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Reviewed: 08/18/01 | Updated: 11/24/02

A nice BMX game, but nothing special

Finally, a ported game that uses the DC capacity to a acceptable level. You can learn from this, Capcom!

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX uses the same way of gaming as Tony Hawk Pro Skater, you start with a few riders and a bike and play through various levels trying to complete all sorts of challenges to unlock other levels, bikes and tricks. These challenge usually involve grinding or jumping over things or pulling of a certain stunt over a given obstacle. You can also access hidden areas after completing some of the challenges. The difference with THPS is that in this game, you have to complete four challenges before you can continue to the next four challenges in the level. There are three different groups of challenges in every level: Amateur, Professional and Hardcore, going from easy to hard. This can be annoying, if you couldn't make a challenge in THPS, you would simply move to the next level and try some challenges their. Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX however leaves you with only very little choice.

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX seems a great game at first, but it gets less fun the more you play it. The challenges are very difficult and it's harder to get upgrades or access new levels once you get further in the game. Another problem are bugs. You can bail (fall of your bike in mid-air) if you touch the edge of the level. You can get stuck to the wall if you fall down on an obstacle and you can fall over when you turn around while standing still. What's with that? A great disappointment is that this game has no level-editor, like THPS 2. The graphics are a little clunky, but otherwise very good.

It sounds like I'm badmouthing Dave Mirra's little BMX game a lot right now, but these are all small things that - even though their annoying - have only a small impact on the game. It can be a lot of fun to play if it's your genre, and completing a difficult challenge after countless tries is very satisfying. The levels could have been better, but overall, there pretty good.

+ Good graphics
+ High replay value
- No level-editor
- Very difficult
- Bugs

GRAPHICS: 8/10 - Very good. Most ports have awful 32-bit graphics that make the game totally rely on the gameplay. Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX has good cartoonish graphics with almost no slowdown.

SOUND: 8/10 - Good sound effects and a nice soundtrack with rock and music including Cypress Hill, what else can I say?

GAMEPLAY: 7/10 - Could have been a lot better! The challenges are very difficult in the later levels. The levels are also small compared to THPS, leaving you with only very little space or time to maneuver yourself for the next trick. The game is also bothered by bugs

CONTROLS: 7/10 - Pretty good, but sometimes very frustrating. Certain levels have a lot of hills, and when you brake and stop, you'll automatically slide down the hill and turn around.

BUY/RENT: - I would advice everyone to rent this game before you buy it. It's a nice game, but it has to your genre (it wasn't mine, I prefer THPS).

DIFFICULTY: Hard - The challenge are very hard as you progress through the game. The are sometimes very frustrating because you often have only very little time to maneuver yourself in the right position. Completing a challenge however leaves a very satisfying feeling.

REPLAY VALUE: High It has to be your genre, but Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX can offer you an near infinite amount of replay value.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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