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Reviewed: 12/31/01 | Updated: 12/31/01

Great Port! But that (alone) will not make the cut...

Resident Evil... Sweet words to anyones ears that have a taste to this compelling genre. This series has taken people places that they never have been before. There were two brilliant pieces of work before this, so it is only natural to get hyped about this game (especially since it came out to a system that is more powerful then the PSX!). But does this game (as well as its new Dreamcast port) deliver? Yes and no. Here is what I have to say:

A Dream Come True
CONTROLS (10/10):
This has always been a strong point for these games and this shows here. There are a few new moves that are extremely helpful. One of them is the ''dodge'' move. Believe it or not, this move has been long anticipated and has been on everyone's nerves on why this beautiful trick wasn't in the other games (well at least the people that have played this series before). Well, it is in this one and you will probably be using it quite a bit, for it will bail you out of most (and I mean most) threats that oppose you. The other one that was semi-helpful was the ''knee shot'' move. It does exactly what it sounds like and that is where the character will get on his/her own knee and fire their weapon from their position. Although this move does not seem to ''glow'' as much as much as the slick ''dodge'' move, it does, however, have its moment to shine later in the game. There are a few other new controls that are semi-helpful, but the ones I explained are most dominant (usage wise). There is a ''180 spin move'' in this too, but I (myself) never found it to be very useful. But what about the new controller configuration for the Dreamcast, will it take some time getting used too? My answer: No. The only way I can think of on why it would be foreign is that you just recently got your Dreamcast and you haven't got the hang of the controller quite yet. Other than that, I think the controls are easier on the Dreamcast controller because of the controller's unique set up.

Final Statements: I will admit this: the controls have come a long way from its predecessors. The Dreamcast not only makes it more comfortable to handle, but also doesn't ''sneak'' a new configuration by you. This means that it is basically the same configuration only with a new controller. This will be a blessing to Resident Evil fans, as well as new comers to this series.

The Dream Is Starting To Turn For The Worse
Game Play (8/10):
People that have never experienced the power of the Resident Evil series on the PSX will have more of the advantage (believe it or not). Why is this, you ask? Well, the reason for this is that the only problem with this series is that it never is any different from its predecessors. It's the same exact ''find the key to advance'' formula that has not only become old but also will leave some disappointed. This game (also, I might add) has quite a bit of puzzles in it. Some of them are mind boggling where you might find yourself going through a strategy guide, but on the other hand, some are just plain out dumb, aggravating and don't seem to make too much sense. It seems that CAPCOM wants to take the old linear style game play formula and twist it into something that not only involves using your wits in most parts of the game, but also involves skill in order to succeed throughout the game. What I mean by this is that this game is pretty straight forward on ''where you have to go next'' (like in a linear game) but also involves backtracking to solve puzzles that get you keys to advance (as you would in strategy games). They do a pretty good job on the delivery of this interesting formula that they came up with, so I'll end it there.
A new feature that this game has to offer is an enemy that is quite troublesome. This enemy is called ''Nemesis'', and don't get me wrong, it lives up to its name. This creature makes appearances so frequently that the consistency of its appearances are almost a factor of fear in its self. It will show up every 6-7 minutes and will put up a pretty big fight. Needless to say, you'll either hate or love having to fight in a boss fight every 6-7 minutes. The last new feature is the ''live action'' choice feature. Without going into too much detail, you'll be given 2 choices (during the sequence in which it occurs) on what to do which will influence later parts of the game. This was the only new feature that seemed kind of pointless (in my opinion).

Final Statements: The truth is, this formula was unique when the game first came out. CAPCOM seemed to have gone with that attitude of ''If it's not broken, why fix it?'' when they were coming up with a formula for this game. Nemesis is quite interesting, though, and will add a little bit more excitement. I deducted one extra point off due to length of the game (it's quite short).

The Dream Turns Into a Nightmare!
Story (3/10):
What?! Why did this get such a low score?! I'll tell you why. This got a low score because it seems to have no relevance, what so ever, to any of the other Resident Evils. The only similarities that this game has with the others is some of the characters are the same, and, of course, the zombies. If this game was a separate series it probably would've received a better score. But it is not. I always looked at the Resident Evil series as one big story (with exception of the spin-off's, of course) because you always had to play a certain part of this series in order to understand the next (example- you had to play RE 2 to understand RE: Code Veronica). In this however, there really is no point in playing the game because you will not ''unravel hidden secrets about characters'' or ''end this madness in Raccoon City''. The story is quite simple really: You take the roll of Jill Valentine (a veteran from the first Resident Evil) and now must escape from the rubble that was once Raccoon City before it was destroyed by a virus that turns people into zombies. The action is pretty intense in this game because unlike the first one that Jill starred in, instead of just a few dozen of people being turned into zombies, basically the whole city is flooded with zombies. All this action you face will seem pointless even before you reach the end. For, unlike the other RE's where you would fight for your life to bridge up the gaps in the story, you never seem to ''bridge the gaps''. It never seems to come together and at some points will leave you saying ''What the heck?''.

Final Statements: This aspect is one of the most important aspects in this series, in my opinion. If you played the other games you just might understand on why this section got a low score. Truly, people who haven't played this series before have an advantage because they won't really need the information of other games to play this, so that is about the only up note to this game's plot line. However, RE junkies will be disappointed to see little or no relevance to the whole series' plot line.

However, It Does Get Better
Audio and Visual (10/10):
There really isn't too much to say about this, because it has obviously been improved greatly from its original version on the PSX. The sound is a tad repetitive since all zombies sound a like but it does not get to the point of being annoying. Jill and the rest of the characters look excellent when it comes down to the graphics. The zombies are the only ones that haven't improved all that much, but still received a little bit of a makeover. Nemesis looks just awesome!
No Final Statements

Re-playability: (3/10)
Most likely if you got through it once, it is kind of pointless to bare through it again. The first time (I will admit) might be a joy to you, but it never reaches to the point of a game to play over and over again. There are different endings that correspond to the ''live action'' choices you make throughout game. But that just might not be enough to go through the game any more than once.

Buy or Rent?:
For people familiar with this series already, I suggest renting it to see if you are as disappointed as I am with this game. For new comers to the series, I still say rent because even with its flashy graphics, it might not cover up for the short length and the poor execution of story in the game. Overall: Rent!

DL's last words:
All in all, this game seemed more like an expansion pack for the Jill scenario of the first RE rather than a different game. Do not get me wrong, it's an incredible improvement from the original version. I just think it was the story that killed the experience for me. In other words: Good port, but being a ''good port'' just doesn't cut it!

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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