms, but
    they do not raise a fuss about wearing them.
    Almost the same number of students that have attended Taiyou since middle
    school have gone on to take the written college interview exam and be
    accepted. Rather than looking just at grades, the interviews take extra-
    curricular activity into account, and a school entrance exam that regards
    the student's individuality is also carried out. As mentioned before, the
    school's educational objective is "a liberated school tradition yields care-
    free students". The plan is to give students freedom in their lives at school.
    Profile: Tackling anything with enthusiasm, Taiyou is a normal coed-school with 
    a burning school spirit. However, lately, that school spirit has been 
    	[Batsu Ichimonji "The Hot Blooded Transfer Student"]
    Sex: 			Male
    Birthdate:  		January 1 
    Zodiac: 		Capricorn
    Blood Type: 		O
    Height: 		171 cm
    Weight: 		64 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):  	95-72-80 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Relationship:  		??? 
    			(to a certain group of you out there: NOT Natsu!)
    			(actually the son of Raizo, Justice Gakuen principal)
    Home Life: 		Batsu lives with his mother, Shizuku
    Likes: 			Straight things, ninja, his mother
    Dislikes: 		Dogs (he was bitten by a dog when he was little
    			and though he can't remember it, the trauma that
    			came of the incident fuels his dislike), crooked
    			things, unfair things
    Special Talent: 	Eating fast
    Best Subject(s): 	Physical education
    Worst Subject(s): 	Anything else
    Club: 			He has not joined any club yet.
    Part-Time Job:  	A part time job is prohibited at Taiyou, but before he
    			sold newspaper and milk in order to help out his
    Personality:  		Impulsive, foul-mouthed, and belligerent, but at heart
    			he's got a strong sense of justice.  Batsu has a 
    			tender side, a kind heart that shows when he takes
    			care of his mother.  But, because of his tendency to
    			be forward and rough, Batsu is often misunderstood.
    Story:  		Batsu's mother Shizuku, who raised him alone since he
    			was a small child, suddenly vanished from her job at
    			Taiyou.  Batsu entered Taiyou in hopes of finding his
    			missing mother.  While investigating, Batsu learned
    			of a mysterious new school called Justice Gakuen. With
    			high hopes and a powerful spirit, Batsu enters the fight
    			to find his missing mother.
    Addendum:		(Moero! Justice Gakuen Notes)
    			Personality: It's seen as a good thing nowadays for
    			good people to be made fun of by the bad; this sort
    			of crookedness in today's society fuels Batsu's 
    			anger. His rudeness and belligerent ways leave him
    			often misunderstood.
    			Story: Last time around, Batsu was on the hunt for
    			his kidnapped mother, and ended up confronting 
    			Justice Gakuen, a school led by his real father,
    			Raizo. Now, a second-year student at Taiyo, Batsu
    			was given a normal life at school, until the heated
    			rivalry at the Tai-P (Taiyo-Pacific) Showdown event
    			caused an uproar and he got caught in the fray while
    			investigating it.  
    			(About Burning Batsu)
    			Nickname: "The Super Hot-Blooded Transfer Student"
    			Story: Having gone under his father Raizo's harsh
    			training, Batsu takes new techniques into himself.
    			Batsu has also grown one round greater mentally.
    What You Didn't See:	Batsu's foulmouthed tendencies were downplayed in both
    			of the US versions of the game. Batsu often uses
    			the word "temee"  to address others, which is a very
    			rude and frowned-on way of saying "you".
    		[Kyousuke (Kyosuke) Kagami "The Mysterious Public Man"]
    Sex: 			Male
    Birthdate: 		April 4
    Zodiac: 		Aries
    Blood Type: 		B
    Height: 		182 cm
    Weight: 		66 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H): 	95-75-79 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Relationship:  		???
    			(actually twin brother to Hyo Imawano)
    Home Life: 		Kyosuke lives alone in a luxury apartment near a
    Likes:  		Chess, Shougi (Japanese chess), Mirrors (he looks
    			at one about 30 minutes each day)
    Dislikes: 		Sweat, hard work
    Special Talent: 	Calligraphy, flower arrangement
    Best Subject(s):  	Math, science
    Worst Subject(s):  	Nothing particular
    Club:  			Member of the moral committee
    Part-Time Job:  	None (school rules prohibit it)
    Personality:  		The opposite of Batsu. Cool and calculating.  He
    			almost never shows his emotions, and each pose
    			and appearance he takes stands out with his coolness.
    			He doesn't show it on the outside, but inside he holds
    			a strong sense of justice. After a pose, he makes it 
    			a habit to touch his glasses with his right hand.
    Story:  		Wherever there's information to find on Batsu's
    			mother, Kyosuke and Batsu fight together in search
    			of information.  But it looks like Kyosuke has an
    			important secret that he can't tell Batsu...
    Addendum:		(Moero! Justice Gakuen Notes)
    			Story: Now the chairman of the Student Morals 
    			Committee. The younger twin brother to Hyo,
    			he once was at the other side of his brother's
    			conspiracy plot, while at the same time helping
    			it. Now, along with Hinata and Batsu, he is
    			enveloped in investigating the Tai-P incident.  
    What You Didn't See:	Apparently, Kyosuke has taken up the saxophone, as
    			indicated in his Moero! Justice Gakuen Nikki board
    			game ending photo, where he holds up a saxophone
    			in front of the bonfire.
    		[Hinata Wakaba "Stormy Highschool Girl"]
    Sex: 			Female
    Birthdate:  		April 12
    Zodiac: 		Aries
    Blood Type: 		O
    Height: 		155 cm
    Weight: 		41 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):  	78-56-78 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Relationship: 		Sakura and Natsu are her close friends
    Home Life: 		Hinata lives with both her parents and an
    			older sister Asaka, a college student.
    Likes: 			Cake, rare things, hand-to-hand fighting techniques
    Dislikes:  		Dirty things, bugs
    Special Talent: 	Moving her body, karaoke
    Best Subject(s): 	Social studies, Japanese, physical education
    Worst Subject(s):  	Calligraphy (she can't stay still)
    Club:  			She doesn't belong to one officially, but many people
    			ask for her help in the clubs
    Part-Time Job: 		None (school rules prohibit it)
    Personality:  		She's smart and excels in all sports.  Her winning 
    			spirit makes her a bit of a smart-aleck, and curi-
    			osity makes her a lively, cheerful, modern school-
    			girl. Her hand to hand techniques possess heavenly
    			talent, and an excellent fighting sense.  Through
    			training via a correspondence course, her skill
    			is at the level of those competing in national
    			tournaments. Because she just can't keep still,
    			she goes running around off campus after school.
    			She loves cake and always eats it on the way home
    			from school.
    Story: 			The rundown of her alma mater Taiyou Gakuen is an 
    			important thing, and she wanted other students to
    			fight with her, but no one would follow her.  Then
    			Batsu came to move into the downtrodden place. Since
    			they both have mutual purposes, they seem to be set
    			to go out together, however in a moment Batsu refuses
    			Hinata's offer to work with him. But since Hinata 
    			just can't keep still, she goes along with Batsu
    			against his will.
    Addendum:		(Moero! Justice Gakuen Notes)
    			Story: She's an eccentric that picked up her skills
    			in hand to hand fighting from a correspondence course,
    			but her real skill is in origami. This time around,
    			she is enveloped in the brouhaha at the Tai-P event
    			with Batsu and Kyosuke. 		
    What You Didn't See:	CAPCOM, in the half-hearted localization of Rival
    			Schools, erroneously read and romanized Hinata's
    			surname as "Wakana". This is an easy mistake to make
    			since the "ba" in Hinata's name (which means "leaf")
    			looks very similar to a character read "na" that 
    			means "greens" or "vegetables". A similar, and more
    			glaring error was made with the reading of Gan's
    			surname (more on that later). In Project Justice,
    			this error is corrected.
