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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ADK

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    			Final Version :
    Welcome to my new guide. You are probably curious to know what I can
    say for a shooting game, so don't wait to read this guide.
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    E-mail   : advanced_knight@yahoo.fr
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    Version 1.1 : I finished the game in very and easy mode.
    Version 1.2 : Added new details about stages in the walkthrough, a new
    tips section(thanks to Logan) and details about the training. If there is a
    top agent who knows how to unlock the last secrets, e mail me at
    Version 1.3 : i added a new tips.
    UPDATE (02/23/2003) : I'm back on the scene of video games, but less
    active than before. If you wish to talk of video games with me or other fans
    in the future join my forum.
    UPDATE (02/04/2004) : An english revision of this faq was submitted to me.
    Refer to the credits section.
    Final Version : Added the missing tips.
    Program :
    1 Review
    2 Characters
    3 Bosses
    4 The 2 Player Mode
    5 Agent Academy
    6 Secrets
    7 Walkthrough
    8 Credits
    1 Review :
    Here we go with this new shooting game. CM is based on the engine of Virtua Cop
    but it reminds me more House of the Dead 2 in quality. Yes, the true purpose of
    this review is not to say if it's a good game or not, it's to say if the game
    is better or not than old HotD 2. The story is the same as in Golden Eye.
    A terrorist, Agares, took control of a satellite. 2 agents, Howard Gibson and
    Jean Clifford, are hired to save the world. Hitmaker has created an excellent
    game with an atmosphere identical to James Bond.
    The presentation is in FMV, quite different of what we usually see. Even if
    it's a short one, it's Code Veronica quality. It's a vision of the future.
    The game surprised me graphically. I didn't pay attention to the arcade game. I
    found it horrible and i didn't expect a good game on my DC. I suppose that the
    DC game is more beautiful than the arcade game (like Soul Calibur was). Foes in
    the game are various: you can shoot a cop or different types of terrorists and
    soldiers, as for the hostages : you never see the same. Hitmaker pushes the
    quality to offer new hostages in each stage. The number of sprites changes with
    the difficulty level.
    The animation runs at 60 fps. Not only the scrolling but also for every sprite
    in the game. Look at the enemy's animation : he can dive, he awaits you in your
    back, he moves quickly, he hides behind a bar. In fact, he is alive and it's
    hard for our eyes to look at all details. There is absolutely nothing common
    with House of the dead 2, Virtua Cop 2 and Death Crimson 2. They are all very
    slow compared to CM. The camera's movements are incredible.
    The music is excellent. The three main themes bring different atmospheres. One
    song reminds me Rolling Thunder 2 on Genesis. The voice acting is cool but once
    again the mouths didn't move. We cannot completely appreciate the scenes.
    Controls in the game are minimum: shoot and reload. However don't expect to
    press A+B to never reload. This a realistic game, and you must shoot with
    precision and reload after you count the number of bullets. In fact it's better
    like that. In the other game it was at least difficult to play an entire game
    without making a pause or two (and even 15 pauses if necessary...). I really
    appreciate the difference. Mini games in stages bring unexpected situation and
    change the next scene if you succeed or not. They contribute greatly to the fun
    and the originality. The training is optimized for the gun, but with the speed
    function of the pad, it's possible to make it.
    So, is it the best? HotD 2 was long and very difficult. This one is funnier,
    smoother and easier to play. In fact CM gains in interest. HotD 2 was quite
    annoying because of the difficulty. CM is also more beautiful than Death
    Crimson 2 and the bosses are more original and impressive. My only regret is
    that there are only three stages. Regardless, I really think that Hitmaker has
    reached a new step in the programming of the Dreamcast. Yes, CM is the first
    game of the second generation and that's why I think it is better than HotD 2.
    PRESENTATION : 17/20
    GRAPHICS     : 19/20
    ANIMATION    : 19/20
    SOUND        : 17/20
    CONTROLS     : 16/20
    INTEREST     : 20/20
    FINAL NOTE   : 96 %
    							ADK, the new James Bond
    							of video games.
    2 Characters :
    HOWARD GIBSON : He is THE secret agent. Always serious, he never misses an
    enemy. He wants to capture or kill Agares to complete his confidential mission.
    Sorry but what he plans for holidays is ... confidential.
    JEAN CLIFFORD : She's not a very beautiful woman, but I admit she is quite
    cute. She has her style, in fact. She is the best partner Howard can expect in
    all his life. Fortunately for Howard, she knows what fun means. She reminds me
    of Emma Pil, the partner of John Steed.
    3 Bosses :
    About the bosses : They change and gain new attacks according to the difficulty
    THE FAT MAN : He is slow and easy. As he is not powerful, he always runs from
    you to activate devices. He also lets a lot of cops and terrorists die to
    protect him.
    TANKER + JETCOPTER : You must shoot both. When you can, hit and destroy the
    jetcopter. It will fall on the tanker and decrease its power. They can be
    accompanied by snow mobiles in the harder levels.
    AGARES : He is hard to shoot and hard to kill. He wears armor and when he is in
    danger he becomes invisible. Don't despair, after him is the end of the game.
    4 The 2 player mode :
    There are two types of 2 player mode.
    ARCADE : Begin a 1 player game and ask to a friend to press start when he can.
    This 2 player mode is the same as in Virtua Cop 2.
    ORIGINAL : Enter in the Partner menu. You can choose the number of bullets and
    the life of each partner to create a handicap or to help a beginner. Then in
    the game, each ennemy appears in pink or blue. If he is pink, player 1 must
    kill him. If he is blue, Player 2 must kill him. It's a cooperative game and it
    determines if you know what is the team's spirit.
    5 Agent academy :
    Here is the training. Each section offers a level 1, a level 2 and a simulation.
