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"With an interesting twist of a story, enhanced graphics with tons of replay value, you'll never leave this game alone..."

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis has already been out for the Playstation so, another port to the Dreamcast is very welcoming. The graphics are enhanced even more by utilizing the Dreamcast’s capabilities, while the gameplay, secrets, music and the rest are still the same. The same haunting game as before has maintained its blood and gore, animated violence with all sorts of horrible flesh-eating things that will scare you a lot, definitely.

Graphics – 9
The graphics are undeniably much better that the Playstation version. The 3D modeling of the characters, zombies and other monsters are simply perfect, with everything in detailed, from the clothes, blood and the way the character walk or limp are realistic. Not to mention that the colours are still quite the same, almost black at certain areas as it looks as if it’s at night to make it look duller and terrifying. The background itself do no enhancements either, except that it looks as if part of the object that you are likely not to notice.

Sometimes, you’ll see flies around the garbage bins, corpse tore off with either the head gone or other parts of the body destroyed completely. The light source is certainly great, as if lights up certain part of the area and looks wonderful in the game. Real-time cut-scenes which uses the modeling of the characters to move about by computer-controlled are just nice and it always appear in the game. The best part is, the FMV sequence when it appeared sometimes are almost real and shines off the best of all graphics in the whole game.

Music – 9
Still the same old dragging tune with zombies walking past by mumbling nonsensical “Ugghhh…” as if to tell you to kill them. The sound effects sound real enough with many examples to show. Walking on different things will produce different sounds, like walking on a metal thing will make clanking sounds while others like hard ground will make tip-tapping sounds from the footprints. Humourous shouts of “Help me…!” occasionally are definitely funny, as Capcom had made it too real.

The background music are almost the same as Resident Evil 2. It will appear on places with different music that will frighten you out. Example, when a bunch of monsters run towards you, you will hear the background music changing into a fast, rapid soundtrack and until you finish all of them, the music will either change into another or stop completely. The voice acting parts are cool for all parties, all of them suit very well with characters in different personalities. The boss that you will always meet, Nemesis will always mumble “S.T.A.R.S.…” all the time when you encounter him.

Gameplay – 10
For other reasons, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis seems to be the best game of all of the Resident Evil series, after Resident Evil: Code Veronica and I think it’s true. This game, although almost identical to the Playstation version with only enhanced graphics have new features and secrets that will let you become obsessed with this game. Even the beginning introduction will already tell you much or less about the game already, with the evil villain showing its four-layered teeth.

Shooting zombies or avoiding them will be quite common here. Always, your heart will jump up when zombies appear with a crashing loud sound when all starts to turn quiet, especially the music. Crows and dogs and all sorts of strange monsters will come forward towards you, and even after you had killed them on the place, they will appear occasionally on the same place. Apparently, all zombies are still as stupid as they appear in Resident Evil 2 but some of them may try and ‘play dead’ so you have to be careful about that.

Surprisingly enough, some puzzles are not at all hard but finding things to get you through are real tough. The puzzles are mostly random, but the answers are already programmed into it and will appear to be the same sometimes, because it is all randomized. Puzzles involving remembering the code numbers and letters and then use it are not that hard, but sometimes, you’ll have to pull certain switches and buttons in order to obtain certain item.

Controlling one of the S.T.A.R.S. members, Jill Valentine who also appeared in the original Resident Evil series, you are set out in Raccoon City once more, a zombie-infested place. You have to scrape through places by places in order to accomplish your mission, especially to destroy your rentless enemy, Nemesis who does not feel tired in saying “S.T.A.R.S.” repeatedly. This double-faced guy will appear from time to time in the game where you will have to fight against him a lot of times. Quite a tough work but good in the end.

There are many powerful weapons in the game, as well as some new items being introduced. You can use Gun Powder which will appear in different forms which is A, B and C. Using the Reloading Tool and combining the Gun Powder which has been mixed, you will make new ammo for your weapon and the more times you made the same type, the more enhanced your ammo will be. Luckily enough, there are still the same Herbs that will help to cure your life and there is now a First Aid Box which can store 3 First Aid Sprays, together. This brings in good news as you can save enough space for other items. Of course, you can still store unwanted items in the Item Box near the typewriter. Using the Ink Ribbon to use the typewriter will save your game.