    		[Ran Hibiki "Scoop Girl"]
    Sex: 			Female
    Birthdate: 		June 1
    Zodiac: 		Gemini
    Blood Type: 		O
    Height: 		163 cm
    Weight:  		47 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):  	80-58-80 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Relationship: 		Member of Taiyou's newspaper staff; she met Kyosuke
    			through his work in the newspaper
    Home Life: 		N/A
    Likes: 			"Scoops", photographs
    Dislikes:  		Unfairness, unreasonable things, talking about her
    			own romantic endeavors
    Special Talent: 	Snapping a shot for a scoop, sneaking up on people
    			(she plans this herself)
    Best Subject(s):	Japanese language, art
    Worst Subject(s):  	Math, home economics
    Club:  			Newspaper club
    Part-Time Job: 		She doesn't particularly have one; occasionally she
    			goes out hunting for scoops and takes pictures.
    			(She hasn't used any of them yet, though...)
    Personality: 		A spirited girl, very much in the same vein as Batsu
    			and Hayato. She has a high aim to succeed, always 
    			heading toward the the top. A freshman, yet very well
    			known around Taiyou as the "Scoop Girl". She's often
    			seen sneaking around looking for the juiciest story
    			or anything that might look interesting.
    Story: 			"Taiyou Gakuen's First Prize Scoop" is a very influ-
    			ential prize; the freshman Ran, of the newspaper club,
     			won't give up on the prize this year, and she tries
    			for it with all her might. "Danger of the Rapidly 
    			Disappearing Students?! That's It!" Ran begins her
    			search for the scoop, the threat of the rapid
    Addendum:		(Moero! Justice Gakuen Notes)
    			Story:  Belongs to the newspaper club. Always walking
    			around the school with camera in hand, collecting
    			"scoops". Now, along with Iinchou (Chairperson), and
    			Boman, who is investigating the Tai-P incident, she
    			sets out on her new mission: "SUPER SPECIAL INSIDE
    			STORY! Aiming for a scoop!
    What You Didn't See:	Ran's first appearance was in Shiritsu Justice
    			Gakuen: Nekketsu Seishun Nikki 2, sort of officially
    			placing her in the first game's storyline. However,
    			unless they were ardent fans, US players didn't see
    			Ran until Project Justice. It seems that Ran's sneak-
    			iness bristles with Batsu's straightforward antics
    			on more than one occasion.
    		[Iinchou (Chairperson) "The Mainstay Of The Class"]
    Full Name: 		"Iinchou" ("Chairperson")
    Sex:  			Female
    Birthdate: 		May 9
    Zodiac:			Taurus
    Blood Type: 		A
    Height: 		154 cm
    Weight: 		?? kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H): 	80-58-79 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Family:  		Two working parents, a brother 3 years younger, and
             		a sister 7 years younger
    Likes:   		Teamwork, cooperative unity, her jersey
    Dislikes: 		Teasing someone so they feel left out, spirit photos
    Special Talents: 	Trying her best, being careful, taking the initiative
    Best Subject: 		Japanese (Language/Literature class)
    Worst Subject: 		Physical Education
    Club: 			Welcome Club
    Part-Time Job: 		She doesn't have one, but she's sometimes asked to
    			help in her neighborhood's shopping district.
    Personality:		She's adored by everyone in the class; a truly
    			level-headed individual. Her popularity is so deep
    			that not only girls, but boys as well acknowledge
    			her position. She is both responsible and well-
    			behaved, but not too skilled in sports and hand-
    			to hand fighting; a normal girl. In front of every-
    			one she seems quite calm and level-headed, but alone
    			she becomes quite timid.
    Story:			To investigate what caused the uproar at the Tai-P
    			event, she joins Boman of Pacific High School. Along
    			the way, she joins up with Kyosuke and Hinata in 
    			place of Batsu, who has turned up missing.
    What You Didn't See:	Iinchou's real name is not ever given in any of the
    			games. She made her first appearance in Hinata's
    			"good" ending in the first Rival Schools, and then
    			took a more prominent (yet non-playable) role in
    			Nekketsu Seishun Nikki 2. When entering school for
    			the first time she says, "I'm the class chairperson
    			(iinchou), just call me 'Iinchou'".
    		[Nekketsu Hayato "The Burning Red Jersey"]
    Sex: 			Male
    Birthdate:  		August 15
    Zodiac: 		Leo
    Blood Type: 		O
    Height: 		191 cm
    Weight:  		80 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):  	111-89-92 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Relationship: 		None
    Home Life: 		N/A
    Likes: 			Bright red jerseys, fighting spirit, sexy and nice
    Dislikes:  		Disregarding manners, things his parents didn't find
    Special Talent: 	Slapping things down with the shinai (bamboo fencing
    			stick), putting in fighting spirit
    Best Subject(s): 	Physical education
    WorstSubject(s):  	Puzzling subjects
    Club:  			None
    Part-Time Job: 		None (Teachers are prohibited to have part-time jobs)
    Personality: 		Taiyou Gakuen's number one lady killer;  as hot-
    			blooded as his name implies. He developed his own
    			sense of justice. Corporal punishment was also one 
    			of his own ideas. His students draw a ferocious, 
    			inescapable, unstoppable force from Hayato's own
    			sense of justice.  
    Story: 			When his students at Taiyou were attacked, Hayato 
    			became suspicious of the elite academy, Justice
    			Gakuen. He joins Batsu, Hinata, and Kyosuke in the
    			fight, watching over them.
    Addendum:		(Moero! Justice Gakuen Notes)
    			Story: Hayato is Taiyou's hot-blooded P.E. 
    			instructor. At first he set out to investigate the
    			riot at the Tai-P event, but later joined up with
    			Hideo and company to investigate the attack on
    			Raizo. This time, there's something strange in the
    			air, behind the scenes as he investigates with them. 
    What You Didn't See:	Sometimes, it's pretty obvious that Hayato is 
    			infatuated with Kyoko (of Justice Gakuen), despite
    			her connection to Hideo; he makes open reference to
    			her being attractive in his "good" ending in Rival
    			Schools. A case of unrequited love?
    		-=Gorin Koukou "School of Advanced Sports"=-
    Gorin is a private school that was established to produce the sporting elite.
    Their educational objective, stated quite clearly, is "a healthy mind, a
    strong body, and Olympian training". There are about 900 students in the 
    middle school, and 1800 in the high school.
    The Gorin School is an integrated, 6-grade middle and high school whose
    central characteristic is cultivating the health of its youth through sports,
    while putting "a healthy mind, a strong body, and Olympian training" in the
    minds of their students. Because they place sports as a priority, athletic
    ability and character decide who enters the school, not the rate of devi-
    ation from the entrance exam. There are a lot of people who enter the high
    school via scouts that search for outstanding talents scattered all over the
    nation that had exhibited national-level athleticism in junior high, and
    bring said students in. 
    Profile: By name, this school is known for being extraordinarily successful
    in sporting events. A high school of mutual interest within a group of
    students with highly athletic ability drawn from all over the country to win
    championships. Outside of sports, Gorin is always looking at Gedou Koukou
    with hostility.
    		[Shouma (Shoma) Sawamura "Explosive Slugger"]
    Sex: 			Male 
    Birthdate: 		October 10
    Zodiac: 		Libra
    Blood Type: 		O
    Height: 		162 cm
    Weight: 		57 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):  	92-78-80 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Relationship: 		Argues with Natsu (but he secretly likes her)
    Home Life: 		Shoma lives with both his parents, his brother
    			Shuuichi (3rd year/senior at Gorin), and his
    			(paternal) grandfather; Shoma's father sent Shuu-
    			ichi to train at Yakyuu (Baseball) Sparta 
    			(apparently a rigid baseball camp) 
    Likes: 			Pro baseball, baseball video games
    Dislikes: 		Big and strong people, basketball, volleyball
    Special Talent:  	Baseball (Big surprise, isn't it?)
    Best Subject(s): 	Physical education
    Worst Subject(s):  	Music, English
    Club: 			Baseball club
    Part-Time Job:  	No time for that!
