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    Weapons/Equipment FAQ by trev913

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    Table of Contents
    2.Primary Weapons
    3.Secondary Weapons
    6.Conclusion, Legal Crap, Acknowledgments
    Who am I? I'm Trevor Bunch, or trev913, a notorious review contributor to
    GameFAQs, a freelance reviewer and designer for various websites, mostly
    centered around gaming. I'm not so much an avid gamer as I used to be. However,
    I still occasionally play a round or two of Goldeneye 007, Rainbow Six: Rouge
    Spear (this guide), or whatever happens to be lying around. Yes, I do
    understand that this guide is going in the same order as the official guide
    from PRIMA, the main source for guiding you through video games. The only
    reason I'm doing this is to make it easier on you, the reader, because I find
    that this format works best, go from most important to least important, eh?
    Primary Weapons
    Your primary weapon is your best friend in battle, it protects and offends you
    from opposing forces. It is the most important, high-powered part of your
    loadout. Each team member carries a primary weapon; a submachine gun, assault
    rifle, sniper rifle, or shotgun, and a secondary weapon; a pistol. Your goal
    in-game is to pick the best choice for your job. All team members, no matter
    what, are going to be carrying out a certain task, in one mission or another,
    you'll probably have to divide into multiple teams, such as entry, sniper, and
    main assault.
    This section of the FAQ will include several tidbits of information on all the
    primary weapons in Rouge Spear. What is all this information you'll be getting?
    You'll be getting information on the weapons intended role, the ammo it uses,
    the range that it's most effective at and it's trigger group. The trigger group
    means how it fires. As in, single meaning that it fires semi-automatically, or
    one round at a time. Burst means that it fires 3 rounds each time you pull the
    trigger. Then, finally, automatic means that it fires until you let off the
    trigger. Depending on the situation, all 3 of these will be very useful to you.
    Heckler & Koch MP5A4
    Role: Close-Combat
    Ammo: 9mm
    Range: Short to medium
    Trigger Group: Single, Burst, Full
    This is the main weapon of choice. It's very accurate and reliable. It's loved
    by counter-terrorist operatives worldwide. It's not exactly stealthy or good
    for use at long range, but it makes up for that in the accuracy category.
    Heckler & Koch MP5SD5
    Role: Close-Combat
    Ammo: 9mm
    Range: Short
    Trigger Group: Single, Burst, Full
    This weapon is great. It includes an integral suppressor. Which basically means
    that it's very stealthy. It is also a king in the accuracy area. Basically,
    it's your standard MP5A4 with a suppressor built in. It's the only primary
    weapon equipped with a suppressor. This is great when assigned to your recon
    Heckler & Koch MP/10A2
    Role: Close-Combat
    Ammo: 10mm
    Range: Short
    Trigger Group: Single & Full
    The H&K MP5A4 has been chambered for the 10mm round. The increased stopping
    power has the drawback of a larger amount of recoil. On terrorists with light
    body armor, this is the knock-down, drag-out weapon of choice.
    Heckler & Koch MP5/10SD
    Role: Close-Combat
    Ammo: 10mm
    Range: Short to Medium
    Trigger Group: Single & Full
    The MP5/10A2 with a sound suppressor gives less bullet report, but still has
    the punch of the 10A2. It's the mix between power and silence. It gives you
    more power than the SD5, but makes more noise.
    Heckler & Koch UMP45
    Role: Close to Medium Range Assault
    Ammo: .45 caliber
    Range: Short to Medium
    Trigger Group: Single & Full
    This weapon is an MP5 with a different stock and a round that packs more punch
    than your standard 9mm round. This, instead, uses the hard-hitting knock-down
    power of a .45 round. The large round comes at the price of more recoil and
    slower rate of fire.
    Heckler & Koch UMP45SD
    Role: Stealthy Close to Medium Range Assault
    Ammo: .45 caliber
    Range: Short to Medium
    Trigger Group: Single & Full
    This is the sound-suppressed version of the HK UMP45. While equipped only with
    a sound suppressor, the suppression isn't as good as that of the integral
    suppressor. The gun is a good balance between power and silence.
    Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW
    Role: Close Combat
    Ammo: 9mm
    Range: Short
    Trigger Group: Single & Full
    The HK MP5K-PDW is a compact version of the MP5A4. Its folding stock makes it
    an ideal choice when a full rifle is unmanageable and a handgun is poor for the
    situation. This is the main close-quarters submachine gun. While not as
    accurate as your MP5A2, it's good for room cleaning.
    M4 Carbine
    Role: Assault
    Ammo: 5.56x45 NATO/.223 Remington
    Range: Medium
    Trigger Group: Single & Full
    The same as the M-16, only compacted. Since it's best used outside, issue it to
    your support teams. However, the compact size makes it effective inside, also.
    Heckler & Koch G3A3
    Role: Assault
    Ammo: 7.62x51 NATO
    Range: Medium to Long
    Trigger Group: Single & Full
    The most accurate, non-sniper rifle in RAINBOW's arsenal. It's your best choice
    for long range, non-sniper shooting.
    Heckler & Koch G36K
    Role: Assault
    Ammo: 5.56x45 NATO/.223 Remington
    Range: Short, but effective at longer ranges, too.
    Trigger Group: Single & Full
    This fires the same round as the M-16, but is closer to the M4. The .223 round
    can penetrate most any terrorists body armor. The K stands for Kurtz, which, in
    German, means short. So, this is a compact assault rifle. Honestly, it's my
    Enfield L85A1
    Role: Assault
    Ammo: 5.56x45 NATO/.223 Remington
    Range: Short
    Trigger Group: Single & Full
    Also known as the SA80, this is the standard infantry weapon for the British
    Army. The "bullpup" design trades the accuracy for maneuverability. This is
    definitely one of the best choices for close quarters combat where accuracy is
    less important.
    Steyer Aug
    Role: Assault
    Ammo: 5.56x45 NATO/.223 Remington
    Range: Medium
    Trigger Group: Single & Full
    Commonly called the "aug", this is a futuristic looking assault rifle with a
    compact design. It's great because it's got the maneuverability of a submachine
    gun combined with assault rifle punch. This is more accurate than the SA80, so
    its great for indoor and outdoor combat.
    Role: Assault at longer range
    Ammo: 5.56x45 NATO/.223 Remington
    Range: Intermediate
    Trigger Group: Single & Burst
    Strangely enough, this weapon doesn't include a full-auto trigger group, like
    it's other, older cousin, the M-16A1. The round is easily suited for piercing
    Level II body armor, and has the longest range of any non-sniper rifle. This
    weapon is good when assigned to support-fire teams, because it's best used
    Role: Assault
    Ammo: 7.62x39 NATO
    Range: Intermediate to Long
    Trigger Group: Single
    This weapon is a descendant of the M1 Garand. It delivers the 7.62 round with
    deadly accuracy. It definitely has the bridge between assault and sniper rifle.
    With the low rate of fire and high accuracy, this weapon is best used outside.
    Barrett M82A1
    Role: Heavy, High-Powered sniping
    Ammo: .50 BMG
    Range: Extreme
    Trigger Group: Single
    Huge, heavy, and accurate...what more could you want in a gun? It fires the 4
    inch tall .50 caliber Browning Machine Gun bullet, the gun itself is 4 feet
    long. Use this with extreme care. The round can tear through multiple targets
    just as easy as an engine block. An ideal place to see what this baby can do is
    Heckler & Koch PSG-1
    Role: Sniping
    Ammo: 7.62x51 NATO
    Range: Very long, but not extreme
    Trigger Group: Single
    Probably the most accurate weapon in the game, this is my weapon of choice when
    sniping. This is also the median between the other sniper rifles in the game.
    Walther WA2000
    Role: Sniping
    Ammo: .300 Winchester
    Range: Very long, but not extreme
    Trigger Group: Single
    This is probably the best choice for indoor sniping. Why? Because it gives you
    the ability to move into difficult positions stealthily. It is a slight bit
    more powerful than the PSG-1 due to the size of the round, however, I still use
    the PSG-1.
