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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Lothar

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    Cont Name:Lothar
    RogueSpear FAQ/Mission Guide
    Eric Furjanic
    00/12/09 3:05 PM
    Note: If you want to use this guide anywhere, Please drop me a line. I   don't
    usually mind but I do enjoy busting people who didn't ask ;)
    Eric Furjanic, A.K.A. Lothar, copyrights this document. If you steal this or
    any part of it you can look forward to meeting me in person, begging for mercy
    as I stab you repeatedly with a plastic fork. That said, sit back and enjoy...
                           Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
                       Is copyrighted to Red Storm Entertainment 1999
                                     Rainbow Six:
                                      Rogue Spear
                                      By -^-Lothar-^-
                                Bnet Account: -^-Lothar-^-
                                Email: Lothar_FAQs@hotmail.com
     1.2-Revision History
     2.1-General Missions
    3-Individual Missions
     3.01-Pandora Trigger
     3.02-Arctic Flare
     3.03-Sand Hammer
     3.04-Lost Thunder
     3.05-Prefect Sword
     3.06-Crystal Arc
     3.07-Silent Drum
     3.08-Feral Burn
     3.09-Diamond Edge
     3.10-Silver Snake
     3.11-Oracle Stone
    4-Closing Notes
               "Frank 'n' Furter, It's all over,
               Your mission is a failure, your lifestyle's too extreme,
               I'm your new commander, you now are my prisoner,
               As we return to Transylvania, Prepare the transit beam!"
                    -Riff Raff, Rocky Horror Picture Show
    ...12/2/2000 10:37 PM EST...
          Yes, Lothar has entered the world of FAQs with a guide of the only game
    that has been able to pry me away from DiabloII. This guide is not meant to
    be a full walkthrough, but more as a cattle prod to keep you from loitering on
    the road of life.
          As a rule, I don't copy out of the instructions, there are already too
    many people doing that.
          I am also known to Battle.net freaks as -^-Lothar-^-. If not playing I
    spend my time in Diablo Retail USA-1, the unofficial center of Bnet.
    Revision History
    Version . 09
        More details, ditched my hotmail account for the time and added M11.
    Version . 08
        Skipped it, Didn't like how .08 looks
    Version . 07
        Finally published, I realized all the grammar errors and repeated words,
    spoiling my celebration...
    Version . 06
        I just fixed some spacing and a few stupid mistakes, I'm gonna need to get
    an ASCII title soon too...
            Tips, Hints, Ect...
           Single Player
    Note: I never use the HQ's plan.
    *Don't trust your team's AI further then you can throw them. It's fine for
    most point A to point B movement, but be very wary of assigning them the more
    complicated tasks of opening doors, fraging rooms, sniping, or most of all
    door breaching. You can though have them help you clear an area quickly, as in
    Sand Hammer. In assault missions it's best to have at least two teams in the
    same area in opposite sides, you won't win this playing Rambo.
    *Maybe I was a little harsh on the computer AI, it's most useful for getting
    other teams in strategic positions for you to control and getting the enemy
    cleared out faster. In M10 you will need to take a house. This mission is a
    great example of how setting up a perimeter at key points can add years to
    your life.
    *Never, Never let an operative die. Uncle Sam only gives you so many. Protect
    them with your life, especially Chavez, Bogart, Novikov, and Galanos, You main
    leaders and sniper. These players are key. (Some exception may be made for the
    unnecessary but none the less effective grenade kamikaze reserve troops, used
    to personally deliver your regards)
    *Heartbeat Sensors are invaluable. Equip the leaders of your teams with them,
    as they are the only ones you can actively control. They work best with the
    map zoomed out (see control tips) and can see extremely far if your facing the
    right direction.
    *If you can, use go-codes to storm an area. Get it set so the others arrive at
    the same time from all available entrances. When you enter an area, always use
    multiple teams, and leave breaching and flash banging to you your controlled
    *Guns don't really matter in single player, I stick with the MP5SD for assault
    or the Benelli 12 Gauge Shotgun for kicks and giggles.
