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Reviewed: 06/29/09


After my fantastic experience on Resident Evil Code: Veronica, my somewhat good experience with Resident Evil 1, and the further great experience I had on Resident Evil 2, it came time to finish my Resident Evil play-time on Sega consoles, and the beginning of the end was with the third game: Nemesis. Its such a great game, though I feel it does not hold a candle to its predecessors, or its incredible sequel. Starring Jill Valentine (which for me, is a bad thing as I hate her), Nemesis is a Resident Evil of a different breed, both in game play, and in terms of enemies. Speaking of game play, it will start us off.

Game play: 9/10

As with every other Resident Evil, still not perfect, but not far off. Minor gripes abound everywhere in Nemesis (they control scheme was already nearly perfect {and the same!} for the first Resident Evil, the second, and Code: Veronica, why did you have to change it around, Capcom?), though they do not detract from the game play too much. Being introduced into the control scheme is a target button, which is used when there are multiple targets that can be shot at. While helpful in some instances, in other instances, it can be quite frustrating (especially the penultimate battle). Speaking of the penultimate battle, a huge difference from other Resident Evils (well, if you never play through the B scenarios in Resident Evil 2), is the character Nemesis. This Tyrant is an incredible nuisance, as he appears everywhere, and sometimes, when you least expect it. Most of the time he can be killed, and if you do kill him in hard mode, then you will receive a weapon upgrade/ammunition/related item (though in the other modes, you can just avoid him altogether, and only kill him at the end of the game). Nemesis also introduces a new, "quick decision," mode, that occurs when you face Nemesis himself at certain times, and once without Nemesis. It adds a bit of variety to the game, and changes it up a little bit. Another addition to the game is a, "dodge," button, that can be used when facing any enemy (simply press the button before the B.O.W. can attack, and voila, you dodge the attack!), and use it often, as it is an invaluable tool. One final game play addition, is randomization. For the first time ever in a Resident Evil game, rooms, puzzles, even enemies, are randomized, and just because a certain enemy was in one room your first time through, does not mean that it will be there your second time through, or even your third time, etcetera. Everything else in Resident Evil: Nemesis is classic Resident Evil; a scary gore-fest, with puzzles and enemies galore! Something that is different though, is the story.

Story: 10/10

It is the day before the events of Resident Evil 2, and Jill Valentine is somehow still hanging around the G-Virus infected Raccoon City. She sees the deterioration around her, and she must get out of there as soon as possible! With new allies, and a terribly persistent Nemesis (pun intended) constantly hounding her, she is near escape, when the Nemesis destroys a chopper. After waking up, it is a new day, though the threat of yesterday still haunts Jill. She learns that a nuclear missile is headed towards Raccoon City, in order for the threat of the G-Virus to be eliminated. Will Jill make it out alive? And what of Nemesis himself? The Resident Evil storyline is one of the best in video game history, and Nemesis is no exception. The same can be applied to the graphics.

Graphics: 9/10

Nemesis looks virtually identical to Resident Evil 2, and this can especially be seen in the locations that you previously visited in Resident Evil 2 (Raccoon Police Department, just to name an example). The same can be said for the FMV cut-scenes, which all look as sharp and detailed as they did in Resident Evil 2. This is not a bad thing though, as Resident Evil 2, and Nemesis both look fantastic on the Dreamcast, and fairly detailed. Jill looks great in her FMVs, though less impressive during regular cut-scenes and game play. The sounds are also top notch.

Sounds: 8/10

Creepy. I got goosebumps for the first time since the first Resident Evil when Nemesis was chasing me down hallways (though that is due more to him himself, rather than the sounds), and the creepiness of the music was a major factor. You do get a greater sense of fear from Nemesis than Resident Evil 2, or Code: Veronica when it comes down to the music, and the sound effects. The zombies sound more terrifying, and at the same time very over the top. The highlight of the sounds though has to be the much improved voice acting, and Nemesis himself. Whenever you hear the awesome sound of, "STARS!!" you know he is around, and you know what you have to do. How is the replay for Nemesis?

Replay ability: 7/10

(wow, I graded Resident Evil 2, and Nemesis exactly the same... hmm...)

Other than the Mercenaries mini-game (where you must disarm a bomb), and the epilogues to each character once the game is completed multiple times (though it is just a screen-shot sized description, and thus it does not give one much motivation to complete the game simply to see that), there is not much to play through once you complete the game in ten hours or so (and quicker if you are a veteran).

Buy or rent?

If you can rent this title, then by all means rent it, though I suggest purchasing it. Why would you not want to own a Resident Evil game?

Now, while I did grade Resident Evil 2 the same as Nemesis, I feel that Resident Evil 2 is the better game, simply because the two characters provide more variety, and a much more satisfying experience (plus, Jill or Claire? I'll take Claire any day of the week thanks very much). Again though, this is not to say that Nemesis is a bad game, as it is a great and challenging experience, that every Resident Evil or Survival Horror fan should undertake. Catch the fever, the G-Virus Fever! "But it's true that once the wheels of justice began to turn, nothing could stop them. Nothing! It was Raccoon City's last chance... And my last chance, my last escape..."

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (US, 11/17/00)

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