    Benelli M1
    Role: Door breaching, Close Quarters Combat
    Ammo: 12 Gauge (00 Buckshot, Slugs, or Batons. Your choice)
    Range: Short
    Trigger Group: Single
    This gun is ideal for door breaching, highly lethal close-quarters combat, this
    is the best shotgun of the two. When used skillfully in-game, the operator can
    fire five rounds accurately in less than a second.
    Role: Fully automatic combat
    Ammo: 12 Gauge (00 Buckshot, Slugs, or Batons. Your choice)
    Range: Short
    Trigger Group: Single & Automatic
    This is the ideal shotgun for just walking into a room and knocking heads off
    the wall. If you want to fire all rounds in less than 2 seconds, choose this.
    But I wouldn't advise using it in hostage situations. If stealth and range
    aren't a factor, by all means, go for it.
    Secondary Weapons
    Rarely will you ever use your pistol, or secondary weapons. You will probably
    only use this weapon if your primary runs out of ammo or jams. If you HAVE to
    use one, then fire tons of times. Rarely is it that only a few rounds will
    knock down a terrorist.
    This section, just as the one preceding it, will include all the information
    you need to get the use of one of these down. However, the role, range and
    trigger group sections have been omitted. Why? Because these are all backup,
    short-ranged, single shot weapons.
    Beretta 92FS
    Ammo: 9mm
    This is probably the best pistol to use. The main advantage is low recoil and
    large magazine. However, the low recoil implies the small round, which has less
    knock down power than a .45.
    Beretta 92FS-SD
    Ammo: 9mm
    When you need to be quiet and not seen, this Beretta is the weapon of choice.
    This is probably the best pistol for recon teams.
    Heckler & Koch .40 USP
    Ammo: .40 S&W
    This is the best pistol for a desired balance of size and firepower. However, a
    better idea is to take along an MK 23 because of the greater punch.
    Heckler & Koch .40 USP-SD
    Ammo: .40 S&W
    While pretty much the same as the regular USP, this includes excellent sound
    suppression, but still, the MK23-SD is still better for a silenced pistol.
    Heckler & Koch .45 MK (Mark) 23
    Ammo: .45 ACP
    The high accuracy, ruggedness, and reliability of this gun make it the choice
    of pistols. The .45 caliber round is an added bonus of knock down power.
    Heckler & Koch .45 MK23-SD
    Ammo: .45 ACP
    This is also the best choice for pistols. It's basically the best of both
    worlds. It has discretion of a suppressor. While also having the knockdown
    power of the .45 ACP.
    Desert Eagle .50
    Ammo: .50 Action Express
    Well, here we have the most powerful pistol in the game, yet its a common
    mission ruiner for newly players. When you shoot it, the commanding sound of a
    .50AE echoes. This is probably best used outside. However, even with body armor
    on, it only takes one shot to drop a tango.
    Desert Eagle .357
    Ammo: .357
    This is the smaller cousin of the .50 AE. Even so, it still packs a tremendous
    amount of power and includes an extra round in the magazine.
    Ammo, it's what keeps you alive. In Rouge Spear, there happen to be a few
    separate types of ammo. You should know about them. The different types of ammo
    can easily influence your missions outcome. An example: rubber batons for
    shotguns are fun as hell for pegging terrorists and watching them react, but
    they won't get you any closer to the missions success.
    Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Besides being an awesome movie, it's a type of ammo. It's used by the military
    and the soft lead projectile is "jacketed" by a harder metal. This keeps the
    round together when it hits something. As a result, penetration is increased.
    These will stick a hole in your target at a longer range and is also ideal for
    use against armored terrorists.
    Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP)
    This is the common round used by law enforcement. The main difference between
    this and the FMJ is the fact that the round doesn't come to a pointed tip,
    which means a load of things. The most important is probably that when this
    round hits something, it flattens out, causing damage to be more widespread.
    Though you cannot use it in shotguns, this round is mostly ideal for short
    range combat. Also, as the round flattens, the ability to penetrate decreases,
    as well. So, don't use this against armored terrorists or at long range.
