Review by Ke6dRt

"Arcade perfect...?"

Nope, BETTER than arcade perfect!

Pros: cars, tracks, Powerslides!!!
Cons: default control setting a bit too touchy.

Daytona USA. The game that changed video game history. Never before was there a game so gorgeous, so smooth, so fast. For years, this was the game that defined an arcade. Even today, this game gets quite a response. The only problem was, there was never a home translation worth playing... until now. Sega did it's homework for this game. Everything that was wrong with the previous incarnations has been thrown out the window. Graphics, sound, control, replayability... it's all there.

Graphics - 10: This game boasts super smooth car models, beautiful scenery... draw-in and pop-up are nonexistent, which is more than even the arcade version can boast.

Sound - 10: Engine noises, tires screeching, insight from a crew chief, it's all there. Oh and I almost forgot, ''Rolling Start!!!'' is there too.

Control - 9.5: The only downside to this game. Well it's not even a real flaw, just that the default analog stick sensitivity is way too touchy, so you'll actually have to adjust the settings. Ack, blast those cursed programmers!!! :)

Bells and Whistles - 10: We got 8 tracks, including the 3 original and 2 from CCE. We got 4 cars, including a faithful recreation of the original Hornet car. Plus there are a host of game settings to adjust, such as number of laps, number of cars, and even tire compounds!

Gameplay - 10: You're racing Three-Seven Speedway, final lap. Second place, right behind the leader. Down the backstretch you draft for speed, going 200+ mph. Final turn, you tap the brake, take the turn at about 185, full-on powerslide inside of the leader. Coming off the turn you slide up, force the computer car into the wall. He crashes and you win, does it get any better?!

Bottomline - 10: It's not the first game I've seen that is better than arcade perfect, though I'll tell ya what: this has got to be the first game ever, where if you were to call it ''arcade perfect'', you wouldn't be doing this game a shred of justice. Dreamcast owners: get up right now and get this game. PS2 owners: just hope that Sega will bring this game to ya, or heck, just go out and buy one just for this game, what are ya gonna do with $140 anyway?!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/24/01, Updated 03/24/01

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