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    Knife Guide by SparkyCoulter

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/29/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Resident Evil 2  Knifing guide 
    By Micah Coulter 
    (Copyright 2012 Ver. 1.0) Contact (Cease2exist320@aol.com)
    I. Intro
    II. Knife and Basic dodging techniques and knife combos
         II A. THE KNIFE
             II B. A Few Pointers...
                   II C. Knife Combos
             II D. Dodging
           II D. A- DOMINO EFFECT
        II D. B- LURING
    III. Enemies
    IV.  Thanks and Rights
    I. Intro
    So first of all, I would like to start out with an introduction from me to you
     and speak a little and VERY little about myself, Not that im a blab head, 
    Just that you should know that I am writing this as my very first 
    walkthrough. So as for most details i wont go into them.
    I hope that your likeness of the awesome RE2 has brought you here, and that 
    along with it, you've Brought your patience, time and Game face (:-P)Grrr... 
    Cause your gonna need it, along with the Skills required to surpass this Most
    unusual idea.
    Now then, I myself have beaten resident evil (the original) 7 times. Ive 
    beaten RE2 10 times, and RE3 14 times.
    I must say im quite burnt out on the series and am looking forward to a PS3. 
    No, i still aint got one!
    So without further adue, let me introduce you into the Nightmare called RE2.
    Now, I have Beat Nemesis with both knife and handgun, both used alone, 
    not together.
     I have beat several bosses with the knife including plant 42 on RE1 and The 
    giant snake.
     As for RE2 ive beaten only one boss without a firearm. 
    So, unless your mad skilled or an extremely strategic player, Knife only runs 
    may require more practice for you. 
    But thankfully to those out there who have a long history playing Resident 
    evil and Are efficient in the Use of your hand cannon and Mini-Shiv, 
    Those who are new may want to try beating it first only with normal weapons 
    and Get some knifing and dodging skills down pat, Because you'll be doing 
    alot of dodging during the game.
    II.  Knife And Basic Dodging techniques And Knife combos
    Ahhh, the sweet sound of a cap being busted into a Walking corpse, 
    The ting of the casing bouncing Rhythmatically off the Black top, The thud of 
    another zombie biting the dust with one last groan. 
    People! this is what  its all about! This is why we live to play 
    resident evil! Cause its fun...
    Most of you out there who play Resident evil Know you immediately start off
     with the usual handgun and knife. These are two of the most versatile weapons
     in RE that has seen many a player through a tough time. 
    With the  knife's Infinite ability, it is easy to see why a person 
    would consider using only this weapon to survive the entire RE series!
    The Knife Inflicts very little damage and is fairly useless when outnumbered
     in small spaces. 
    A zombie generally takes 18-25 stabs. A Cerberus takes 10 or less stabs, and 
    a licker Somewhere in the 10-20+ range. The knife is Short in range, and 
    different types of stabs inflict damage the same, however, certain types of 
    stabs increase range. Also, certain stab techniques are not usable depending
    on environment. I will note the different types of stabs and for what 
    situation they can be called upon.
    1. Straight Stab(R1+X) 
    Good for narrow corridors and hallways. however the speed is decreased as well
     as it Slowing you down in the use of your knife. It usually, Allows 1 stab on
     an approaching zombie before you must back up. 
    However if a zombie is too close, but you think you might have time for one 
    more stab, it is useful in knifing combos to inflict a little more damage. 
    Using this type of stab alone will probably get you Damage from your enemy. 
    The Range to note is also 2nd shortest of the three stabs.
    2. Downward Stab (R1+down+X) 
    This stab is good for alot of situations in the game, and it can be used in 
    alot of Areas in RE2 without 
    Jamming(bouncing off the wall-costing you time...) this type of stab method 
    Provides you the longest range in the Three different types of stabs. 
    Its good for nearly every situation and ive killed over 30+ Zombies, 
    5 Cerberus, and 1 boss in RE2 thanks to this stab. 
    This is the most Useful and should be the most common and the one stab 
    method you use in a Combo against a zombie. 
    It is alot faster than the Straight stab, and Knocks zombies down quickly. 
    It should be your first attacking stab always.
