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Reviewed: 06/27/02 | Updated: 06/27/02

Resident Evil 3.....on DC.....Good? ......Nope

INTRO: I originally played Resident Evil 3 for Playstation and when I heard that it was going to make an appearance on Dreamcast, I said, ''Wow, another RE3 with upgrades and better everything''. That was before, this is now. I look at it, now and wonder why I wasted the $20. Here's why.

VISUALS: 7 (In-Game Graphics: 6, CGI: 7, Environments: 10)
This was probably the category I was most hyped about. I was looking forward to nice, smooth polygons like those of the RE2(DC/PC/N64 versions). However, I got a load of PSX poly's. They were slightly more detailed and slightly better textured but the polygons were still lacking in quality. Some people call the PSX poly's incomplete, shaky looking, flashy, etc. I saw the flash, the shake, the low-grade look of this DC game. Now the very first thing that I was appalled at the most was the CGI. The FMV sequences. They were very bright, off-textured and the FMV moved at a really slow rate. The people's movements are all blurred and over-acted. It wasn't slow enough to mess up the audio timing. But it comes close to doing so. Especially in the intro sequence. The environments are probably the most significant upgrade in this port. The environments are clearer but are very bright. This isn't awful but RE3 loses some of its eeriness to this ''upgrade''. However, I do like the clearer look so I won't complain 'cause either way those monsters still scare the cr*p out of you.

AUDIO: 7 (BGM: 7, SFX: 10, Voice-Acting: 7)
Now RE3(PSX) wouldn't be the king of RE today if it didn't have the Sound effects and eerie background music. Of course with it's somewhat corny voice-acting. (However, CAPCOM is getting better.) First, the BGM is pretty good. It always matches the mood and is absent when it needs to be. The only downfall that I find with it, is the fact it has been used before. RE and RE2 have many of the same themes that this game has. The SFX are very good and match every step, bark, slash, shot...Everything is great in this part of the category. The voice-acting is better than it has been, but it could do use some help. You'll have to see for yourself if you want to believe me. It hasn't change at all between the RE3(PSX) and RE3(DC).

RE3 is probably the most entertaining in the series, gameplay wise. It has addictive gameplay that isn't focused on story. Plus you can skip the cut-scenes if you wish. That's a nice feature to have in such a gameplay driven RE. The puzzles are challenging and even though you've played the game once, the puzzles change their combination of objectives to completing the enigma. This means that the puzzle changes its order to give a little more challenge for those having replay of it. There are new features, such as the dodge technique and 180-turn. These are great and used a lot. The dodge technique is pretty easy to execute. Just push the action/fire button at the right time before the monster attacks while holding the target button. The enemies are varied and have different techniques in “getting rid of the hero”. Plus with the new Nemesis creature the fear factor is GREATLY increased. Try playing through the game without killing him in the parts that are somewhat optional. Hehehe… Gameplay is the strongest category in this RE which is what I love. I can imagine you would, too.

RE3’s weakest point is the story. It’s really simple and over-used. The hero (heroin) escapes from the clutches of evil when she meets her love. They both try escape and try live happily ever after. THE END. That’s the gist of it. So this is what basically happens. The T-Virus has leaked out into Raccoon City. “Hey, didn’t that happen already in RE2?”, you are probably asking. Yes, but RE3 starts only a few hours before RE2 and ends a few hours after RE2. So it’s the prologue and epilogue of Raccoon City. Anyways, Jill Valentine (former S.T.A.R.S. member and main character of RE1) has turned in her badge and is escaping from the chaos of Raccoon. She encounters hoards of undead monsters on her way out and finds that a new monster has been sent out to finish the job that Albert Wesker (villain of RE1) failed to complete. DESTROY ALL S.T.A.R.S. MEMEBERS WHO WITNESSED THE INCIDENT AT THE MANSION LAB. Great, huh? Yup. So she is hunted throughout the urban maze of a city and encounters some of her “old” friends and finds Carlos Oveliera. An UMBRELLA mercenary who is sent in to clean up the company’s mistakes. So then their mission becomes clear. Escape the city, post haste. However, friends maybe foes. Foes maybe friends…. Who will you trust? How will you survive? These are the questions you will encounter throughout this game….so enjoy. Good luck! Mwahahaha!!

RE3 can be difficult and it can be very easy. Easier in the Dreamcast version, especially. See there is this mercenary mode that should be locked up like in the PSX version but for some reason it is unlocked from the very beginning. This allows you to get practice but too much practice in mercenary play and you can get your hands on some really strong fire power. Using these arms can make RE3 the push over of the series. However if you do the noble thing and play without getting the super fire arms, the game will be a lot more rewarding when you beat it. The EASY MODE is too easy for any challenge but most people start off with this mode anyways to get their feet wet when jumping into this game. Now for some strange cause, CAPCOM decided to omit a NORMAL MODE, so you have no choice but to struggle through the HARD MODE. This level of play is brutal and extreme. It will drive you to the edge of insanity, sometimes. Well, maybe that’s over doing it but it’s overly difficult especially from those just getting out of the pre-resident evil 3 stage. Now, I’ll focus on the bosses and enemies. There aren’t many bosses or major foes but the ones that are in this game are quite challenging. The NEMESIS topping the chart. He uses long range and short range tactics which can be quite difficult to dodge and avoid altogether. He will chase you like a rat chasing cheese and he will not give up. So be warned. The other foes aren’t too much of a problem but can be a hassle. Especially the gamma hunter who just loves ripping your h…Forget that. The puzzles are pretty difficult but they don’t require rocket scientist intelligence to solve. That’s it for difficulty.

This game would have more replay value if the secrets of the PSX version weren’t unlocked from the beginning. There are tiny bonuses for beating the game but nothing great. You can try to “completely beat the game” by playing through it 8 times which can be a very boring and tedious barrier to break through. Trust me. You will probably be spending a lot of time in the mercenary mode which is pretty nice and good change in speed. Plus you can get the special bonuses if you complete the “objectives”.
Not too much replay value in the actual main game unless beating it 8 times is considered “fun“.

You can’t rent it. Therefore buy it for Playstation. If you don’t have Playstation or PS2, then buy it for GameCube (coming soon and it might be better than this version, “might“). But if you don’t have that either and only have Dreamcast. Only then, buy it for Dreamcast.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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