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"Have no fear!Rouge Spear is here!"

This game totally rules! You can make operatives do things you want to including snipe,cover,defend,plant explosives and cameras and other cool gadgets.Finnaly,a game that requires brains!

Graphics:9.The graphics in Rouge Spear are breathtaking.All the operatives have different facial features.The levels are enourmous!You may find yourself walking around for hours on end trying to hunt down an objective.The only problem is that sometimes when you kill lots of bad guys animation gets choppy.I don't mind to much though cause body's stay on the screen instead of fading away.

Sound:8.Sound was very good in the game.Guns sound real when they fire and voices are good to.There was'nt much music in the game at all though.Before every mission you are read the breifing.

Story:9.The story involves to people who hate the west and their allies.Their names are:Samed Vejirjade and Maxim Kutkin.You must explore through 18 vast levels in order to find and stop them.Most the levels involve a hostage situation and 1 other objective.In addition to the 18 main levels there are another 5 thrown in for fun.

Repay value:10.This is where the game truly gets exiting.If you fail an objective on your first try on a level,the mission ends.But when you beat it you can play it again as a practice mission and fail objectives.This allows you to play bad guy!There are lots of differnt real world locations that will definitely intrigue you to come back explore over and over again.

Glitches:Besides choppines sometimes, Rouge Spear is pretty much glitch free.A few times I shot a guy and he floated in midair though.Be careful not to scratch your CD and you should not any problems other than the ones I just mentioned.

Gameplay:10.Rouge Spear gameplay was perfect if you ask me.There were lots of gadgets,levels,and guns to choose from.All the missions have different code names.A few of them are :Pandora Trigger , Arctic Flare , Sand Hammer , and Lost Thunder.Enemy artificial intelligence is quite good.Enemy's are all crack shots. They also have quick reflexes.There are 3 levels of difficulty to play on : Recruit , veteran , and the hardest , elite.Real wold locations include Siberia , Czech republic , China and many more.

Buy/Rent : This is certainly a buy if you ask me.Like they say though , always rent before you buy.I know that you will adore this game like I do.

Closing Statement : Alright then comrade , good luck with your mission and godspeed.
Bye now!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/29/01, Updated 01/29/01

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