    3. Upward Stab (R1+Up+X)
    Well, its got the shortest range and using it in a 
    combo is Mandantory. Its as fast as the downward stab, but its range is 
    shorter than the straight stab. It Generally should hit the zombie in the 
    Head and this stab seems to inflict more damage. Ive killed many a zombie 
    using this  stab with a combination of others. 
    But it should Be the last of your combo. And I use it for timing purposes.
    II B. A Few Pointers...
    Because the range is shortest, If i can hit the zombie in the head, that 
    tells me to back up. If you fail to pay attention to that, You will get Bitten.
    The knife is a very useful weapon on RE2 if you know how to use it. 
    It requires Timing, and knoweledge of Stabs, Judgement of Distance, 
    and An idea of how to work around an Enemy and Beat him DOWN! 
    all without taking too much damage. Never Give up when doing a knife run, 
    It requires practice, but I made this in hopes to show you from the start how 
    to think and use the knife, so that practice goes by pretty fast. 
    If you Get killed, whoop-tee-doo, Dont fret. 
    I Have been Killed over 50 times doing knife onlies, 
    and will continue to do so for as long as i play RE. 
    Those guys on youtube doing Knife only Runs without damage 
    and under and hour is just from mind numbing constantly replaying the game. 
    It seems out of Your reach huh? Just cant do it? well neither can i friend. 
    I've done alot of knifing runs, but I have fun, 
    Rushing and Avoiding enemies is just no fun. 
    I take the time to kill the enemies and if i get killed, oh well ive had fun.
    If you get far and die, dont worry. 
    Save often, One day will come when you too can Beat it blindfolded. 
    In the meantime, dont be afraid of the enemies, Fight them, be clever, 
    And one day you will find yourself beating it Just like the Guys on Youtube.
    Alot of guides say to avoid enemies, but if you Do, 
    and your still new to using your knife, You just wont understand how to 
    utilize it in the face of Bosses. 
    So go out of your way to fight them zombies,
    Knife them well, and try to keep them butterflies out of your stomach cause 
    you think a knife is not a match for your enemies, You are at the advantage 
    if you Think about it. 
    Your faster, You can think and you can plot strategy, 
    so you are at the advantage, try to realize that. It'll help.
    Since your main enemies is Zombies, 
    Making them the most encountered enemy in the game, and they rarely are ever
    seen alone, You will begin practice on them, and the combos used on them
    will give you the idea of what a Knife combo is and how you should use it.
    Now, there is no given type of combo that should be used all the time.
     That would be pointless, you would learn only that combo and not understand
     how to utillize it properly and Eliminate your enemy quickly. 
    Your basic idea for a combo is when you Run into a Zombie, these are the same
     basic steps to use no matter the situation they must always be in your mind. 
    You must consider these things before you take on a zombie(s).
    When a zombie(s) is Encountered You must immediately;
    1. Judge the distance between you and It. 
    Can you Get one stab in without getting bit? if you can, Take it, If not, 
    back up until you can.
    2. Environmental limitations
    You dont need a Long corridor and a Large open space to knife a single Zombie,
    you can do it in a small area. 
    But you must take in account whether or not you can stab without 
    Jamming your knife.
    3. Is the Zombie's Friends Nearby?
    If his "Pals" are Close you must Judge whether or not you can take them,
    if the are Overwhelming, Close together, and You are pinned, with no room to 
    lure, it is wise to utilize the DOMINO EFFECT, See below.
    4. Ranges
    If he is just beyond range, Attack Downward Stabs until you hit it Twice 
    if you can, Then back up until you believe your in a better position, 
    and hit him with a straight stab and finally and upward stab, he should fall.
    5. Can i avoid it?
    if you can avoid the enemy, Do so wisely. See dodging, below.
    It should be noted that these 4 steps are not always back to back and 
    should not be followed as such, but #1, #3, and #2 should be kept in mind 
    when a zombie is encountered. there are several  different 
    Ways to defeat the zombie, but you must know that your strategy and 
    environment will effect the method of attack.
    When attacking, the basic steps are:
    1.Get to a better position, preferably one that will give room to move 
    strategically and allow escape.
    2. Begin attacking downward Before zombie is in range, 
    you might get 2-3 stabs in, then back up, the upward stab might 
    not be able to be used without Being bitten.
