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"At long last Daytona USA gets the Arcade perfect treatment"


Daytona USA originally came out in the Arcade’s in 94-95, and since then been a bench mark for all racers, of course we have seen a few ports on the Sega Saturn and PC, all of which we ok but didn’t make your jaw drop when you saw them, it’s takes a powerful machine to really cope with Model 2 Board games and the Sega Saturn was no where near the same as the Model 2.
At long last we have a machine that is more than capable than doing this game. (Sega Dreamcast).

Graphics: 10/10

For those who are Daytona USA fans will of know doubt played the Arcade version many of times, the Graphic on this port are of some of the best I’ve seen, it’s fare to say that they are a lot better than the actual Arcade game it’s self, with none of the dreaded pop up that the Saturn had, or even the Arcade, it’s like seeing Model 3 smoothness in your home.
All the computer controlled cars as well as your car are very well textured mapped, with more polygons used in making up the cars than the actual Arcade game use’s, the road surfaces are the same as the arcade with the inclusion of the skid marks that litter the road, all the scenery is ALL there and again well texture mapped, in fact it’s far better than the Arcade, I have had this game running along side the Model 2 version, and there is not one thing that is missing,
Crashes are impressive and the same as the Arcade version, it’s also nice to see a complete and smooth Sonic wall that does not shake or disappear when driving up to it, the same applies to the Dinosaur Fossil on the Dinosaur Cannon Track, nicely textured.
There is however a little fault, although it does not ruin the game, if you set the game to 777 Speedway and put all 40 cars on track and do about 20 laps of the 777 Speedway, pull into the Pit, the game for some reason slows down, but soon corrects it’s self once the tires have been changed.
The overall smoothness is something special with NO clipping or popup any where, you can still see buildings from right over the other side of the track in Sea Side Galaxy track, which even the Model 2 Arcade version couldn’t cope with.

Sound: 10/10

Yep it’s back, Dayyytoonnnaa!! But remixed, phew!! Lol although I didn’t mind the music on this game, but to some it was damn right annoying.
All the sounds are there with the inclusion of some extras, there’s plenty of beat’s in the music as well, my own personal favourite’s where the remixed music for 777 Speedway (Rolling Start) & Sea Side Galaxy ( I wana fly sky high), one thing I was a little disappointed in was on the Arcade version, when you were racing and past a check point you would hear “Time Extension” but that seems to be missing and replaced with the worlds “Check Point”, still not that bad, there is certainly plenty of speech in the game,
Engine noises sound exactly the same as the Arcade version, and cash sounds are the same to.
Option Menu holds a lot of sound futures with a massive sound section; they have even included the original music from the Arcade version, the programmers have made very good use of the Dreamcast Yamaha Sound Chip.

Playability: 10/10

Playability of this game is some what magnificent, it’s what Daytona USA was famed for, and probably why it’s still a bench mark for today’s standards.

Controls: 9/10

A lot of people complain that Arcade ports loose there game play, well I can honestly say that is what the un experienced gamers think.
Dreamcast owners are given 2 choices of how to play this game, (Joy Pad or Sega’s Arcade wheel), both are good to use, I prefer to use a joy pad and on doing so I have found it to be very good, the Analog stick is what steers the car, D pad is the camera angles, the front 4 fire buttons are for the Manual gears, L&R triggers have been used well, they are responsive to the game, with a good gas peddle feel, the more you press the faster you go.
This game is also Rubble Pak compatible and works well.

Overall: 10/10

Very impressed, if you are a Daytona USA fan then you need to get this game, I have played this for hours and can only find one fault which I mention earlier,
The game on a whole is a dream come true, being a major Daytona USA fan I can tell you it’s more than Arcade perfect in every way, forget any other ports, it’s in my option the best racer on the Dreamcast to date and will be very hard to eclipse, the quality of the Graphics and Sound really are out of this world. Another AAA+ title for your Dreamcast collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/13/02, Updated 07/13/02

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