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"Mann, studying and planing has never been this fun!"

First, I would like to say that this is probably the 3rd best game on Dreamcast(1st.Marvel vs. Capcom 2,2nd.Resident Evil Code Veronica). At first my brother and I were looking for a good multi player shooting game. We already tried Quake 3 Arena, that got boring after blowing my brother up all the time. The cover caught my eye and I saw someone with a sniper. I turned it over and saw 1-4 players. So we rented it. So, I popped it in not aware of this games contents. Dressing, planning, and mapping, I thought I rented a suck game. Finally, when I made a crappy plan that good have got us killed, it worked. I was amazed at the scenario, the voices, the communication, and the terrorist with a puddle of blood. I woke my brother up to play this game. We played against each other all night picking your own guns not having to venture out and pick them up. Anyway this is how i rate this game:

Graphics:8 I feel with such a wonderful game and Dreamcast's ability to make it look real, the graphics are pretty good. The pictures of the people are pretty good also.

Controls:9 The controls are confusing when you first start out. After a while of getting your team wiped out, surely, you'll understand. Calling for Delta, Charlie, etc... you'll get the hang of it.

Sounds:10 You can hear radio interference perfectly. The gunshots made by you or your teammates sound so real. The agonizing pain that the terrorist make when they get shot.
Or when your whole team gets wiped out and you watch what happens a sad like music comes out like Army music when your friends gets killed in action. Also, this game gets kind of scary. For ex. on Stage 2 when your on the boat and your going in the door, some scary music comes on because the terrorist are not in the exact place from when you saw before you had to restart the game. All I can is its fun, and takes a lot of strategy.

Replay:10 This game is the type of game you play, you beat it, you play it one more time, beat it, then say its your last time to play it but you keep playing it. This game is so fun. I was hooked on it literally. I skipped dinner a couple of times. Stayed up all hours of the night playing it. Its impossible to beat this game in one day. then, when you play against other people, oh, its so fun. Basically, this game is strategy and if you don't have that, your in trouble. Definitely, a well deserved 10.

Buy or Rent: What do you think? Buy. If your thinking about getting this game and your reading my review, you should have went and bought this game after my little story. I rented it first because Dreamcast didn't really have any good games and I already had Marvel vs. Capcom 2, then later had R.E. Code Veronica. if your still reading this a still haven't bought this game, go buy it.

Overall:11 This is a game that is real. You don't get shot with a rocket launcher and survive. You get shot one time and your gone. Buy this game and this is not intended for little kids even though I played this game in front of my nephew. Oh, infiltration is the best next to just eliminating all terrorist.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/01/01, Updated 12/01/01

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