Review by Captain Doormat

"Makes you wriggle and squirm with joy"

The only party game where you get to thrash your mates into oblivion, and have loads of fun doing it!

The Worms series is so old, that it has reached near perfection. Lemme explain how the whole thing works.
Worms is a simple, but stylish war game. You have a team of four worms, (which you can edit the names and gravestones of) and the basic idea is to wipe out the other teams worms and be the only ones left on the landscape. There is a lot of strategy in this. Standard issues are Bazookas, Grenades, and the likes. But with madcap game schemes that change the HP, turn time, and Rounds needed to win, you can enjoy the Sheep, Donkeys, Magic Bullets Holy Bombs, and more.. They all go down a blast (literally!!).
Worms have a HP limit, which varies depending on what mode and game scheme you are using. There a LOADS of modes!! Lets start from the top.
You can start a quick game against the computer, using all the standard settings. There is a training mode, in which you train with various types of weapons, such as the Bazooka and Fire Punch. And missions mode adds to the wormy fun! And the deathmatches, which pitch you against other teams in increasingly difficult battles are a challenge. A time attack mode is also there, quite like the missions. You aim to find the fastest method.
And, of course, there is the online mode! Does what it says on the tin :). Every thing is fast, and there is very rarely any lag. And there is usually no more than four people on the servers :(, which is a bloody shame. Get it while the servers are still up!!
There is a create a game mode, for multiplayer. Here, you choose landscapes, teams and if they are allied, HP, game scheme.. that sort of stuff. Make the perfect match for you!

2D worms, and cutesy but violent. They suit the game! The craters are nice and rounded, the background and foregrounds are smooth and sharp, as are the menus, that are a pleasure to navigate. The weapons are cartoony and cutsey, and are detailed adequately. Very eye pleasing. And its all very smooth as well. Fantastic stuff.

W00t! Decent sounds, bangs, and everything! Plus, there are speech banks, where you can choose what your worms sound like. Yup, you read that right. After they move, they comment on whats going on, like, ‘You blind sod’, or, ‘What the?’. They also comment while making shots. These comments can crack you up =).
The music is a fairly vaired affair, suiting the war style. The title screen music is amoung some of the best I have ever heard, seriously. All the sounds are original as well.

Challenge and Multiplayer:9/10
There is always a challenge in there somewhere. And multiplayer.. phew.. I’ll still be playing it in 30 years from now, I hope :). You always get loads of laughs from shooting each other up the arse, sending the worms flying.

Worms is a fantastic game, and this version knows that and flaunts it. Go out and buy it, if you don’t already have armageddon. If you have finished it, flog it, and get this. You know you want to.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/27/02, Updated 06/14/03

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