Review by zell rulzs

"A great BMX game for Dreamcast!"

In the beginning I thought this game would be really bad, but when my friend said it was cool, I tried it and it was actually good. Even though I hate BMX, it is a good game and it is challenging to play.

Graphics 9/10 - I thought the graphics were really good compared to the Tony Hawk games. They were close but Dave Mirra’s BMX came on top. Overall, the graphics were really good.

Gameplay 8/10 - The gameplay was more towards easy than hard. At first it was pretty hard but the 2nd time I tried it, it got too easy. I think they should of put more of a challenge into the game. Even though you have to do challenges just like in Tony hawk, but I think Dave Mirra’s challenges are far harder.

Control 7/10 - The control was TOO HARD to figure out. In the game there are 2 kinds of tricks you can do, normal tricks and impossible trick (or red trick). It is some times called that because the trick that you did is in red. Overall the control was OK.

Audio 9/10 - the sound was really good, most of the songs were good. There is one song that really got on my nerves I wanted to throw the game out my window. The song was ''All I Got'' by Sublime. My favorite song was ''Loose'' by Primer 55. They are a pretty good band. Overall I thought the audio was good.

Replay Value 10/10 - After you beat the game you just have to beat it again. You have 10 guys to beat it with, and every time you beat it with a guy you get a secret. So, that makes you want to play more. Overall I think the replay value is the best.

Fun Factor 10/10- This game is so much fun, you just can’t stop! It is so addicting. The first time I played it I couldn't stop, I couldn’t pick which guy to beat it with. it was too hard to pick. Overall the fun factor is really good.

Buy/rent - Definitely BUY. The game is at a good price too. $19.99 for a Dreamcast game. That is a really good price. Most of the games are $30 and over! You wouldn’t want to rent it because you get it for five days only and there are 10 guys to beat it with. It’s too hard to do all that in five days.

Of all the games I have, this is my favorite sports game. I hope this will convince you to buy the game and make it your best sports game to own. However much the game is buy it even if you hate BMX (I did.)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/09/01, Updated 07/09/01

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