    Personality:  		Has a quick temper and hates to lose.  Has a strong
    			sense of justice, but because he's so impulsive, 
    			he's always at a loss of what he tries to do. Because
    			he causes wild fights during games, he's estab-
    			lished himself as a regular member of the club
    			by no particular means necessary.  He's extremely
    			self-conscious about his height; he always fights
    			with Natsu, who is tall and tries to make a fool of
    			him. He throws the fight right back at her, but she
    			always turns it around.  It turns out Natsu was an
    			old friend from childhood, and now that she's 
    			growing up and becoming more of a woman, her casual,
    			less combative actions have caused a lot of
    Story:   		His older brother, an ace pitcher from the same
    			school, Shuuichi, was attacked by someone.  To clear
    			his brother's humiliation of being cut off from
    			turning pro, to find out the truth, and for revenge, 
    			Shoma goes to raid other schools.
    Addendum:		(Moero! Justice Gakuen Notes)
    			Story:  A member of Gorin's baseball club. He has 
    			moved up to the starting lineup on the baseball team.
    			His next aim is to become a regular while training 
    			hard. Now that he's come to the rescue after someone
    			attacked Momo, his friendship with Natsu is breaking
    What You Didn't See:	The early romanization of his name on the US arcade
    			version of Rival Schools had his name spelled 
    			"Syoma", which is techinically correct, but not a
    			romanization that is used very much today. Shoma's
    			birthday is strategically placed on a Japanese 
    			national holiday, National Sports Day.
    		[Natsu Ayuhara "Powerful Attacker"]
    Sex: 			Female
    Birthdate: 		February 14 
    Zodiac: 		Aquarius
    Blood Type: 		B
    Height: 		182 cm
    Weight: 		?? kg 
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):  	92-59-83 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Relationship: 		Childhood friends with Hinata, argues with Shoma
    			(she secretly likes him)
    Home Life: 		Natsu lives with both her parents, and an older
    			brother, Shun (a first year college student); Natsu's
    			father is a former national superintendent. 
    Likes: 			Cake, Effortful people 
    Dislikes: 		People that bully the weak, liars, little bugs
    Special Talent: 	Cooking, making sweets
    Best Subject(s): 	Home economics, physical education, Japanese, English
    Worst Subject(s): 	Art
    Club: 			Volleyball club
    Part Time Job: 		None
    Personality:  		Natsu is a smart, outspoken "big sister" type with a
    			winning spirit.  With her sharp-edged personality, 
    			she hates people that bully the weak, lies, and 
    			insects.  She's tall, and her strong-minded,
    			"mannish" personality just might be the ruin of her.
    			Every day, her shoebox becomes more and more full
    			with love letters from other girls. On the other
    			hand, since she scares away all the guys at school,
    			Natsu's grateful to know a guy who doesn't hesitate
    			to fight with her everyday like Shoma.  Although
    			her boyish qualities stand out, she also has a cute
    			side that yearns for romance, and a womanly side
    			that shows that she an excellent cook.
    Story:  		At Gorin High, each club's highest-ranking member
    			was attacked in a series of coinciding events. Natsu
    			and two others that go to the same school as she, 
    			Shoma and Roberto, got together and discussed it all,
    			then set out as a team of three to find the cause of
    			their investigation.
    Addendum:		(Moero! Justice Gakuen Notes)
    			Story: A member of Gorin High's volleyball club. 
    			Though Shoma is an old childhood friend, lately she
    			is beginning to regard him as a member of the 
    			opposite sex. Though she's been fighting with Shoma
    			over the entrance of Momo between them, she is, in
    			actuality, worried about him.
    What You Didn't See:	In Natsu's "good" ending in Rival Schools, the 
    			localizers eschewed one very important point at 
    			which Shoma teases Natsu. Because he knows that
    			the boyish Natsu is the object of longing for a few
    			"curious" middle school students, Shoma tells Natsu
    			to stop hitting on (as in "flirting with") them in
    			front of the school. In the US localized version,
    			Shoma tells Natsu to stop beating them up. (I guess
    			that's still "hitting" on them...) 		
    		[Roberto Miura "Genius (Goal)Keeper"]
    Sex: 			Male
    Birthdate:  		November 16
    Zodiac: 		Scorpio
    Blood Type: 		A
    Height: 		177 cm
    Weight: 		73 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H): 	101-82-88 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Relationship:  		???
    Home Life: 		Lives with his parents and two younger brothers
    			(twins named Nelson and Elton, both third year
    			elementary school students (3rd grade))
    Likes: 			Soccer and everything related to it, guns
    Dislikes: 		Gloomy things
    Special Talent: 	Quickly firing a gun (He has never fired a gun
    			with real bullets)
    Best Subject(s): 	English, physical education
    Worst Subject(s):  	Japanese, math
    Club: 			Soccer club
    Part-Time Job: 		None
    Personality: 		A student that's quarter-Brazilian (his nationality
    			is Japanese, however.) His Brazilian blood brings a
    			cool and shy side to him. He's awfully quiet and a
    			loner, but when he sees needy people at a shelter,
    			he can't leave them alone.  Of Gorin's team of three,
    			he plays an inside role of watching over the other
    			two.  Every time the other two argue, Roberto makes
    			it a daily routine to turn around and shrug his
    			shoulders.  He's usually cool, but when he gets in
    			soccer match, he becomes one hot-blooded jerk. If 
    			he's making the deciding shot, he puts his whole
    			body into it, expressing the joy that's sure to
    Story: 			Natsu and Shoma's uneasy combination is on the hunt
    			for criminals. However, so the two don't run around
    			wildly, he looks over them. He is worried that this
    			action might hinder his chances of becoming a pro-
    			fessional soccer player.
    Addendum:		(Moero! Justice Gakuen Notes)
    			Story:	A member of Gorin High's soccer club; it's 
    			said that he takes the role of watching over Shoma
    			and Natsu. After she gets into a fight with Shoma,
    			Roberto goes along with Natsu.
    What You Didn't See:	Roberto's name is actually written given name first,
    			surname last in Japanese, the Western way, instead
    			of the usual way in Japan. 
    		[Momo Karuizawa "Crash the Heart!"]
    Sex: 			Female
    Birthdate: 		October 31
    Zodiac: 		Scorpio
    Blood Type: 		O
    Height: 		138 cm
    Three Sizes: 		67-53-71 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Family: 		Momo lives alone in the Gorin dormitory; Not much 
    			else is known about her family, since Momo doesn't
    			talk about it.
    Likes: 			Shoma, Kurou, pudding, omelettes, tennis
    Dislikes: 		Dried plums, vinegar kelp (seaweed), big girls 
    Special Talent: 	Acting like a little girl, causing trouble
    School: 		Gorin Koukou
    Best Subject: 		Art (she really wants to become better, but..)
    Worst Subject: 		Home economics
    Club: 			Tennis club
    Part-Time Job: 		Sometimes she models for a maker of children's
    			clothes (it looks as if she doesn't know that she's
    			modeling -children's- clothes...)
    Personality:		Just as she looks, she's a mischievous little girl.
    			She might look like a little kid, but she is both
    			cruel and atrocious. She clings to Shoma, but she
    			schemes to break up his friendship with Roberto,
    			and especially with Natsu. At first, she was crazy
    			over Kurou. However, after bearing witness to 
    			Shoma's manliness, she has grown to really like
    Story:			A new entrant to Gorin High School. A member of
    			the tennis club; she's skilled at making powerful
    			plays that don't seem to fit her outward appear-
    			ance. The recent events have given her the chance
    			she needs to hang off Shoma...
    		-= Gorin Daigaku (University) =-
    This year marks the establishment of Gorin's college-level section. Because
    the other P.E.-centered colleges' facilities were overwhelmed with the number
    of college-bound graduates from Gorin, a college where each sport and the
    people concerned were collected in one central location was created. Just 
    like Gorin High School, Gorin University seeks to produce the greatest 
    athletes, as well as sporting doctors and trainers. With the addition of a
    sports medicine club and a physiology club, Gorin University is going for
    the complete sporting educational experience.
