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"A Dreamcast must-have."

If you haven't already heard, Worms is a strategy-based game with many interesting elements. It was introduced in 1995, as Worms, on the PC. It did great. You never had so much fun in a strategy game, and on top of all of that, instead of being humans, or intergalactic races you were... Worms. Probably what made this game boom so much is that it's originality that it started in the genre. Let's admit it, if the first Worms ever was released today in modern gaming, then it wouldn't be so darn lucky. With it having so much competition like the Blizzard games, it would of been swept off it's feet.

<--> Visuals: 9.4/10 <-->

If you bought this game for complete eye candy, and nothing but to look at the awesome power of the Dreamcast, then you will be disappointed. This game pretty much sticks to the 2-D standards, only with a few 3-D things thrown in here and there.

With still sticking to the 2-D plot, Team17 packed plenty of animations with these little worms. Different actions accompany different Worms when you use different weapons. Speaking of weapons, the weapons have plenty of animation, color, and crisp look to them too.

To an overall extent, the visuals are definitely up to par with 2-D standards. The graphics are really full of animation, and color. And they surely won't disappoint you.

<--> Audio: 7.5/10 <-->

The audio is, to a very high extent, average. I don't really know if it's the sound or the music in this game, but there is something indefinitely sour about how it is.

Sounds effects and voice-overs all pretty crisp. The little voices that the worms occupy have a British accent to them. But, I guess the bad thing about the voices is that there are only really 5 different sound clips. While the ''What are you? Nuts?'' clip, and the ''Great Shot'' clip sound great the first few times, when you get into a real long game, they can be very tedious and annoying.

The sound effects are great at best. The sounds of the weapons that go off are on queue and sound very close to there real life counter-part (pistols, shotguns, grenades).

The music is below average. But I do add credit to Team17 for adding such originality to the track. But it just doesn't fit the theme to the game. When playing this game, you would be expecting war-like themes and maybe fun little tunes here and there. But no, you get music that sounds more suitable for something in Disney's Lion King. The only music I really like, is the main theme. That good-old' lovable worms theme is still here.

<--> Controls: 9.1/10 <-->

The controls are flat out very responsive, unique, and aren't too hard to learn. But the reason it isn't getting a flat-out 10 is because at times, they are very complex for no apparent reason.

When playing with a controller (you can also play with the keyboard), it is easy, and pretty easy to learn. But the complexities that you have to do just to get the worms name and health to show above them is imposturous. Instead of just pressing L to turn the worms name and health on or off, you have to press L+B. Even though that doesn't sound like a big deal, it is when you are just first getting use to the controls, and you accidentally turn it off without knowing how to turn it back on. L has no significant purpose during gameplay, so you can just pretty simply press L to get statistics back. Well, for some odd reason, they make us hold down B, too.

You can play with the keyboard, not only does it seem simple (note the word SEEM), but it isn't such a hassle to switch in between keyboard and controller. Well, don't get fooled bucko. If you thought the controller scheme got complex at times, you should get a taste of the keyboard. It takes 2 NASA scientists and a rotten banana to figure out and learn every command on the keyboard.

It is very not recommended that you use the keyboard, because it seems to be more of a hassle using it. Just stick to the controller and you will actually just be fine with this game.

<--> Gameplay: 8.4 <-->

Worms, to put it out straight forward, is a very, very fun game to play. This goes for all of the Worms games, including this one. The strategy-based system is very original, and the backgrounds are very original. But, if I do say so myself, this game brings literally nothing new to the series.

To get a glimpse of it, you start out with a team of worms (4 worms), and an arsenal of weapons. Then you are placed on a very large area map, with plenty of obstacles and dips and turns on the way. Your mission pretty much is to kill the other teams worms. You can drown them, blow them up, and even skunk them to death, as long as you kill them. This may all seem pretty easy, eh? That is exactly what they want you to think. ''Oh, I can just blow them up with a couple of bazooka shots, and I'll win'' you would say, oh no, how horribly wrong you are. Killing each worm takes precision aiming. It takes at least 2 shots to actually get an idea where your bombs are going to land near them. Also, like I said before, the area maps are full of obstacles and stuff in the way of your bullets, so some of the time you just have to easily blow stuff up to get through.

Playing 1-4 player is a blast. You probably won't ever get sick of this game when you have a few friends to play against. The computer is also pretty fun to play against. It takes a lot of time playing against it, though. Have of there turn they will just look around with a big '?' above there heads. But the AI isn't all peaches and cream, they have a tendency to make brilliant miracle aiming, and also be really stupid idiots. For instance, you will be on the complete other side of the map as the enemy, but then, he can magically blow a mortar your way and hit you dead on. At other times, you will right in front of his face, and he will literally kill himself and some of his teammates as he shoots a bomb barrel with a pistol.

Another thing that this game fails to bring is actually newer modes. Sure, you have online multiplayer, but that gets incredibly slow, incredibly boring, and incredibly buggy. You have Death match Mode (Play to raise your teams statistics), 1-P mode (where you can just simply play), Multiplayer mode (where you and some friends with controllers can duke it out Worms Style), and Online Mode (Where you can play people from across the globe, with BTW can also play people with the PC version of WWP). All can get pretty boring quick. They are all pretty fun, but are not new to the series.

All around this game is a blast to play, but brings nothing new to the already great series. But this is still an excellent game for its $19.99 price tag.

<--> Overview <-->

Visuals: 9.4/10
Audio: 7.5/10
Controls: 9.1/10
Fun Factor: 10/10
Gameplay: 8.4/10
Overall: 8/10 (not an average) -Shin (7/21/01)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/24/03

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