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Reviewed: 06/01/01 | Updated: 06/01/01

do i really need another addiction.......

Well I really wasnt expecting this game to be any good at all. Me and my friend only rented it cuz it was one of the only DC games at blockbuster and we both hated Freestyle BMX. However when I started playing it I was shocked. THIS GAME IS ACTUALLY GOOD!! As much as I hated BMX, I loved this game. And I still do.

Graphics- The graphics in this game are just about as good as in THPS2. No slowdown, but the occasional glitch does occur.Its very easy to go right through a wall or get stuck on an object and have to start your run over but hey I think glitches only make a game more fun as long as they dont happen too frequently. overall-8 out of 10

Sound- This is where the game draws you in. The tunes in DMBMX are excellent. Other than the Cypress Hill song I enjoy all of them. The cheering of the crowd, grinding noise, and the screams of agony as your rider hits the pavement are all very good. overall-10 out of 10

Control- I think this is where DMBMX really outperforms THPS2. The trick modifier really adds a lot to this game. I think there are about 1300 different tricks wheras THPS2 only had 300 or so. Also the controls are very responsive and the scheme makes more since than in Matt Hoffman BMX. To go fast in DMBMX you simply pedal, wheras in MHBMX you have to hold down the jump button to gain speed. overall-10 out of 10

Gameplay- The gameplay is very similar to THPS2. In career mode you complete objectives for 6 levels. Then you compete in trick compittions for 6 levels. The compitions are a little hard though and well really piss you off. Its not uncommon for the CPU to get 2 runs of 100. overall-9 out of 10

Fun Factor- When I compare this game to THPS2 and MHBMX I think that is lies somewhere in between the two games. A notch or two under THPS2 but slightly above MHBMX. overall-10 out of 10

Replay Value- 3 months after buying it and Im still playing a lot. The carreer mode is very long, there is a lot of secrets to unlock, and the 2 player mode is incredible. You havent lived until youve had a biggest bail contest at 1 AM with your friend(add Mountain dew or beer and its even more fun) overall-10 out of 10

synopsis- This is one of my favorite DC games and since its only 17.99 at best buy I highly suggest you get it. Its few minor flaws dont hold it back at all. Also even if you hate BMX(like I did) you will love this game. Its the best $20 Ive spent in a long time.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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