A new feature is introduced to the game, the Live Selection mode. When some sort of dangerous event happens, two options will appear on the screen and you must quickly choose the right one because if it’s too late, you’ll have to proceed the scene manually. Choosing either one will not cause you to die except that it will either land you into a different place or it would be easier. When it is going to be the Live Selection mode, the screen will turn black and white and you will hear Jill’s heart beating. This prompts you to get ready and after you had chosen the right choice, sit back and watch the automatic scene.

Another reason why Dreamcast version is much better than the Playstation version is, because you can unlock the secrets easier. For example, you don’t even need to unlock the Mercenaries mode or the extra costumes for Jill. The costumes can be selected when you start in the new game and there are eight all together while the Playstation had only five, even after you had unlocked them all together. The Mercenaries mode, which will already appear in the game without having you to unlock it is one fun game that called itself “Operation Mad Jackals”. The Epilogues too, can be unlocked by going either the Easy mode or Hard mode which is cooler than the Playstation version because you need the Hard mode to unlock all Epilogues.

On that mode, you can take control of three characters to navigate through the game, Carlos, Mikhail and Nicholai, all hired mercenaries from Umbrella. Your mission is to make through the city under two minutes and reach the targeted place while saving 6 survivors in different places. In order to get more time and money, you’ll have to shoot zombies and in order to survive, you’ll need to remember not to waste any ammo, recovering items and time unnecessarily as they’re vital in order to win the game. To make matters worst, you’ll encounter the bad villain of the game, Nemesis, a few times so it’s wise to have a good strategy planned. Even if you die earlier, you can get money but only little so getting enough money will allow you to use weapons with unlimited ammo when you start a new game. Cool.

Controls – 6
Yes, the controls are real tough for beginners and non-Resident Evil players. Dino Crisis players will be happy though as the controls are just almost the same. Tapping the right or left button will make Jill turn around to the direction you are tapping while pressing the up button will make Jill walk forward, no matter which direction you are facing while the down button will make Jill walk backwards. L and R buttons are both for aiming, A button is for run, B is to bring up the menu, X is for Action/Shoot while the Y button is to bring up the city map. The controls are quite hard to remember but with luck and time and inner intelligence, hopefully, you can remember the controls easily.

Story – 9
Jill Valentine finds herself in Raccoon City once more. Most people are confused whether Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was supposed to be a sequel or prequel where it is actually both. The first half of the game, is 24 hours before Resident Evil 2 (that means a few moments after the original Resident Evil) and the second half of the game (when you take in control after Carlos) is supposed to be 24 hours after Resident Evil 2. The story can be quite confusing but if you are an avid player and have completely finished playing Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2, there are no problems in recognizing the story.

Replay Value – 8
There are simply many things to do, after completing Resident Evil 3. The secrets this time, are certainly much better than Resident Evil 2 as you can get infinite ammo for different type of weapons by playing the secret mode that you have unlocked. The Mercenaries mode will certainly get you addicted to it, as it was already in the game when you first start it while the Playstation version requires you to unlock it by finishing the game. You don’t even need to unlock more secret costumes as you can choose between eight (only five in the Playstation, the maximum that you can unlock!) so you can see why the Dreamcast version surpasses the other version.

Overall – 9
A massive improvement after Resident Evil 2, although you can only take control of one character, Jill Valentine. The graphics are certainly good, and the overall scariness are definitely high, almost as scary as Resident Evil 2. Of course, this is my suggestion to you: Get a friend or someone to be together with you, unless you are a super-brave person or have already played all sorts of Resident Evil series frequently till you get used to it. Remember, choose this game if you dare… and if you care.


+ Definitely the enhanced graphics are the best!
+ Lots of replay value, and tons of secrets to keep you coming back!
+ Obviously the story, which will get you obsessed with the game!


- Horrible controls, for the second time I’m saying.
- Unless you are a zombie-lover or brave enough, stay out of this.
- You’ll get thoroughly addicted to this, despite its scariness and high rating of maturity for its animated violence, blood and gore.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/17/00, Updated 12/17/00

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