    3.When you Back up get out of range and stab twice more 
    (5 to 7 Stabs are needed to drop a zombie) then try another Upward stab.
    4.When the zombie drops run to where he faces opposite of, 
    or to his side and stab downward, so that way you can take 
    advantage of his weakness.
    5. Continue until he is dead or down.
    Ive done several dodges and swerves during knife runs to know that you must 
    learn this skill and how to use it effectively, you cant just Fight every 
    enemy on the map, You must learn to attack an enemy whoms weakness 
    youve already mastered. 
    Each enemy is different, and so is the strategy for dispatching them.
    A. Domino effect
    When zombies are Close together and you are outnumbered, 
    sometimes you must take a hit to gain an escape route.  
    This Strategy is best utilized in Tight spaces with no escape route. 
    To use it, wait until the zombies are close together, run forward and 
    let the first one bite you. Leon or Claire will Knock the biter back, 
    He'll fall into one zombie, he the other, so on and so forth until all have 
    fallen or been affected.
    Alot of things can go wrong though, if you misjudge the Time to be bitten, 
    You will knock the first biter off and he'll knock down the zombies 
    behind him, Meanwhile the furthest ones back move in and bite you 
    One after the other until you are On Danger and this can result in severe 
    damage and the loss of a precious healing item. Judge wisely...
    Success rate 45%
    B. Luring
    In order to Lure a zombie you must first understand, A zombie Will 
    always Shuffle towards you, So this being the fact, you can get him to hug a 
    wall and walk towards you allowing you the oppurtunity to 
    Run past him by hugging the opposite wall. 
    This works well in tight hallways and the likes, and you will use 
    this method often naturally when fighting a zombie with your knife. 
    To use the method, hug the wall opposite of the one your going to hug 
    and use to run past a zombie.
    The Lure is effective to get past a zombie, even a cerberus, 
    but be wary if there is not enough room to Run past the zombie or Enemy, 
    you may get attacked. This is also true for Lickers, 
    they are hard to get past due to their quick claw swipe.
    Success rate 80%
    C. Swerving
    In order to manuever through enemies, this Method requires good coordination 
    and speed. It is difficult and it all depends on Your reflexes.
    Nothing fancy though, Just find an opening and try to take it, 
    Do not stop and stay on your toes, It all differs really, you either Hug a 
    wall or swerve between them, if you stop you may be killed depending how 
    overwhelming the Horde is. Just try to get to the exit, 
    Though getting bit is just another step to the road of Greatness...
    Success rate 50%
    *Success rates Are solely Based on my Experience, Not actual statistics...
    III. Enemies 
    There are numerous types of enemies in RE2, the biggest difference being 
    Some are more frequently seen and others only in certain areas. 
    These are the most common.
       ZOMBIES                +
    Some are fast, some are slow, All of them are taller than you! 
    save the Lady zombies,(did somebody Whistle?) 
    Yuck! Zombies generally are dumb but in mass numbers they are Deadly. 
    Most are slow but some of them Actually run, or um, Shuffle really fast. 
    Now, you cant out limp these guys, So dont get injured, 
    but you can out manuever them, and if you just cant avoid injury, 
    Run out of the room and back, this should reset them and make them slow, 
    another method is just keep running from them and they'll soon tire. 
    Most zombies are Cops, others are different, and they all vary. 
    They take 18-25 stabs to kill. some have even taken nearly 40 hits, 
    but that is rare and on normal mode. zombies fall every 5 to 8 stabs.
    Slow, Cumbersome, Follows player and allows space 
    for avoidance or Dodging methods. 
    Only face one direction to attack, allowing player to get behind them, 
    and slash them.
    Strengths: Numbers, the more there are, the harder to avoid damage. 
    And the Hyper zombies or "Quick shufflers" are hard to knife effectively.
    These guys are Doberman, and are dangerous and swift to kill and attack.
    Facing them with a knife, well, Youll need lady luck on your side. 
    These guys are FAST... with a capital F. 
    They will chew you down to size, its better to just avoid them. 
    Knifing them however, its best to wait for them to slowly get into knife 
    range, if you get too close you will set them off. 
    Then they'll run unpredictably around you and attack at random. 
    In groups you dont stand a chance, especially cornerned. 
    They too can be lured with patience, but there is no sense in fighting them. 