    		[Nagare Namikawa "The Sleeping Flying Fish"]
    Sex: 			Male
    Birthdate: 		July 20
    Zodiac: 		Cancer
    Blood Type: 		B
    Height: 		187 cm
    Weight: 		85 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H): 	108-88-95 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Relationship:  		Member of the Gorin Swimming Club, a childhood 
    			neighborhood friend of Shoma and Shuuichi
    Home Life: 		N/A
    Likes: 			Swimming, oceans, rivers
    Dislikes: 		Caterpillars, crooked things
    Special Talent: 	Swimming, just about anything that has to do with
    Subject(s) Good At: 	Physical education (swimming, water polo)
    Subject(s) Bad At:  	Subjects that don't have anything to do with water
    			or the ocean
    Club: 			Swimming club (Ace)
    Part-Time Job: 		None 
    Personality: 		(As a third year student at Gorin High)
    			Very serious Gorin senior; doesn't speak very much.
    			Since childhood, Nagare has been friends with Shoma
    			and Shuuichi, Shoma regards him as an older brother.
    			As expected, the swim team's ace loves the water and
    			just about everything related to it; he excels in
    			all water sports, but when he's out of the water,
    			he's lost.
    Story: 			"Who attacked Shuuichi?" As Shoma jumps in to get 
    			revenge on those who attacked his brother, Nagare
    			joins in to lend a helping hand. When Shuuichi is 
    			found badly injured, Nagare worries alongside his
    			"little brother" Shoma.
    Addendum:		(Moero! Justice Gakuen Notes)
    			Personality:  He's silent, and because his talents
    			are limited outside of the water so that he seems
    			absent-minded, at first glance it doesn't seem that
    			he's thinking about anything; to friends, and those
    			with whom he's concerned, he's a good-natured person
    			who lends a helping hand. When he gets in the water,
    			he becomes a totally different, sharp-minded person. 
    			Story: Member of Gorin University's swim team. Out
    			of the bounds of Gorin High School, now he has 
    			returned to Gorin High as a swimming coach. By
    			chance, when he returned to Gorin, he joined up
    			with Roberto and company and all of them set out
    What You Didn't See:	Nagare entered the Justice Gakuen world as a third-
    			year student at Gorin in Nekketsu Seishun Nikki 2.
    			Since the official sequel pushed the characters up
    			one school year, Gorin University was established
    			to keep Nagare in the playing field. 
    	-=Pacific High School "High Class American School"=-
    Pacific High School sits in a harbor town next to high-rise western living
    quarters. It is also near a US military base. The school's educational 
    objective is to "circulate elite education through the world through culture
    and sports". It possesses a small student body of about 500.
    As mentioned before, this school was established in order to "circulate 
    elite education through the world using culture and sports". Pacific's 
    most outstanding feature is the number of high-class Americans living in
    Japan. There are many children of ambassadors, elite military officers,
    politicians and high-profile figures, bringing tradition and social 
    status to this high school.  
    Profile: Full of good Americans raised in domestic American schools.  Said to 
    have many children of prominent Americans studying as exchange students.  
    		[Roy Bromwell "Strong-Armed American"]
    Sex: 			Male
    Birthdate: 		May 2
    Zodiac: 		Taurus
    Blood Type: 		B
    Height: 		181 cm
    Weight: 		85 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):  	122-82-88 (cm)
    Nationality:		U.S.A.
    Relationship:  		???
    Home Life: 		Lives alone in his father's holiday villa (at home
    			in America, he lives with both his parents, and
    			has two older sisters)
    Likes: 			Fashion, high-class brands
    Dislikes: 		Japan, Japanese people, cowardly, foul things
    Special Talent: 	Arm wrestling (Boman is a good rival)
    Best Subject(s): 	Anything
    Worst Subject(s):  	Nothing
    Club:  			Football
    Part-Time Job:  	No need to work, his family is wealthy
    Personality: 		As the star quarterback of a unbeatable American
    			football team, he's the guy all the students want
    			to be. Though he's capricious, and just a little
    			less than serious. To make matters worse, he tries
    			more than anyone else to look sharp. Though, if one
    			looks through all of that, one will find a real frank
    			and basic side to him that really hates cowardice. 
    			Because he was repeatedly told about how his 
    			grandfather lost his leg in the Pacific War (World
    			War II) since he was little, Roy despises most 
    			things Japanese.
    Story: 			Because his father is working to make Roy become a
    			diplomat, he makes Roy transfer to Japan at Pacific
    			High School unwillingly. However, Roy has yet to
    			like being in Japan, and from his uneasy placement
    			there, he gets a request from his father to check
    			out the disturbing goings on at Justice Gakuen.
    Addendum:		(Moero! Justice Gakuen Notes)
    			Story: An American who serves as Batsu's rival.
    			Last time around, he ended his overseas studies and
    			went back home to America. This time around, he has
    			come to help Boman and the others against Kurou's
    			conspiracy schemes.
    What You Didn't See:	The half-hearted localization of Rival Schools gave 
    			one the impression that Roy didn't like living in 
    			Japan, but since they didn't even call Japan by name
    			(they called it Batsu's country), they tiptoed over
    			the things he says in that game. While he doesn't
    			say anything really offensive (save the kana-ized
    			word "Japanese", which isn't a nice way to refer
    			to Japanese people when you speak their language),
    			the things he does say is highly rude (ex. "So
    			what's a Japanese person like you gonna do about
    			it?"). Roy also says a few expletives in English
    			that are written in English that of course had
    			to be removed when translated (However, the 
    			Japanese voiceovers were retained, and a keen ear
    			can hear Roy say them). Of particular amusement
    			was when one can clearly hear Roy call Hideo a
    			"Japanese Businessman" in English, but the 
    			translators wrote that phrase as "geek"! (Just what
    			are they trying to say?) In Project Justice, it 
    			seems that Roy has gotten over his hate of Japan
    			and its people, and there was no need to water down
    			any of the things he said.
    		[Tiffany Lords "Sexy Cheerleader"]
    Sex: 			Female
    Birthdate: 		December 23
    Zodiac: 		Capricorn
    Blood Type: 		B
    Height: 		164 cm
    Weight:	 		?? kg 
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):  	93-56-86 (cm)
    Nationality:		U.S.A.
    Relationship:  		She has been in love with Roy ever since she came
    			to Japan (her love is as of yet still unrequited)
    Home Life: 		Lives alone in the Pacific High dorms (Because she
    			has a lot of money, it's a single, plush room
    			complete with air conditioning, a heating system,
    			and catered meals)
    Likes: 			Roy, dancing, her family, ice cream
    Dislikes: 		Nattou (fermented soybeans)
    Special Talent: 	Exciting displays of affection 
    			(I wouldn't call -that- a special talent...)
    Best Subject(s): 	Music, physical education
    Worst Subject(s): 	Japanese 
    Club: 			Cheerleader
    Part-Time Job:  	Tiffany has the looks, and her family has the money.
    			She has no desire to work, and probably never will.
    Personality: 		She's proud that everyone recognizes her beautiful 
    			face.  A cheerful and bubbly (bubble headed)
    			"American funky girl". Her present interests are 
    			fashion and love, and she doesn't miss the chance to
    			go to the dance club on weekends.  Because she always
    			in a haze and playing around, she doesn't have
    			thoughts of the future in her head at all. On a more
    			positive side, she has a cute side that misses her
    			parents in America, who never miss the chance to send
    			her presents or call her on the phone.  Before they
    			were sent overseas, Roy and Tiffany went to the same
    			school; since she has come to Japan, she fell deeply
    			in love with him.  She recalls something bothering 
    			Roy, who usually isn't easily disturbed.
    Story: 			Tiffany joined Roy in the investigation of Justice 
    			Gakuen Roy's father ordered, in hopes that Roy will
    			somehow turn around (to face her).
    Addendum:		(Moero! Justice Gakuen notes)
    			Story: Member of the cheerleading team. Though she
    			went back to America with Roy earlier, she has come
    			back to help Boman and the others.
