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"A classic arcade update"

Right, it seems that the Dreamcast is the platform for racing games. Already it has Ferrari F355, Sega GT, Le Mans and MSR. Now Sega add to this great collection with Daytona USA 2001.

The first thing that strikes you as you play the game is the graphics, they are fluid and always at 60fps. Also the draw distance is superb, you can see for miles!!.

The sound and music is classic arcade style. They are loud and suit the game well and the game even contains the classic songs from the original Daytona game on the Sega Saturn. The game itself is very simple you just have to win the race that you are in. The controls are simple and are the same as any Dreamcast racer (although the game can be altered for all you Daytona pro racers!!). The only problem with the game is the handling.

Now the handling is just a little sensitive (little in its lowest sense). Some of the cars tend to do a 180 degree powerslide as you turn the analogue stick very slightly to the right which isn't good. The original Daytona game was created by AM2 (of Shenmue and F355 fame) and I personally bought the game because of AM2's pedigree but they are nowhere to be seen, instead it was done by Genki and Hasbro Interactive. However this game is NOT Daytona 2 as many fans thought. It is just all the original Daytona games put together and given a Dreamcast makeover. Which is no bad thing of course!!.

However it seems that Sega are learning that arcade games by themselves don't make a good home conversion and so they have included a few more options. There is a championship options where you must beat all the competition in order to advance to the next level. By advancing you unlock additional secret cars to use. You can also customize the colour of the cars which is great and you get different tyre compounds which don't seem to alter the handling of the car that much. The views are a bit misleading as well. I personally use the birds-eye view as you can see the track and the surrounding area but if you use in-car or the default view the game seems to slow down in terms of frame-rate (shades of Sega Touring Cars on the Saturn).

So overall I think that this is the definitive arcade home racer to date, despite all the problems it is still a top-class conversion and I still love it to bits.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/22/01, Updated 01/22/01

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