    Most can be out ran or out manuevered. If you wish to fight, knife them while
    they are slow mode and close in fast to deliver 5-10 stabs to kill. 
    You are best to avoid them though.
    Weaknesses: When they are down, they can be stabbed helplessly to death, 
    If you dont get too close, they will usually walk slowly toward you and will 
    get within knife range less than 3 seconds before their First attack and 
    Hyper Mode Ensues. 
    Attack downward Always against them.
    Strengths: In packs of 2 or more, Knifing one on the ground to death is a 
    Chore, a chore in which youll fail. 
    Usually as you try to finish one off and it helplessly yelps, 
    another will Pounce you from behind, whilst the other recovers. 
    They are Fast, Quick, unpredictable. They also dont always
     follow player directly, some approach at an angle.
    These guys are killing machines with Claws and A Sharp Pointed tongue. 
    They have several moves with which will kill you under any 
    other condition than Fine. 
    They are Blind, Naked and look like peeled Lizards. Their Brains protrude 
    where their eyes should be, They climb Walls and Have a flying 
    leap that will decapitate you. 
    If you can stay behind them, you can knife them but they will always 
    turn quickly so try to learn them. 
    They swipe with either Claw and attack unpredictably. 
    It usually takes 7-15 stabs to drop one. 
    Cousin is the Hyper licker, they are meaner and Stronger, 
    and have a Green tint to them.
    Weaknesses: They are blind, so they follow only sound. 
    If you run, they will pursue you. 
    Its best to try and avoid them and its a little easier than 
    most others due to them being blind.
    Strengths: They dont seem to notice your knife attacks so they do 
    not fall down. They will continue to attack you and they will last longer 
    than you if you exchange blows to see who wins, trust me. 
    They have a leap that will Close the distance between 
    you quickly and they crawl fast.
    Black birds that appear in only 1 room on RE2.
    They Dish out light damage and attack swiftly. 
    Its easy to just run past them as they are difficult to manually aim and hit.
    Just run past them, 1 knife hit to kill.
    Weaknesses: Light damage, Easy to run from
    Strengths: Fast, Airborne and random patterned flight, Knifing them is 
    PLANT 42
    Green plant like things with Vines for limbs. 
    They spit poison and Are hard to knife without damage. 
    They appear in the Lab. They are better to just be outran.
    Getting behind them to attack doesn't Work as they can 
    Completely turn around by flipping their head.
    Weaknesses:Very slow
    Strengths: Spit poison, Hit you one last time 
    after dead in an attempt to kill you.
    Poisonous moth In the Underground level. 
    Only appears once and can be easily avoided. 
    its a giant moth and takes about 15-30 stabs to Kill.
    Weaknesses: Not intelligent, but will fly to attack you. 
    It plops around randomly.
    Strengths: Doesnt seem to respond to your Stabs.
    Huge tarantulas, they poison you and Cause medium damage. 
    They also Run across the ceilings spitting poison on you which will make 
    you search in vain for a blue herb before you die. 
    10-12 stabs to kill
    Weaknesses: Hard for it to turn around, stay behind it to avoid damage. 
    Easy to avoid.
    Strengths: Poisonous, while they are easy to avoid, 
    their poison will affect you long after they are dead if 
    you Get Bit or spit on and dont find a blue herb.
    IV. Thanks and Rights
    All Gaming sites may host my RE2 knifing guide
    This guide may be used for Personal use only, it is not to be sold, 
    and it is not to be used or posted any where else online 
    but The gaming sites i post it on.
    This is my work and it shall not be used for any other purpose 
    than to be used for Help with Resident evil 2.
    It may not be used for any other purpose or downloaded.
    It may be printed for personal use, But not for selling. 
    All rights of this guide belong to me.
    Resident Evil 2 is property of Capcom 
    and all rights belong to Capcom. 
    It is a registered trademark of Capcom and it is a work of Capcom 
    Respectively. All Products, and characters are solely the work of Capcom
    and not my own, nor is Anything About resident evil 2 or resident evil 2 
    my own, Save this Guide/FAQ.
    Thank you capcom for touching my childhood with The macabre! 
    i loved it then, i love it now!
    This FAQ be not be reproduced under any circumstances
     except for personal, private use. 
    It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any 
    public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

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