    What You Didn't See:	Tiffany is a case of when localization/translation
    			is impossible. It's easy to portray her as an 
    			airhead, but the true humor of Tiffany's character
    			is the glaring gaffes she makes when speaking the
    			Japanese language. Tiffany stereotypically uses 
    			"Mii" ("Me") as a first person pronoun, a standard
    			way of characterizing English speakers who can't
    			speak Japanese very well, and she also drags out
    			the pronunciation of certain sounds, sounding a
    			bit more accurately like one just learning to 
    			speak Japanese. Her most hilarious trait is the 
    			incredible foul-ups she makes while using common 
    			Japanese phrases; often Boman will be there to 
    			correct her. For example, she says "Hyoushiki 
    			utagachau" ("You've lost a road sign") when she
    			means to say "Joushiki utagachau" ("You've lost
    			your common sense").  This sort of thing is 
    			nearly impossible to translate without a few foot-
    		[Boman Delgado "The Fighting Clergyman"]
    Sex: 			Male 
    Birthdate: 		July 30
    Zodiac: 		Leo
    Blood Type: 		A 
    Height: 		200 cm
    Weight: 		101 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):  	138-90-95 (cm)
    Nationality:		U.S.A.
    Relationship: 		???
    Home Life:  		Lives alone in the Pacific dorms (he doesn't partic-
    			ularly have a lot of money, so it's a four-man room)
    Likes: 			Praying
    Dislikes: 		Violence
    Special Talent: 	Cooking
    Best Subject(s):  	Theology, philosophy
    Worst Subject(s):  	Math, science
    Club: 			Chorus
    Part-Time Job:  	Volunteers at church on Sunday
    Personality:  		Acts like a true adult; gentle.  A devout Christian
    			who never misses mass on Sunday.  He is well aware
    			of how big and strong he is; he often warns himself
    			silently of this fact. To clear his mind, after a fight
    			he just can't avoid Bowman asks God for forgiveness.  
    			He fights the way he believes, and never neglects to
    			take his pendant into his closed hands, and move into
    			a thankful pose towards God.
    Story:  		As Roy and Tiffany go to investigate Justice Gakuen, 
    			Bowman joins in to watch over those two.
    Addendum:		(Moero! Justice Gakuen Notes)
    			Story:  Since Roy and Tiffany have left Pacific High, 
    			Boman has struggled to protect the school. Now, in
    			order to investigate the riot at the Tai-P event, he
    			has formed a cross-school combination with Ran and
    What You Didn't See:	In Moero! Justice Gakuen, Boman was one of two 
    			characters (the other was Shoma) that gained an
    			extra outfit via a downloadable update. Of course,
    			in the original US version of Rival Schools, Boman's
    			religious references were toned down whenever 
    			addressed in text.
    	-=Gedou Koukou "Collecting the Nation's Worst"=-
    Gedou Koukou (High School) is located beside an industrial area on a large
    mouth of a river. The school's motto is "gang morals and perseverence", and
    its objective is "one person will force a lot of graduations"; it's quite
    severe. Gedou is an all-male school at which there are 320 freshmen, 160
    juniors, and 80 seniors, a very strange inclination.
    At one time, Gedou was a fine school that divided the time between studies 
    and martial arts equally for the purpose of raising fine Japanese men. Now,
    it has changed into an institution that uses "lessons that drill the mind"
    to raise "people who don't drift from the way of the people" (i.e. a 
    "correctional" facility). Both schools were positioned adjacent to the 
    industrial area; a long time ago, the quality of students was fine, but the
    number of entering students has gone down with the industrial area, which
    is growing obsolete and continuing to decline.
    Profile:  Collecting notorious bad guys from all over Japan, the school goes 
    through a lot of excruciating ups and downs. Until now, Akira's brother has 
    drawn the line between them. Gedou clearly has a serious rivalry with Gorin
    		[Eiji "Edge" Yamada "The Bloody Knife"]
    Sex: 			Male
    Birthdate: 		April 1
    Zodiac: 		Aries
    Blood Type: 		AB
    Height: 		173 cm	
    Weight: 		60 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H): 	88-59-72 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Relationship: 		???
    Home Life: 		Lives with his parents, an older brother and an
    			older sister (both upstanding socialites)
    Likes: 			Army Knives
    Dislikes: 		His real name, Seriously hard work
    Best Subject(s): 	Nothing
    Worst Subject(s): 	Everything, especially math
    Club: 			No club (juvenile delinquents don't belong to any)
    Part-time Job:  	He has tried several (video store, coffee shops), 
    			but none of them ever worked out.  He is currently
    Special Talent: 	Knife throwing, attacks with dangerous weapons,
    			verbal attacks
    Personality: 		Edge's personality can be described in one phrase:
    			"irresponsible and unfair".  No matter how he looks
    			toward his opponents, he's got an army knife waiting
    			for them without them knowing about it; hence his 
    			popular nickname "Army Knife's Edge".  If his clothes
    			get wrinkled a little, he has a habit of grabbing his
    			collar or chest area and fixing it afterward.  Edge
    			hates his given name, and if you call him by his real
    			name he gets mad.
    Story: 			Ever since the "boss of Gedou" Daigo disappeared, 
    			Edge leans a spying ear to the other schools in pur-
    			suit of his whereabouts.
    Addendum:		(Moero! Justice Gakuen Notes)
    			Nickname: "Cut-Up Gang Leader"
    			Story: A cowardly, super delinquent. Someway, somehow
    			Edge has made it to the junior class (2nd year). 
    			Without Akira or Daigo around, he's starting to feel
    			rather bored. This time around, as the returning
    			Daigo gives orders to raid other schools, Daigo's
    			(too-)extreme words and conduct are inviting a lot 
    			of mistrust and suspicion on Edge's end. 
    		[Gan Isurugi "Superhuman Gang Leader"]
    Sex: 			Male
    Birthdate: 		January 3
    Zodiac: 		Capricorn
    Blood Type: 		O
    Height: 		198 cm
    Weight: 		115 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):  	170-159-165 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Relationship: 		???
    Home Life: 		Lives with both parents, three younger brothers and
    			three younger sisters. (Holy crap!)  
    Likes: 			Rice balls
    Dislikes: 		Studying
    Special Talent: 	Sumo, eating a lot, eating fast
    Best Subject(s):  	Physical education
    Worst Subject(s):  	Almost anything except physical education
    Club: 			Although he offically belongs to the sumo club, he
    			never attends it
    Part-time Job: 		Sometimes he does one-day jobs that require physical
    			strength (road construction, moving company, etc.) 
    Personality:  		Possessing immense physical might, Gan's only boast is
    			his strength in fights. He doesn't have a grasp on
    			even the most basic things, and he'll believe just
    			about anything. In fact, if someone sneaky tried to
    			take advantage of Gan, he'd still draw not much more
    			than a blank from the big guy; Gan's a dunce of a
    			character. More than anything else, Gan looks forward
    			to having three meals a day. At every meal, he has no
    			less than a mountain-sized helping of rice stacked
    			five times over in a bowl.
    Story:  		Because Daigo, the "boss" to all the gangs at Gedo,
    			disappeared, Akira (who Gan believes is Daigo's
    			little brother) suggested a conference about the
    			search for the missing students; Gan joined in too,
    			and went on to play a part in the search.
    Addendum:		(Moero! Justice Gakuen Notes)
    			Story: A fun-loving giant of a delinquent. He loves
    			onigiri (hand-rolled sushi) and is an "absentee"
    			member of the sumo club. Just like Edge, he serves
    			as a top henchman to Daigo as they raid other 
    What You Didn't See:	Is his last name "Sekidou"? Is it "Isurugi"? The 
    			answer is the latter. Just as they had done with 
    			Hinata, CAPCOM's localization team, working at half-
    			mast used a more common reading for Gan's surname
    			given the characters used to write it. "Isurugi"
    			is a rather uncommon reading for the characters,
    			yet CAPCOM Japan's Justice Gakuen website had Gan's
    			surname clearly written out in hiragana to point
    			out its correct reading. Talk about miscommuni-
    		[Daigo Kazama "The 'Boss' Of Gedou Koukou"]
    Sex: 			Male
    Birthdate: 		September 15
    Zodiac: 		Virgo
    Blood Type: 		AB
    Height: 		190 cm
    Weight: 		89 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):  	100-88-95 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Relationship: 		Akira's older brother; he serves as "Soubanchou"
    			(in short, the undisputed boss of all gangs) at
    Home Life: 		Lives with his younger sister, Akira
    Likes: 			Enka (modern Japanese ballads), straight things,
    			heroic movies (things full of health and vigor)   
    Dislikes: 		Caterpillars, crooked things
    Special Talent: 	Telling people about what makes a man
    Best Subject(s): 	Japanese language (especially reading/writing kanji,
    			a set of characters inherited from China)
    Worst Subject(s): 	None
    Club: 			None
    Part-Time Job: 		None 
    Personality:  		He's harsh, but tender at heart, and prizes gang
    			morals. He possesses a magnetic charisma.  He never
    			fights unfairly (certainly, he doesn't condone two-
    			on-one fights).  Naturally, his thoughts are with
    			his younger sister; his existence is one where a 
    			man of his standing usually falls.
