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"Just a Resident Evil 3 Upgrade."

This is surely one of the best games ever. As the 3rd installment to the popular and excellent Resident Evil series, this one will surely shock and surprise you more than the first and second Resident Evils. Jill now returns in an exciting escape from Raccoon City. With Zombie's on the loose, Jill and her partner, Carlos tries to solve the mystery of the virus and the Umbrella company while blasting those zombies away. Not to mention, a new nemesis far more powerful than the tyrants is on the loose. Here's my criteria for judging the game.

Gameplay/Controls (9 pts): Resident Evil 3's gameplay is very much like the previous 2 games. You get to have the weapons and ammo and you just keep on blasting the zombies along the way. One of the great things about Resident Evil is that, there are puzzles that are challenging enough to twist your brains. You need to complete certain tasks in order to move on through the story. Also, a popular attraction of the game is its surprise element. The previous 2 games has some shocking scenes that will put you at the back of your seats. Well, this game sure has a lot of it. For the controls, it's more easier to control than the PSX version. The movements smoothly follows the controller. You won't have trouble wandering and searching around.

Storyline (10): The story of the game is excellent. Capcom was able to punch in the story of Jill's escape inside the story of the previous Resident Evil. One good thing about a story of a game is that when you first wonder what will happen and what's happening in another part of the story, and how is this related to this particular event. This game, will keep have you thinking about the story a lot. It's confusing at first, but all is made clear as you progress through the game.

Graphics/Sounds (10 pts): The graphics is better than ever. with the power of the Dreamcast, Resident evil 3 has never been so good. It's way better than the PSX version. It's more smooth and it's not blocky anymore. The sounds are amazing, especially the sounds of the guns and moaning of the zombies. The sound effects of the surprising scenes are also excellently done.

Replay Value (7 pts): Talking about the replay value, the actual game itself is pretty boring if you keep on playing again and again. The story will still be the same as well as the enemies. You can try different difficulties though. Now, one good this about this game is a mini-game. You can play and play and rack up points. This is enjoyable and is challenging at the same time.

As a conclusion, I suggest you try this one out if you haven't bought a copy yet. It's great storyline and gameplay will surely keep you at the edge of your seats. So, go now and buy the 3rd installment of the Resident Evil series, you won't regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/19/00, Updated 12/19/00

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