    I found that the sentences used here are ... extreme. You will understand later
    by playing this training. If you haven't a gun, you must use the speed option
    (Press R to speed up the cursor) to succeed.
    Justice shot    : The goal is to shoot the arm of the enemy.
    Judgement       : You must kill enemies in the correct order.
    Reflexes        : You must shoot the target.
    Who's the enemy : Shoot the enemy and not the hostages.
    Timing          : You must shoot enemies between hostages.
    Combo shot      : You must perform a 3 hit combo on each enemy.
    Here are the challenges that await you.
    6 Secrets :
    It's not a tip, it's in the manual, but I say it here just in case you don't
    read the manual. To regain one life you need to shoot a C, a M and a F. Once
    you have at least one of them you gain a life.
    To unlock the stage select, finish the game in easy mode (or higher level).
    To unlock the Another World menu, finish the training mode (training 1,2 and
    simulation). This tips was submitted by Logan and is confirmed by him.
    To unlock 12 new exercises in the agent academy, complete the another world
    Display off : To turn the display off, play Mission mode or "Another World"
    mode and beat it in more than three hours.
    Credits in the option menu : To play the game with infinite credits, use all
    your credits in either Mission Mode or "Another World" mode twelve times. You
    can set the amount of lives and credits to the lowest possible setting to get
    this secret more
    To unlock golden guns in Mission Mode, beat the first 18 missions in Agent
    To unlock Sega lightguns in Mission mode, beat all 30 missions in Agent Academy.
    7 Walkthrough :
    Your mission is to go inside the museum and to discover what the terrorists are
    Scene 1 : You will shoot four guys.
    Scene 2 : In this corridor you meet hostages and terrorists.
    Scene 3 : Evolution room : kill all the cops and use the grenade to make a
    three hits combo.
    Scene 4 : Mini game 1 : The fat man releases a toxic gas on you. You must shoot
    all five targets. If you succeed, the poison will affect you a short time, if
    you failed of course...
    Scene 5 : You exit here, kill 8 guys.
    Scene 6 : Once outside kill 2 guys. Then you must take the rifle to kill easily
    the next serie of terrorists.
    Mini game 2 : You must shoot the target with the rope launcher once. If you
    succeed, you join the boss quickly. If you failed you arrive in a new scene.
    Scene 7 : Now shoot in the stone tablets room, if you succeed.
    Scene 7b: If you failed you will shoot in a warehouse. This scene is hard.
    Scene 8 : You are in front of the entrance of the museum.
    Scene 8b: It's the same decor after the warehouse but you will shoot terrorists
    on the roof and not in front of the museum (after the warehouse scene).
    Scene 9: BOSS : THE FAT MAN :
    The only difficult part is shooting the rockets before they hit you. Everything
    else is a question of timing and precision. Note that the fat man is hardest if
    you failed in mini game 2.
    Your mission is to save Irina a russian scientist. She knows how to program the
    satellite. If you save her, you will discover where the enemy's base is.
    Scene 1  : You begin to save Irina.
    Scene 2  : Take the rifle and shoot them all.
    Scene 3  : Descend the stairs and shoot.
    Scene 4  : Now you choose to take another way to avoid Agares's men.
    Scene 5  : On the roof, shoot the snow mobiles. It's hard to do without a
    rifle, so don't miss it. Also, don't expect to touch them when they are hidden
    by snow. There are no bugs here.
    Scene 6  : Mini game 3 : Press B repeteadly to save Irina. If you succceed, you
    will shoot upside down in the next scene. If you failed, it will be a normal
    Scene 7  : Upside down shooting/normal scene.
    Scene 8  : Another restaurant.
    Scene 9  : The last carriage.
    Scene 10 : The roof again.
    Scene 11 : Mini game 4 : You must shoot the ring to split the train into two
    parts and secure Irina. If you failed, you will shoot some guys and then Howard
    will secure Irina automatically.
    Scene 12 : BOSS : JETCOPTER + TANKER :
    The general arrives in his tank. Shoot the machine gun of the jetcopter to
    destroy it.
    This boss is really different in very easy and easy (and in higher level). In
    easy mode, there are snow mobiles to shoot. There is nothing more in very hard
    Anyway, you need precision to shoot the rockets before they hit the train,
    especially in very hard mode.
    Now that you have found Agares, you have two choices : capture him or kill him.
    Scene 1 : You begin to slide into a tunnel, very fun of course but don't forget
    to shoot the machine gun.
    Scene 2 : In this room, shoot the guys who come out of the hole.
    Scene 3 : You are on the way to the dock. Don't shoot the scientists.
    Scene 4 : The (very) huge dock.
    Scene 5 : BOSS : AGARES :
    PHASE 1 : Chase him and shoot when possible. He will use little robots To fire
    rockets, so be very quick.
    PHASE 2 : He will become invisible. When the screen turns white, he appears.
    Shoot him before he injures you with his saber. You will finish him very easily.
    Scene 6 : It's not over. The enemy escapes with his submarine. You must shoot
    it by using the satellite control device.
    Mini game 6 : Even if you are alone, you must synchronize the target of Howard
    with the one of Jean on the submarine. It's the only way to see the true end.
    If you failed, you will see the short bad ending.
    If you succeed prepare to laugh a lot with the true ending (from the
    Beginning to the end).
    8 Credits :
    Thanks to Hitmaker for this game.
    Thanks to Kyapiko for playing with me in the cooperative mode.
    Thanks to Logan for the 'Another World" tips.
    Thanks to Stephen Krokowski for the english revision of this FAQ and his help
    for the final version of my only unfinished guide.
    This guide is copyrighted 2001, ask for permission to post it in your site.

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