    *As far as weapons, I can't tell you what you'd like. I use an AK-47 single
    shot, partly because I like the trademark, mostly because it works best for
    me. All I can say is experiment, see what the other people, preferably the
    experienced players are using.
    *Newbies, don't camp. It's a surefire way to be ejected.
    *Many new players don't know this but when you load a game and see the
    "Waiting to start" send a blank message to all. This tells them your ready and
    aren't the person lagging the game up.
    *In a firefight, never stand still. You'll die half as fast if your target
    loses sight of you
    *If you're using a heartbeat sensor make sure to zoom the minimap out, you can
    see people well out of earshot and be ready for them.
    *When playing bunkers don't use the bunkers. That's about the most obvious
    place you could be. Try using the ramps near the doors and move often.
    *One last tip, frag everything. These are devastating in multiplayer.
    Useful additional tips not found in instructions.
    [ or ] - Zoom minimap
    Page Up/Page down - Switch control, or view when dead in multiplayer.
    Right Alt + # - Voice messages, customizable in controls.
    B - Chance from Auto to semi or three shot burst.
    5 - Night Vision
    ' - Message to all players
    U- Use commands during mission
          Individual Missions
    Note: I like to kill everything in a level ;)
    M01- Pandora Trigger
    This is an excellent starting mission, and one of my favorite mission code
          Get yourself four teams, With Chavez, Bogart, and another high stats
    leader as well as a sniper. Start one in front, three in back. Get the sniper
    outside the window, send one upstairs, and the others in their ground floor
    entrances. Clear the level as you'd like, but the most important step is to
    get your two main teams as close to the hostage room as you can. Use the go-
    codes to get an AI controlled team in to kill as you flash bang. Mission
    M02- Arctic Flare
    You'll need two assault teams, both with four people.
          Send your teams in a double helix pattern around the deck's crates.
    Equip leaders with heartbeat sensors, and forget planning. Just move through
    an area, put them in defend mode, and switch, in a sort of leapfrog pattern.
    Silenced handguns are useful for getting the hostages.
    M03-Sand Hammer
    A sniper, three assault teams.
          Use the waypoints to get the sniper in view of the bridge, and have him
    snipe. Get the three assault teams to each of the entrances. Get the back door
    team and the catwalk team to cover the entire first building, as your good
    team busts in the door, kills the man on the button, and moves to the bridge.
    Defend here. Surround the 2nd building in such a manner, controlling the team
    using the door nearest the hostages.
    M04-Lost Thunder
    A sniper, three assault teams.
          Try playing this one on your own first. Notice how everyone dies at that
    one fateful place.
           Set it to get all teams behind the sniper tower, one team covering just
    underneath at the huge swarms of terrorists, allowing safe passage for the
    others. Once everyone is in, send you sniper silently up the bell tower,
    finish the terrorist up there and replace it with one of your own. With go-
    codes, send your other three teams up the passageways to the church just
    ahead. Two cover at different locations, one enters, frags, flash bangs, and
    escorts out.
    M05-Prefect Sword
    Tired of rescuing hostages yet?
          Two assault, a sniper, and a recon if you feel like it.
          Get your two teams behind the truck, the specialists behind the hill,
    how considerate of the terrorists to give you such a prefect sniping
    opportunity. Let the computer move the assault teams and your recon, start out
    as the sniper. Get her to the top of the hill, kill off the guards, and send a
    cleanup crew in via the ramp and another from the cargo deck. Flash bang and
    frag. Mission Complete.
    M06-Crystal Arc
    Get "crazy" Pak Suo-Won, lock pick and heartbeat.
          This is a challenging mission. It's easy enough to get the guardhouse.
    Spend very little time inside Chalet, use the back stairs, and hide in the
    bathrooms if someone comes. The key is using heartbeat sensor and zooming far
    out on minimap. You can get a good view of surroundings with it.
