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"We've been deceived by all! Get your pillows ready, we're about to take off at 13 Miles Per Hour!"

Hey, when's the last time you had a good snooze, besides Final Fantasy Tactics? Well it's that time again! Daytona USA could have been a great game, if your tires didn't look like oversized pillows, and if it had better handling, better/more cars, better tracks, better online play, and if people actually played it online!

Let's start off with the story..

The Story
There is no story... This is a racing game and just incase you forgot, Racing games don't have stories with the exception of maybe Diddy Kong Racing.

The Graphics
Now don't get me wrong, the graphics aren't bad-- Heck, they're pretty good. It's the little details they messed up on.. like the tires! Take a look at the tires when you're playing and I DARE YOU.. TRY NOT TO LAUGH!

It's a shame I didn't put money on that.. I'd be a little bit richer now..

Also, minor graphical glitches occur, especially during collisions which sort of subtract from the realism this game could have (and in a sense did) deliver. You'll also notice these glitches more online with the added lag, especially when you're making a sharp turn and you end up near a wall.

The Sound
Don't get me started. If you like those little ding noises from the old Super NES RPG's, you'll be pleased with the sound, but if not, I suggest you don't even bother turning the volume up to play. Annoying clicking noises and engine sounds that remain nearly the same with every vehicle. (not that there is a lot of them)

Replay Value
Really, I don't think this is a game any racing game fan will want to come back and play over and over. You'll be finding yourself racing back to the store to return it 20 minutes after you buy it.

-Menus aren't confusing, but in online mode, you're timed so you'd better choose your course, car, tires, difficulty, and other stuff in a minute.

-Lousy game play, repetitive tracks, lack of depth, poor sound, and graphical glitches really subtract from the game play experience.

-Cars are highly not customizable with around 11 cars and the ability to choose from around 5 pre-set color schemes on each of them.

-I'd finally like to note that unlike most racing games, you can't upgrade the speed, grip, or acceleration of any of the cars, meaning you'll always have the same max speed on every car.. every time..

The Scoring
Sounds - 2
Fun - 2
Difficulty - 6
Game Control - 3
Music - 1
Story - (No Story)
Graphics - 6
Game Design - 4

Pros: The best night's sleep I ever had!
Cons: Everything including anything else you can think of.

Final Score: 3.42857142857142857142857142857143
GameFAQs Round: 3
My Score: 1

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 04/24/01, Updated 07/19/02

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