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"Daytona finally comes home on the DC"

I still remember the first time I saw Daytona in an arcade in spring of 1995. Two things were revolutionary about it, there was the awe inspiring graphics and the fact that it was $1 per play. Despite this, there were lineups as if this was for Backstreet Boys tickets. Playing against all comers and being crowned king of Daytona was a Wednesday night tradition, now it's six years later. Maybe you can never go back to that, but Sega has brought home Daytona to better than arcade perfect standards, and this game is absolutely worth every cent.

Graphics (10/10):
The game runs at a perfect 60 fps with no slowdown. AM2 didn't skimp to achieve this either, there is no fogging, cars are well detailed even up close and you can race with up to 39 (!) other cars on the road at the same time. Opponent car models are a little boxy online but that's a minor gripe.

Sound (8/10):
Good music and sound effects and the engine doesn't drown out everything else like in some racers. The announcer is a little much, but, Dayyyyyyyyyytooona, lets go away! is just one of long list a classic lines you'll hear.

Control (10/10):
Yes, you read that right, I gave it a 10. Why? Because though it's sensitive, it works, and because it's so sensitive, you get a range of turning motion that isn't offered in other racers, and if you don't like it you can adjust the sensitivity. After I learned how to control the game properly I never made a move that I didn't want to. When I crashed it's because I took a wrong turn or I was going too fast around a turn.

Gameplay (10/10):
Where to begin, there's the standard modes, Single Race, Time Attack and Championship as well as Vs. Battle and Net Battle. They have all the multiplayer angles covered with head to head on the DC or up to four player over the internet. As for the game itself; it's the same powersliding, all out arcade racing that won Sega the hearts of everyone who played it at the arcade. It's lightning fast, smooth racing accented by all the moves you know and love from the arcade.

Lastability (9/10):
Even good games lose their appeal after time. 8 tracks, unlockable cars, net play, world rankings and a game engine that stresses fun above realistic physics and licenses, there's not much more you could possibly ask for.

Rent or Buy? Surprisingly, I suggest you rent first. You might not like the game the first few races, and if you put it back in the box and return it the next day, that's fine. But play a few times, turn the sensitivity down in the options if that will help you. If you play it for more than a hour, when you return it you'll get a copy of your own.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/25/01, Updated 04/25/01

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