    Story:  		When the kidnappings perpetrated by Justice Gakuen
    			had started, Daigo, aware of the worries that arose
    			because of them, set out to face Justice Gakuen in
    			search of the truth behind it all. There was no
    			way that Daigo could have known that at that time,
    			he was another one of Justice's targets.  		
    Addendum:		(Moero! Justice Gakuen notes)
    			Story: The undisputed boss of all gangs at Gedou.
    			Akira's older brother, who, last time around, was
    			taken captive by Justice Gakuen. After that, Daigo
    			went away on a journey on his own accord to train
    			and cast away the shame he felt inside, unknown
    			to others. One year later, a Daigo different from
    			the man who respects gang morals and despises battles
    			without purposes has returned to Gedou. "Make every
    			school in the area submit to US!" he calls...
    			(About Wild Daigo)
    			Nickname: "Berserk Boss"
    			Story: At the complete command of Gedou Koukou, he
    			moves to take control of every high school. With
    			those glowing, deep red eyes, that can only mean...
    		-= Seijun Jogakuin (Girls' Institute)  =-
    A high school centered at a certain zaibatsu (financial clique), established
    with the intent to "raise women who display feminine virtues and the time-
    honored traditions of Japan within themselves". Such is Seijun's educational
    objective as well; many students who enter Seijun come from well-known, well-
    to-do families. In a time where the freedom of students in their schooling
    is prized, it's said that numerous Seijun school regulations are well behind
    the times. (In the first place, because those students who break the rules 
    don't come to school, you don't hear anyone who is against the regulations
    ever speaking up.)
    Barring a few exceptions, basically everyone lives in the dormitories. The
    school was built on a small island on a beautiful lake. Except on summer
    vacation, winter vacation, and end of the year/New Year's homecoming, the
    principal is very throrough in requiring students to have permission to
    leave the campus.
    	[Akira Kazama "Kunfuu (Kung-Fu) Rider" (helmet), "Pure Rider" (no-helmet)]
    Sex: 			Female
    			(while at Gedou, this was unknown until she removed
    			 her helmet) 
    Birthdate: 		March 3
    Zodiac: 		Pisces
    Blood Type: 		AB
    Height: 		160 cm
    Weight: 		?? kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):	81-62-83 (cm)
    Nationality: 		Japanese 	
    Relationship: 		Her brother Daigo is the boss of all Gedou gangs
    Home Life: 		Lived with her older brother, now lives alone.
    Likes: 			Bikes, her older brother Daigo, her friends at Gedou
    Dislikes: 		Talking
    Special Talent: 	Chinese martial arts (Taikyokuken/Tai Chi Chuan),
    			cooking (Japanese home dishes)
    Best Subject(s): 	Japanese, Social Studies, English
    Worst Subject(s): 	Physical education, music
    Club: 			None
    Part-time Job:  	Maintaining motorcycles at a bike shop
    Personality:  		Silent.  Akira usually hardly ever speaks out. 
    			Possesses a cool-headed, spirited personality. Under
    			the helmet lies an Akira that no one knows; this Akira
    			is a docile, gentle girl that is the complete opposite
    			of the rough and commanding helmeted biker. Her pers-
    			onality changes instantly when the helmet is removed
    			or replaced...
    Story:  		Because Akira's own brother, Daigo, has become one of
    			the missing, Akira enters Gedou Koukou.  Being treated
    			as "Daigo's little brother", Akira joins up with Gan
    			and Edge and gathers information.
    Addendum:		(Moero! Justice Gakuen notes)
    			Story: A (motor)bike loving schoolgirl. Last time 
    			around, Akira disguised herself as a man while at
    			Gedou Koukou to find her older brother. Now, that
    			she has moved to the junior (2nd) year, she has
    			taken the opportunity to transfer to an all-girls'
    			school. The sudden change from an all-male school
    			to an all-female school has left Akira without
    			many friends. This time around, as Daigo returns
    			from his training journey, Akira notices that he has
    			been acting strange. Thus, she joins with one of
    			her friends, Yurika, and Zaki and goes to see what's
    		[Yurika Kirishima "Melodic Young Woman"]
    Sex: 			Female
    Birthdate: 		June 6
    Zodiac: 		Gemini
    Blood Type: 		A 
    Height: 		165 cm
    Weight: 		?? kg
    Three Sizes: 		87-55-84 (cm)
    Nationality: 		Japanese
    Family: 		The whereabouts of her parents are unknown; she has a
    			younger brother, Kurou. She lives alone in the dorms. 
    Likes: 			Her younger brother, harmonica, violin, clothes with
    			frills and lace
    Dislikes: 		The reverse society of the Kirishima and Imawano
    			families, crows/ravens, squids, octopi, and other
    			soft-bodied animals
    Special Talents: 	A definite sense of sound, all musical instruments
    			(especially violin), ballet
    Best subject(s): 	Music, English
    Worst subject(s): 	Art
    Club: 			She's enrolled in the wind instruments club
    Part-Time Job:  	Since she comes from an affluent background, she
    		 	doesn't need to have one
    Personality:		A very quiet young lady. This is not to say she's
    			mute, but she's calm, not the type to yell, or 
    			raise a fuss. She's timid, and not one to take
    			an action on her own accord. As far as music is
    			concerned, she possesses an amazing genius; gen-
    			erally, she can master just about any musical
    			instrument, but she plays the violin with the
    			same skill as a professional.
    Story:			She's Akira's classmate, and one and only close
    			friend. Because of Akira's worries about her
    			brother Daigo, she lends a hand to both Akira
    			and Zaki, but...
    		[Zaki "The Cold Female Gang Leader"]
    Full Name: 		Aoi Himezaki
    Sex: 			Female
    Birthdate: 		August 18
    Zodiac: 		Leo
    Blood Type: 		A
    Height:  		175 cm
    Weight:  		56 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):	83-63-85 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Family: 		Her strict (paternal) grandparents, and two parents
    			that are always at work.
    Likes:  		Children, the "Ladies Team" from middle school times
    			(she calls the collective her little brothers), ohagi
    			(sweet rice cakes)
    Dislikes: 		Stupid (as in useless) adults, teachers, showy clothes
    Special Talent: 	Cat's cradle
    Best Subject(s): 	Physics
    Worst Subject(s): 	Physical Education (she always skips the class, 
    			because she doesn't like changing into a gym uniform)
    Club: 			She was once made to join the flower arrangement and
    			tea ceremony clubs, but she ditched them
    Part-Time Job:  	Since she controls the whole dormitory (i.e. the
    			student body), she can't have one.
    Personality:		A deeply popular gang member who supports an uprising
    			force of 5000 "Ladies". Since her parents and some
    			extended family members pushed her into going to Sei-
    			jun in order to become a more "pure" young woman, 
    			Zaki had to leave her representative "Ladies Team"
    			behind. She's the kind of person who closes herself
    			off from those who don't make an effort to say what
    			they really feel; thoroughly unsociable.
    Story:			A gang member and Akira's classmate. She lends a 
    			hand to Akira in order to investigate Daigo's ab-
    			normal behavior. Along the way, she hears a rumor
    			that Gedou Koukou, under Daigo's command is going 
    			attack Seijun. So that she can get the help of 
    			friends from junior high school, a "Ladies Team"
    			of 5000, Zaki can rely on the height of her 
    		-=Justice Gakuen "Super Elite High School"=-
    The school's motto is "A sound mind and body build excellent abilities". 
