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Reviewed: 11/22/00 | Updated: 11/22/00

Dave Mirra .vs. Tony Hawk?

General/Summary: Ok finally i got a hold of Dave Mirra's Freestyle BMX. It is pretty good, not as good as tony hawks pro skater but its pretty good. Dave mirra's Freestyle BMX has different challenges for the 12 courses that lie ahead, you can unlock new bikes, lvls, and cool gear to wear. There are alot of characters to play, and the versus mode features alot of great modes, like B-M-X which is similar to S-K-A-T-E in Tony Hawks Pro Skater, and theres tons of modes like Biggest Jump, Best Run.. To compete against your buddies with, and everytime you beat a high score it saves... so you can see all the high scores youve done so far...There are 3 different challenges for each lvl *(12 in all)* Amateur, Pro, and Hardcore, Hardcore being the hardest.. you get new hints/tips/secrets everytime you finish the challenges, like get 25,000 in a session, or jump 4 golf carts.. etc... Overal Dave mirra's freestyle BMX is a good buy, but if i had to choose between Tony Hawk/Freestyle BMX i would choose Tony Hawk, Its just not as smooth and not as fun.

Gameplay: The Gameplay is not the best in the world, Grinding is very glitchy. It is not smooth at all.. and gets frustrating.. often you land wrong and miss a good landing.. youll often find yourself wondering how the hell you grinded when you were 10 feet off from the pole, its not realistic at all.

Graphics: Graphics are pretty good if you ask me! :) right up there with tony hawks pro skater :) Theres alot of detail that goes into things.. and all the different landing and crashes. The Graphics team did a very good job.

Sound: The music in this game rocks, from sublime to the deftones, it is VERY good music to bike to.. and the effects are good right down to the bike chain and the pedeling of the bike

Replay: This is where the game shines, there is so much to do here.. i mean all the challenges, all the things to unlock, all of the bikers, its got alot of replay value here, just like tony hawks pro skater2, youll be going back to beat that challenge.

Overall: This is a great buy for your collection, its one youll be going back to every day and trying to get finish that certain challenge, or just playing around in the free ride mode..

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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