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Reviewed: 08/08/03

Not your typical RE...

This review was written with the Sega Dreamcast version in mind.

If you are like me, and have played your fair share of video games, sooner or later you become desensitized towards a game\'s main villian. Yeah, they may act all tough, and may seem unstoppable, but you know in your heart that when the end credits roll they will have met a violent death by your hand. Sure, there are some exceptions, such as Lan Di from Shenmue or Revolver Ocelot from Metal Gear Solid, but those guys don\'t really \'\'scare\'\' you. RE3 changes all of that. It throws an invincible opponent, Umbrella\'s Nemesis, at you, and forces you to run the streets as RE vet Jill Valentine with the Nemesis after you. Needless to say, this leads to a lot of interesting cutscenes, not to mention a bunch of intense situations. Does Jill have the power to destroy the Nemesis, or will the advanced tyrant lead her to her bloody death?

If you want eye candy, RE3 looks decent enough, especially on the Dreamcast, PC, or GameCube. The one thing I dislike about the graphics is the way the zombies look. They look..weird, in some way. Not really what I\'d envision zombies to look like if they were real. Other than this little nitpick, the game is pretty decent looking. It hardly looks as good as RE Zero (obviously), or even Code: Veronica, but the visuals are still good enough to not drag the game down. The music in the game is very well done, especially the Nemesis\' main theme. Once again, voice acting could have been better, but this is a Resident Evil game, so the mediocre acting is perfect for the style of game that this is. One thing I didn\'t like were the zombie moans. They seemed (at least to me) to be too drastically different from the first two RE\'s that it didn\'t really make sense. I don\'t know, maybe it\'s just me.

For the all important gameplay, Capcom switched some things up. Instead of just mixing up herbs this time around, Jill has the option of mixing her own gun powder to suit her tastes. If she is going to battle Nemesis every chance she gets, she can mix the powder to make grenade rounds. If she wants to take out every zombie she sees, she can use the powder to create handgun bullets. In my opinion, this is one of the better innovations that Capcom made in RE3. I loved how it allowed you to customize the game to your liking. Another really cool new feature was the dodge move. Now instead of being helpless if you ran out of ammo, Jill can push zombies out of her way, duck under Nemesis\' swings, etc. Hell, this move is good even if you have a ton of ammo left, plus it makes the game a lot cooler to play. If there is a zombie after you, you can push the zombie out of the way, then if it happens to be near an explosive barrel, you can just shoot the barrel to take it out in one shot, which is another new addition. Yet another new gameplay feature (Capcom really went all out on new features for RE3) is the ability to choose what you want to do in certain circumstance. In one instance, Nemesis attacks, and a menu comes up, asking you if you want to attack the monster or run away. I also liked this feature, because it gave the game some much needed replay value, which is very important, since this game is pretty short. That is really why RE3 didn\'t score much higher, it just could have been a much longer game. Yes, RE3 does climax pretty well, but Capcom could have added a bunch of stuff to the main game, such as an RE2-esque situation with Jill and fellow main character Carlos. I wouldn\'t have minded playing through as Jill and then seeing what Carlos was doing while Jill milled around Raccoon. The level design also wasn\'t really that good. It just wasn\'t as fun running around Raccoon as it was the mansion or the police station, but level design didn\'t drag the game down as much as the shortness of RE3. One neat exclusive to the Dreamcast version of RE3 is VMU support that allows players to see the health of Jill without having to pause the game, which is a cool bonus not just for the DC version of RE3, but for the DC versions of RE2, RE3, and RECV.

Storyline wise, RE3 is ok, but nothing special. Basically, Jill decides that she wants to escape Raccoon before it is too late, and makes a go at it while the Nemesis is after her. She meets up with a few Umbrella hired mercenaries and they all work together to get out of the craziness that the T-virus has turned Raccoon into. However, there is a huge event that happens at the end of the game that makes it worth playing through to see. Believe me when I tell you that the ending of RE3 saves the entire RE3 story.

While some may not like the drastic changes that RE3 brought to the RE table, I personally liked them. The dodge move is an excellent way to get around the bad guys, the gun powder system gives the game more depth, and the explosive obstacles and the choose your own adventure style all add up to make RE3 a great entry in the series. Blowing heads off of the zombies has also never been more fun than in the unlockable minigame. Also, the RE3 epilogues, which tell what is happening to past RE characters such as Leon and Claire, are a great unlockable and add an extra incentive to beat RE3 over and over again. Either way you slice it, no RE fan should be without RE3.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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