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"An ultimately flawed game, good port though."

-It's March '03 as I write this and I can tell you right now, the graphics are amazing considering this game came out in 1999. Besides the REmake/RE0 and Code Veronica this game has some of the best graphics in the series. The derelict Raccoon City with all the rubble and garbage all over, it's very cool looking. The warzone-type setting is very well done, the level designs are VERY repetitive, but some of them still manage to be my favorite areas in the series. I'll quit rambling and just say I was impressed. As far as sound, what can I say? It's a Resident Evil game, the sound adds to the creepy feeling of the game quite a bit. When you enter a room and that suspenseful music starts going, you'll find yourself slowing to a walk being more careful. Very nice graphics and sound. However, those are the only positive things I can say about this game.

-Okay here I go, first off the story right off the bat sucks you in and you'll probably enjoy your first hour or so of playing quite a bit, however it is so repetitive after a while you'll be begging the game to end. (I was) At a certain point I actually thought the game was over and lo and behold I was only about half finished! But enough of me complaining about what a crappy time I had playing it I should probably tell you why eh?

-The game introduces some new features, you've got your 180 turn, you can dodge now. The dodge feature would obviously make the game easier, so bosses are a little more difficult. You can combine up to three first aid sprays into a med kit. But what's rather noteworthy is the ammo system; I hate it, partially because it makes no sense and also because it is hard to get used to (because it makes no sense). You start out with a reloading tool, and you have to find gun powder to make ammo (type A,B,C). You put in the powder, and ammo magically appears in your inventory depending on the powder used. I'll say again that the whole thing is ridiculous and they should have used regular ammo like in all the other games, it would make more sense to have gun powder instead of the R-Tool and you could find the various casings to put the powder in, whatever, I've made it a much bigger deal than it is. On to the next line of complaining.

-Now with out spoiling anything, see that guy on the cover? You are going to be so sick of him, very quickly. All I'll say is his role in the game is similar to that guy in the trenchcoat that follows you around in RE2 B Scenario(s). The game could have really done without that character, and all he really does is make the story a little more stupid.

-Another new feature in this game are the in-game decisions. Quite honestly I think it is a pretty cool idea, but they almost always have to do with that guy on the cover, if you make the wrong choice you have to fight him, so it really doesn't add much more depth to the game.

-I only played this game once on Easy at this point, and I really have no desire to do it again. Like I said the bosses seem to be just a little bit more difficult. But in easy mode you start out with a crapload of guns and you don't have to find Ink Ribbons you start out with infinite. (again this is on easy mode) The game took me six hours to complete. You also start out with the minigame ''The Mercenaries'' which is pretty cool. You earn money, which can be used to buy things for the main game, but I can't see anyone playing this one minigame for more than an hour or two. There are also eight documents to unlock each time you beat the game, still replay value is minimal. I've played RE1 a dozen times, RE2 four or five times so far, this game: once.

Bottom Line
-It's really a shame the game turned out as it did, because like I said, some of the areas in this game are some of my favorite in the series. However I think what really made this game bad for me was instead of being 50% action, 50% horror/suspense, it's like 80% action. Resident Evil 1 & 2 were so perfect as they were, having drastic and unnecessary changes in 3 did nothing but hurt it. If you're a Resident Evil fan, play the game somehow, I got it for 12 bucks on eBay, but I probably wouldn't pay any more, certainly not the $40 gamecube version. Casual fans, I suggest you stay away from this one.

overall score, 6.5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/17/03, Updated 03/17/03

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