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Reviewed: 05/06/01 | Updated: 05/06/01

Can't stop shooting!!

Old school shooter fans are in for a real treat. If your a true believer that the current 1st person shooters are for wimps then you're gonna enjoy this.

Humans have colonized Mars and have built up a civilization there. Robots rebel or something. You go in on a one man suicide mission and kick their butts. Nice and simple.

Your ship and enemies are nicely drawn out. The only thing about enemies is that you are too busy blasting them to appreciate how unique each one looks. The background is also good. Boss enemies are huge and as in most shooters, are multipart bosses. There is some slowdown but this is expected when you have a million enemies coming at you and each one is shooting at you.

This rocks! Everything from your guns to the explosions. The music is great as well. it's got a techno type sound to it and is catchy.

Simple and easy to learn. I don't expect a complex control system for a shooter.

Very intense. constant dodging is required. There is a unique ''POW'' or super bomb in this game (like in gigawing). It's called the ''Mosquito'' system. What happens is that you are able to absorb enemy bullets when you activate the POW. You can then release and shoot the bullets back at the enemy OR use the Black hole bomb, which is your typical ''blow up the screen'' attack. You have to use these options wisely because there is a meter that regulates when you are able to use it. On higher levels, this is absolutely essential because at times, the screen is literally covered by bullets.

Powering up your ship is also interesting. Instead of the typical ''collect power ups'', you have to collect experience points before you are upgraded. Each time you kill an enemy, it leaves behind ''glowing blocks'' that give you a certain number of points. If you collect them quickly enough, they will add up and give you more points. Say I kill 3 enemies that leave behind blocks that would be worth 1 point each. If I collect them separately, I would get 3 points. if I collect them quickly and consecutively, I would get 6 points. oh yeah, another cool thing is that your ship will ''transform'' into a different ship at each level up.

What adds to the replayability is that there is a ''Shopping mode''. With the points that you earn in the game, you are able to purchase more lives, continues, faster charging POW, more level ups, etc. You can also unlock different screen shots. There is even a ''tutorial'' that you can purchase. This will show you how to get through a level almost perfectly and how to get the maximum experience points. It's really helpful in learning when to use the Mosquito POW and what to do to bosses.

I dare anyone to try the game on the hardest setting and no continues. You will be the king of shooters if you can do that (I'm still trying).

BUY this game!!!

Tremendously challenging game. It is also visually pleasing to play. For a shooter fan, this will bring back lots of memories of wasting quarters at the arcade. Even if you aren't an old school shooter fan, this may convince you that this genre has its merits AND it may even convert you into one of us. My only reason for giving it a 9 instead of a 10 is that the game is too short in my opinion (6 levels).

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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