    Because the lessons are geared to change the content of one's personal
    ability, the classes are divided according to such ability from A to J, a 
    total of 10 classes (they keep increasing to the point that they form
    a few small pyramids). Justice is a boarding school where students are not
    permitted to return to their homes until graduation. At the dormitories,
    a student's study schedule is determined, and an orderly lifestyle follows. 
    Profile:  A private institution built to nurture the elite that should change 
    Japan.  Talented students from all around Japan are admitted.  There's a rumor 
    that some of them were kidnapped to secure their admission...
    		[Hideo Shimazu "Mobile Teacher"]
    Sex: 			Male
    Birthdate: 		May 5
    Zodiac: 		Taurus
    Blood Type: 		A
    Height: 		165 cm
    Weight: 		68 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):  	93-80-85 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Relationship: 		???
    Home Life: 		Left his home, a dojo in Kyushu, and has lived
    			alone since
    Likes:  		Japanese literature (he is a Japanese language
    			teacher), Japanese-style meals, students
    Dislikes: 		Disputes, cowardly things
    Special Talent: 	Karate, cooking, laundry, cleaning (since he has
    			lived alone for so long)
    Best Subject(s): 	Japanese (language/literature)
    Worst Subject(s): 	N/A
    Club: 			N/A
    Part-Time Job: 		None (Teachers are prohibited from having part-time
    Personality:  		He's gentlemanly and possesses a strong sense of 
    			justice, but his speech and social skills are poor.
    			His leads a serious personal life; he doesn't smoke,
    			nor does he drink.  He is in his 40s and presently
    			looking for a wife. It doesn't look like it, but 
    			Hideo is really a 9th dan master of karate, and the
    			reputable Shimazu style is evident in his actions.
    			After his father, the director of the dojo, died,
    			a large quarrel over the estate began.  The fight
    			became charged with hatred and the inheritance was
    			taken out of his own hands.
    Story:  		Per Justice Gakuen's director Raizo's directive,
    			Hideo was to act as a scout to search around the
    			local schools in search of talented students for the
    			school; however, in the process of scouting, he
    			begins to have doubts about the school's methods.
    Addendum:		(Moero! Justice Gakuen Notes)
    			Story: A serious and gentle language teacher who is
    			deeply popular with the students. After Justice's
    			principal was attacked, Hideo joined up with Kyoko
    			to investigate, then joined up with Hayato along the
    		[Kyouko (Kyoko) Minazuki "Devil In A White Robe"]
    Sex: 			Female
    Birthdate: 		June 7
    Zodiac: 		Gemini
    Blood Type: 		B
    Height: 		173 cm
    Weight: 		?? kg
    Three Sizes:  		87-56-89 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Relationship:  		???
    Home Life: 		Ever since being transferred to Justice Gakuen, she 
    			lives with both her parents (she's their only
    Likes: 			Sake (Japanese rice wine), horse racing
    Dislikes: 		All kinds of household duties
    Special Talent: 	Orthopedics, surgery
    Best Subject(s):  	Biology, chemistry
    Worst Subject(s): 	N/A
    Club: 			N/A
    Part Time Job: 		Even though part-time jobs are forbidden for
    			teachers, it seems she has been moonlighting as
    			a writer, writing articles in a weekly publication.
    Personality:  		Originally an assistant at a certain school of ortho-
    			pedic surgery. An expert of orthopedics and anatomy
    			with the control of a surgical genius. Both witty and
    			beautiful, clearly intelligent, elegant, full of style.
    			The male students never fail to come into her infir-
    			mary with fake illnesses and such, as she is the
    			object of their yearning.  When she puts on the
    			white coat, she transforms into an energetic woman
    			doctor that is full of intellect, but when she
    			takes it off, she also has a slovelnly, careless 
    			side. She'll drink a lot and her domestic skills
    			(i.e. cleaning and cooking) are horrible.
    Story:  		Per Justice Gakuen's director Raizo's directive, 
    			Kyoko was to act as a scout to search around the
    			local schools in search of talented students for the 
    			school; however, in the process of scouting, she
    			begins to have doubts about the school's methods.
    Addendum:		(Moero! Justice Gakuen Notes)
    			Story: A health teacher at Justice Gakuen. Along
    			with Hideo, Kyoko goes to investigate the attack
    			on Raizo.
    What You Didn't See:	In the Seishun Nikki mode of the original Shiritsu
    			Justice Gakuen: Legion of Heroes, one of the items
    			your character can get while befriending Kyoko is
    			her phone number, which she gives to you after 
    			helping her home while she was drunk (and dressed
    			like she is in her "Kyoko 2" costume). 
    		[Raizou (Raizo) Imawano "Wild Animal Principal"]
    Sex: 			Male
    Birthdate: 		October 3
    Zodiac: 		Libra
    Blood Type: 		O
    Height: 		188 cm
    Weight: 		124 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):  	165-163-170 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Relationship: 		???
    			(really Batsu's father)
    Home Life: 		A mystery...
    Likes: 			Sirloin steak
    Dislikes: 		Lying, crabs and lobsters
    Special Talent: 	Conquering Japan
    Best Subject(s): 	N/A
    Worst Subject(s):  	N/A
    Club: 			N/A
    Part-Time Job: 		N/A 
    Personality:  		A thick nerved man who doesn't bother with petty
    			things; He has a disposition that is both hearty
    			and cheerful.  Toward himself, he is strict; he
    			is strong willed, his convictions are piercing, and
    			he only makes his mind up once.  He has an unusual
    			way of getting things done and a preeminent, 
    			natural charisma and has the power to take down
    			massive organizations.
    Story: 			As Raizo had feared, as the effects of the Ima-
    			wano family's special training methods had crea-
    			ted many a top-notch talent at his academy (Just-
    			ice) and the academy had gotten all the more
    			famous, opposition from the Imawano family to
    			the public release of the teaching methods Raizo
    			had been the only child to inherit was high, and
    			his life was targeted. In addition to this, just
    			to drive the nail into the coffin, the Imawano
    			clan pressured Raizo mentally because of their
    			opposition to his plans to give his own child extra
    			special education, usually reserved for gifted
    			students. Because of this, Raizo hid himself
    			from both his wife and very young son. However,
    			Raizo was never free from his sadness. Afterward,
    			he did nothing but keep on, for the sake of the
    			academy. Gradually, his family's opposition came
    			to an end, and one day, as Raizo was making his
    			rounds at the academy, he noticed a student both
    			scholarly and physically strong, with outstanding
    			grades. His name was Hyo, and the students were
    			well aware of his abilities and popularity. Since
    			his wife and son have disappeared, Raizo, who
    			forgot all about his plan of succession decided
    			to groom Hyo mainly for the eventual inheritance.
    			Because he had put so much work into the academy,
    			Raizo's body was already beginning to lose its 
    			ability to overexert itself. Raizo was having
    			thoughts of retiring after Hyo graduates,
    			leaving the academy in Hyo's hands. In actuality,
    			Hyo is an illegitimate child of the Imawano clan.
    			He has, at the behest of some family members, 
    			planted the seeds of a secret mission: to
    			"revive a group of assassins" and "rule Japan with
    			terror and mayhem".  
    		[Hyou (Hyo) Imawano "Detestable Madness"]
    Sex: 			Male
    Birthdate:  		April 4
    Zodiac: 		Aries
    Blood Type: 		B
    Height: 		183 cm
    Weight: 		67 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H):  	95-76-80 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Relationship: 		???
    			(the older of 2 twins, the other is Kyosuke)
    Home Life: 		A mystery...
    Likes: 			Political power, Japanese swords
    Dislikes: 		Love, friendship, willpower
    Special Talent: 	The art of brainwashing 
    Best Subject(s): 	Anything
    Worst Subject(s): 	Nothing
    Club: 			Head of Student Council (Not a club, but..)
    Part-Time Job:  	He doesn't do such "poor, mundane" things
    Personality:		Cold and cruel. To reach his goals, he'll do any-
    			thing. His aggressive personality is based on
    			that of his father, Mugen Imawano. He controls 
    			other people with with his powerful brainwashing
    			techniques, but Hyo is unaware that since he
    			was a small child, he has been brainwashed by
    			his father; he has a "father complex".
