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Reviewed: 10/25/01 | Updated: 03/24/03

Resident Evil 3 melts together into a digital masterpiece.

After the already super successful version of Resident Evil 3 (RE3) on the PSX and the semi-successful version for PC, RE3 hits the DC in it's best form yet! Review starts now!


You're Jill Valentine of the S.T.A.R.S. team. Your mission. Get out of Raccoon City alive. Sound simple? It's not. The storyline of this game is basically the same thing as RE2. Even the timeline of the game intertwines with RE2. Basically Raccoon City has been overrun by blood thirsty zombies and other undesirables...your job is to get the hell out of there. There are quite a few complications along the way, though. Like the group of mercenaries you'll run into, there are quite a few roadblocks which prevent you from just strolling down Flatbush Ave. to the city limits, oh yeah, and there's also this 8 foot tall bioweapon who's around seemingly every corner that wants to rip your cute little head off of your cute little body. No biggie, right?


This is RE at it's finest! This game introduced the 180 quick turn, the dodge button, and ammo creation to the RE series. These new features are so important to the game, without them, you'd probably be dead in no time. Why do I say that? Nemesis. That's why. He's the 8 foot tall bioweapon that I mentioned earlier. He's fast, he's strong, he has a rocket launcher, and he want's you dead. You'll do battle with this behemoth a set number of times, whether you choose to fight him or not is your decision most of the time. Although fighting is preferable since you get numerous items from his undead body. Without the dodge button and 180 quick turn fighting Nemesis would be damn-near impossible. Other REs have bosses that just stand this one, the boss comes at you! Thank you, Capcom for acknowledging that and giving us a means to fight it. Now, I'm going to talk briefly about the ammo creation. As you walk around the ruins of Raccoon City you'll find small bottles of gun powder. You can actually mix these items together to get different types of ammo, which basically means that you can have whatever kind of ammo that you want. This is a great idea and I wish Capcom would have implemented it into CODE: Veronica (X). Overall the gameplay of this game is the most advanced in the RE series, surpassing CODE: Veronica very easily. Great job Capcom!


The graphics are barely better than it's old PSX counterpart. The polygon count is exactly the same, the only real improvement graphically is the higher resolution character and enemy models. The prerendered backdrops also got a hi-res makeover. A pretty 'bleh' job on Capcom's part. The graphics are decent, but they're sure not up to normal Dreamcast standards.

Music and Sound Effects:

As with most RE games the music really sets the mood, most of the time it isn't noticeable but when you encounter Nemesis, or some other pivotal point, the music becomes VERY tense. As with other RE games, the most noticeable track is the ''Save Room''. Such beautiful music. The sound effects are standard RE, they're loud, true, and pretty believable.

Extras for the DC version:

Well...Capcom kind of forgot to add things to this version of RE3. This really surprises me because RE2 for DC, which came out before this one at least had art and movie galleries. (among other things) The extras here are the exactly the same as the PSX version. You've got the Mercenaries minigame, which is very similar to the Extreme Battle Mode of RE2, and you've also got a neat little feature called ''Epilogues''. The numerous epilogues are very interesting if you're willing to unlock them all. There are also a set of extra costumes for Jill to wear during the game, from her default blue tube-top and mini skirt, to a sexy leather cat-suit, to a full blown Regina (Of Dino Crisis fame) costume. The outfits/costumes are kind of cool but don't really offer anything important to the game besides seeing Jill in sexy clothes. (which is definitely what Capcom was aiming for) The only real differences between these extras for the DC and the extras for the PSX version are that the DC's come unlocked, unlike the PSX where you had to unlock them all. For the DC, the Mercenaries mode comes unlocked, as do all of Jill's outfits, she does get 2 new outfits for the DC version. The only things that need unlocking are the Epilogues, which you receive one for each time you beat the game. It's still different from the PSX version, though, in the PSX version you'd get an Epilogue for beating the game on Hard, in the DC version, you get an Epilogue for both difficulty levels.


I love this game. It's as simple as that. It offers the most advanced gameplay in the RE series and it's also the most action packed. Nemesis is a great enemy and really gets your blood pumping. The music's flawless and so are the sound effects. Resident Evil 3 melts together into a digital masterpiece.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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