    .00 Buckshot
    This is the standard load for shotguns. The shell contains a number of small
    BBs that separate and spread out after leaving the barrel. However, the wide
    impact doesn't make this ideal for medium or longer range. This ammo is also
    effective for shooting out a long or breaching doors.
    Rather than buckshot, there is only one large, lead projectile. Though it
    doesn't have that much penetrative power, it will still knock down anything it
    hits. Slugs are also not effective against body armor. Slugs are ideal in
    hostage situations due to no spreading, there is no risk of hitting them.
    Rubber Batons
    This round is non-lethal, and thus won't kill. This round flatly hits whatever
    you aim the gun at and knocks it down. There is no penetration. These rounds
    aren't effective against body armor, and such will not penetrate. These rounds
    are great for capturing targets alive. They are also a hell of a lot of fun in
    multi-player games.
    In Rouge Spear, you will be interacting with many objects. Some of the
    equipment may help speed up what you need to do. For example, a demolitions kit
    can speed up the placing and disarming of explosives. Everything else will also
    help you.
    Demolitions Kit
    This thing speeds up the placing and disarming of explosives. It contains
    "basic electrical diagnostic equipment". You should only need this if
    explosives need to be placed or disarmed. Be sure to assign it to a demolitions
    specialist. You wouldn't give something like this to a sniper...well, for
    obvious reasons.
    Electronics Kit
    This speeds up placing bugs, rewiring cameras, and other electrical tasks. It
    contains a high precision multimeter, power supplies, a breadboard, and a
    digital analyzer. There are also other various electrical parts. The kit is
    vital for getting through security systems. Be sure to assign it to the
    electronics specialist on your team.
    Lockpick Kit
    This, needless to say, allows you to pick locks, quietly. The stealthiness
    issue is very good for this. As, in some missions, you will need to get through
    some doors without making a lot of noise, which is what your standard shotgun
    breach or door breaching charge would do.
    Fragmentation Grenade
    This is the standard issue offensive grenade used by infantry throughout the
    world. While the radius of the blast is small, you shouldn't be stupid when
    using this. One of these can clear a room with a single blast. Take care when
    using these.
    This is basically a loud and bright grenade. It stuns people that are within
    the radius of it. You can gain valuable seconds when throwing one of these into
    a room. You should remember to always equip at least one member of your team
    with these, just in case.
    Breaching Charge
    These are used to explosively move doors. You should only use these on
    non-hostage missions. Just, yeah...don't be dumb when using these.
    Heartbeat Sensor
    This little doozy is capable of tracking human heartbeats through even multiple
    layers of concrete.  This works by selecting it as your active item, when you
    hold down the left mouse button, the sensor will scan. Terrorists will show up
    on the "mini-map" on your screen as red dots and hostages as white dots. I
    think at least one of your team members should carry one of these, just in
    These binoculars are special, besides having 4x and 8x zoom factors, there is a
    built in range finder. Assign these to your recon teams. While not needed for
    indoor missions, these are a must for outdoor ones.
    Primary Mags
    Magazines for your primary weapon,
    Secondary Mags
    Magazines for your secondary weapon.
    Conclusion, Legal Crap, and Acknowledgments
    Conclusion: Well, kids, here we are, this guide took me roughly two days to
    perfect to where it currently is. If there are any updates, they will be posted
    here. If you would like to contribute some information, don't hesitate. Send me
    an e-mail with the subject: Rouge Spear-Weapons-Contribution. My e-mail address
    is trev913@hotmail.com. You can also send me a message through AOL Instant
    Messanger, at superdude91388, this is probably the preferred method of
    contacting me. I'm always on, well, the weekends, at least.
    Legal Crap: Let's be concise with this.
    All of the information contained in this guide is property of Trevor Bunch,
    2002. If you copy any of this information without the written permission of me,
    then I can sue you and easily win. Yes, you may post this on any other sites
    you wish, so long as I am informed by YOU, and only you, also, so long as this
    legal section stays here. Don't take anything out or add anything in.
    Well, what should I say? I wish to thank PRIMA, for the official strategy
    guide, which I got some information from, Red Storm Entertainment for making
    such a great game, Mike Knight - who wrote the guide, and Tom Clancy, who is
    probably the best writer ever.

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