    M07-Silent Drum
    A nice easy mission after the stress of Chalet Fall.
          Three assault teams.
          In a zigzag pattern clear the roof. Proceed down, clear what you need
    to. Again here, storm the triangular room, flash banging for the other teams.
    Now, wasn't that simple?
    M08-Feral Burn
    Now here's a fun mission.
    Two assault, one sacrificial reserve loaded with grenades.
          Send one to guard the boat, destroy it if you have time. Another team up
    furthest stairs, reserve lackey following third team. The reserve is the one
    to control. Destroy the Yugo in the garage (I don't think you need to but it's
    great fun) and practically walk a grenade to the boss's car under the cover of
    the 3rd team. Stealth is important to keep them from leaving you before you
    can kill em'.
    M09-Diamond Edge
    Great map...
    Three assault, one sniper with silenced pistol.
          For your green team get Filatov and a random other person to assist him.
    Give him a Benelli 12 Gauge. Set the other teams up as normal, with Chavez and
    Bogart. Start out with Filatov, acting like an arrogant a**hole busting open
    the door with his shotgun and killing everything that moves inside the guard
    towers. When cleared set him and his follower to cover the open area from the
    bridge. They will be needed there later.
          Send your other teams in to the sides, very carefully. Use the sniper
    from atop the nuclear shelters and then sneak in with a pistol. Don't mind
    when the alarm is set off, it's easier that way. Get all other teams to the
    side and switch to green. Remember Filatov? Toss a few frags into the passing
    truck as soon as it's in range (straightening itself out in the tunnel) the
    general should pop out to meet you.
    M-10 Silver Snake
    Note: This mission gets a little harder if you feel the need to kill the
    skinheads and mafia guests on the ground floor, but it's more fun
    Three assault teams, one recon.
    Yes, we return to Chalet again, bugs no longer serving any useful function,
    Rainbow's job is to crash a party.
          Don't worry much if someone is injured, the next mission is a recon so
    they will have time to heal.
          One team loops around the open left side, clear guardhouse, and position
    themselves just outside the door to the guestroom. Another team silently takes
    the basement. Someone is washing their pants so make sure he is taken care of.
    Set them in defend mode at bottom of stairs. Last team defends other, closer
    side of the house. Send your recon in the back stairs, frag the computer room.
    After he gets what he wanted he returns home. This is the tricky part. Set up
    the go-codes so your teams rush in, sealing off hall exits. Frag rooms. When
    you've killed enuff for one day get back to go for some hot chocolate and a
    pat on the back.
    M-11 Oracle Stone
          I can't help you much with this one. Another recon with objectives
    similar to Crystal Arc. Just use HS and zoom out. Don't be to hasty, and find
    safe area's (the small ledge room on the 2nd floor for example) to study the
    movement in that section. Always be careful in rooms with more than one layer.
    You've gotten this far, I think you'd rather not spoil it for yourself. If you
    need help just remember the basic rules.
    1) Surround rooms in much the same way little girls do boy bands.
    2) Frag and flash bang _Everything_
    3) Don't hold the computer AI to high mental standards
               Closing Notes
    If you feel the need to thank me, insult me, correct my grammar, or just need
    someone to listen to your f***ed up life, feel free to contact me at..
    Bnet Account: -^-Lothar-^-
    Mplayer Name: x-Lothar-x
    This page is not even close to finished, but you can check it out
    Special Thanks to...
    KoRn, Eminem, and 105.7 The X for music to take the dull off sitting in front
    of a computer word processor for hours on end.
    Magus, for writing the first and only other GameFaqs Rogue Spear FAQ.
    The Folks at Red Storm for the hidden reference to Rocky Horror
    ("The shadow knows" An audience participation line)
    You, for continuing to read this well after the relevant information has
                         "A mental mind f*** can be nice"
                                -Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Well, it's that time again. Until next week boys and girls Ta-Ta and good

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