    Story:			Hyo uses his abilities, which surpass those of 
    			everyone else at Justice Gakuen, and his charisma
    			as a weapon to turn all the academy's students into
    			his own personal followers. One time, Raizo went
    			overseas to inspect a high school at which he had
    			planned to make a joint venture with Justice. Hyo
    			used this opportunity to put a plan he had been
    			warming up into motion. He brainwashed those of the
    			best mind and body at schools everywhere in one fell
    			swoop and brought them into his own personal army.
    			Three months later, Raizo returned home to find a
    			drastically changed academy, with a fanatic cult
    			that worshipped Hyo as its master. It was hopeless
    			for Raizo, who easily fell to Hyo's brainwashing.
    			Hyo's ambition was nearly coming to perfect fruition;
    			however, he had found yet one more obstacle. Word 
    			that Raizo's wife and son, long said to be dead, were
    			still living had surfaced. With the blood of Raizo,
    			ninja's blood continuing the family line and thus
    			being the rightful heir to Raizo's inheritance, this
    			could pose a trouble not even Hyo could handle. Hyo
    			then decides to kidnap Raizo's wife Shizuku, so that
    			he can lure his son, Batsu Ichimonji out of hiding
    			and into his grasp.
    Addendum:		(Moero! Justice Gakuen notes)
    			Story: Twin brother to Kyosuke Kagami. A year ago,
    			was the ringleader in a plot to take over Japan
    			via attacks on every school across the nation,
    			using Justice Gakuen as a hub. Now that the scars
    			of the incident have faded from the populace, more
    			peaceful, normal days have returned. However,
    			Hyo feels the black shadow of a ninja approaching
    			Justice Gakuen...
    			(About Demon Hyo)
    			Nickname: "The Source Of Evil"
    			Story: Hyo, once the freedom within his body has
    			been lost to the destructive impulses inside. He
    			wields inhuman power that can send everything
    			back into nothingness.
    What You Didn't See: 	Hyo's voice actor, Kaneto Shiozawa (a man of many
    			famous roles, and somewhat of a "niche" player) passed
    			away at the age of 46, during the production of Moero!
    			Justice Gakuen/Project Justice, coincidentally as
    			the character he portrayed also did the same.
    		[Kurou (Kurow) Kirishima - "Assassin Of Darkness"]
    Sex: 			Male
    Birthdate: 		September 9th
    Zodiac:			Virgo
    Blood Type: 		AB
    Height: 		177 cm
    Weight: 		68 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H): 	97-72-84 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Family: 		Lives alone in the Justice dorms. His parents' exist-
    			ence and whereabouts are unknown. He has an older
    			sister, Yurika.
    Likes: 			Power, servants, dogs
    Dislikes: 		His older sister, the Imawano clan, people that order
    			him around
    Special Talents: 	Brainwashing, disguise, feigning innocence
    Best Subject(s): 	Math, music
    Worst Subject(s): 	Japanese history, World history (it's not that he
    			doesn't understand it, but repeating historical
    			events makes him sick)
    Club: 			None
    			(on the flip side, he's a member of the Darkside
    			 Student Council)
    Part-Time Job: 		Because he's making secret plans, he's too busy to
    			have one
    Story:			Belongs to the Justice Gakuen Student Council. On
    			the outside, he looks just like any other student,
    			but he's really been sent from "reverse society"
    			to destroy the Imawano clan as an assassin. Along
    			with his (older) sister Yurika, and Momo, he has
    			organized the Darkside Student Council. Now he
    			has bared his fangs to the "reverse society" that
    			is using him, using the opportunity to formulate
    			a plan to take over Japan; he's now an assassin
    			gone mad.
    			(About Vatsu)
    			Nickname: "Fist of Falsehood"
    			Story: The mystery man who is attacking students
    			everywhere. Looking just like Batsu, he lures
    			people into a pit of trouble.
    		-=Tamagawa Minami Koukou (High School)=-
    		[Sakura Kasugano "The Fighting School Girl"]
    Sex: 			Female
    Birthdate: 		March 15
    Zodiac: 		Pisces 
    Blood Type: 		O
    Height: 		157 cm
    Weight: 		42 kg
    Three Sizes (B-W-H): 	80-60-84 (cm)
    Nationality:		Japanese
    Relationship: 		Close friends with Hinata and Natsu
    Home Life: 		Lives with both her parents and her younger brother,
    Likes: 			White rice, running
    Dislikes: 		Playing video games against her brother
    Special Talent: 	Her cooking is relatively good (but it looks awful)
    Best Subject(s):	Physical education, English (conversation)
    Worst Subject(s):	Math
    Club:			None (Go-Home Club)
    			Sakura got where she is today because generally,
    			she tries her hand at athletic clubs, but since
    			her interests change with the weather, she doesn't
    			stay in a single club very long.                        	
    Part-Time Job:		Inexperienced (She once was going to work at a 
    			supermarket, but she wished to work in the stock
    			room rather than work the cash registers)
    Personality:  		A high school girl who trains all day and all night
    			in the art of hand-to-hand fighting just so that 
    			she can meet "that person". She's always full of
    			energy, cheerful, and unaffected; she can never
    			settle down. She loves to give her body a good
    			workout, but now she's in a street-fighting haze.
    			Her fighting sense is a truly special, natural
    			gift, and it seems the techniques she uses now
    			are imitations of what she has seen in her
    Story: 			When she hears that her close friends (naturally,
    			Hinata and Natsu) have gone off to fight some 
    			great evil, Sakura gets her hopes up, thinking, 
    			"Maybe there'll be strong people fighting there..."
    			With that thought in mind, Sakura runs off to
    			give her friends some support. "It'll be great
    			training for when I meet 'him'," Sakura says;
    			it doesn't seem her motives are quite as sincere
    			as they should be...
    ----------------------------------End Notes----------------------------------- 
    V. 0.3: Lots of new info in this version. The English version translated Gan's 
    last name as "Sekidou" and Hinata's as "Wakana"... what in the name of
    Tiffany's non-existent pants is that? Well... a new one is coming soon, when
    more complete info on Sakura, Hyo, Raizo, Hayato, and Daigo become available.
    See you then! --Batsu
    V. 1.0: FINALLY!! Stories/info for Hayato, Daigo, Raizo, Hyo, and a little on 
    Natsu and Sakura. I think this will be the final update. See you in June when 
    Evolution 2 comes out! They should put Karin Kanzuki in that game, darn it.
    V. 1.1: Seems that they had even more info than I thought. Who would have known 
    Gan would have a family as big as he is! See you next time! --Batsu
    V. 1.2:  Nekketsu Seishunnikki 2! Great game, but later for that lockout code. 
    The new characters Ran and Nagare are cool, but where the heck is Karin? There 
    are a lot of new characters with names (Batsu's mother Shizuku, Sayuri, Mari,
    and other background characters show up, but the "Iinchou" (committee leader,
    wearing Hayato's jacket)... she doesn't have a name! Hmm...what a waste! See
    you next time!) --Batsu
    V. 1.3: No really new info, but since those wonderful (sarcasm) people at AOL 
    finally allowed full-time use of those long SNs, I changed my E-Mail address
    to batsuichimonji@aol.com. Sorry for the inconvenience!
    V. 1.4: Well, this is another small update. Nothing too much to add. I wonder
    if there will be a domestic version produced of Seishunnikki 2... if they ever
    got around the simulation mode like they did with the other game, the game
    would just be seen as a rehash of the first fighting game with minor additions. 
    Well...we'll see what Capcom is up to! Latez!
    V. 1.5: Now that Project Justice is behind us, and I have gained more sources
    from which to update this document, including the following:
    Gamest EX Series Mook No. 59: Shiritsu Justice Gakuen Kakutou Sankousho
    			      (Fighting Reference Book)
    Dorimaga Books/SOFT BANK Moero! Justice Gakuen Perfect Guide
    CAPCOM Japan's Shiritsu Justice Gakuen and Moero! Justice Gakuen web sites
     This may very well be the final update. -- The Doc

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